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Dr.Vegapunk’s True Identity Revealed! She’s a Fake! – One Piece Chapter 1061


The new Arc of one piece is officially here and his name is Egghead Island and no as far as we know Dr Robotnik is not involved so much happened in this chapter we met some new characters the entire Straw Hat crew almost drowned and a long-standing lurking Legend finally showed up in person let's get to it we opened up right where the last chapter.

Left off Luffy and Chopper flying through the air they've just spotted jewelry Bonnie and are surprised as we all were last chapter thankfully Luffy's quick to get to saving he reaches out he said she had to grab her before she falls to a watery grave below Monty is just now regaining Consciousness coughing and flirting as she opens her.

Eyes she must have really been close to Drowning when Zoro cut her out of the Eddy it takes Bonnie a moment to work out what is going on she can't make out the faces of a Rescuers likely due to the water in her eyes she yells asking Luffy who he is but before she can get an answer Bonnie remembers something much more important the monster there.

Had been a monster where did the monster go which reminds me that you should go away from traditional energy drinks and instead go towards gamer Subs with code plot armor it takes Bonnie a second to work out what's happened like some of you when it came to that Shameless plug when she does though Bonnie's eyes go.

Wide she calls out so the straw hats below desperately trying to warn them there is some creature lurking underneath the sunny unfortunately the weather is too harsh for the crew to understand what Bonnie is saying be straight to hear her but are more concerned about Luffy thanks to Chopper's aerodynamic hats the trio are.

Being pulled even further away from the ship eventually however these straw hats just about make out what these strange little girl is saying the crew looks down finally noticing a massive shadow in the water beneath them it's too big to work out what it is but these straw hats are smart enough to try and get their ship clear up above Bonnie can get.

A better view unfortunately that just confirms it is already too late for the Sunny the mecca shark is ready to strike the creature Rises out of the ocean fast biting at the Airways sudden you had just been with a clang and the ship was just a little bit slower they would have been split in two by the middle Leviathan they are still tossed about.

The thing is so big that it has caused a hefty wave just by coming to the surface the Sunny's been knocked into the air leaving Zoro to cling to the deck The Swordsman is bewildered by what has just happened but tries to work out what this creature is it looks like a shark but is far too big for that plus it is seemingly made out of metal this can't.

Be something natural the sunny comes down hard Landing some distance out from where they were previously which is not good this has put them even further away from Luffy Chopper and Bonnie the three crash into the ocean some distance away as jimbei notes ending up in the water with a giant mechanical shark would be bad enough given that all three of them.

Are dough for users they are also doomed to drown things are just getting worse and worse thankfully the first set of the sea is here to be awesome jinbei passes the helm to Frankie telling the cyborg to get the sunny clothes to wear their Catherine came down he jumps into the water ready to say the three flying down and get them to safety let's repeat.

That jimbei dies into the storm tossed freezing cold water that currently holds a giant robot shark this same giant robot shark that just tried to eat 3000 sunny in one bite jimbei is swimming right past a kaido-sized monster that is actively trying to kill him in order to save his captain and his friends damn still Frankie isn't going to be outdone.

The sunny needs some speed here but a bit less than a full Coupe they burst that would make them overshoot the drowning Trio as such he brings out a new attachment calling out the name as it is slotted into place this is a rabbit's crew propeller and it makes a good first impression Vikings clearly puts some power into it the sunny kicks.

Up a trail of white foam as it pulls away from the mega shark strangely this does not seem to bother the robotic Predator it watches the Thousand Sunny pull away unconcerned a few beeps come from the mecca shark as we see through its eyes for a second it takes aim at the sunny place in the ship right in his crosshairs before Frankie can pull away.

Too far a hefty metal Cannon emerges from the mecca shark's mouth it fires three Torpedoes in Rapid succession the missiles cutting up through the water whatever propulsion mechanism they use seems much faster than Frankie's group of Heller the Torpedoes impact the sunny and perfect sink creating a massive explosion even this is not enough to.

Damage the atom Woodhull but that is a cold comfort they have pushy Thousand Sunny onto its side that is almost as bad as a breach in the hull the Shroud had scrambled to hold on as their ship begins to capsize the old crew are heading towards a watery grave now one final desolate cry from Sanji rings out as he Sunny slowly Falls beneath the.

Waves where the mecca shark is waiting thankfully we have one crew member still being resoundingly competent today jinbei is still focused on his job saving Luffy's group he has already reached them and is trying to calm the group down struggling after all we'll just make them lose oxygen faster the explosion above is so loud in his.

Audible underwater jinbei hears it but he is still focused on the rescue taking the group over his shoulders the Knight of the sea tells them to hang on just a little longer he will have them about of the waves and breathing air in no time soon enough the force surfaced into a wild sea with waves crashing Every Which Way Jim May holds tightly onto his.

Crewmen looking around there is no sign of the sunny that the current is certainly strong it'd be hard for anyone to steer a ship through Waters like these before Jim bacon work out what has happened to the ship however there is a shing from behind him turning he sees the enormous mechanical shark from before its mouth is once again open and.

This time its candidates pointed right at jinbei and the half ground pirates on his shoulder before he can react the sharkfire is a cannon shot right at them jinbei does not hesitate marking clear orders to the survivors they need to take the deepest breath they can it is time to dive again Luffy Chopper and Bonnie wheeze gasping for a little air.

Before jinbei pulls him under they dip below the surface just before the shot hits them yet another explosion rocking the ocean surface jinbei is a fast swimmer carrying his allies away from the Leviathan as quickly as he can rather than trying to chase him the mecha shark turns back to the sinking Thousand Sunny Frankie's propeller has.

Kept it going even beneath the waves but the currents are too strong they haven't been able to break the surface the mecca shark licks its lips ready for a feast as it starts swimming towards the sunny only this time it is the shark that is interrupted a new combatant has decided to enter the fight approaches the giant shark from behind and it is just as big.

As the mechanized monster this figure is a more conventional giant robot however it's got quite scrawny legs and a small head but his torso is Hefty and his arms are thick it is pretty clear that this thing packs one hell of a punch it also has a pair of heavy duty Jets mounted on its back these are probably what allow it to move so seamlessly underwater it.

Is an old school giant robot just like the general Frankie going by the helmet fin however this Mech was built by a Gundam fan they probably can't bash with gunpla parts when they made the prototype for it that would explain the mismatched design at least on its torso we get the name of this new Behemoth The Vega Force One the mech gives the robot.

Shark [__] these shark's eyes go wide with fear it knows exactly what is coming sure enough with one devastating punch the Vega Force One smashes right through the mecca shark scraps of metal are sent flying as he creatures internal systems explode the shark's eyes going white no one is going to be fixing up this monster anytime soon so yes we have.

Had a Mech take down a mechanical shark this chapter and unfortunately both Luffy and Chopper are missing it the two both love giant robots they're going to be so jealous when they find out that said the rest of these straw hats would probably trade places with them they are all currently drowning lost in the current with what jinbei said it has got.

To be nearly impossible for regular humans to swim in these conditions we see Zoro and usop pulling towards the surface try to reach upward towards safety but they are not even close the light of the Surface starts to fade away as the straw hats start to lose Consciousness so with the majority of our beloved crew Busy Dying horribly we.

Cut our way to a nearby Naval Base this is G14 and as you would expect from a Navy station this deep in the new world it is heavily fortified it has strong sea walls and heavy Cannon emplacements everything Marines need to keep it safe this is where tashiga and smoker took the children rescued from Punk Hazard we check in with the swords woman Captain.

As she oversees medicine time for The Giant children the kids are all unhappy with the medicine apparently it tastes utterly disgusting which I'd imagine is very different from the candy they were previously enjoying still they are willing to listen to tashigi and have been drinking this for a while it's clearly done them some good we can see.

That a lot of these kids are indeed looking much smaller mocha is happy all the progress they have made the Navy has actually made good under promise to these children even if they are complaining it is touching to see these kids doing well after what Caesar put them through vice admiral Dahl has come to talk with the shiggy she's got quite.

A unique look for a senior officer going for a leather jacket and a spike choker she is here to ask for tashiki's help with dealing with helmepo apparently he has been a pest and doll is hoping that Shiki can get him under control however tashiki is having none of it she is on helmeppo's side his best friend is in terrible danger tashiki wouldn't even.

Try to stop him she feels the same way they might share the same rank but Kobe is her Junior as a marine she would like to help him if she could and how mepo sure could use the help we see him talking to a senior officer and he is a mess of tears and dripping snot it's hard not to feel sorry for him Morgan's son has been sobbing his heart out for a.

While distraught over what happened to Kobe he is downright pleading for help interestingly though he's made a friend since we last saw him the newly introduced Commander hibari is right there with helmepo she's not quite as torn up but she is down on her knees with her fellow Marine begging for assistance apparently she is also a.

Member of sword and owes Kobe a debt she wants him saved as badly as hell mepo does they've been trying to get their senior officer to come with them on a rescue operation the pair both approached Prince gross a rear Admiral within sword to join their plan they just need him to come with them to Pirate Island believing that Blackbeard.

Must have stashed Kobe there they believe that sword needs to rescue him and that Prince has to join in on the mission after all he can't lead a fellow Marine behind can he well unfortunately for helmepo and his body Ross is not easy to persuade he points out the facts of this situation higher island is in some random spot in the middle of the.

Ocean it is Blackbeard's home base and the seat of his power if the Marines try to mount any kind of operation there they'll be sworn by forces loyal to the black bear Pirates it is pretty much a suicide mission as things stand anyone who gets too close will end up full of lead how mepho doesn't argue with the prince on any of that even when he is.

This upset he is still able to think instead he throws out an interesting alternative idea G14 is apparently close to Egghead Island there are seraphim there the Navy deployed two against Amazon Lily why can't they deploy one against Blackbeard's forces Russ is shocked at that idea asking if helmepo is crazy he doesn't have an answer for.

Him though the prince looks worried but he origin to sword commanders to calm down apparently they still haven't been able to hear from Drake which is curious it has been a few days since the end of wano at least Drake was alive when we last saw him could something have happened to him since then regardless gruss is using the absence of Dre to.

Draw a line he's not going to act without word from his leader for now if El mepo and his body want to mount a rescue operation sword isn't going to back them up we leave the Navy on that note cutting away to Luffy's group they have found a cave on a nearby Island and are already recovering from their brush of death Bonnie is loudly complaining at.

The group for not recognizing her she was another member of the work generation she was on saboti two years ago with the straw hats she even say Zorro from a world Noble still she knows better than to push in she has just been saved by these people and is having to try and dry out her clothing and to even out Luffy and Chopper missing the giant.

Robot fight Sanji and Brooke are missing out on topless Bonnie the balance of the universe has thus been maintained giving up on jocking Luffy's memory Bonnie reintroduces herself properly a rival pirate and enemy to these straw hats however she undercuts her Point immediately by thanking Luffy and his friends for rescuing her Luffy is.

Gracious telling Boogie not to worry about it Chopper and Luffy are already drying out their clothes and fur they are pretty much recovered from the brush with death Bonnie can't believe their lighthearted mood asking Luffy if he is really an emperor she tries to beat some of the water out of her shirt before a new question comes to her what was up.

With Luffy's white hair on his wanted poster the paper is apparently made a big deal about it so yes the world government's attempts to suppress that information have largely failed big news Morgans has kept the story of loopy strange mythical form out there Mika is literally from page news Luffy is proud to answer Bonnie's question he flexes.

Saying that the white hair is how he looks when he is totally free freedom is the heart of gear fifth to him not power Bonnie doesn't understand what he's talking about but doesn't push him instead she brings up the straw hats shouldn't Luffy be worried about his crew he is their Captain after all the last time these four saw the sunny it.

Was under attack by the mecca shark Luffy however is is not worried he trusts his crew to make it through Bonnie is befuddled by that level of Blind Faith going against all rational logic Luffy is clearly going to take some getting used to for her and at that she should probably ask law for some tips as things stand Bonnie just signs.

With disbelief she can't believe this bonehead has persuaded jimbei the Knight of the sea to join his crew having heard his title jimbei joins the conversation he asked Bonnie how exactly she ended up well like the straw has found her trapped in a strange water phenomenon in the middle of the ocean being chased by a giant mechanical shark what happened.

To her ship and crew Bonnie knows that she came out here alone the shark apparently ate her ship rather than explaining anything further however she changes the topic talking about the ship gobbling down her ship has reminded Bonnie that she is hungry and that is certainly a sentiment Luffy can get behind in a second he is already.

Planning to hit up the nearest convenient restaurant Chopper is very impressed by this believing that somehow Luffy must still have some money on him despite being thrown into the air and almost rounding his captain is always prepared which I highly Bonnie however shoots he pair down there are no restaurants on this island it is only.

Now that she realizes the straw hats have no idea where they had come ashore since that leaves her the only one in the loop Bonnie spells out the situation for them this is Egghead an island that is said to be 500 years more advanced in the rest of the world and this is where the infamous Dr vegapunk has set up their new research lab Luffy.

Surprisingly remembers that name likely from his time on Punk Hazard it was vegapun's old research lab after all Mani reveals that she apparently came here for vegapunk having some kind of business with the Royal government scientist and with that ambiguous note we finally returned to the Thousand Sunny thankfully Vega Force 1 has saved.

The ship and crew the giant robot lifts you Sunday out of the water gently looking like a kid with a model ship the crew are mostly gasping for air glad to finally be above the waves leaving ciccaribou taking a few deep breaths from inside his Barrel in case anyone was worried about our beloved Mudman Gast Frankie and usop however do not.

Have time to breathe they're too big gaping at all at the massive robot the earlier panels implied that it was big but we only saw the Vega force one next to the mecha shark one big thing next to another big thing makes it a bit unclear how big it is here though we get a better sense of this Mighty Mecca and wow it may see Frankie Shogun look.

Almost cute in comparison we know that 3000 Sunny is canonically 56 meters tall converted that is about 183 feet even partially submerged the Vega Force One is nearly double the height of the sunny accounting for perspective and its full height this thing has to be dangerously close to 400 feet tall this thing is a behemoth the rx782 the original Gundam.

Stood a mirror 59 feet tall it would quite literally look like a toy in the hands of the Vega Force One we see the head unit open and the pilot starts to emerge they are some distance from the sunny but this appears to be a woman wearing a leather coat and a cap of goggles she is surprisingly well spoken and seemingly quite annoyed this has.

Been a failure as far as she's concerned the stranger speculates that controlling Primal desires May simply be impossible Frankie is not sure what to make of all this highfaluting old-timey talk but he's got the grace to say thank you at least however the mech pilot doesn't seem to hear him continuing to think aloud and here is where we get the twist.

This pilot is the one who created the mecha shark in the first place apparently its auras were to scout report and fire on enemy ships except for the eating part it was doing everything just fine and yes if you look closely you'll see Vega painted onto the side of the robot shark and a few key points in the chapter the pilot is.

Clearly bothered by this failure after all if these shark eats the ships they cannot be salvaged and this is where our Good Pilot remembers that she has an audience finally registering what Frankie said she calls back down to the straw hats the idea that she saved them makes this stranger smile these poor naive Pirates have no idea what has just.

Happened she's an employee of the World Government after all one they referred to as a scientific Junior and we close the chapter with our mystery pilot finally giving her introduction this is a legendary Dr vegapunk In the Flesh her bodysuit even has Punk O2 written on it this introduction has been a long time coming.

Big apunk is the person who turned bartholomekuma into a cyborg vegapunk was the founder of Mads and creator of momonowski's artificial devil fruit she was the one who castes her clown out of the world government due to his unethical poison gas experiments Vega Punk has long since been a legend of the one piece world and well apparently.

They're a woman in every previous instance they referred to as a man and at times an old man at that this is not something anyone saw coming and leads to many questions is this a new body a clone with some Ultra genetics it could even be vegapunk's daughter or granddaughter carrying on the family tradition of mad science and what's.

Going on with G14 why is Prince gross so afraid of sending out additional seraphim the ark has only just begun and we've already been hit with a ton of questions but listen if you you have any of the answers please let us know Down Below in the comments as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.