Asta just repelled the direct assault of the king of devils lucifero halting the creature's ever destructive fist asta condemned its murder of his partner libe's mother yet despite having received the many memories of his partner has somehow yet to discern that richita is in fact his biological mother previously libe was able to comprehend.

As much but despite having the information asta still is not exactly the brightest so his inability to put two and two together should not be all too shocking that being said on accounts of asa and libe now regarding one another as brothers confusion on that front is understandable but the fact that asa is able to so proudly proclaim.

Such a thing without knowing them to in fact actually be brothers is truly remarkable and starts to say a whole lot i mean asta considers his rival yuno to be his brother so to have libe in that company is major however lest we forget asta is in the company of the devilish royal lucifero who relatively recently managed to completely counter and catch.

Not and yami off guard simultaneously effectively allowing him to pierce through both of them propping them up behind him by way of his additional arms and what a disturbing depiction this is because both of them are very much still alive despite their grey wounds it's actually pretty shocking that asta is so concerned about the death of liber's.

Mother at the hands of zafero in the past when two people he looks up to are literally inching towards death thanks to the literal hands of lucifero but there is actually a surprising reason for why that is coming up now assa at this point looks a bit different not drastically or anything but noticeably so particularly when it comes to his.

Brand new horn and with his new horn asta now has a total of five devil horns and despite this visual change being subtle tabata is most definitely the sort of mangaka that tells a nonverbal story by way of the details in his art this is something he as an artist pays a whole lot of attention to and so we would be remiss to overlook something.

Like this as it is pretty substantial the importance of horn count has yet to be detailed in the series proper but looking at the previous devils we've encountered over the course of the story thus far a total of two horns is pretty much the standard and this is the case from the lowest of the low being the magical ebay to the first layer's low.

Ranking terrorized the spade kingdom two mid-ranging devils such as knox companions gimodello slotos bluemaid and wagner to even high-ranking devils such as lilith nahama and zagreed however we then have the cream of the crop the highest ranking or supreme devils this includes magecula lucifuges beelzebub the king of devils lucifero and even the.

Ever mysterious adramalak all of these characters have twicey numbers of horns as other members of their species totaling four now in specific regards to devil hosts such as noct or the various members of the dark triad they all only ever possess a maximum of two horns this is with the exception of xenon however as once he became a devil as opposed to.

Being a human he went on to have four making him arguably the weakest of the strongest devils considering yuno was able to go toe-to-toe with him and defeat him meanwhile with his two horns asta soloed not only an ancient devil the likes of which once served to be the first wizard king's greatest feat and took the ever powerful merio leona much.

Longer to accomplish he also did the very same against effusion between lilith and ahama's remains albeit with a bit of restraining assistance by way of knocked on a cat to the devil's cowardly escape attempt and so yeah a fifth horn as far as we know is unheard of lucifero may be the king of devils but listen what's a king to a god.

Lucifer would certainly take notice of us as halting his meteoric right fist and would wonder what in the world has changed as for what he could tell the kids still did not possess any magic devils as far as we know are immortal and or live so long that they might as well be so if underworld society is entirely structured around magical power.

And prowess then we may safely presume such rhetoric to certainly encapsulate the thought process of its eternal monarch lucifero he could not comprehend asta's power as his mere presence fundamentally opposing devil's perception of existence and despite his sudden command for asta to die you already know lucifero is in a tough.

Position since he opts to use his left fist instead of his right for the follow-up and we know this is uncharacteristic because previously when his fist was repelled by yami's blade lucifera opted to simply up the intensity and sent him flying yet he knows that sort of thing would not fly against asta at least not anymore but.

You know what the hit would land and do so directly onto asta's face but the kid would not even blink he did not even move an inch what a savage understand that everyone else on the battlefield would have died instantly from such a direct hit without question i mean yuno literally said as much this feat alone easily makes asa the most durable mortal.

We have ever seen but it only gets crazier because his power is more than just defensive asta would grip firmly onto the fist of lucifero and express that what he currently felt was a bit strange that previously double union could be described as him and liebe simply overlapping yet now it was as if they were one and the same truthfully.

Although he expressed his resentment towards lucifer's killing of liber's mom asla was beyond any particular grudges at this point his purpose and desire were simple he needed to put an end to lucifero all the while slowly moving the fiend's fist off of him and we are talking about the devil of gravity people asta's pressure is on a whole new.

Level and no pressure but you should probably subscribe to the channel and drop a like if you're enjoying the video from which point the final plea of her cheeto would come to mind as she told her son to live asta would then clutch onto lucifero's hand so tightly that a monster could not even maintain a fist declaring that he was going to beat the.

Tyrant and live lucifer would raise yet another hand towards asta as he panic would intensify he would discern that asa was able to completely nullify the magic of whatever he touches he didn't need a sword to do it at all at this point asta is anti-magic and that's because asta is a devil lucifer would tell him not to be ridiculous and strike.

As asta again like a firmly planted statue would not budge this time he would raise his sword and as a dust settled proclaim the lucifero is the one that has been ridiculous all along as just like that he would blow our minds right along with those affairs as he would slice the rear arms of the creature that suspended knocked and yami.

And oh boy to add further insult to injury stripped the royal of his crown by cutting off the ends of all of his horns simultaneously and we already saw how the clipping of one made lucifero so mad knocked at this point with only so much life left in him would observe and wonder if what assad had achieved was a true devil union after all he had.

Previously admired the mutuality contract form between asta and libe and is now able to see the true results of that meanwhile yami was very impressed by asta and would double down on his belief that made him recruit the kids to the black bulls to begin with asta sure is interesting but asta was not done with lucero in the slightest with only a.

Mere 5 seconds left until devil union concluded he needed to finish things off here and now and this is a very slim span of time that is a pretty surprising choice on the part of tabata but hey anime time is anime time however instead of using his blade to exemplify his uncanny new ability asta would kick lucifero in the face and send him flying.

This new power is absolutely perfect for asta as for ages he is trained and honed his body to perfection this allows him to become a lethal weapon himself and certainly opens the door even further for some really obscene potential now lucifer getting folded like this and it happening so suddenly after all this build up over the course of two years.

Admittedly is rather disappointing not to mention the fact that nobody of notice actually died or anything of the sort despite the proposed to be precariousness of this arc is rather odd and certainly lessens the stakes of the series for a whole score of fans for sure now personally i will mostly reserve my judgment until it is all said.

And done but i would love to know how you guys feel about all this in the comments thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you