thank you good greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today we are going to be making a chocolate cake in celebration the fact that my senses of taste and smell are returning I'm so so grateful back during winter break I got.

Coveted as well as the rest of my family but I also lost the sense of or the ability to taste and smell things which was just such a bummer but every day I notice small small changes and abilities to smell things and I'm so so very very grateful and just recently I've been able to detect chocolate faintly but it is there so we are going to be making a.

Chocolate cake in celebration for the fact that I can begin to taste it and smell things like coffee ah so wonderful I've learned so much about myself and what it is to appreciate my ability to taste and smell things and things like a cup of coffee and just smelling coffee it's just such a wonderful gift so we're going to be.

Making a Depression era chocolate cake the reason why I've chose to make this recipe number one is that I make one of my favorite chocolate cakes I'll put a link to that recipe down below it happens to be vegan but it's my favorite chocolate cake recipe I'm going to be making one that's very similar to that recipe I think that recipe is 10 or 12.

Years old you can see baby Emmy in that video the reason why I'm making this recipe is this one is similar to that one and the fact that there are no eggs no dairy in the cake itself I'm also going to be making a frosting today that does contain some butter you can certainly omit that if you want to keep this dairy free but there are no eggs in.

This and if you purchase eggs recently you've probably noticed that the price of eggs has skyrocketed Nationwide and it is due to avian flu so many many millions of chickens have had to be cold because of avian flu it is very contagious and can decimate an entire flock and rather than perpetuate and spread the flu a lot of chickens have.

Had to be cold and because you need a hen of a certain age to produce eggs there is a lag and so there is a shortage of eggs and so the prices of eggs have increased so this recipe you can have chocolate cake without having any eggs and it is fantastic one more thing if this cake has no eggs what is the leavener what makes this cake rise.

Well we have baking powder and baking soda but we also have vinegar which seemingly is a odd ingredient to use in a sweet cake but from my experience you don't taste the vinegar at all the vinegar reacts with a baking powder in the baking soda creating little CO2 bubbles carbon dioxide bubbles which makes this cake light and Airy and.

Fluffy but you don't taste any of the vinegar whatsoever alrighty let's go ahead and get started making this wacky wartime cake this chocolate cake goes by many names sometimes it's called a Depression era chocolate cake it's also called War cake wartime cake or wacky cake because of the use of vinegar okay now let's go ahead and get started so.

We'll need a large bowl and we need all ingredients and because I always use a bowl that's too small let's start with a large bowl this time right can you see it great okay first we are going to combine our dry ingredients flour and cocoa powder.

I'm using a combination of natural cocoa powder and Dutch processed cocoa powder because the recipe did not specify which to use and sometimes it's really important because Dutch process or European style cocoa powder tends to have a chocolate or flavor but it is alkalized so as opposed to Natural cocoa powder which isn't alkalized it has some.

Acidity to it which sometimes is important for the CO2 reaction to happen in a recipe but since this didn't specify it I just decided to the difference and do half and half and okay sugar Lots I know that's often considered a wet ingredient but this is a recipe that.

We're just dumping everything in and we need baking powder and baking soda baking powder and baking soda and a bit of salt okay combine that all together I probably should have sifted my cocoa powder because I am seeing.

Lumps of it so I'm going to go ahead and do that extra step let's work out all those cocoa powdered lumps see they're going to reveal themselves look and then we just mush them in okay I think this bowl actually will be big enough next Oil and coffee I'm gonna use my coffee to.

Rinse out any leftover oil and my measuring cup and you can use water if you don't want to use coffee see this cake is kind of nutty I'm gonna mix this up oh it smells so good I can smell the coffee and the chocolate I still sound a little bit stuffy and my sense of taste is definitely muted so.

Things are still returning that was some apple cider vinegar and look immediately we get this lovely reaction and that's the acid in the base mixing together to create bubbles that's it that's it okay now I've got an eight inch by eight inch pan that I've lined with parchment paper and I'm gonna just dump this in.

And I've got my oh let me just do this first before I start talking one thing at a time distribute that into the corners because the middle always tends to poof up more than the rest so add a little more batter to the corners okay so now we're going to pop this into a preheated 325 degree.

Oven and bake 45 to 50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean then we will allow this to cool completely before we add the frosting and then we're going to celebrate and taste our chocolate cake see a little bit oh.

Foreign my lovelies I am back to make the frosting that's gonna go on top of my cooled cake and it looks pretty straight forward so we're going to add some butter this has been sitting at room temperature pinch of salt and some cocoa powder.

This is an interesting ingredient hot water vanilla oh I forgot to mention to add a vanilla to your cake batter as well a teaspoon and a half here we're adding one teaspoon I'm gonna cream this with a mixer first whoa foreign once again this mixer is just.

A bit much that's on level one that looks beautiful now we're going to sweeten things up with powdered sugar I'm gonna add this gradually foreign I can see little bits of powdered sugar in there and I don't like it the.

Instructions said nothing about sifting the powdered sugar in but maybe with more rigorous mixing those little bits will blend in yeah so for my next cup of sugar I am going to sift it in so we're going to do this so as to save ourselves some work let's dump it all in.

Pop sugar gets very Lumpy because it's so fine so it absorbs water very easily moisture and we get lots of clumps so yeah okay let's continue to mix and clean up while we're at it this is looking beautiful scrape down the sides here where my.

Beaters can reach and this is looking great I don't see any lumps great yeah definitely recommend using an electric mixer if you have one already so there we have our beautiful frosting look at that that came together so quickly.

Google so now we have our cake this is our fully cooked and cooled cake there it is lovely dark color now I do have to say the recipe said to bake this 45 to 50 minutes but this is a relatively small cake so I checked it at 30 minutes and it was completely done so air on the side of cooking this let's.

Check it early if it looks cooked go ahead and stick a toothpick in it and if it comes out clean the cake is completely cooked so glad I did that otherwise we would have had a dry cake this is why parchment paper is so wonderful I'm just gonna do that stuff to clean your pans a little bit.

But you don't have to worry the cake won't come out so pull this out on the sides so what we can do is fold the parchment back underneath and kind of hide it and then Frost it just place it on our plate plates a little bit small.

I do have a bigger plate somewhere I just don't really know where I'm going to use an offset spatula this my favorite tool for frosting and dollop this on of course this particular frosting now makes this cake daried this is no longer vegan but if you want to make this vegan then simply substitute a.

Plant-based butter smell the chocolate this is my other favorite thing to do when it comes to frosting chocolate cakes is this this schmoogie part these like smothering smeary oh my goodness this stuff and then I like to do little fun swoops to get that kind of old-fashiony.

Cake look so it looks unintentional you know even though we're intending to make it look swoopy best to do less than more oh definitely sweet I can just barely taste the butter but I can taste the chocolate just a little bit um.

Intensive taste is coming back yes yes look at that all right let me show you a close-up of this alrighty let's cut up a slice look at this beauty.

No eggs in this cake and in the cake itself there's no dairy in it of course there is in the frosting but you make the decision whether you want to add frosting or not I think a dusting of powdered sugar would be lovely as well or you can substitute a plant-based butter for the butter oh it doesn't that look gorgeous.

Let's eat this thing I'm gonna go ahead and slice me a slice sizing beautifully look at that that looks pretty delicious so there we have it beautiful slice of chocolate cake let's give it a bite alrighty Depression era chocolate cake.

Itadakimasu um is that frosting ever so wheat oh very sweet and it's delicious full of chocolate flavor without being fudgy or too rich or heavy definitely bake this for less time than it says in the recipe this is almost dry.

Mm-hmm now the icing I have to say is very very sweet it does make it feel celebratory if you want to skip on the making of the icing and all of that Sugar you can do what I often do when I make a quick wacky cake like this I add a couple handfuls of chocolate chips to the batter bake it off and then it adds a little extra bit of.

Sweet chocolateiness to the cake and then it doesn't need any frosting whatsoever um mm-hmm you can just barely taste the chocolate I wish I could taste it more but I do not taste any vinegar whatsoever I think that's a key thing for me to stress even.

When I had no smell whatsoever I could taste salty sweet sour bitter Umami so no sourness no smell of vinegar whatsoever this cake just chocolatey sweetness alrighty my lovelies thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me.

On social media check out my website I will include adaptive version of this recipe like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye


  • When I got the rona, it was like a light switch. No taste and smell and then 5 weeks later, everything was normal. Happened while I was changing my kid’s diaper. Went from not smelling abd being thankful and then omg get the yanky candle spray!

  • My mom had a Depression era cake recipe that used cream of tartar as well as the other ingredients you used, with the exception of coffee. Mom would frost hers with 7 minute frosting. I miss that cake! I have her recipe here somewhere. Maybe I need to get baking!

  • Chocolate, you'd never think of them having that about in a time known as the great depression, you think more about food rationing, like Britain during the war, they would have drove tanks themselves for a bar of chocolate! Let alone a whole cake!

  • Oh my gosh, so excited to get this recipe. Wacky Cake was my dad's favorite, and my mom lost her recipe many years before she passed. I'm so excited to make this. Thank you for sharing!

  • kind of surreal that this recipe fits our current situation despite it being a depression era recipe. i really hope families that need cheer in our current depression can use this recipe for overall morale

  • The version I've been using for decades is called Wowie Cake and supposed to mix in the baking dish, though I find I get better results when I use a bowl, it's fine for cupcakes too, and works with gluten free flours… mine's got no baking powder though and no vanilla although I add some anyways. And the recipe I have calls for half a cup of oil like Emmy's recipe. I love it, it's good, and faster than boxed cake mix. I can have it all together before the oven's up to heat.

  • Thank god this isn’t another Cheesoid situation.

    But genuinely glad to hear things are coming back, we under appreciate taste and smell as senses but it can totally derail people’s lives to lose them.

  • My mom called this Cockeyed cake. We never used box mixes in our house because of this recipe! But the directions were much more fun: add dry ingredients directly into the pan, mix lightly, make 3 holes (one larger than the others), the oil went into the large hole, the vinegar into another, and last was the vanilla. Pour in the cup of water and mix, bake. (350 degrees for 25 minutes) so I was really surprised your recipe was 45 minutes. Our 12 year old made this just a few days ago and it's the only cake he likes without frosting.