Hello this is chef john fromfood with easy crab tortellinithat's right i'm going to show you a super easy super simple methodfor making stuffed pasta using wonton wrapperswhich reminds me if you'd rather call these crab wontons or crab dumplings goahead these are really all the same thing buti went with tortellini because it has a couple extra syllablesso i thought it would be easier to rhyme with but no matter what you call themthis is definitely something you want in your bag of culinary tricksand to get started the first thing we'll.

Need to do is mix up this very easyfilling which is going to start with exactlyseven saltine crackers which we will crush up nice and finewith our fingers and if you want to use about the sameamount of bread crumbs with maybe a pinch of salt that would also workbut i just find for whatever reason the saltines work out a little betterand then to that we will add one large beaden egg as well as a couple spoons ofmascarpone cheese which is nothing more than an extra richitalian cream cheese and if you can't find it regular creamcheese will work we will also want to.

Add a little touch of dijon mustardalong with a few dashes of worcestershire sauce and that's it onceeverything's in there we'll go ahead and take a spoon and give this a mixand as you might know i like to start stirring at one camera angle and theni'll move the camera and finish the shot with a different anglewell for reasons i don't have time to get into that second shot didn't happenbut that's okay nothing a little flip over transition can't fixoh yeah there we go and then once that's mixed we'll go ahead and let that sitfor five minutes just to give those crumbs a little headstart absorbing the moisture.

Before we add in our very verywell-drained crab meat and i use two different kinds some veryaffordable standard lump crab meat from the grocery storeplus the same amount of some much nicer much more expensive dungeness crab meatin this way we can save a little money and still tell people the fillings madeout of dungeness oh yeah that's perfectly legal andethical and then we'll finish this up with alittle touch of old bay a pinch of salt a couple shakes ofcayenne and then if you have some and i did alittle bit of minced jalapeno pepper.

Which is just a fantastic pairing withcrab then we'll grab our spoon and give this a mix until it's just combinedand we could use this right now if we had to but for some possibly betterresults let's go ahead and wrap it up and pop itin the fridge for about an hour before we try to stuff our tortelliniokay i think it's going to be easier to work withplus we give it a little bit of time for those flavors to develop and who amongus does not enjoy develop flavors so that's what i did and then about anhour later i moved into final production and for that we're going to need some ofthese some ready to use wonton wrappers.

From the storeso soft so supple so thin and i find very easy to work withand very important once you open the package you want to keep it just barelydamp towel over the top so they don't dry outand what we'll do is go ahead and place one down and then we'll paint a tiny bitof water with the tip of our finger on the two edges facing away from usright not too much just enough to moistenand then once that's been accomplished we'll go ahead and place down onetablespoon of our filling right in the center and then we willjust spread it out a little bit.

And then the first maneuver here is tofold this over so that our two points line up firstand then once that center spot is pressed together we can work our waydown the sides pressing ceiling and pushing out any airto basically form a triangle and then once we've somehow managed thatwe will use one of our fingers to push right into the center of that long flatside or as our geometry teacher would call itthe hypotenuse and then once we have that basic shapeformed we'll go ahead and moisten each of those tipsreferred to in the tortellini business's.

Wings and with a finger placed andslightly pushing in the middle we'll go ahead and seal those togetherpressing them nice and tight and if everything goes according to planthat dough on the opposite side will kind of fold up to form a collarand that's it it's really not that hard except i'm never quite sure what to dowith that part once it's sealed i mean should i fold it down or fold itup and tuck it in or just leave it as is i don't know and to be honest itreally doesn't matter since once these are boiled and saucedthey're gonna look amazing so let me go ahead and show you one morewhile i also give you the extremely.

Obvious infothat you could use this technique to stuff these with whatever you wantso please feel free to adapt these to your tastes i mean you are after all theray boom boom mancini of your easy cheater tortellini andspeaking of boxing these square wrappers work just fine butif you can get the round ones those do produce a more traditional tortellinishape but either way the folding is basicallythe same so i went ahead and folded up seven of thosesince i'm just filming one portion and then because these things are going tocook so fast.

Before we boil them we need to havewhatever sauce we're using ready which for me is going to be a verysimple but delicious cream sauce which is going to start with some cremefraiche or some of you pronounce it cream freshand we'll place that over medium heat and then to that we will also add atouch of paprika which is a little bit for flavor butmostly to warm up the color of the sauce a littlewe'll also do a little bit of freshly grated lemon zestas well as a little pinch of salt and then i like to thin it out just a littlebit with a touch of our pasta water.

All right just a little splash and thenall we're going to do here is wait for that crumb fresh to meltand for this mixture to heat through and then as soon as it doesand it's just about to start to simmer we can go ahead and turn it offsince it's now ready to accept our cooked tortellini which are only goingto take a minute literally so we'll go ahead and grabthose and carefully transfer them into some well-salted boiling waterand we'll give those a very gentle stir with our strainer to make sure they'renot sticking to the bottom and then like i said we're only going tocook these for about 60 seconds.

Which during that time they may or maynot float to the surface which is how some people will tell youthey're done but depending on the filling that doesn't always happenso after just about a minute i'm going to go ahead and fish those outand we'll transfer those into our sauce and we'll crank our heat to medium-highand basically as soon as our sauce starts simmering and everything isheated through these are pretty much ready to serve andas this comes up to temple gently stir and basteand the cooking time might seem too quick but those wonton wrappers aresuper thin.

And cook really fast plus other than theegg everything in the filling is cooked so really as soon as those are heatedthrough they're okay to serve and then what we'll do once that happensand our sauce is simmering is turn off the heatand we'll stir in some fresh dill or the crab friendly herb of your choiceokay terrigan would also be very nice and that's it once our fresh herb hasbeen stirred in and we of course have checked forseasoning we can go ahead and plate that upand like all cream sauces they definitely thicken up once they hit theplate and start to cool.

So two things make sure your plate iswarm and your sauce is not overly reduced when you go ahead and plate itoh and i should mention if you want to use regular cream instead of cremefraiche go ahead it'll basically work exactly the sameexcept it won't have that delicious tangy flavoralthough you could sneak in a few drops of lemon juice to increase the aciditybut anyway you'll figure it out and then once i had that plated and saucedi finished up with a little more fresh dill as well as one last sprinkling ofcayenne to make these look a little crabbier andthat's it our super easy cheater method.

For crab tortellini are ready to enjoyand not to insult your pasta or wonton dough making skillsbut besides being a lot less work one of the great things about these wrappersis that they're so nice and thin so it really does make for a beautifullytender and delicate dumpling but that was just one part of why thesewere so incredible right the other reason is i just love this crab fillingwhich by the way was based on our highly regarded crab cake recipeso instead of being like 50 crab 50 cheesethis is or at least seems like almost all crab meator as the dj once said all killer no.

Filleri mean come on look at all that crab so i just absolutely loved how these cameout and sure if you're feeling lessadventurous and you'd rather just fold them over and cook them as trianglesthat's okay but the magic of this tortellini shapealso known as wonton shape is that it does a great job of catchingand holding onto all that delicious sauceso for a little extra work it really does elevate the experiencebut whether you make these as shown or you do your own cheater method of thecheater method.

Either way i really do hope you givethese a try soon so please follow the links below for theingredient amounts a printable written recipe and much moreinfo as usual and as always enjoy you