Around Christmas we all need a couple of great dishes that we can rely on to tick away in the oven just getting better and better these easy beef short ribs let the oven do all of the work slow cooked in beer gravy to give you all of the festive flavor with none of the fuss it all happens in one pan and we are going to use a fantastic cut of beef very very.

Economical it's the short rib very tough but we're going to turn that tough into absolutely melt in your mouth so get this pan on on a medium-high heat and let's get some dark golden color on this beat so as the fat renders out of the ribs of beef let's start thinking about some flavor so I've got carrots and they're.

Going to cook for the same amount of time as these ribs so I'll keep them whole and just give them a little peel like that so look hello Tonka oh he knows that there's bones in the house just don't be scared to give our ribs.

Some hard heat look at that we want to get color on here because that's going to give you extra flavor okay next vegetable celery and cup about 12 centimeters up from the root and that's the heart this for me is the prized bit and then the second most prized bit is the yellow leaves just get.

Some cold water in they go and they will be perfect at the very end let's just show you how to prep the hearts in half and then in quarters we have the stalks here just finely slice these they'll give you the most beautiful fragrant flavor I'm very happy with that color.

So remove the rib now look at that so before I put that back in there we're going to go in with the carrots and the celery parts so we're going to get some color on these and treat them a little bit like the meat you can see in the pan here we've got nice color on the carrots look at that.

Now we're going to go in with the chopped celery chunks soften now we can add the onion marmalade about half a jar goes in the next one is walnuts about 50 grams they seem to kind of rehydrate and take on those flavors and they're like real treats later on when you're eating it.

So we get our seasoning in there lots of pepper that marmalade has given this whole thing an outrageously sticky form so get yourself a nice bottle of beer something you'd like to drink all we do now is take our ribs snuggle it in and then I'll top it up with about 600 mL of water.

I could put a lid on top but I'm going to use some greaseproof paper and make what our French neighbors would call the Cartouche so you just take a sheet of paper like this fold it in half and then fold it in half again and we'll keep doing that kind of like a.

Weird little paper airplane we go to the middle and that is our Cartouche now the genius of this instead of a lid that's very perfect is we can put little Cuts in this and it's going to allow steam to escape so you'll get that reduction in the sauce so you get a lovely sticky gravy.

And it protects the ribs so put your little hat on the oven is at 160 degrees Celsius which is 330 degrees Fahrenheit and I'm going to cook it for four hours and now the oven does all the hard work and then you can go do what you need to do and at this time of year there's lots to do conquer come on can't sleep all day.

Conquer it's time my friend four hours have passed halfway through by the way I got it out and I just turned over all the ribs gave it a little base and I put six jacket potatoes in okay so we got nice jacket potatoes ready and raring to go and let's just get these spuds.

Absolutely gorgeous oh okay so in here is going to be dark and mysterious it's smelling amazing we've got to be careful when we turn it now because it's look at the tenderness so tender deep flavors are phenomenal so what I want to do is just sieve off any excess.

Fat if you if you cook those potatoes with this or a stew or a Bolognese it's going to be deleted supercharged flavor what I love to do is put horseradish over this rib and that just kind of finally Seasons the sauce in the most beautiful way so let's plate some up we're gonna have a.

Nice jacket potato then we're gonna go for a nice hunk of slow cooked meat let's get some of those celery leaves and then the hot gravy on the top leg beautiful let's get in there I want to show you just how outrageously tender this meat is it just falls apart the horseradish.

It works so well you got this beautiful gravy that sweetness the tang and then the meat is so tender hmm so little work for so much flavor and this is great party food you can do it earlier in the day and reheat it it's a brilliant dish to do for Gatherings but what a joy.


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