We all know that every now and again there'snothing like a sweet treat to make you happy. And what I'm gonna show you now is a pudding that'salways going to put a smile on your face. It's one that I've loved since I was a childso I'm gonna make it with a woman who first made it for me – my mum. I have never metanyone that doesn't like this dessert, have you? No! We're gonna make sticky toffeepudding! This lovely lady my mother she used to make this at least twice a month when I was akid. You loved it with lots of custard. Custard, ice cream or cream, unbelievable. Dates arethe central ingredient of a sticky toffee pudding so if you want a great pud you've gotto have great dates. These Medjool dates they might just look like regular dates but they'reso meaty and sweet and delicious and they have.

The most outrageous sort of caramel-y flavour.Now we had dates obviously when I was a kid. Only at Christmas. But they were a bit drier, abit more… ((Yeah, crusty)) yeah. They weren't as lovely as that. Get the stone out and getthe little cap bit at the top off, we don't want that. So mum's gonna motor through those. Thestones need to be removed from 450 grams of dates. To soften them and give them an even betterflavor I'm going to soak them in tea. Mum you probably won't be expecting this: EarlGray tea bags. Oh really. Yeah. Cover 4 tea bags with 300 millilitres of boiling water andleave to steep for three and a half minutes. Add the de-stoned dates to a blender with a levelteaspoon of cinnamon and half a grated nutmeg. Then pour the Earl Gray tea onto the datesand let them sit for 10 minutes with a lid on..

So mum, creaming. You alright to do it? Yeah I'mgood at creaming. So we're going to go in with 170 grams of butter and then I'm going to followthat with 170 grams of golden caster sugar. Really really important, muscovado sugar, this is goingto give it its fudgy sticky toffee puddingness. So in with 170 grams of that. The point of creamingis that we're dissolving the sugar and we're beating air into it and of course the butter hasgot… You can do this in a machine. You can do it in a machine my mummy is right. Mum used to dothe best dinners, pretty much every week she'd do a steam pudding, syrup pudding, chocolatepudding. Jam pudding. Jam pudding, roly-poly, quite old-fashioned British ones really.Yeah you used to — well you all used to like it didn't you? Yeah, it was lovely. So mum's donethe hard bit do you want me to take over? So look.

We'll give this a good old beat up. Mum if youcan get around there and crack in 4 eggs, one at a time. Once all 4 eggs are beaten in gently fold340 grams of self-raising flour into the mixture, then blend the tea-soaked dates until smooth. Pour in the lovely date mixture, thank you mum.There's something really special that happens between the dates and the spice and the sugar.Lovely. We're folding all that in. Oh mum smell that. Oh that's, oh that's gorgeous! Mum thatbundt tin over there. Can you just grab a little bit of butter, put it on your hand, and justrub it all around that mold? It's a nice little technique if you're ever worried about a moldor a baking dish just rub it with oil or butter and then we take some flour, thank you mama. Andthen we'll just put in the flour and just shake it.

Around and the flour will stick to the butter. Sothat's what it looks like there. Double security. Pour the mixture into your mold. Shall I turnit round? Yeah please. That's it, thank you mum. I like to use a ring-shaped bundt tin for thispud but doing it as a traybake also works. Put it into the oven to bake for 45 to 50 minutesat 180 degrees Celsius and don't touch it. While that's cooking I'm just going to knock upa quick sauce. So mum in here what we have is 250 grams of butter and 250 grams of sugar, and asyou can see I've got half golden sugar and half muscovado as well. So as soon as that sugarstarts to dissolve I'm going to add in some rum. Did you ever put rum in your sticky toffeepudding? No I didn't. It's nice I love rum, do you like rum? Yeah I love anything… Alcoholic?Alcoholic. She's not an alcoholic, don't worry.

Add 50 mils of rum to your pan. To flambe it, carefully anglethe pan towards the flame. Setting it alight will burn off the alcoholand enhance all the flavours of the sauce. Finally, add 300 mils of double cream. It will give you the most incredible stickytoffee pudding sauce, and I'm just going to swill it about now. Look at the way it changes.And you get a lovely shiny caramel-y sauce. Mum try that. It's not too hot. I love it, therum is brilliant. Oh wow, yeah it is that's really different! When those little bubblescome up like that then we switch the gas off. Have a look at that sticky toffee pudding mum. Nodon't open the door! Oh, god. Oh no I did didn't.

I? You did. Oh my god, it's all sunk? Ah Igot you! Should we have a cup of tea? Yeah. The illustrious sticky toffee pudding. Beautifulsponge, smells lovely. One two three… Go on. Oh that's lovely look at the steam. Now atrick that transforms the pudding, painting it. I'm going to grab this brush. As you put this incredible sauce on top it kind ofseals it and it stops it getting dry and it gets shinier and shinier and shinier which is amazing.The thin layer of sauce gives the pud a crispy toffee crust which is delicious. It's just a pieceof art, that's the thing. You can't have too much of that sauce can you? No. Why don't you just putit in the middle? Do you think I should? It'd be lovely. No no it's good. That's what I would do.Look this whole dish is an evolution, should we do.

It? Haha, yeah! Because ultimately the whole pointof a dessert is to lift the spirit, and what is going to lift the spirit more than just filling upa hole with caramel sauce? I think that's really nice. There is one last thing I'm going to do.We're just going to put a little salt on top. It's just that whole kind of thing about thepalette just exploding, that salt and sweet. I love salty caramel. So there you gomama, the ultimate sticky toffee pudding. Can you grab me that chopper from overthere? Let's have a little portion up. And as we take this it's just going to gush out. Go on. Okay. This looks amazing. Mm!.

Oh. Now can you tell why I brushed the outside?It's like crispy hard. Oh yeah it's gorgeous. You like? Yeah, amazing. Thanks mum.It's been nice cooking that with you. Hi guys hope you're well! So today we'regonna make a beautiful homemade crumble, three ways. Beautiful stewed fruit with a crunchycrispy topping it's an easy go-to dessert to make people very very happy. What I want to do is startoff really basic on the filling and then really basic on the topping and then just change it upthree times to get you all ready to go. So first up let's start with the humblest crumble ever,the great British apple crumble. Now I grew up with just Bramley apple crumbles, delicious, butwhat we want to do to achieve the most apple-y delicious flavour and texture is actually mixit up using different eating apples. So we've.

Got this lovely mixture. Some big chunks, somelittle chunks. You want to get a nice splash of water in with the apples. Pan on the heat. Andthen I'm going to add 150 grams of sugar. Just a few strokes of lemon zest, really reallynice. So a little lid on top give that five, six, seven minutes and then when it's a littlebit tender then we'll get the crumble topping on top and get it in the oven. So when it comesto the beautiful crumble topping it's a really simple recipe. Half fat to flour. I'm going touse a kilo of plain flour and then we're going to use half as much butter so 500 grams. Why amI making so much? So I can bag up the rest and put it in the freezer, and then a month later twomonths later you see some fruit bang it together, crumble on top in the oven and you've done adessert in no time at all. Bring this together and.

Then you want about four to five hundred grams ofsugar. That's golden caster sugar. You could just take a little bit of brown sugar it gives it likea crunch. Some muscovado sugar, it's a little bit liquorice-y. You can do one, you can do a mix, youcan even put a bit of honey in. So mix that up, add some vanilla. So you could use vanilla podsor paste. That absolutely smells amazing now. So that's your basic standard easy peasy crumbletopping and there you go. So I've got my apple here sprinkle it on top, beautiful. So in theoven it goes at 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 Fahrenheit for about half an hour until goldenand blipping and delicious. That's your basic apple crumble, let's take it up a notch let'sdo a second version : fruit combo. We shouldn't just think that fresh fruit is the only way.Frozen fruit is a game changer. What I've got.

Here is a berries and blackcurrant mix. Whack agas hob on, put a little bit of water in a pan, add some sugar just about 100 grams and thenstraight in with the fruit it's about a kilo. Just half an orange in there. Let's get a lid on bringit to the boil. Now as far as this basic crumble topping is concerned could we do anything to itto sort of inflict even more deliciousness? The answer I think is yes. These are flaked almonds.Crunch them up like that I absolutely love them. Let's have a look in here, smells incredible. Andnow we've got a beautiful bramble crumble with an almond and vanilla topping, yes. Right so thisgoes in the oven, half an hour again until golden and crisp. And then I can show you potentiallymy favorite crumble and this is a stone fruit crumble. Have a little look at this so I'll showyou what I've done I've just got beautiful stone.

Fruit like plums and nectarines peaches apricotsyou could use any combination you like. Take the stone out, put it in halves or quarters, I'vesweetened this with two things. One is some honey, beautiful. And two I just got some strawberriesand grated it and it's a really nice natural way to sweeten. And that roasting for about 20 minutesit just makes it jammy and intense and delicious, and the other thing I love love love to do isbeautiful porridge oats. So a nice handful in like that just use your hands. Porridge oats give itan incredible flavour, a lovely texture, and I I absolutely love it. So this goes back in the ovenfor about 20 minutes half an hour until golden and delicious. Let's let these cook and when they'reall cooked up I'll show you what to do later. So it's that time where the three crumbles are ready.Beautiful, beautiful crumbles. Look at them..

Very exciting. Let's go in with our apple first,come on! Very pleasing. I'm gonna go for classic custard. Then we're gonna go for this beautifulbrambles look at that look at the colour come on! The smell is something else and I love itwhen the ice cream starts to melt. Yees. And last but not least we're going to go for theroasted stone fruit crumble, beautiful. Such amazing intense flavours. Now I get to have threemouthfuls of three crumbles. Humble apple crumble. Mm! Memories of school dinners good ones,good school dinners, Mrs Gilby love you, amazing. And then we've got the frozenfruit. To be able to go into a freezer and grab some topping and some fruit and knock outsomething that's homely and like a little hug, this is what we need in life Ithink. Mm! So… ah love that.

So good, completely different. Last butnot least the roasted fruit crumble, you know it kind of feels a bit more grown up a bit more adulty I suppose. And whata wonderful way to finish a meal. Mm! I might have to start from the beginning again I'm not sure if I said everythingcorrectly. I think it's just an amazing dessert that makes me very happy and I hopeyou enjoy it too so until next time, take care. My little Buddy's flapjack biscuits are theeasiest simplest biscuit ever. Proper baking but without loads of bowls, loads of faff, andloads of stress. Just grab some unsalted butter, golden syrup, porridge oats, self-raising flour,and mixed dried fruit and nuts. A sweet treat.

That's child's play. Are you ready for this?It's very simple. We get our scales and we'll start with a 100 grams of butter. In we go.Okay next flour, 100 grams straight on top. Self-raising so you've got a bit of lift happeningthere. Then we're going to go fruit nuts. We've got pecans, cashews, sultanas, so 100 gramsagain see where I'm going with this? Hundred, hundred, hundred. So, surprisingly enough wehave 100 grams of golden syrup. Ah look at that. And then 100 grams of porridge oats. Done.5 ingredients in equal measure and it's into the mixer. As simple as that. A littlepinch of salt. Lid on, and give it a pulse. I want to pulse it so it comes togethera little bit like this. Smells amazing. Grab a cake tin with a removable base, about 20centimetres square, and line with lightly oiled.

Damp scrunched-up greaseproof paper. The wateron the paper just makes it soft and malleable so you can get it into the little corners.Just get a little bit of that golden syrup and put it around the edges just so it catches andburns, I love that bit that's like the best bit. So get your mix here and just let it tumble intothe mold and then use your fingers to push right into the corners, roughly make it about one anda half, two centimetres thick. As soon as you've done that whack it in the oven for 15 minutesat 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 Fahrenheit. Bosh! This is the easiest little biscuit you'reever gonna bake. Let's have a little look, smelling good. So it's light and golden, veryvery nice. It's poofed up a little bit. What I want to do is just remove it from the mold soget a little tin and I'm just going to place.

Our bake on here. Just pop it off like that andmove it over there, and it smells absolutely amazing. Can you see how it's gone kindof nice and gnarly and golden? Beautiful. Slice into 16 treat-size squares. And we'll letthat just cool down for about 5 minutes before you even think about eating it, if you can controlyourself! Right, time for a cup of tea. What a joy, unbelievably easy to remember, uncomplicatedbaking at its best. Okay. So in the time it takes to make a little cup of tea, that's cooled down.And that is our little flapjack biscuit. It's not a flapjack, it's a flapjack biscuit. And what'sreally nice is it's such a quick little bake to do. Can you see the chunks of fruit and nut,and the little bits of porridge oats there. And there you go. Little Buddy's flapjackbiscuits. Let's have one of these.

Mmm. It's chewy, it's crunchy, it's crumbly, andwith a cup of tea absolutely blooming gorgeous. But I've never actually dunked it, let's havea go, see if it's a dunker. One two three… oh it is a dunker! Yes! What are you waiting for? Quick,easy, dunk away. It's a dunker! Hello all you lovely people! I've got a beautifulrecipe for you, this is the most incredible rhubarb and custard tart. It's soft gooey gorgeousit's got crumbly homemade pastry, it is an amazing thing that you make with your friends andfamily. So what I'm going to do is split it up into the three parts: we've got the pastry,we've got a custard, and we've got a beautiful rhubarb and apple compote okay? We're gonna makeit look amazing. Let me show you how to make the.

Beautiful compote of rhubarb and apples it's agreat combination. So first up this is forced rhubarb and I'm going to take the flowery endoff but the beautiful stalks, that's the rhubarb, is amazing. There you go, all the leaves havegone. We'll compost this. We definitely don't want to eat this. We've got a kilo of this lovelyrhubarb that's been washed, just cut it up into like chunks about three centimetres in length.Get yourself a nice large pan and on a high heat, medium high heat, I will add the rhubarb. Soto go with this I'm going to add some apples so I've got three beautiful eating apples, about500 grams, and I am going to peel them. So using eating apples is really nice they've got goodtexture. Each different type of eating apple has a completely different flavour and texture.You need 500 grams so peel them, quarter them,.

And then get rid of the core. Cut them into threecentimetre then just cut them in half like that, big chunks. Stir in the apple like that. You canhear the heat happening now. 125 grams of sugar goes in and then a little swig of water. Loads ofliquid will come out of the rhubarb and the apple, it smells amazing, so I'm going to turn that downjust a little bit so it's just above medium. 15 minutes of cooking until tender. So for thecustard I want to go old school. In a pan here, it's not on the heat yet, we're going togo in with 500 mils of lovely milk. Grab yourself a tablespoon, a tablespoon not a dessertspoon, and we're going to go in with a level tablespoon of the custard powder. Do that threetimes so 45 grams of custard powder. Just whisk in this lovely powder. Now I can put the temperatureon. So into there I'm going to add like.

Two or three tablespoons of golden caster sugarand a good teaspoon or two of vanilla, right? So do it as much as you like, I'm going to put twoteaspoons in look at that. Just whisk that up. So in no time at all as that milk comes up to asimmer can you see how it's thickened? So as this kind of just cooks out for a minute or two have alook at this, look oh it's getting really bubbly look at the colour, look at the colour! I'm takingthe lid off because it's getting excited in there. So into this baked blind pastry tart. So you cansee it's steaming now, that'll cool down for 20 minutes and naturally a skin will form on thetop of that custard. So this has had 15 minutes, turn it off. And we're going to pour it intothat colander now there's a reason that I do this right, you've got the most incredible naturaljuice that comes out of this compote okay?.

Look underneath and look at that beauty that isextraordinary right? So what's brilliant about this little method is gravity and the natural kindof filtering of this compote gives you two things, it gives you the perfect consistency to go onthat custard and then you get this incredible natural almost cordial that we can just boilup a little bit until it's thick and you can drizzle it over your tart. So I'm going to letthat cool down, and let that cool down, and just for one minute let that kind of reduce andthicken and then I'll show you what to do next. So I've just been rolling out the ball of pastry.So this is about the thickness of a pound coin. The custard has cooled down and you can see thatnatural skin. It's quite robust okay? So now I'm going to put our amazing compote straight in themiddle and then just use that spoon to flatten it.

Out. Beautiful. So what I want to do now is getthis beautiful pie top on here. I need a little bit of glue so obviously we're going to useegg wash so I've just beaten up one egg here, just go around the little edge here, super simple.What I'm going to do now is go to the edge of our pastry and put it around your rolling pin and thenjust roll up the whole thing just like this. And then very simply then unroll it over the top likethat. And then you use this rolling pin again just to go around the edge. It's quite annoyinglysatisfying to take, or kind of crimp off the pastry. Really simple, really easy,and then we can use this pastry here to make some decorations right? So we're going todress this up now and this is all optional extra stuff right. Take some almonds flaked almondsright? And a brilliant little tip is if you put.

Some icing sugar, just a teaspoon or two rightit don't need much, and a little bit of water just a few drips of water right, you mix it uplike this and it goes a little bit claggy… and if you sprinkle this over the top like this, whenthat bakes these almonds will be the best almonds you've ever had. Then, have a look at this. I'vegot ahead of the game how amazing they are right? So no talent has made this at all I've cheated, soif you go online you can get these little marzipan or pastry cutters they are two a penny they arecheap as chips. Let's have some fun with this so I'm going to take a big one like this, go in, youpush down and then you must press the top bit like that and it comes off like that and you just priseit away and once you've got that then we can lay this on our beautiful tart, look at that. So wecan do that with a few different shapes and then.

I'll use the rest of these just to finish off thisbeautiful tart, and it just makes your rustic tart just look a little bit more special. Last but notleast a little bit more of the egg wash. You can give it a last little pinch of sugar. That's it,job's done, I'm now going to put this in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 Fahrenheit forabout 40 to 45 minutes until golden and gorgeous. You're gonna love it. So there yougo that is our incredible rhubarb and custard tart. It's gone gorgeous andgolden look at the little almonds here, they've just kind of frosted in themost beautiful way. So look let's just get into it because I want to show youexactly what's going on on the inside. You ready? Look at that. Crispy pastry, gorgeoustopping the almonds, the rhubarb, the custard,.

Right let's plate this up it's gonna be reallyspecial. Take some of that beautiful liquor the syrup from the rhubarb and just give it a littledrizzle on the top. Enough yapping, time to eat. Amazing. So there you go guys anabsolute classic flavour combination, beautiful crumbly homemade pastry, enjoy. Steamed marmalade pudding with cream and syrup,it is so good 5 ingredients working really really hard so let's do this thing together, come on!Made with thick cut marmalade, single cream, free-range eggs, self-raisingflour and ground almonds. My nan's steam pudding was absolutelylegendary and it took about two and a half hours to cook…This one is homage to herand it takes two and a half minutes to cook….

In a microwave. So instead of cooking it ina big old bowl and boiling it for hours we're gonna cook it in these beautiful tea cups. So 150millilitres of beautiful organic single cream, 100 millilitres of olive oil, we're using thatinstead of butter or lard in the old days. What this is going to do is give you a fantasticallylight sponge. Whisk that up. Then we're going to go from millilitres to grams. 100 gramsof self-raising flour, 150 grams of ground almonds. We're going to get amazing flavourfrom that. A little pinch of salt and two eggs. We're going to get our marmalade here. 2tablespoons, with the 2 eggs. That is going to lightly flavour it. And then 8 tablespoons,we're going to put that into a pan. Using thick cut marmalade in this time saving syrup givesyour puds a massive orangey flavour boost..

Beautiful right let's do it, let's getour lovely little cups. All I need to do is put a little bit of olive oil in eachone just to rub around the hole inside, that's going to stop the sponge sticking becauseI want to turn it out. Get your hands in there and have a proper little rub-up. Little coffeecups like this fantastic make sure they're microwave safe. Once you've rubbed it with oiljust about three quarter fill them with the mix. This is a ridiculously simple pudding easyto make in minutes, perfect for busy days. So look simple as that, really easyto make, very cool in the little cups. 2 at a time at full power, two and a halfminutes, and you've got something really special coming out of there. Enough timeto clean up and we're laughing.

Oh! It's bubbling up. One minute to go, comeon! There's not many hot desserts you can make in two and a half minutes. It'snow steamed up. Two, one… whoo! So, there we have our littlefriend steamed sponge pudding. Turned out absolutely gorgeous. We'llget our lovely syrup topping. Come on! I think Nana would be proud right? I'vejust saved her two and a half hours, she'd be out partying she'd be at bingo or wish drive!Bless her. And then just simple beautiful cream. I don't really have desserts thatoften but I never thought until I tried this that I could get something soclassically long-winded done so quickly, that brings back so many lovely memories. Solet's have a little go on this one. Look at that.

That is sensational. It's so light you knowwe've cut all the time but we've definitely not cut the flavour. The olive oil you know it'sjust lighter, it gives a lighter spongier sponge which is super impressive in twoand a half minutes, are you serious? What a joy, what a treat. So there you gobet you never thought you'd see me cooking in the microwave and proud, and proud,I've just saved two and a half hours and I'm really really loving every mouthful ofthis. I'm a greedy boy… that's my treat.


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