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“Football Fusion,” episode three. Bills, Lions, Thanksgiving Day. Two teams that wouldn't exist without the gracious hand of Ralph Wilson, may he be blessed, rest inpeace forever, our king. Today we are putting beef on weck, Buffalo's traditional sandwich with Detroit style pizza, a style of pizza from Detroit.

I'm very excited because I was challenged. I was just gonna do buffalochicken Detroit style pizza, but instead, I was challenged to go deeper, do something more about our roots, so we're gonna do a beef onweck Detroit style pizza. – I'm not here to interact. (all laugh) – The beef on weck withthe kummelweck roll,.

Caraway seeds, horseradish sauce, it's gonna make for adelicious game day snack and I can't wait to try it. Go Bills. We just lost to the Jets, but (bleeps) that, okay? Who gives a (bleeps)? (exciting music).

(soft piano music) Like all great pizza recipes, this one begins with dough. We're combining 600 grams of bread flour, four tablespoons of dry yeast, and 14 grams of kosher salt. Whisk these around for about 30 seconds. This doesn't seem necessary, but apparently if you don't do this,.

You run the risk of notspreading the salt around and getting half your crust super salty and the other half not salty enough, so just get it all whisked nice. Then from an appropriatelytheatrical height, drizzle two tablespoons ofolive oil and some water. Once wet, you're gonna wanna start mixing all that stuff together. You can do this with your hands,.

But in an attempt to keepmy hands clean for once, I used this wooden paddle. Add water as necessary. They're telling me it's supposedto be gloopy and sloppy. Now we're gonna grab this wet dough, pull it, and plop it down. This may look like you're watching an adult man play in the mud, you are,.

But really, I'm developing gluten. I don't know what I was thinking, trying to keep my hands clean. We're honoring two blue collar communities who love their footballteams more than life itself. You gotta get a little dirty. Next, plop that gloopymess into a bowl of oil. And that's it! We just made pizza dough.

But if you're like me, you don't wanna waste all that delicious dough on your hands, so you'll painstakingly scrape it off knowing you're gonnaget each and every bite. If you're worried that thedough seems extremely wet, so was I. I kept looking aroundlike, no, this is wrong, but I was assured over and over.

That it was supposed to be this way, it's messy, making pizza dough. You can always just buy it. Don't forget that. (exciting music) – Are you gonnaintroduce me, or…? How are people gonna know who I am? – Um. Bechamel!.

– I'm coming, baby, I'm coming! It's okay, it's okay. – I have tomake a bechamel sauce. I thought that was a kind of cheese. – No. But it usually is usedto make a cheese sauce. That's probably why you'reassociating it with it. But your earliest, we made bechamel togetherreally early on in this thing.

Remember when I did that Reddit AMA and I was trying to make videos as answers to questions? Which was ridiculous.- Oh, whoa. – And you came over and you got that incredible shot of the bechamel being poured over the croque madame. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!.

– And that was, what, maybe, like, the thirdvideo ever on the channel. And now finally we're here, we're back. – Finally we're back. But this time, the inspired twist, horseradish. – Horseradish. Now, why horseradish?.

I already know, but for the camera. – Horseradish, they do, like,a whipped horseradish cream on top of this roastbeef sandwich in Buffalo. – What roast beef sandwich? – Beef on weck. – Beef on weck. – Weck. – So, to make a bechamel…

Somehow this turns on. Okay so, we're gonna putthis on probably medium high, the low end of medium high, is where I'd probably wanna live, and you're gonna addthe butter to that pan. You see what's going on here? I'm teaching. This is a teachable moment. The butter's browning, so we gotta…

– Aw!- No, no, no, we gotta start over. It's toast, it's toast. (Sawyer laughs) We had a little bit too much fun, as usual. The experiment went out the window 'cause we were goofballing. (Sawyer laughs).

We messed it up the first time, now we got the right cookware. Now we got the right cookware,so it'll actually work. Okay so, whisk this until it's foamy, but not burny. – Foamy but not burny. – Well, the foam is gonnakinda come and then go. And you can swirl it too, this might be easier for you,.

Just give it a swirl. You're looking pretty good and bubbly, I would add some flour. – Not all of it though? – All of it. – All of it?- Yep. And now, whiskly. Briskly whisk. – Briskly whiskly briskly.

– All right, you're good. You're good, you're good. Take it easy there, tiger. – This is scary! There's only a littlebit of stuff in there! – Okay, let it settle. Here, take it off theheat, take it off the heat. Give it a stir. This thing's pretty powerful, so,.

All right, back down. – Milk?- Yep. I think it's about time. So now, very slowly, one splash at a time. And stop, whisk. There you go, keep going. It's burning, it's fine. Here, keep going, yeah, keep going. There you go.

All right. Stop. Get that nice and smooth. You're spilling. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – It's looking pretty good. – There's somelittle lumps, but like, you can strain this andit'll be super smooth. I mean, that looks fantastic.- Really?.

– Do you feel good about yourself? – I don't know, I don't know. – You should feel good about yourself. – That looks right? – Yeah, it's bubbling a lot 'cause this thing is… – Hot.- Hot. And now, I would probablystrain it into something and then add the horseradish.

– Great!- Is what I would do. Hmm. – That's only half the horse. It does mellow out the horse. – I think you can go whole horse. – Yeah. – It's good. – Great.(exciting music) My knife skills have been maligned.

So, we're gonna try anddo it right this time. Using the pinch, holding like this, not having my fingersdance about the blade, tucking the fingers away. Right? All right, the claw. Whoa. This is exactly how you use a knife.

Look at me now, cutting the cheese. I'm also slicing this halfpound of provolone in half so I can cube it. We want the cheese to spread evenly over the entire pizza, so I'm expertly cuttingit into rectangles, and then into cubes. For Detroit style pizza, it is very important thatyour cheese is cubed,.

Not shredded. It was a lot of cheese, but I powered through it. Don't call me a hero. The real heroes are theteachers, the social workers, Rachel. Now, to put this pizza together, start by generouslyoiling up a baking pan. There are specificDetroit style baking pans,.

Maybe next time. Once the dough has sat inthe fridge basically all day, it'll be way less wet because the flour absorbsall the extra liquid. This felt like what Ithought dough felt like, if that makes sense. Thankfully, Rachel madea little extra dough. We're making a bigpizza today, my friends. We really had a devil of a time with this.

You gotta push the doughinto the corners of the pan and sometimes it just doesn't wanna go. Andrew came in to help poke. We had a blast, but it didn't work, so we waited 15 minutes, covered. They tell me it took solong because it was cold, so if you're not in a hurry, maybe leave it out for a little while,.

Let it warm up. Ah, finally. Now top it with caraway seeds. Delicately lay yourthinly sliced roast beef in the middle of the pizza. Then I'm dumping this provolonecheese all over the top. Use all the cheese you want. Put it everywhere, make sure it lines the pan.

So you get that crusty edge. Finally, we're glazing thisthing in bechamel sauce, making three even lines on top. Bake that sucker for 20, 25 minutes or until the cheese is crisp and lightly blackened around the edges. Now all that's left for you to do is heat up your favorite beef broth 'cause this pizza needs an au jus.

When it's ready, it should look a littlesomething like this. Like a pizza! (exciting music) – Wow, so…- Oh, remember this? Hold on. Hmm.- What is the tone there? Is it two tones? – Yeah, hold on.

Hmm.- Hmm. Ow! (Sawyer whistles) Ooh.- Ooh. All right.- You made pizza! – We made pizza! Okay, I'm gonna try and get it out. – All right. – Right?- Your funeral.

– This is how you do this, right? – You did it. – It's really heavy. – I mean, it's pizza.- Yeah. – Detroit style. – It's Detroit style pizza. – It's Buffalo Detroit style. – And some au. – Some jus!.

– Jus. Now…(Andrew laughs) So…- So. Cut it. – Like this? – I would go this way first. – This way?- And then like that, like Prince Street. I mean, like a Detroit style pizza.

– Right, right,right, like Detroit Avenue. – Not that New York specific pizza… – Detroit Avenue pizza place. – Yeah. – Is this wrong? – No, justthis doesn't feel right. (Sawyer grunts) – Now! (Andrew laughs).

– Don't slide it, for God's sake! (Sawyer laughs) Rock it, it's a rocker! – Rock, rock. (both laugh) – I thought the highschool football coach thing would do it. – It did!(Andrew laughs) I didn't know what I was doing,.

I was just doing it.- Just rock it! Just rock it! Hard as you can, one more, it's over. See?- Oh! – Look at that, see?- Oh, wow. Dip it in the jus. (Andrew hums) – Like my racing noise?.

Mm. It's really good. – It's good! – It's tasteslike a beef on weck. – Yeah. – A bit. – It really does. – Yeah. – I swear, it really does.(Andrew laughs).

Yeah, the caraway givesit a nice little rye kick. – I've never hadcaraway on a pizza before in my life! – Yeah, this is good. It retains the beef on weck ethos, tastes like that, and… (both laugh) And it's pizza.

It's unequivocally Detroit style pizza, but it's a beef on weck just the same. Oh, thank you. Mm.- Oh. – Hey, all right. – I just (bleeps) drooled! (Sawyer laughs)I just (bleeps) drooled! – That's a good review,if I've ever seen one. – Yeah, I just involuntarily…

Ugh, it's great.(Andrew laughs) – Hey, it's fun, it's good, it's game day ready. Thanks for doing this.- This is game day ready. – Yeah, this was a fun idea, you know, a little horseradish bechamel. – You can get it ready the day before and get the dough all ready, so you can just throw the stuff on there.

– Boom. – Boom. – Boom. – Boom. Happy Thanksgiving, guys. – Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again to Hubspot forsponsoring this episode. Hubspot's CRM platform bringstogether your customer data into a single source of truth.

So that all of your teamsare on the same page, from sales and marketing tocustomer service and operations. And with over 1,000 integrations and tons of content and resources, Hubspot has everything you need to help you reach your goals. Best of all, it's free to get started. Just head to the link in the description to get started with Hubspot.

(smooth music)