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Going to be visiting something that I have not had since the 1990s it is a dessert treat that my brother and I really really enjoyed my father too but I haven't had it in a long time and it's called viennetta have you heard of viennetta do you remember vianetta apparently vionetto was created in Great Britain in 1982 and it is a ice.

Cream confection kind of layered like a cake but more importantly it reminds me of late night drives I used to take with my younger brother we used to go on ice cream trips my parents would say yeah go ahead and go for a little drive and I would take my little brother on a drive and we would be gone for two hours going to the.

Supermarket to get ice cream but we often just drove and listened to music so I have so many fond memories of doing our late night ice cream runs that are associated with ice cream but in particular viennetta sad levonetta was discontinued sometime in the 90s so I have not had vianetta since 1990 something or other but it was brought.

Back under the brand of Good Humor rather than Briars in 2021. my husband shared this article from I believe it was Bon Appetit and I said what vinetta's back and I wish so much that my brother was here this is where I wish I had a teleporter but in spirit right we in spirit I'm gonna be also making this a little bit of a 1990s.

80s throwback and tasting things other things that I haven't had for 2 25 odd years alrighty let's go ahead and get started so here is vionetta the packaging I say is very different than what I remember I remember it being very kind of fancy feeling kind of a gray Poupon or like fancy face like cat like you know like Crystal and stuff that's.

What I remember it being it was made by Breyers but now it's good humor yeah there it is oh we I wish you were here oh my gosh it looks just as I remember look at that look how fancy that looks yo those are the chocolate layers yes this is totally what I remember it looking.

Like the side is what gets me those little ripples so I have to confess when I saw this packaging I was a little concerned that my vnet experience wasn't going to be as elevated as I remember but based on this beautiful Gestalt it looks just like I remember oh that looks good.

yeah so I remember this also coming in mint flavor as well a mint and kind of chocolate which would be wonderful but here in the states we can only get it in vanilla but I'll take it alrighty here we go at the documents hmm it's all about the middle part.

Where all the chocolate bits are from quality isn't all that great it's kind of similar to a middle of an ice cream sandwich but the vanilla flavor is pretty light actually but the middle section is really where it's at you've got these layers of thin chocolate.

Imagine the shell of a Klondike bar like that but you've got maybe two dozen layers of that the quality of the ice cream I have to say is disappointing it's not as good as I remember to be honest it doesn't taste as vanilla as I remember and the chocolate flavor is not very strong.

Either I think I would actually prefer a Klondike bar over this mm-hmm if we want kind of a textural adjacent kind of thing that tastes a little more flavorful now that the chocolate has melted in my mouth I do have a chocolatey flavor it is more like compound chocolate though kind of a dark.

Chocolate cocoa flavor yeah while I was in the frozen food section I also picked up one of these my mom would pick these up when they were on sale the supermarket she would buy them and we would have these along with Hot Pockets Bagel Bites totinos pizza rolls for an occasional snack and I don't remember eating too many of these.

But my brother certainly does and I texted him and he gave me some tips he said to make sure to cook it really well so that the brownie gets well cooked and he said to add some margarine to the corn and to have the chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce I love that he very specifically remembered all of his eight-year-old hacks when it came to a.

Kid's Cuisine oh yeah all right here we go my brownie looks cooked and there's mac and cheese and my six chicken nuggies we are going to add our sprinkles I don't remember there being sprinkles but it does make it look more festive doesn't it I'm adding butter.

By itself plain about what you expect for a chicken nugget a little mushy I would like them to be crisper but we did cook this in the microwave just tastes like um chopped up chicken breast with some soggy bready coating on the outside but you can add some Sriracha to it.

Sriracha is great nice and spicy it was one of the first things I could taste when I was recovering my sense of taste and smell from covid was Sriracha so very welcomed nice level of spice very garlicky and goes well with chicken nuggets let's try the mac and cheese here you go I could see kids liking that the pasta.

Is very very soft and mushy but it has a nice buttery flavor to it I noticed The Buttery flavor first before the cheese kind of Velveeta cheese flavor to it not anything sharp or funky or Tangy even it's just that kind of processed cheese flavor I have to say it cooked up pretty well I was imagining it would be like kind of crusty and dry on the edges but.

It's not it's pretty wet and moist not bad I mean for what it is I think it's a little bit strange to have corn sitting in water but I could see also why it needs to be because it would dry out but let's give it a taste here we go hmm don't like that it tastes like canned corn even though it's frozen corn now.

Let's try the brownie which I remember being my favorite part break it open look at that fully cooked cakes very moist spongy chocolatey not overly sweet but definitely in my opinion not a brownie it's not it doesn't have that really really rich heavy kind of fudgy intense chocolatey butteriness that I.

Associate with a brownie it's got a bit of a rubbery texture to it but we did microwave it so that's not surprising that's a little dessert there is something there I actually would have to say the two best things in my opinion are the macaroni and cheese and the chicken nuggets so while I was bruising the aisles at.

Target I found these and these are gummy Lunchables and so I had to of course get the Lunchable as well which is the real thing I do remember taking these to school never seen a gummy one before and thought I'd do a little side by side why not this packaging is more similar to what I remember having as a kid this is different I remember having a kind of.

Cardboard box like sleeve kind of thing now it looks like it's all plastic like film ham and cheese this is like the most basic I feel like OG one I don't remember liking Lunchables a whole lot as a kid I did find them novel because everything was in a box and you could kind of build something we're also going to have it with a Capri Sun which is.

Another thing I did have as a kid I was very particular about the flavors I did not like strawberry kiwi there was another one called what was it something cool cooler oh that one was awful Cherry yeah the only one I thought was kind of passable was fruit punch so we also have a fruit punched Capri Sun I don't remember them being advertised 100 juice.

At all and I have to say one of my favorite Parts was was puncturing it and trying not to get it to puncture through the back right this whole situation a lot of kids also just did this turned it upside down and stabbed it in the butt and then then it didn't stand but it was just a lot easier than trying to finish I love this part I even remember when.

This clip thing wasn't clear it was like a metal metallic foil first time having Capri Sun and I'd 25 years old oh yeah that's what tastes like fruit punch it tastes like an amalgam of fruity flavors very sweet all totally artificial somehow not terrible let's open our Lunchable.

I don't remember there being cookies in the Lunchable that I had so we have sort of a ritz-style cracker we have six of those they're upside down why were they upside down you need to put them right side up okay six of those ham slices cheese slices and looks like a sandwich cookie two of them.

And it's fine it's Smoky ham the cheese tastes like more like American processed cheese the crackers are very firm not very firm actually more for them than I expect them they're like Ritz style cracker so they're a little bit short and kind of crumbly they don't have that buttery flavor very salty the ham is Smoky salty.

And the cheese let's try the cheese by itself has a very plasticky mouth feel and not that much of a Cheesy flavor it tastes like a spreadable kind of like queso cheese it's pretty much what you expect this would taste like um wow.

Same exact flavor totally it's just amazing how you're transported to that time it almost tastes more like cherry curious this cookie has a yellow interior maybe a vanilla cookie I don't really care for that at all the vanilla flavor is very strong and glowing and fake the cookie is very firm.

The ham and cheese crackers I don't mind the cookie not so much here's the gummy lunchable I see why they put this packaging because when you remove it it looks like a makeup palette or something I can tell you it's not meat flavor I can smell fruitiness very difficult to open like a pepperoni Maybe.

Cheese that looks a lot like the cheese doesn't it maybe those are like ham it's so Supple and Squishy two more cheese things we have enough to build three sandwiches wow stomach's already protesting first off the texture is not very good it's very firm yet resilient.

Rubbery gummy tough I think is the word I want flavors aren't that great either there's definitely a tropical flavor going on not not good not fun even don't recommend that one and the last thing I have found is this Hubba Bubba bubble tape bubble tape I remember finding this soap novel in cool.

This is a single piece of bubble gum that's in a strip it's dispensed like a piece of tape and I just thought it was so cool even though I did not like the silver I still don't like the flavor of regular bubble gum I could smell it through the box and peel it open like this the dispenser opens oh my gosh look entire's pool of tape and then you've.

Got this little tiny toothy bit there where you can cut the tape to rip off your piece of gum oh my gosh I should smell this gum takes me back yep my mom used to chew a lot of gum sugar-free gum bubble gum flavored and both my brother and I remember her when we've smelled the smell alrighty let's give this a taste here we go.

Mm-hmm I don't like a flavor of gum the gum is actually very Supple very soft and it's that typical flavor of bubble gum the worst is when gum is too hard when it's like extra hard and just like all the softeners have dried out and there's just snappish you know when gum used to come.

In baseball card packs like that y'all people know what I'm talking about and I don't remember ever doing this as a kid because I was always so conservative with things I'm just like save it and try to savor things make it so precious but what I always want to do as a child was to take this entire spool and take a big bite out of it oh this is.

By the way is six feet of gum I'm not even gonna chew it I'm just gonna get this Sensation that I was thought about as a kid here we go wow oh gum so that wasn't nearly as satisfying as I.

Had imagined as a child oh it's tough I don't really like gum we'll just kind of now that I have satisfied that wonder that I've carried with me for over 25 years I hope you enjoy that little taste test big thanks to Helix sleep for sponsoring this video if you'd like to.

Get a helix Sleep mattress please click the link down below or head over to Helix MMA Maine to see how you can receive 20 off the Helix Sleep mattress of your choice along with two free pillows thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something or vicariously had some shared memories uh be sure to like.

This video subscribe and I shall see you in the next video take care bye I've eaten a lot of strange things yeah maybe it's time for just a piece of toast