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Devil King Asta Invades Heaven and Erases The Angels – Black Clover Chapter 349


It's time for Austin versus sister Lily we start the chapter with his grace looking down at Asta and the Fallen yurulu this battle hasn't gone the way the three Invaders expected rice is naturally more than a little surprise to see one of his fellow Invincible paladins having fallen but he's even more impressed that Asda is the one to.

Have taken the Beast magic user down he thinks back briefly to the first time he fought the anti-magic boy and Grice had his first taste of defeat Heath couldn't have imagined that they'd be fighting again after his resurrection and yes this finally confirms that this guy is Grice Beyond a doubt up until now all we had was her similarity and design and.

Their matching magic now however we know for a fact that this man is a former eye of the Midnight Sun agent that raises a lot of questions why did Lucius pick him is there some kind of limit to who he can raise from the dead or was he trying to create paladins who knew Asta and if you can already bring back souls in the dead to turn against a hero while asa's.

Mother be next either way Heath won't be getting his rematch anytime soon he still got one more member of the news in 7 to deal with muso gatake yosuga swaggers up to the ice Paladin his battle loving grin unchanged even the freezing ice cover Battlefield hasn't been enough to make the land of the sun's Ultimate Warrior put on a shirt.

Yosuga smirks at Grace claiming he wouldn't normally waste his time with an enemy as pathetic as him but today he'll be the one fighting the ice magic user the reasons eyes narrow as he makes it clear there's nothing he finds more tactless than meddling with a reunion between a man and a woman with the two men distracted that leaves Asta and.

Sister Lily free to face off the two meet each other's gazes for the first time since ASA was sent to the Land of the Rising Sun the rest of the town is still frozen thanks to the earlier battle against ryuzin with massive bicycles looming over the humble abandoned buildings of the old Yami Hometown as suspicious as he might be.

Rio's evacuation of the town has proven to be an excellent call given the Paladin's lack of restraint interestingly Lily is still surprised to Siesta this was not something she expected to happen with this Mission she doesn't attack right away simply asking the young black bull why he's still alive hasta admits that the people of.

This country saved him he's confused by Lily asking this he assumes she sent him to the land of the Sun in the first place Asta might not get why she did that but she had to know he was alive right Lily is silent for a second after that she might not be sure what really happened either finally though she tells him no the Paladin wasn't the one who.

Sent him here that last spell of hers really was an attempt to kill Asta still that little pause is interesting could she be lying trying to convince herself ASA certainly isn't convinced he yells that he refuses to accept that the Black Bull insists this is Hillary he knows would never try to kill anyone even if she was being manipulated he can't.

Believe that was her Lily raises her arm and uses the same spell once again yelling at Asta that she's not being controlled by anyone a blinding white star of Magic forms right in front of the Black Bull Asta can barely get out of there in time flying swiftly away thanks to devil Union Lily keeps using the spell forming star after Star as.

Asta flints across the battlefield dodging left and right this flurry of attacks is getting her nowhere and the pressure starting to affect the Paladin scowling Lily unleashes a familiar spell water magic holy fist of love the same attack she used to always use an Asta to try and discourage his proposals at one of these fancy high power Paladin spells.

Not even some of her new spatial magic he'd be less familiar with she's giving in to Old reflexes although it is still amped up thanks to Lily's Newfound power the spell lands with the force of a mighty Thunderbolt cracking through grice's Frozen Battleground like it's nothing but us is more than fast enough to dodge it now Lily tries her hardest.

To think of what she could even do against ASA in this state it's hard to fight an anti-magic user in Devil Union as lucifero could tell you Lily's in four special travel spell would be a one-hit kill but it takes too long to activate the only time she has managed to hit awesome with that thing is when he was immobile she has spatial Mana.

Domination something that would shut down any regular magic using Defender but even that won't do anything against anti-magic her only option is a stronger attack spell lily flips through a grimoire somewhere between angry and upset at what she has to do why can't Asda have died already why does she have to fight him it's clear that this battle.

Is getting to her even without her opponent having landed a single blow that cold smiling Versace wore up until now has truly cracked still she'll fulfill her duty to Lucius Lily takes a breath tries to regain some calm and focus before launching her next big attack water spatial Magic sachiel's Flash this time the star forms right in.

Front of Lily with a line of super fast magic jetting like a laser towards Asta it's an impressive attack spell a hyper focused Display of Power but ASA in double Union is faster he Ducks away with satio's Flash coming through the town instead houses crumble and fall as the magical being invases through them Lily grimaces even a combo spell isn't.

Enough to land a hit on the flying devil host she can still see us in her Mind's Eye a young child running away laughing at her but she can't think of him like that she has to kill him eyes wide Lily screams at Asta insisting that he has to die for the sake of the world ASA calls back and says that he won't let her kill him he knows that on some level she does.

Not want that and he won't let it happen and in that desperate decoration in that instance that he won't accept what she's saying Lily can see the same unbroken intent that she knows ASA to always have the same knuckleheaded kid with a massive heart that won't stop earnestly professing his love for her day after day that does it that one last memory is.

The final blow Lily's lips tremble the Paladin tries not to admit anything but it's useless finally the Angelic Warrior of Lucius obratis breaks down in tears Lily sobs declaring that she does not want this she doesn't want to kill Asta of course she doesn't there's no way sister Lily would ever want that and so now the young black bull sees what's.

Going on here this isn't exactly mind control this sister Lily isn't some kind of puppet or trick like the boogeyman had been it's not a demon taking control of her body either it's real her he's dealing with Lily Aquaria from Hage Village the same woman he grew up with however Lucy's his magic has engraved a belief in her soul his ideals are holy.

His new world will bring happiness to everyone he is in the right whatever Lily might want he's forced to believe in lucius's genocidal savior plan if anything else in her mind or heart conflicts with that the plan wins out even if that conflict causes her intense pain it would be so much easier if this Lily was just some kind of.

Mind-controlled victim she probably wouldn't even remember this later on but no Lucius isn't forcing her to do this not exactly he's just messed with her head the same Lily who cares for Asta has now been driven to kill him for the sake of this glorious future she has all those happy memories of her past with Asta and Hage but still she has to do.

This there's a blazing overriding compulsion worked into her existence yelling at her that Asta has to die Lucius has to win no matter how much it hurts Oscar Chris's teeth this is worse than he could have expected he really is sister Lily that Lucius has pitted against him trying to push past her tears Lily yells that she has to kill.

Asta Lucy's world will be a Utopia this is what everyone wants this is what Asta wants deep down this is how they will make a better world at this point Lily comes off more like she's trying to convince herself of that instead of Asta the Paladin is charging up a second round of sachiel's flash this time redditing three lances of high power.

Water magic all at once her robes Billow as she channels as much Mana as possible as this one overwhelming barrage of attacks with the trio of beans finally hit they cut right through the town curving around to shrekarasta from all angles it's enough to foresee black bull to duck away and down starting to fly through the town streets Lily didn't.

Need the dragon to level this place her own power is more than enough buildings fall to Rubble as ASA flies between them quickly trying to avoid Lily's blast above the unfortunate sister is still crying as she plays with Asta to die she doesn't want to keep doing this she just wants him to fall to the pain of the moment can be over so the new world can.

Begin the only thing she wants is to get this over with us that grimaces thinking back to the point when this all began but Lucius took sister Lily and forces transformation on her the magic Emperor Twisted her soul forcing her to kill someone she cared about and Lucius thinks he's righteous that all this can be justified by some future world he can.

Create he's delusional the Paladin creation process is inherently cruel he shouldn't be looking down on Morris he's hardly any better than that guy hasta parries The Flash with demon slasher as powerful as his spell is his anti-matic sword can cut through it he soars upward pushing through the beam as he flies right towards his Lily the Paladin's.

Eyes are still raw and full of tears as she tries to wrestle with what she's doing she's starting to cast another spell desperate to pull off something anything to make the battle end already but there's no sadness on asa's Face the only emotion we can see from him is anger as he lunges towards sister Lily demon slasher pointed right at her Asta.

Doesn't see the Paladin right now you see is Lucius o'gratis a man who took both a wizard King and sister Lily from him a man he could never forgive and just like that Austin Cuts right through a shock to Lily with demon slasher letting the anti-magic of the blade sweep through her there's no shock or upset NASA's eyes just an intent Focus.

He desperately wants us to be the end he wants Lily to go back to the way she was before lucius's Soul magic so that all of this can finally be over he tried this with yurulu in the last chapter and so it is worth taking another shot at here that said yurulu is still unconscious it's not clear what Us's blow man should do to the Paladin and.

That makes his sister's face here unclear Lily reaches out towards Asta there's a faint smile on her face and her tears had finally stopped She Looks relieved like her pain is finally over did Austin successfully cut away Lucy's Magic from her soul or has tried to cut her powers ended up dooming Lily paladins aren't exactly Human After All.

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