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To get one for us off click the link down below or head over to Emmy made to see how you can get 20 off the sofa of your choice big thanks to offform for sponsoring this video and for the continued support so I can make better videos for all of you so today I'm going to be tasting a new.

Flavor of spam a Spam flavor that I've never tasted before if you've missed my previous spam tasting videos I'll put links down below to them I tried several in one video I've also cooked several things with Spam including fried rice and spam musubi which I'm going to be also revisiting today but check out those videos if you want more about spam.

Now spam what is spam for my understanding spam got its name from a portmanteau of spiced ham we get spam from my understanding it was created during the war as a shelf stable means of delivering meat to soldiers it didn't require any Refrigeration it was packaged it was self-contained it was also very salty as a preservative this.

Halt was added but most importantly it was full of protein now I find it very interesting how spam has made its way around the world due to war in places like Japan like Hawaii like Guam all different kinds of places around the world have been entered reduced to spam and have Incorporated it into the cuisine culture and diet and today we're.

Going to be tasting this version this is a two pack of spam I ordered it online and it's called figgy pudding flavor spice and everything nice figgy pudding is a dessert that comes from the UK it's kind of similar to a scone or a quick bread but it is usually boiled or steamed and studded with raisins sometimes it has some spice in it often.

Served during holidays or special occasions I made a Newfoundland version called figgy Duff in an old video I'll include that video down below I've also made a drowned baby which I think has like probably the worst name of anything I've ever made a drowned baby I did not harm any children it was a dessert but it looks like a.

Drawn baby okay I digress I digress but definitely check out that video but today we're going to be tasting figgy pudding flavored spam now the spams that I've tried in the past have all been Savory tried jalapeno I've tried to low sodium I've tried garlic I've tried a lot bacon lots of versions of spam but never a sweet one I'm assuming this is.

Going to be sweet but I really don't know so let's go ahead and find out so here it is figgy pudding spam two pack let's open it up and see what the individual can looks like and here it is two guns a Spam that's the can that is so iconic and here it is.

Mom so if you've ever tried spam before you know that it is very very salty it can be used quite sparingly which is really great because it can be very economical as well my intention is to try to make figgy pudding flavored musubi if you've never had a musubi before they're very very popular in Hawaii and basically you've got a ball.

Of rice that's been shaped in a kind of oblong the shape of a slice of spam a piece of spam that has been sliced and pan fried and often glazed with a kind of sweet soy saucy sauce and then wrapped with a nice wide belt of nori or seaweed absolutely delicious fantastic a really great lunchy snack and we're going to try.

Making a figgy pudding version okay so I've opened enough cans of span to know that there is a bit of a trick I can open this oh and by first impression it looks a lot like normal spam perhaps not as pink a little bit more brown in color and it smells like spam too meaty Porky cooked smells like canned.

Potted meat yeah but it's gotten more of a spiced smell to it but very much like baloney not at all unpleasant all right looking promising so far now here's the trick I found trying to get the Spam out now there's a vacuum that's created here so you're trying to get some air in the can of spam so what you I've done is you just.

Squeeze it squeeze oh there it is a brick of meat it definitely has more of a Browner cast to it than the typical regular span it's not as pink kind of less fleshy you know what I mean all right let's get into this right so I'm going to cut these in relatively.

Thin slices this is about a quarter of an inch some people like it thicker on their Musubi but if I was using the low sodium one I would consider that but spam for me is very salty so I'm going to air on the side of doing it thinner since spam is already cooked let's just go ahead and give it a taste as a lunch meat here we go.

It'sadakimasu wow I like the fact that it's not overly salty um it has a big punch of spice in it not necessarily maybe is it cinnamony it's kind of nutmeggy clovey not bad this to me tastes more like spiced ham than the regular spam.

Wow I wasn't really sure what to expect because it has the picture of the figgy pudding on there like is it going to come out like that is it going to be really really sweet is it going to be cake-like no I think I might like this better than regular spam that might be sacrilegious to say to many spam lovers.

Out there but I think what I really appreciate is that it's not as salty even not as salty as the low sodium version of spam which I really appreciate I just Spam I that's my biggest hang up with Spam it's just too salty but this isn't interesting alrighty let's pan fry some so in a little pan I'm gonna add just a little.

Bit of oil to help get this going okay now that my pan is hot I'm going to place in my slam spam slices place my span slices into the pan and I'm just going to let that cook up until they are nicely toasted I like to use chopsticks it helps me flip things over you don't.

Want the heat too high I want this to kind of slowly caramelize so while that's cooking away let's talk about this little Gadget so I picked this up when I went to Hawaii a few years ago and never used it and this is a musubi maker and this helps you shape the rice you do not need one of these to make must be in fact you can use the spam cam.

If you cut this bottom part off and be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges you can use this as a mold as well but let since I have it and we're going to take it out first we're going to flip our spam though so that it doesn't get overcooked oh this is Browning up nicely okay another thing I noticed this Browns up.

Faster than regular spam look at that looking great I think it's because it has some sugar in it so it's caramelizing faster all right all right I'm gonna set that aside that's almost done so here's the next 2B maker spam Musubi is very popular in Hawaii but it was brought to Hawaii from Japan so.

Understandably this product was made in Japan as well yay let me get my spam onto a plate let me kick this out before it gets overcooked look at that beautiful sizzling I've got some cooked Japanese rice I'm using Japanese rice because it's short grained and a little bit sticky which.

Will help the Musubi stay together so look for either Japanese rice or sushi rice and unlike sushi rice this is not seasoned this does not have any vinegar any salt anything is just plain sticky yummy rice now I've got a rice paddle that I've dampened with water and that'll help keep the rice from sticking and place it into my mold this rice was.

Cooked earlier so it is just warm and I'm putting in about a third of a cup maybe a little less then we have this little plunger that comes with it it's very conveniently Ridge so that the rice will be less likely to stick to it smart and then we're going to use this to press on the rice oh my gosh this works so.

Perfectly love it like that and then we can just transfer it onto our plate and then we can just pull this part off oh my gosh perfect look perfect little Patty of rice so even love it now I'm going to take a slice of my spam and this should fit perfectly.

The dimensions of this it's beaut oh perfect fit love that now depending on how much spam you like you can cut your spam thicker or thinner or how much rice you like next we're going to take some Nori or seaweed and I'm going to cut about two inches take this and wrap our little belt around.

I'm going to trim it so it doesn't you don't have excess and there it is it's so stinking cute so so cute typically the spam is glazed with a shoyu or soy sauce Brown sugary kind of sweet glaze or like a tare but I'm not going to do that for this version because I really want to taste the figgy Dove part of the spam alrighty.

There it is there is our figgy pudding spam musubi alrighty let's give our figgy pudding spam musubi a taste the tadaki balls mm-hmm there's a cross-section of it and I am surprised to say that this is actually pretty good the frying of the figgy pudding flavored spam definitely.

Intensifies the flavor I feel like you can taste the spice a lot more now that it's heated up and fried up a bit so it definitely has a stronger spiced flavor to it and it is sweeter and because it is sweeter and not as salty as the regular spam you can definitely make the slice thicker I'm used to making these with a regular spam so that's why I cut.

Mine so thinly definitely can go thicker with this flavor um Norway seaweed and rice is such a classic and wonderful combination and then adding the spam in there definitely add some salty protein to it having said that I think I prefer the regular spam to the veggie pudding the figgy pudding.

Has a very strong spice flavor to it which is not at all unpleasant but especially after pan frying it it really heightens and concentrates that flavor so that it's definitely noticeable I do like the fact that it's not as salty as regular spam but the kind of spicy flavors it's kind of a nutmeggy clovey less cinnamon flavor but.

Definitely tastes kind of holiday-ish I'm gonna just have the spam by itself now that it's been fried but still classic Porky kind of balloony flavors as well which actually goes really well with rice and seaweed it really does alrighty so there you have it the limited edition figgy pudding flavor of.

Spam is not as peculiar as one might think the spice flavor actually works pretty well it's kind of like cloves and ham very very similar and it's not as salty as the traditional spam which I really really appreciate and making a Spam musubi with it is actually a good idea it is good if you've never made musubi before particularly spam musubi I.

Think you should try it because it's delicious all right my lovelies thanks as always for joining me and big things to all forms for sponsoring this video if you need a new couch click the link down below or head over to Emmy made to receive 20 off the couch of your choice thanks again for watching I hope you enjoy that one I hope you.

Learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye