Packed with cooking tips information and 100 recipes to stay your life on take it easy because it's time for my ultimate slow cooking slow cooking is one of the best weapons in the chess Arsenal not only is it easy it's also an incredible way to transform meat into mouth-waterly melting dishes.

Mastering the art of slow cooking is something every cook should learn first up my phenomenal slow cooked beef short ribs slow cooking is a brilliant way of getting lots of extra depth and intensity into your dishes the secret is to lock in all those flavors at the start and let the ingredients do their.

Thing as it Cooks these are beef short ribs and there's basically five to six bones across there and as the short rib Cooks it sticks to that bone the bone implants flavor and the meat just sort of melts Cooks slowly gives it that nice level intensity slice alongside the bone stray down and see that marbling that sort of.

Disappears and disintegrates I'm cooking them in a roasting tray get it on the heat until nice and hot seasoned beef short ribs beautifully olive oil in both of the top we'll start coloring that in it's really important to give the big short ribs a really nice Sear.

If you didn't Brown the meat off it goes in the oven and it looks like boiled meat so you really want that nice dark Rich coloring just cut the garlic in half slide that down the side that's going to give that beef an amazing flavor.

To give body to the source stir in a heap teaspoon of tomato puree I'm just hitting the bottom of the pan without tomato puree and we call it cooking out that smell the puree otherwise it just goes in there raw and it gives this sort of tartness to the braised short ribs red wine in.

Don't use an expensive bottle of red wine there's no need bring the wine up to the boil and reduce it this Burns off the alcohol and concentrates the flavor it makes a big difference when you reduce the red wine down by half because it gives that nice dark Rich intensity look at my garlic that is just gonna.

Sweeten everything up incredible stock in beef stock perfect chicken stock fine just to about an inch underneath the beef short ribs bring it up to the ball packing all that flavor as the beef ribs slow cook cover them so they braise from the bottom and steam from the top into the oven two and a half hours.

170 to 180 degrees and she goes the great thing about slow cooking is you do most of the work in advance and then put your feet up five or ten minutes before the beef short ribs come out of the oven start your garnish this is light cured pancetta.

I want nice thick lardons nice big thick sticks of crispy bacon these are delicious Chestnut mushrooms I'm not going to slice them just going to cut them in half look at the color on those loud ones now all the white raw fat have disappeared the larvans have shrunk right down and all we've got there now is the proper.

Bacon mushrooms in beautifully so the mushrooms get seasoned from the bacon I'm pan frying these separately to the beef so they're main crisp another different texture leave that to cool down now this is like Christmas day for me when you unwrap that fall wait to see.

What's underneath it hmm wow smell incredible lift place on your tray.

Beautiful to make a fantastic Ridge deep sauce press the soft roasted garlic through a sieve into the cooking juices we're all that nice pureed garlic coming through there because that is going to make the most amazing flavor scrape all that off the sieve.

Nice then just start saving all that lovely braising liquor whoa in that smells delicious take your sauce and just glaze do them individually they deserve that respect.

Spoon on your bacon and your mushrooms beautiful be generous with these mushrooms I'm telling you they taste amazing flat leaf parsley on that freshness over those amazing ribs incredible never ever be embarrassed about going to your Butcher and asking for cheap Cuts because the results.

Are incredible amazing beef braised short ribs with bacon and mushrooms mushrooms are one of my all-time favorite ingredients I use Chestnut mushrooms with the beef short ribs because all of their firm texture and nutty taste but there's a huge range of other mushrooms that are great for slow cooked dishes.

And when it comes to buying them there's one expert green grocer who's a Fountain of Knowledge Burma Marcus Fred Foster started off on the dead store in primary coat really you had a salad stalk with over 20 years of experience you could actually write his own mushroom encyclopedia mushrooms as soon as you pick them the.

Moisture starts coming out of them so you need to buy them when they're fresh certain products you smell for flavor and they tend to be fruits mushrooms don't smell nice at all they smell kind of metallic really so you have to use your eyes as you guide of what you buy with mushrooms really really important wild mushrooms.

Are literally grown wild in the forests they're just quality wherever they are this is morel mushroom a fantastic products so hard to find in the world it's almost got an apricot type of flavor earthy Woody and of course as you cook it the flavor increases for extra flavor and texture highly prized morels are ideal when.

Added to slow cooked stews and casseroles as are the trumpet de lemur which have a deliciously rich flavor another wild type to try is the chanterelle its subtle fruity flavor is delicious and perfect fried with butter parsley and garlic when you're dealing with wild mushrooms you need to clean them it can be quite a slow process it's.

With a soft brush don't don't use water never use water with mushrooms it deteriorates the mushroom rapidly oyster mushrooms are very meaty mushroom just a lovely silky smooth flavor really nice how do you tell whether it's fresh those gills are bright never cut a noise the mushroom always tear it look at the whiteness of that beautiful that would.

Be great if it was old although also found wild oyster mushrooms are more commonly cultivated along with similar type the Enoki their delicate taste is grain salads and soups finally Fred saved the best until last and of course for the Pinnacle is the Truffle they are really really short after the smell is so intense that smell.

It's it's hard to describe because it's such a unique smell the more expensive the Truffle the more intense the smell so that's why you use such a small amount on a dish it's amazing the way they get these they used to use pigs of course they don't do that anymore they use Dog Steel because the pig juice to eat them all this magical tasting fungi.

Is by weight one of the most expensive Foods in the world it's phenomenal eating raw shaved over pasta or risottos or drizzle of truffle all Turns Slow cooked stews into something out of this world people are actually scared of mushrooms aren't they so it's amazing really they shouldn't be because take away the fear and just close your eyes.

And taste them they're just amazing they're they are amazing cooking all the ingredients in one dish helps to lock in taste and get great flavors working together here are three recipes that turn simple ingredients into amazing dishes first up a fantastically aromatic.

Melt-in-the-mouth treat pork neck curry with mango salsa for the curry paste add chopped lemongrass chili fresh ginger garlic and Cafe Lime Leaf to a pestle and mortar next put in aromatic ground cinnamon and coriander pinch of salt black pepper.

and Bash it into a rough paste finally add olive oil to loosen and your paste is done now onto the pork leg add a lug of olive oil to a hot pan and brown the diced meat carefully making sure each side hits the heat locking in that flavor remove and in the same pan cook sliced.

Onions until Brown around the edges at the curry paste and Fry to release all the intense flavors then put the pork back in along with the coconut milk and stir next add chicken stock palm sugar more kaffir lime leaves soy sauce and fish sauce to taste then simply simmer for an hour.

slow cooked for succulents spicy super easy to make and wonderful served with fresh mango salsa pork neck Curry foreign recipe is incredible spicy Szechuan chicken thighs first marinade the thighs with soy sauce.

And shouting wine which is made from fermented rice and tastes similar to dry sherry chicken thighs do a lot of work so they need more cooking but cook properly they're moist and they're the tastiest part of the bird next add rice vinegar water then season and leave to marinade for up to two hours.

Then chop garlic chili and Ginger add olive oil to a hot pan and fry it will softened add Szechuan peppercorns and orange zest next add the marinated chicken thighs along with a marinade and throw in a pinch of sugar and Fry the chicken into as lovely and brown and.

The sauce is deliciously thick finish with chopped spring onions add lug of soy sauce and a few drops of sesame seed oil marinated for flavor sweet and spicy chicken a fuss-free Wonder my final slow cooked dish that.

Transforms simple ingredients into Unforgettable food is simple beef brisket start by seizing the meat well brisket is a cut of beef from the breast it's inexpensive but it's fit for raw tea with long slow cooking place it into hot casserole dish with a.

Little olive oil and brown on all sides next make a tasty broth to flavor the meat into the dish add chopped carrots celery a whole bulb of garlic cut in half peppercorns aromatic cloves and freshly ground nutmeg pour in hot water to braise the brisket.

Bring to the boil and cover tightly then transfer the dish to a low oven and cook for three to four hours cook low and slow the results are amazing tender melt-in-the-mouth meat fantastic with roast potatoes or in sandwiches with lots of mustard but I like it best with Tangy Piccadilly in the oven in under 10 minutes then all.

You have to do is sit back and wait so easy and absolutely delicious what's not to love about my succulent beef brisket this is my ultimate cookery course 100 recipes to stay your life on soon I'll be teaching you a wonderful slow cooked dessert and look at the color on them these smell incredible.

But first five more of my 100 tips to make your home cooking easier foreign starting with how to cook duck breasts perfectly the slow way duck breasts never be scared about cooking this bird absolutely delicious very healthy first oven on 200 degrees.

And then salt pepper now the salt will help to extract the water out of the fat nonstick pan no oil but start the duck breasts in the pan cold skin side down it feels and sounds a little bit weird but if we put them into a cold pan and turn the heat up.

Gradually it starts to release the fat if we put them into a hot pan it seals them in and the fat stays in there we want to render that fat down 90 of that duck breast will be cooked on its skin keeps the duck nice and moist but more importantly it stays crispy once the fat comes out turn the duck over.

Nice high hot heat seal the duck now they're going in the oven skin side down 200 six to eight minutes if your Pan's got a plastic handle it then transfer the duck breast onto a tray but make sure you put the tray into the oven to get hot first cooking duck is like cooking a piece of.

Beef and you can't slice it piping hot all the goodness Runs Out just quickly turn it over push your fingers in there and it's slightly resistant but still quite bouncy and that confirms they're quite pink in the center but the important part now is leaving that to rest let them cool down.

And then we'll slice them keep that excess duck fats and there you go next time you start taking potatoes you just take them to a completely different level now slicing the duck just slice it at an angle not too thin if you're slightly thinner it goes cold quickly so nice thick slices nice crispy skin on top.

And a beautiful Clump roasted dark all the white fat gone nice crispy skin and absolutely delicious another slow cooking tip is when slow cooking stews and casseroles fat will rise to the surface to get rid of any excess oils my tip is to remove them with kitchen paper before serving this also works brilliantly on gravies.

And sauces many great slow cook dishes start by Browning the meat as the meat Cooks lots of flavors get stuck to the pan to get it into your sauce deglaze with wine stock or vinegar never add soft herbs at the beginning of slow cooking they're all too delicate the tip is to add them at the end for.

That Hill fresh flavor and vibrant color a great tip when frying fish is to always fry skin side down to keep it crispy and always lay the Footers away from you when adding to the pan to prevent hot oil from splashing towards you foreign.

Cooking isn't exclusive to just Savory dishes it's a clever way to transform fruit into wonderful desserts giving them an amazing sticky Jammy intensity invest a bit of patience and my next recipe pays off big time Indulgence and bursting with flavor caramelized figs with ricotta slow cooking can also take desserts to a.

Whole new level a gentle long cook can really bring out that wonderful Rich sticky sweetness and that depth of flavor in fruits these are black figs they are suited to slow cooking roasting better than the green figs because this outside skin is so durable this is an amazing way of roasting figs and it's so easy yet so.

Delicious lay your figs out in a rows take some Rosemary and just peel that down look at that really nice fragrant stem get your scissors trim the edge almost we've got a bit of a sort of sharp Point bring your three figs together just thread the top of each fig nice and gently Rosemary works.

Wonderfully with sweet dishes as the figs roast in the oven the stock will impart a lovely subtle flavor useful dust the figs with icing sugar then coat them with a generous splash of Blossom with vinegar leave them to sit there for five minutes they sort of marinate I know it sounds odd to use vinegar in your dessert but trust me it gives the.

Dish a fantastic sweet and sour taste I'm going to make a really nice caramel four or five tablespoons of sugar now flatten that out and get it nice and even when the sugar is even caramel Cooks evenly it's changing now you can see it melting from the outside in the one thing you don't do is shake the pan rapidly.

And sit almost like sort of a lake defrosting and it's hitting to the center it's bubbling it's still not dark enough yet it's getting there turn the gas down and stay in control let the sugar melt until it turns a dark amber color the secret behind any good caramel is just stopping it from.

Overcooking lovely take that off the gas not with butter in there gently whisk in the butter is cooling the camel down you'll see it changing color to like a cafe Olay next add a lug of the balsamic vinegar.

Beautiful for that nice dark richness of a camel a little touch of water in there that way the camel doesn't go too thick now put the camel back on the heat take a fix and sort of place them in gently lovely and then just added all that lovely.

Little marinade don't waste that it's amazing stuff there icing sugar and Balsam and vinegar so tasty based those figs because the skin gets nice and crispy on the outside and the Fig sort of just absorbs the camel.

Delicious so easy now into the oven 190 for 10 minutes almost doubled in size now look at the color on them they smell is incredible onto your plate they're a lot heavier because they've.

Actually started absorbing that camera now dash the figs with caramel and serve with ricotta cheese the freshness of that ricotta goes brilliantly well with the figs I'm gonna finish that now it seems zest and then.

Some little nibbed hormones and the rich creamy Jam texture of the Fig with a ricotta brilliant that is an amazing way of slow roasting fruit and taking figs to a completely new level.

Cookery course crammed with key lessons top tips and 100 recipes to stag your life on and you'll literally be cooking yourself into a better Chef many of these amazing recipes are on my app please check out the app store for details go on get cooking now it's time to settle down and enjoy some slow cooked.

Favorites one of the brilliant things about slow cooking is there's often very little preparation required and it's the oven that does all the work my first recipe is packed with strong confident flavors and with the oven taking the strain is a pleasure to make.

Delicious slow braised stuffed lamb breast one of the secrets to slow cooking is to be robust and really get stuck in big bold flavors work brilliantly well so don't be precious this is gutsy cooking at its absolute best these are lamb breasts are beautiful cheap cuts and they're sort of tucked.

Alongside the rib they've been boned out the skin has been taken off I'm going to roll them stuff them and braise them braising simply means cooking in liquid on a low heat making the meat divinely tender now open them up and give them a really good seasoning season them both sides inside and out really important it doesn't look like a real weighty dense.

Cup of meat but once it's beautifully slow braised it's just like melting lamb it's incredible I'm going to season the breasts with some dried oregano put a heat in there some chili flakes lemon zest amazing.

Salted anchorries in there now they almost melt inside the lamb so the balance of flavors work beautifully now pull it down towards you and roll that nice and tightly that's what I'm looking for a string just need to tie them three times one at each end and one in the middle.

I fell in love with this dish years ago when I first started working in Paris because we had all the lamb in from the Pyrenees nice thing is they can be done the day before pan on olive oil in look at that oil nice and hot lemon.

It's really important to get it's a nice color on there whilst they're Browning slice The Onion the Lamb's gonna be cooking for two and a half hours so don't slice the onions too thinly otherwise it'll burn garlic and leave whole got a color on them look at that beautiful take them out onions in and garlic.

Straight in lovely that's the secret about slow braising you never change pans why of all the goodness isn't that one pan a few chili seeds in there argano nice pinch a little bit of lemon in there and I'll do the onions what I did to the lamb.

Next my capers fry them off get them exploding to the bottom of the pan they get nice and crispy next my black olives now white wine bring that up to the boil deglazing the pan as well.

A rinse in the bottom of that pan and now the flavor in there it's just extraordinary now where are our tomatoes puncher those plum tomatoes then simply place the lamb breasts back.

In the pot and remember to taste that's nice lid on into the oven 170. two two and a half hours and forget about it whoa beautiful all that was reduced down to this.

Amazing nice tomato sauce and the lamb it's kept its color look at that that's braised beautifully very carefully little bits there it's nice off pull off the little bits of string this is why I get really excited the secret is not to slice it too thinly.

Look at that smell the lemon it's hard to believe when you slice through the center there but that is a very cheap cut of meat on salivating I love this I mean it's just incredible pick up the tomatoes and the olives and the onions and amazing.

Rich sauce take your lamb sort of just hit it on it looks incredible that for me is why chefs get so excited with cheap Cuts because the end results are incredible.

Delicious breast of lamb with lemon anchovies chili and oregano slow cooking is a fantastic way to develop delicious deep flavors here are three of my easy one pot wonders minimum preparation long cook and an amazing wonderful taste first up easy ballito misto a classic.

Italian mixed meat dish I'm starting with some Italian fennel sausages fry them until colored making sure all sides are nicely browned set them aside then slice chorizo a spicy Spanish sausage with a wonderful.

Smoky taste and Fries so releases all its incredible flavor next chop carrots celery garlic and add to the same pan this keeps in all the flavor stirring the pre-lentals these are excellent for slow cooked dishes because they retain their firm texture and shape.

Next add a bay leaf and some fresh thyme sprigs then the sausages go back in along with chicken stock simmer until the lentils are tender then seasoned to taste finally sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve simple to prepare a cinch to.

Make and packed full of delicious hearty flavors my Twist on an Italian classic magnificent easy ballito misto foreign dish is slow cooked aubergine dice the aubergine and fry in hot olive oil until colors on all sides then add a finely sliced onion and.

Chopped garlic cook until tender cooked butter beans and pomegranate molasses which is a sweet thick and glossy Tangy reduction of pomegranate juice season next add a can of chopped tomatoes.

Bring to a simmer and cook until the aubergine has a gloriously soft and silky texture stir through top mint pile onto toasted bread and finally for a lovely salty Tang crumble over some creamy feta cheese preparation but slow cook for maximum flavor aubergines like you've never.

Tasted before one more dish that uses time to transform a humble ingredient is perfect slow cooked beef foreign the beef Shin in hot oil seasoning as you go it's a very economical cut of beef as it.

Slow Cooks it also makes the most delicious gravy as the marrow thickens and flavors the sauce the same pan saute chopped carrots peeled whole shallots sliced celery peeled and chopped ginger and garlic next add tomato puree and cook for a few.

Minutes add the shin back into the pan with a glass of dry white wine and the juice of an orange this deglazes the pan adding incredible depth of flavor pour in chicken stock season and simmer for an hour and 20 minutes.

Brilliant finish with gremolata a dry Italian salsa made with chopped herbs simply chop parsley and garlic together and mix in the zest of an orange or lemon when the beef is cooked Rich anxious and beautifully tender scatter over the lovely fresh gremolata simple satisfying and crammed full of.

Wonderful taste and textures delicious fast to prepare cheap and easy to make slow cooked to Perfection three amazing dishes I guarantee you'll make time and time again this is my Essential guide to kitchen equipment everything you need to know about the basic kit that will get you.

Cooking fantastic food casserole dish absolutely essential when it comes to good home cooking why so versatile the beauty of this thing is the fact that you can actually use it on the hob or start it on the hob and finish it in the oven more importantly cast iron it conducts the heat so you.

Can have the gas on absolute minimal or the oven down to its absolute lowest setting and the thing will just cook naturally casserole dishes are surprisingly versatile and a great investment you only need one and if you look after it it'll last you a lifetime brilliant for one pot wonders welcome back to my ultimate cookery course.

I'm teaching you my slow cooked favorites next up my guide to getting the best value from your butchers one of the biggest bills in the kitchen is going to be for meat so it's crucial you keep costs down but that doesn't mean sacrificing flavor especially when you use some slow cooking magic to get the.

Best from cheap cuts to get value for money it always pays to ask an expert and fifth generation award-winning Master butcher Danny lidgate is a man in the know one of the great things about going to a butcher is they're going to have more Cuts available than most supermarkets so you're going to see things that people don't know about so.

One example might be the beef ribs a great product for slow cooking the oven basically cooking on the bone you're going to get more flavors from the bone there's some really nice pieces of Juicy meat it's only used for mince in the past now people are using it for braising or slow braising or even barbecuing it with some really nice.

Marinades the oxtail are less popular now than maybe they used to be small little mussels make up the tail once that's slow cooked they all fall apart really tender juicy Meats also oxtail is Sublime en stews curries and soups another great cheap cut for slow cooking is one you saw me using earlier Lamb's breast.

is one of the least expensive cuts of lamb and it's also delicious slow roasted or stewed here we have the shin of beef you can see in the sheds made up of lots of little different mussels these are always moving always doing work so slow cooking.

Will give the best end results it's going to have fashion a little bit but it should be enjoyed by everybody it's a fantastic piece of meat here we have some ox cheeks and when they're trimmed you end up with a really lean piece of meat obviously with the cheek the cow's always eating munching on grass this means I need a lot of cooking but.

Essentially it's a really nice healthy lean piece of meat with fantastic flavors oxchicks also make an incredible ravioli or Ragu and if you're a pork lover why not try pork neck it's a succulent alternative for a slow Sunday roast here we have a muscle from the shoulder it's called feather blades.

The reason it's called feather blade is because when it's cut each piece looks like a feather the gristle tends to be slow cooked and the more it's cooked we'll turn gelatinous giving a lovely jelly and juicy liquid to the meat fantastic for casserole pies and stews there are so many cheaper cuts which are brilliant for home cooking.

It's important with all these forgotten cuts to find out how to cook them don't be scared of them they're really economic but full of flavor and the end result is fantastic meal as a chef one of the biggest kicks I get is taking an ingredient that doesn't cost much and turning into something that looks and tastes like a million.

Bucks my next recipe turns what used to be a decidedly unfashionable cut of meat into the star of the dish fit to Grace any table slow roasted pork belly with fennel slow roasting works better on fattier tougher and unfashionable cuts whether it's a cheek or even a neck or this.

Amazing pork belly it's a fantastic way to transform cheap cuts into amazing melting perfection take a very sharp knife bring the pork belly towards you so you're over it you've got all that pressure and weight using the tip of the knife I'm just sort of nicking it and go across the pork belly long strokes with a knife take.

Your time turn it 180 this time what we're doing is just sort of cutting those nice little sort of diamonds but as that starts roasting on top it starts getting nice and crispy take your handfuls of salt and just sort of rub it in bend it over and then all those cracks really helps to get a nice crisp crackling on top.

Roasting tray getting really nice and hot take a hole over fennel to intensify flavor and to keep the meat succulent I'm braising my pork belly with strong vibrant spices and vegetables crush and peel three whole cloves of garlic and add to the fennel olive oil in.

Fennel in I like the nice strong aniseed flavor that goes with that nice rich dense pork fennel seeds delicious star anise in and just a couple of cardamom seeds and wow they're like little bangers like little firecrackers incredible.

Lovely fresh bay leaves get your pork skin side down just sear the top of that fat that locks in all that amazing flavor then I'm gonna flip it over and get it nice and crispy and then on fennel seeds embedded in those little cracks.

Now some white wine the minute that white wine hits that pan you can just smell that light fragrance of the fennel allow the wine to Bubble away and reduce until the alcohol is burnt off time to have the stock NOW the stock goes in just underneath the skin so it roasts on top all that meat under there will be.

Submerged because what happens in the oven the top goes crispy as anything and the stock reduces and braises at the same time really importantly bring that back up to the ball before it goes in the oven otherwise it will never boil never go up to temperature smells incredible.

Slow roasted pork belly at 180 degrees for two and a half hours look at that you've got that nice crispy skin on top you can see how much of the stock has evaporated put that onto the board it looks stunning.

To make a delicious rustic sauce with the flavor packed contents of the roasting tray first get rid of the excess fat take a couple of slices of bread it's like a perfect sponge because you just lay that on top and drag it almost like a net and it just absorbs all that fat if you want.

The perfect fried bread trust me stick that in a frying pan a nice teaspoon of mustard whisk that in and then simply simmer for a few minutes before pouring into a serving jug with your pork belly always use a nice serrated edge knife you can hear that oh.

That is amazing incredibly tender that belly of pork is gonna almost melt in your mouth you've got that sweet meat under that crispy belly of pork what an amazing way to cook a very cheap cut of meat foreign.

kitchen tips first how to make a fantastic chicken stock a classic slow cook recipe that gets amazing flavor from simple ingredients chicken stock ingredient to good cooking it trans forms sources it's a fantastic base for.

Soups and more importantly it's so easy to do a little bit of love and care at the beginning and it Cooks itself right step one chicken carcass into a pie sided pan an onion does need to be finely chopped the vegetables flavor the stock onion in then from there cut your leek into nice.

Big solid chunks roughly same size as the onion silver vegetables cook at the same time and then add carrots celery and garlic and then a nice sprig of thyme that helps to really give depth of flavor to the chicken stock a couple of Baileys.

And some fresh parsley and then peppercorns pan and just lightly crush them and a little pinch of salt and now just cover the vegetables and the carcass with cold water just cover the chicken and the vegetables bring it up to the ball as quick as you.

Can now as it comes to the boil a really nice skin take the base of a ladle and swirl that around that pushes all the grease and the impurities to the side of the pan then get your Ladle and just tilt it if you don't skim all that off the stock becomes very cloudy.

People's impression of cooking stock then it needs to cook for three four hours at a time this is one chicken carcass let that boil away gently for 30 to 40 minutes maximum we're gonna pass it off let's take a sieve place that over the pan.

And then just pour that in it smells amazing it's aromatic color it's absolutely beautiful and there you have the most amazing stock when you need to season meat in flour a great tip is to place it in a plastic bag to dust it evenly using flour also.

Helps the sauce to get nice and thick during cooking we're Browning meat fry in small batches don't crowd the pan otherwise it won't sear or color properly when slow roasting meat line the bottom of the roasting tray with chunky vegetables like onions fennel and carrots they act as a trivet to keep the.

Meat from boiling in its own juices plus the veg can be the base for your gravy later on after slow cooking baked on residue can be tough to remove but if you boil water in the pan it will dissolve and break down then simply pour out and wash with soap and water.

Follow My ultimate cookery course crammed with key lessons top tips and 100 recipes to stay your life on and you'll literally be cooking yourself into a better Chef many of these amazing recipes are on my app please check out the App Store