It's Pizza I knew it was pizza because I knew it was pizza I knew it was pizza because it looked a lot like pizza today we are making barbecue mushroom pizza if you like me are a child of Suburbia and you have deep beautiful fond memories of California Pizza Kitchen you are aware of the barbecue.

Chicken pizza it is a perfect food and this is a version that is vegetarian it is one of the fastest ways that you can get pizza on the table at home first things first is we're going to prep our dough it has to bake for about five minutes all by itself before you load it up with topping so that it doesn't get soggy you gotta oil your pan.

A little bit I'm just going to use my hands to rub it around the bottom and then a little bit up the sides getting a little bit of oil on my hands is a good thing because it's going to help me work with the dough a lot of grocery stores will sell you fresh dough like this or you can go to your local pizza place and they will often sell you dough in a.

Container like this or a bag with some oil at the base so you want the dough to be room temperature this is a little chilly still but it's going to work fine when it's room temperature it's more relaxed and ready to spread and when it's cold it's going to shrink back up from the sides if it's super elastic you can just press it into all the corners.

Of your pan or if you need a little bit more heavy duty work you can get your hands underneath I like to like turn it back and forth like this and just let gravity do the work of stretching it out if your doterra's it's actually totally fine you can just squeeze the tear together and Patch it back up see I've got a little hole here no.

Problem pinch that baby shut no one's the wiser all right I think we're good so we preheated our oven to 475 and we're just gonna toss this bad boy in there for about five minutes to jump start the process that was our oven telling us that it's preheated we got new ovens when they sing now.

I love them we're mostly round we feel good about ourselves and now we're gonna go into that so the crust is in the oven about five minutes I'm de-oiling my hands and now we can prep all of our toppings first things first a fun plate of mushrooms you can use all cremini button mushrooms.

For this if you want all shiitake mushrooms but a fun mix is nice especially because like these frilly edges on like a trumpet or an oyster or a Mitaki get nice and like crispy frilly in the oven and that's really delightful you just want big hunks the mushrooms are going to shrink in the oven so anything too small kind of just like.

Shrinks into a crispy nothingness which will taste delightful but in terms of having like a fun visual of mushrooms you want bigger pieces so we are tearing our shrooms up and then we're gonna dress them with a little bit of olive oil and that's just gonna help us when we load them onto the pizza it's going to help promote.

Browning the same way that you would drizzle vegetables with olive oil before you roast them on a sheet pan we're doing the same thing mushrooms in general are quite meaty and they make a really great meat substitute I think that's why mushrooms make such a great pizza topping in general oh I didn't get any of these weirdos.

I'm gonna keep them like with their hats on because that's a fun little look right time to go pull that dough perfect it's like just set on the top and that is going to be perfect to load up all of our toppings letting the crust sit for a second while we prep the rest of our toppings just gonna.

Drizzle our mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil all right we'll set that aside then we're gonna prep our onion we just want to thinly slice this bad boy if you have like a half onion or a quarter onion sitting in your fridge don't need a ton unless you're like a big onion gal in which case like leave your leg you just want like that little.

Pop of all yummy sweetness happening on there it's a classic barbecue chicken pizza addition The Red Onion again we're probably not going to use all of this for cheese we'll just tear the mozzarella as we're topping but the gouda we want to grate again this is.

Smoked gouda it smells so specific like processed Smoky cheese Dairy flavor but in the best way barbecue sauce is already like a little sweet and Smoky obviously with like all of the spices and the flavors that are inside of it and this smoked gouda just kind of dials that up and now we are ready to load up ours off.

Our dough has cooked for its five minutes we have prepped all the ingredients and now all that's left is to pile everything on barbecue sauce use whatever you have we're just gonna use the back of a spoon to spread our sauce all over the zaw and leave yourself a little crust or don't that's the thing.

About this is like you can just sauce it all the way to the very edge because part of what's fun about a pan pizza is it kind of doesn't need there to be like a distinctive crust so I'm gonna get pretty close to edges here and then we're gonna do cheese gonna start with our ginormous ball of mozzarella God it makes me so happy to tear this with my.

Hands okay we're working with our hands here you want like pretty full cheese coverage nobody's like I wish this pizza had less cheese and then just fill in all the gaps with your gouda some onion I'm gonna go pretty heavy on the onion I.

Think it provides a really nice contrast of flavor with all the like richness going on here with our cheese and then shroom time gonna get pretty heavy duty again they shrink in the oven so you don't have to be scared about full seaming coverage of mushrooms that we're gonna make this one look like.

It's growing out of the pizza perfect so we're gonna use all of that poke some onion through so we make sure we get a little bit of everybody in every bite and then I'm also going to just take a tiny bit of cheese on top everything's species and with a little.

Bit of salt and a little bit of pepper it's fully loaded We're Gonna Bake this bad boy for 16 to 20 minutes and then we're gonna broil it so that the top gets super crispy in we go looking really nice.

Crisping around the edges you can see the mushrooms are starting to crisp the cheese is bubbling we are just gonna turn on the broiler now make sure it's in the center underneath the heating element so it gets the full strength of that power Burling is usually a quick Endeavor especially if you've already melted the cheese all you're doing is.

Browning it and crisping it at the end all right this mushroom portions are super crispy we've got this bubbly juicy cheesy bit we're nice and brown around the edges I think it looks great thank you so we're just going to finish it off with a little bit more barbecue sauce.

You just put a little bit of barbecue sauce in a bag and then we're going to nip off the end make it look cute make it look like they do it at cbk and then we're gonna finish with some cilantro over the top for freshness not being shy with the cilantro is a good move here because everything else.

Is Rich Smoky and cheesy and melty so something green something bright and fresh is a nice thing to include and then I'm gonna do a sprinkling of red pepper flakes on at the end I am a big like sprinkle red pepper flakes over your slice type of gal and there you have it barbecue mushroom pizza.

I'm going to use a fish spatula to help me loosen all the cheesy bits and then we're just gonna slide oh hell yeah look at these crispy edges I'm just gonna slice it all up you know why not get ready for a party oh yeah yeah it smells like barbecue sauce it.

Smells really Smoky and a little sweet which is really nice do you want to come eat some pizza what a day to be alive there's some fun little crispy bits on the edges oh my God it's delicious the barbecue sauce plus the mushrooms is like very meaty yeah.

Like it feels very substantial and I like also like the like the base is very well cooked too The Red Onion the uzi cheese it's perfect I'm taking this with me you can have a nice day okay have a nice day yum this is a great pizza to make if you want dinner on the table quick but you also wanted to feel substantial and.

Without any of the effort that comes with cooking meat for dinner I think this is absolutely your move pizza party success