greetings to my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be tasting something that I discovered recently at the dollar store and it's this and this is a can of cheese tasty cheese product of Jamaica I found.

This at the dollar zone in Providence and I saw it and I said cheese in a can I must perch this so I grabbed it Dollar Store thinking that oh maybe it's you know a five dollar can of cheese no I paid 48 I kid you not I went into the dollar store to get a bag of chips to have with my lunch with my family and we grabbed our chips I saw the cheese I.

Grabbed the cheese the total was 50 granted it is almost five pounds it's 4.84 pounds of cheese so if you do the calculus for that it's actually a pretty reasonable price for cheese so when I got home I immediately went on social media to ask my beautiful lovelies what is the official preparation for this cheese how to eat it and so many.

Beautiful Jamaican lovelies got in touch with me to tell me that tasty cheese is to be eaten with bun spiced bun which is a spiced loaf of bread I believe the story goes that it was brought over by the British to Jamaica in the form of hot cross buns which are traditionally eaten around Easter it has since become very much Jamaican molasses has been.

Added to sometimes beer is added so it has this really rich dark brown color to it it often has fruit on top fruit in it fruit including candied cherries and peel which is candied fruit kind of similar to a fruitcake in that sense but not as heavily studded I was not able to find spice bun locally but I was going to make it from scratch but then lovely.

Casani got in touch with me and she hooked me up with Jamaican treats Caribbean treats that she sent from New York to me thank you so much kasani for helping me out and so I have bun along with Bula to taste with my tasty Jamaican cheese so let's go ahead and see what's inside this huge can I mean it's pasteurized processed cheese spread.

But what does it taste like let us find out I have a receipt as well this is what I paid 50 dollars that'll be good by the way in case you're curious uh this is not the first time I've had cheese in a can I also tried cheese in a can that came from University of Washington incredible cheese I'll put a link down.

Below to that video and I've also had cheese in the can that came from New Zealand and butter in a can I believe that came from New Zealand as well in my Apocalypse in the can series if you haven't seen that I'll put a link to that video as well but here we go here's our tasty cheese I actually first heard about spice bun and cheese in a gastro.

Obscure article and then lovely Ashley who sent me a package of Jamaican treats also told me about this cheese combination but I never got a chance to actually try it and Ashley suggested cheddar cheese and I was going to get the run in the middle cheddar cheese that we get to the grocery store I did not know about tasty cheese so I'm.

Excited to give this a try so let's open this up and and give this a taste oh nice vacuum seal good sign let's see what is the best way to open this or get the cheese out all right made it all the way around you ready for this wow there we have it orange cheese.

It looks a lot like Velveeta or something it smells I don't actually know what Velveeta smells like but this smells kind of cheesy and I think maybe the easiest way to get this out will be to open both sides of the can and I'll grab my cutting board and let's do this.

And I think pushing it out might be the best way to do this now I think this is what I'm thinking here if we push the plan is going to work excuse the noise so I think maybe it's just a matter of I don't know Jamaicans you're probably laughing at me but that's all right this is my first experience with the cheese.

Oh it says to open clean and cut remove both top and bottom and the bottom from the tin then push through it actually says what I'm doing is correct I've received confirmation okay okay good so you're not laughing at me if you're laughing at me that's fine too let's do it this way here we go oh this is a piece of paper.

Now it looks like American processed cheese that's the bright orange yellow color okay maybe I have to push it from the top okay let's do that I feel like I don't have hands large enough starting this cheese so there's our.

Cheese huge I'm not going to take the whole thing out because I think it'll be easier to serve this way so I'm going to peel that back from the sides look at that alrighty so now that we have the cheese out of the can let's give it a slice this is going to be a pretty big portion here maybe half an inch.

A little less than that I'm just going to rotate it as I go around this is a lot of cheese looks a lot like Velveeta let's give it a taste here we go itadakimasu actually it's got more of a funkier cheddary flavor than Velveeta Velveeta for me is more for mouth feel and.

Plastic Oozy creaminess and rather than flavor but this actually tastes like cheddar cheese I'm surprised by that because I was totally expecting Velveeta experience in terms of texture it's not as dry as regular cheddar cheese by any means it definitely has more of a plasticky texture it's much more crumblier than Velveeta and or a craft.

Single slice you know where it's really floppy and plasticky this is much firmer and has a crumbler texture that you kind of imagine with a mild cheddar cheese but stronger flavor than mild cheddar cheese I like it now that we have our cheese next we need our spiced bun this is spiced fruit bun it.

Is made by the fresh daily company and here it is and I can already smell it and it smells like cinnamon and spice and it is a loaf cake let's go ahead and open this I was fully gonna make this myself from scratch before because honey got in touch with me but to do so you need a few ingredients that are challenging to find one of them was.

Stout dark dark beer I was looking for Dragon Stout which is a Jamaican Stout and it is used to give this bun tons of flavor but also this beautiful brown color along with Browning which is ingredient I've never heard of either I learned a lot from all these videos and it all started with stumbling on a giant can of canned cheese love that alrighty.

So here's the bun and it's shaped like a loaf cake it smells fantastic it smells like molasses and spice okay let's give this a cut and you're supposed to just eat this and just make a sandwich of this so in cross section you can see that it's studded with fruit it's got some candied cherries in it and raisins and sometimes.

It has peel in it okay nice big chunk of cheese in there and then we put another layer of spice bun on top and then we have It Bun and cheese alrighty let's give that taste itadakimasu hmm my mind is trying to figure out if it's salty or sweet and it's both it's.

Neither one or the other now the cheese is really rich it's got a nice little sharpness to it it also kind of glues the sandwich together the bun itself is sweet and spicy it's reminiscent of gingerbread a little bit when I say gingerbread I don't mean the cookie gingerbread I mean like the German gingerbread full of different spices.

It's kind of gingery let's have it by itself mm-hmm really flavorful it's sort of like a banana bread in its level of sweetness but it's a little more dense it's not as cakey it's a little more bread like it's got some caramel flavor it's a great combination of salty sweet creamy.

And spiced but spice not hot spice spice warm cinnamony nutmeggy gingery spice you know what I mean mm-hmm alrighty that's spice fun kasani also sent me these and these are Bula cakes and they look like this and Bula cake is often eaten with tasty cheese or avocado so can't wait to try this combination.

And here's a Bula cake look at that it almost looks like a mushroom cap not lovely oh this has a lovely smell to it too this smells like molasses caramel not spiced it was great so I'm going to cut this in half foreign looks like it's pretty dense pretty.

Tight crumb so we'll try this also with a bit of cheese but cassani says the classic combination with Bula cake is avocado or pear is what it's called in Jamaica and I love avocado so so much ah perfect this one I'm just gonna take like this.

Let's try that first here we go with the lagging Mouse um avocado is so lovely so lovely presented like this in my experience with avocado toast makes me think this is going to be automatically Savory then it's not this is sweet the Bula cake is as sweet again as the.

Spice bun or something like banana bread or zucchini bread very sweet and it has a more kind of gingery flavor to it less kind of cinnamony almost like cardamom flavor to it a little bit citrusy but I don't think there's any Citrus in it some kind of like lemony gingery flavor to it and very carameld.

Lovely already so now that we've had it with avocado let's have it with the cheese mm-hmm immediately I taste the sweetness of the Bula cake and then the cheese comes in to that little punch of salt very interesting to compare these two types of bread they have completely.

Different flavors but that experience of sweet and salty is very similar sweet salty sweet salty Dairy bread such a no-brainer combination of something rich and dairied with some kind of starch but the spice combination is unexpectedly and sweetness is lovely too love the combination of sweet and salty.

Um in terms of an analogy of something that might be familiar to Western palette I would say spice blend is a little bit like raisin bread but it has completely different texture in terms of that combination of cinnamony warmth sweetness and raisins spice bun has that but it has a completely different texture and a more complex spice flavors.

To it all right Emily thanks so much for watching and big thanks to kasani for hooking me up with all of these treats all the way from New York and I hope you enjoy that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media I almost forgot to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving thank you so much for.

Sticking with me for showing up for my videos every week I wouldn't be doing this for a living if it wasn't for lovelies like you so thank you so much I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with the ones that you love and with that I'll see you in the next video toodaloo take care bye.

so what am I gonna do with five pounds of cheese