(festive music) – Greetings my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy. How are you? It’s great to see you, and welcome back. Today, I’m going to be making hot cocoa bombs. These are little chocolate spheres that contain hot cocoa powder and maybe some marshmallows, maybe some crushed candy cane.

You place them into your empty mug, pour hot coffee, pour hot milk, whatever you are inclined to pour on top of it. And it will melt your sphere of chocolate, unloading its contents, making for a lovely, eventful, and exciting cup of cocoa.

Well, at least it looks exciting. That kind of (splutters) happens. And then, and then, you know, (imitates gulping) you know, hot cocoa. So I first learned about this a few months ago. I didn’t want to do the recipe until it got a little bit colder and it felt more like hot cocoa season.

But this has been around for a few years. Apparently, you can buy these hot cocoa bombs. And when I researched this three months ago, there are just a couple of YouTube videos, including Jira Williams’ video, which I’ll put a link down below.

I’m going to be basing mine loosely on hers. Although now there are tons of videos on how to make homemade hot cocoa bombs. I really want to make these myself because I want that experience of the (imitates explosion) of the contents into my hot chocolate.

Yes. Yes. So you’re going to need some kind of hemisphere mold because we’re going to make a sphere after all. And the most popular one I’ve seen used, and the one Jira are uses in her video is this silicone red mold.

I happen to have the same exact mold. I used it to make my raindrop cake years and years and years ago. I’ll put a link down below to that video in case you missed it. Next, we’re gonna need some compound chocolate.

And I think it’s important to use compound chocolate or baking melts, because you don’t need to temper this. You’re going to get a nice, beautiful, shiny effect using compound chocolate rather than using real chocolate.

Real chocolate is pretty finicky in my experience. And you have to have it at the right temperature to ensure that you have the right kind of chocolate crystals in your chocolate so that you have a shiny and crisp result.

You want a beautiful looking cocoa bomb. Well, with compound chocolate, you don’t really need to do that, because it is a compound chocolate. It is not pure chocolate. There are other additives, fats that are added, to get that crisp texture and that sheen.

But what you’re sacrificing is flavor. You’re not going to have that really great intense chocolate flavor. But we’re not making some kind of fancy dessert that we’re charging an exorbitant price for.

We’re making hot cocoa bombs. I think these would be great gifts to make for people, and compound chocolate is gonna be the simplest way to go. So what we’re gonna do is take one pound of compound chocolate.

This is also called almond bark, or you can use candy melts, and you’re going to melt it. You can do this in a microwave-safe bowl, and place it in the microwave for 30-second intervals, stirring in-between, until it gets nice and liquidy, or you can do what I did and place the chocolate into a heat-safe bowl and place it over some boiling water.

So once you have about 95% of the chocolate melted, turn off the heat and just allow the rest of the heat that’s in the chocolate to melt the remaining chocolate. We don’t want the chocolate to be too hot.

If it’s too hot, your hemisphere is going to be too thin. So take about two tablespoons of your warm chocolate and place it into your hemisphere mold. And then use the bowl of the spoon to coax the chocolate along the walls.

We really want to make sure we get enough on the edge of the mold, because that’s going to be the thinnest part. And we want that really kind of to be built up. Tilt this and rotate it around. You can also flip it upside down to tap out any excess.

Then we’re gonna place it in the refrigerator for at least five minutes or until it sets up. Compound chocolate sets up very, very quickly. So this is the stage we’re at right now. Let me go grab my molds.

So here are my chocolate hemispheres, and they’ve set up, and they look shiny on the inside. And I’m hoping that they’re gonna be shiny on the other side as well. Now we’re going to very carefully extricate these out of the mold.

So just gently pull this out. So I do have some cracking here, which is fine, I guess. Oof, very shiny though. Look at that. These are cracking more than I want them to. And right around the edges, we’re going to do just a little reinforcing.

These molds have cooled, so the chocolate should solidify pretty easily. So let’s try to get these out once again. Perfect. There we have it. Lovely. Look how shiny that is. If they crack a little bit, it’s all right.

You can either remelt it or just use it, and just like, it’s fine. For the kids, as Kevin McCallister would say. Now we’ve got to glue them together. So I’m just going to warm up a non-stick pan. (flames roar) On low for just a few minutes, just so it’s just barely warm.

So now we’re gonna fill the cocoa bombs. So I’ve got some mini tiny marshmallows here. These are the kind that I used to get in the Swiss Miss bags, the little tiny, tiny dehydrated marshmallows. And I also have some hot cocoa mix, and I also have some crushed candy canes here as well.

Now we’re gonna take our hemisphere and put it on the skillet. Just rotate a little bit, just to get the edge cleaned off. Okay, that’ll make it nice and flat. Two teaspoons of hot cocoa powder and add some marshmallows.

I’m going to add a bunch of marshmallows. And do the same thing. Rub it on here and place this right on top. And that’s going to be our cocoa bomb there. There you have it, my lovelies. There is a hot cocoa bomb.

I can’t wait to place this into my mug with some hot water. All righty, let’s make another one. Do the same thing. Cocoa powder, and put marshmallows in this one too. And so this one, I’m going to add some peppermints.

(candy clinks) Whoopsies. This is one mini candy cane that I’ve crushed up. There’s the peppermint version. To dress this up a little bit, I’m going to take a little of this hot chocolate and drizzle it right on top.

Dun-dun-dun-dun. (joyous Christmas music) All righty, my beautiful lovelies, look at my hot cocoa bombs. Aren’t they adorable? So I went ahead and placed them in these little cupcake liners. It makes them a little bit more professional looking.

It also hides any imperfections, which I definitely have. I add a little bit of holly for decoration, and these are so stinking cute. All righty, let’s go ahead and see if we can make our hot cocoa bombs bomb.

So over here, I’ve got some milk coming up to the scald here. I’m gonna pour it into this pitcher so it makes it easier to pour. Now, it’s important to make sure your mug is large enough to accommodate the diameter of your hot cocoa bomb.

Because if it doesn’t fit, then you can’t do this right. I’m gonna opt for the peppermint. So I’m gonna take this spoon, kind of use that to help it. There we go. Lower it into the mug. Now for the moment of truth, here we go.

Hot milk over our hot cocoa bomb. (festive music) (hums expectantly) (milk trickles) (gasps) Oh yes. Yes! (laughs) That burst of all the marshmallows, yes! That’s what I’m talking about, yeah! So now we’re going to stir this up and get all of that hot cocoa and chocolate to mix into the milk and the peppermint too.

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to do this with my kids. They’re gonna love it. This means it’s officially holiday season. Cheers! (slurps) (laughs) That tastes like childhood. Something about the flavor of instant hot chocolate transports you to age seven.

So good. You’ve got those strange dehydrated marshmallows on top that are crunchy and have kind of a frosting flavor to them. It doesn’t taste like real chocolate. It tastes like instant hot cocoa powder.

And of course it does because we have a combination of compound chocolate and hot cocoa mix. The hot chocolate itself is very rich because we used hot whole milk rather than hot water. And there’s a little bit of peppermint in there.

I think I would use more peppermint flavor to make this more pepperminty, but just a little kiss of mint in there is really quite nice. Mm-hmm. I think these would make really fun gifts just for the experience of the exploding chocolate bomb, and who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Also, I am a huge fan of consumable gift giving.

I love the fact of giving something that can be consumed, enjoyed, filled with love, and not fill up someone’s space. Just love that. All righty, my lovelies. That’s how you make hot cocoa bombs. Thanks so much for watching.

I hope you enjoyed that one. I hope you learned something. Please share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media. Like this video, subscribe, and I shall see you in the next one. Toodle-oo, take care, bye! (elegant violin music) (festive music) Toodle-oo, take care, bye.

(burps) I don’t know. Hot cocoa, it shouldn’t make me burp, but it does.