In great baking as with all cooking sometimes less is more these dishes look and taste spectacular when they're done well and it doesn't come any simpler or more stylish than my next dish wonderful baked cheesecake for me food always has to be impressive but when it comes to desserts often you see Sponge sugar or.

Wild decorations remember simple is always the most impressive this cheesecake is so straightforward yet so delicious well cream cheese leave it out of the fridge for five or ten minutes go nice and soft trust me your arms will be thanking you sugar in this cheesecake is a New York.

Cheesecake because it's baked so there's no base start creaming the cheese and the sugar spending the amount of time I do in the states if there's one thing they know how to do out there is the most amazing impressive cheesecake Rich delicious but so simple work the bowl lift the ball to your advantage.

Really whisk whisk whisk whisk lovely creamy now get your eggs add the extra mixture bit by bit doing it this way it's more efficient hey you're incorporating a lot of Air B the mixture doesn't separate.

Blaster of your egg of course you can use electric mixer but if I go to the gym we can just make a cheesecake a day cheesecake a day keep the Bingo Wings away now a couple tablespoons of flour give it a whisk stop something going Lumpy.

Now I want to scent that cheesecake I've got the freshness zest the lemon in there I want to sort of tart it up even more fold in some fresh raspberries sort of just mix them through be careful to crush them then grease a cake tin with butter this will ensure your cheesecake slides out beautifully.

Get your mix let that fall in now take your cake tin and just tap it mixture hits the bottom of the cake tin The Raspberries rise and you've got raspberries at the top the middle and the bottom it also stops all those little pockets of air trapping.

Underneath the mixture and the cake tin there's no holes in the cheesecake now into the oven 180 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes hmm slightly soufflaid up pull off.

That's the color I wanted on top and look at it it's one of the simplest yet the most stylish cheesecakes anywhere beautiful to keep old dishes fresh and exciting it's great to get spicy my next recipe is a time-honored British.

Classic but with addition of spices it's given a new lease of Life fragrant spice rice pudding I love cooking with spices but you don't have to just cook Savory dishes using aromatics and spices across desserts takes your puddings to a completely different level first off as spices this is a fresh.

Vanilla pot fragrant and packed full of flavor use the back of the knife and flatten it that removes all those little seeds off the skin of the vanilla pod take your knife slice down the middle and then when you open that up the smell is incredible take the tip of the knife and you scrape inside and look.

All those seeds dying to come out that is incredible there are thousands of seeds still ingrained to the Pod so put them in to the casserole cardamom powerful spicy say two little pods place your knife on top and lightly crack them cracking the cardamom pods helps release all the amazing flavor cloves.

Because of that kind of aniseed flavor with a lot of depth one two three cinnamon stick snap and in just smelling that level of fragrance you can imagine what the rice pudding is going to taste of turn on the heat lightly toast those spices just a couple of seconds and what's going to happen is.

Just going to sort of enhance those spices in a way that it just draws out an even more powerful fragrance coconut milk in sugar two tablespoons milk and then a couple of tablespoons of cream bring it slowly to the boil to allow the.

Flavors to infuse and this rice pudding reminds me of my time in India where I got really into that chai tea fragrance because it was just so delicious and so comforting take a lime in the lime just cuts through the richness of the coconut gives it that nice little.

Bit of acidity goes fantastically well with the cinnamon and that fresh vanilla nice have a taste now let's come up to the boil give it a nice little clean around the outside and in with the rice use 200 grams of pudding rice don't wash it beforehand because the starch helps thicken the rice pudding in the oven.

And just turn that down to a light simmer and the pudding rice starts to open up and it absorbs all that coconut vanilla cardamom clove and cinnamon bring up to the ball gently and cook it out three to five minutes boiling it rapidly the rice opens up and it goes into mush so we want to keep.

That nice texture of that sort of fragrant rice pudding on a gentle simmer next a little luxury I'm going to show you how I take this simple delicious aromatic rice pudding to a completely different level here's what I do take two egg yolks separate them now give that a really nice whisk.

Two nice tablespoons of mascarpone cheese whisk that into the egg yolks so it's nice and smooth it's almost like finishing the rice pudding in a delicious custard turn off the gas add that into the rice pudding what happens it starts to enrich and really thicken this.

Rice pudding and takes it to a completely different level the rice is still not cooked started to go nice and soft you can just see how it's opening up but look it's like Rich aromatic lava bubbling away finally great more citrus zest the lime on top.

Roasted caramelized lime zest on top of a rice pudding is phenomenal then put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees to finish cooking the rice and develop the intensely aromatic flavors look at that an incredibly fragrant rice pudding how.

Beautiful does that look spices are a brilliant way of helping classic dishes come alive I'll guarantee you'll never ever have had a rice pudding like this before next recipe is a proper British classic that's super simple to cook and costs next to nothing a delicious apple crumble.

Crumbles are the perfect way to use fruit when it's in season there's lots of it about it's nice and cheap but most importantly the fruits at its absolute best foreign make a really nice light caramel pan on nice and low great two apples.

And this helps to almost sort of pure the Apple so much quicker there's a lot of flavor in the skin so don't worry about peeling the fruit whether it's pears plums peaches flavors in the skin start the camera a couple of tablespoons of sugar the sugar helps to get rid of the tartness in the Apple a touch.

Cinema that starts to make it a little spicy open up your vanilla just scrape out all those seeds now this just makes it light and fragrant all those seeds in to the Sugar We're making caramel be patient and always swirl the dish instead of stirring it when the sugar goes Brown add the Apple starts to sort of cool down the caramel.

But it gives it a really nice sort of caramelized puree apples almost disintegrating smells incredible turn the gas down slice up two apples it's a crumble That's Got No Frills straight forward no faffing around no peeling on the skin I want them to sort of stand out from the camera.

Apples in now those nice thick chunks of Apple sort of almost bedding itself into the puree dried cranberries gives it that nice sort of shock in the texture sweet and chewy I want it to sort of taste zesty spicy so sit the lemon zest on top.

Of your apples and cranberry fresh lemon juice over and that just gives that extra acidic kick takes the Cranberries the apples the caramel and the cinnamon to another level turn the gas off that says let's concentrate on the crumble flowering a couple of tablespoons of Demerara sugar sugar helps to get the topping.

Nice and crispy butter in give that a nice little rub what we're looking for is like a breadcrumb mixture lightly season it with a touch of cinnamon and the dinner sugar sort of helps to get a nice fine crumble mix and it stops the butter from sort of melting in that flour so that's the basic crumble mix.

But I'm not finished yet muesli two-thirds crumble one-third muesli mix that in if you haven't got muesli then crunchy granola works brilliantly too lovely now start off in the center work your way around I want the crispiness on the top the puree on the bottom of the caramel.

And then the texture in the center a good tip and the gas back on I want it bubbling before it goes in the oven because then you just got to cook the top so as soon as you see that caramel starting to Bubble down the side in she goes let's go all right.

Bake it 200 degrees Celsius for 12 to 14 minutes until golden brown smells amazing still bubbling and look at it a delicious but very simple crumble with apples at their absolute best beautiful.