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Don’t Believe Oda, Luffy Isn’t The Sun God!


Luffy is not the true Sun God in one piece who does this world really revolve around IMU and the Gora say lie fans have been excited about the gorusa since the announcement of Saint Jay Garcia Saturn's upcoming trip to Egghead Island this is the first time we have seen one of the five Elders leave Mary joa this must mean that something huge is going.

To happen for the straw hats we don't know much about the gorsay some people think that Jay Garcia might have some incredible fighting Powers but what's even more important is his name up to this point we knew nothing about the world government's high-ranking officials some people think the characters are based on real world.

Political figures but besides some vague physical similarities there isn't any evidence of this fans are looking for an angle they can find for understanding the elders but now that we have Saturn's name people have started theorizing about what this might mean Saturn is important in both mythology and the one-piece world it's caused one piece.

Fans to reconsider a past translation many fans have said the term gorsei as meaning five Elder Style ours but another literal translation would be five Elder planets this version is better because it connects with the name Saturn this also allows us to figure out the names for the other four planets in the group Uranus Pluto and Neptune are.

The outer planets which were identified in modern times in one piece they match up with the ancient weapons that the world government has been trying to stop since he voiced Century that leaves Saturn Mars Jupiter Venus and Mercury as he names other five Elders presumably this shows us The Divide that existed back during the Great War the elders.

Would be like the five central planets in the solar system that Define the heavens as arrogant as it sounds it'll be fitting for the rulers of the celestial dragons there are a bunch of ways to view this information to understand their powers and position we can compare the gorse to the ancient Greek and Roman gods Venus was a goddess.

Of love so saying Venus may be responsible for World Government propaganda their main contact with big news Morgans while Saturn is used referred to as a god of time and thus seems like the historian of the group he's been linked to a Roman death cult which may mean Saint J Garcia is a team's Problem Solver someone they send.

Out to take care of problems especially ones linked to the past based on the idea that the gorusay are the planets some make bold assumptions about the entire one piece world but that's a bit too far fans think that since I gorse and the ancient weapons represent planets their secret leader IMU must represent the Earth that's the best way.

To justify their opposition to Luffy who seems to represent the sun thanks to the Nico fruit as are all the gore say seems to be based on an older idea of how the solar system works with this the center of the cosmos for the people in one piece would be the planet Earth this is because everything seems to revolve around Earth we even have some evidence.

For this within the story for example we've seen the Ohara planetarium at first it looks like there is a series of moons orbiting a central Planet but it could also be a model of the entire your solar system with Earth at the center this would make IMU the supposed Mother Nature figure a Gaia analogy some kind of progenitor figure who both created.

And embodies the world as we know it there's already been some discussion about how this fits within the one piece world master scientist Dr Vega Punk has said the devil fruit uses become weak when they touch seawater because nature is mad at them the sea the see always a threat in one piece it separates people and keeps them from their dreams trying.

To link this overwhelming Force to one piece main villain makes sense if this was accurate Emma would have been holding back their straw hats every step of their Journey except there's a major flaw here and I'm not even talking about watching plot armor without punching the Subscribe button like it's a Celestial Dragon the Mary joa secret if you think.

IMU is a mysterious figure who controls nature and represents the one piece world then it would make sense that the world government is related to the Sea this is an ocean-dominated Planet the mother of nature is water if emu rules the world then they'd have unrivaled control over the seas right the ultimate sign of their Mastery of the world but.

The world government has problems like everyone else they're forced to use Sea stonehold ships to get through the calm belt neptunians attack them like anyone else under this IMU is Earth theory Poseidon leader of the sea Kings would be part of the ancient Rebellion against the Emu and this leaves the world government without anything backing up.

This thematic idea emu is not only far from the water but this ruler is also kept away from it on purpose the red line puts Mary joa as far above the Seas as possible that fits for a Mother Earth theory from our perspective but not so much for the one piece World it moves subjects the world Nobles all have those Spaceman helmets to only breathe.

Filtered air Mary joa is one of the least natural places in one piece and that's before you get to what might be imu's most iconic moment the destruction of the Lucia Kingdom that one great Act of total Annihilation came from the empty Throne meanwhile the gorsay sit around worrying about escalation it's their commander who wipes this island.

Off the map and to do it emu the embodiment of the Earth Mother of the sea fires a gigantic laser beam that blows the ground to Smithereens orbital bombardment doesn't fit this theory if emu had this sort of control over the sea why not sinclo Lucia sunken kingdoms are a big thing in fiction we even have a possible example in one piece after.

All something has to be beneath Anna's Lobby if something like a bottomless pit that sinks deep below the surface of the ocean can exist why wasn't that used to make luluxia disappear it moves ties aren't to the sea or the Stars if anything the clear thematic link we have for them is the darkness of space they were a costume designed to conceal them.

They live on the highest point of the Earth the gorsei asked them about extinguishing a light from history with all this stuff in their design you'd think IMU would be a god or goddess of Shadow but we've got another figure who fits the void much more Blackbeard and it's all consuming yummy yummy no me fits the imagery of space between the.

Stars much better but where does that leave IMU not as a god of Darkness but a god lost to Darkness the real emu explained connecting the empty Throne to mythology there's a story that fits even better it's one of the oldest story in Shinto and if accurate you cast IMU as the original sun god long ago the sun goddess of matarasu reigned over a.

Peaceful domain she was the highest of the Heavenly Kami a Bastion of peace order and refinement matarasu was as dignified and virtuous a goddess as you could ask for but then we have her brother susano who was more free-spirited think of a fun-loving loud brawling Warrior Kami he was kicked out of the Heavenly Realm by the father of.

Gods Izanagi and when he went to say goodbye to matarasu they had a contest of God making susano declared that he had won but got a bit too into his celebration he caused a lot of damage to a matarasu's domain he destroyed rice fields relieved himself in her Palace and finally through a bloody horse that was missing its skin into matarasu's.

Weaving Hall this led to one of matarasu's servants dying a matarasu was very sad and angry so she hit her yourself away in the amen no iwayato Heavenly Rock cave door fun fact that's a real location in Japan it's near takachiho Miyazaki prefecture they give tours the other gods did not forget a matarasu they clustered around the cave.

Trying to think of ways to tempt the goddess outward they planted a tree decorated with gems and jewels clothes and a mirror trying to appeal to the goddess's pride but there was nothing they could do sealed inside the cave a matarasu wouldn't listen to any other arguments when she withdrew from the world everything became dark that feels.

Like good inspiration for emu it fits with what we know of their history and actions there was a war long ago it led to the destruction of an entire civilization IMU is still standing around thinking about what was lost even centuries later leaving the world below to Darkness the darkness IMU was created through the.

World government instead of being The Mastermind of the ancient war emu may be trying to ensure it never happens again through their control of the Marines if there is any power in the one piece World dedicated to maintaining the status quo it's the Navy the world government is an unquestioned power they can wipe out an eyelid like O'Hara with.

No real pushback they can enslave people and nobody has he means to fight them off in totality there's the Revolutionary Army now but that's only Arisen in the last few years thanks to Monkey D Dragon we have no sign that there was any kind of opposition to the world government between the void century and a few decades ago if there's.

No one to oppose them the war that once devastated the world could never return this explains imu's desire to crush light progress and Chaos are exciting but they can be disruptive light in the midst of Darkness Heralds change moving from night to day it would be the dawn of a new era emu wants to maintain the restrictive shadowy Reign Over The One.

Piece world to avoid the coming of tomorrow they're lost in their sorrow don't want history to move forward and are clutching onto control no matter what romance Dawn this all seems to contradict one key fundamental point of current one-piece lore as of the finale of 1-0 Luffy is the closest thing this setting has to a sun god he's the one.

Who ate the hitohitonomi model Nika after all that puts him as a new incarnation of this world Sun the bright shining light the guy who brings hope to a world lost in darkness Nika is a god of Liberation and the exact opposite of everything the Tyrant emu seems to stand for doesn't this contradict the idea that IMU is also tied to the Sun not.

Quite we never got to how the story of a matarasu in the cave ends this is the story of the day night cycle after all what made her finally return from herself imposed Exile there are a few versions of that part of the story but most attributed to a Dawn Goddess Amano uzume she ended up doing a sexy dance that made the other gods laugh and.

Finally drew a matarasu out of the cave to see what was going on a grand myth about someone doing something ridiculous yet funny to save the day laughter is what fixes the whole world and a sexy dance is a crucial turning point for everyone is there anything more one piece I doubt Odo will go down that exact route but the principal holds.

After all romance Dawn was the beginning of Luffy's story with that being the original title for One Piece the idea that Luffy will bring a dawn to the new era makes a lot of sense as much power as these Straw Hat Captain has his effect on the people around him is more extraordinary this is especially true during wano where he washed up in a.

Conquered nation and ended up leading an uphill battle against the Beast Pirates he's strong sure but his greatest value in the war against kaido is his ability to inspire people Yamato otama the prisoners Time After Time people rally to Luffy the raid on onigashima would have crumbled if he hadn't inspired his forces with the.

Unveiling of gear 5. that gives us a better sense of his role and what he represents not the god of the sun that was the original joyboy's title Luffy is a god of the Dawn someone who brings light into the darkness who restores people's hopes and dreams the goddess Amano uzume even married Tara tahiko Okami tying.

This Dawn myth to a God who has a kanji for monkey saru in his name but wait does this mean that Luffy is going to marry IMU what do you think more likely Luffy will become the sun god of the new era be thrown in the old darkened Sun a worn out fading star being given new life and a new dawn or he might find a way to save emu bring down the world.

Government and let them do their job while he goes back to exploring and having Adventures like he always does if he becomes a new ruler and center of the universe he couldn't keep wandering and being free after all what's less free Than The Sun It's trapped in the center of the solar system with all the other planets orbiting around it whereas the.

Dawn is a promise of a new day new possibilities and the chance of a better future what do you think as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you