thank you good readings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today's video is sponsored by Ritz the makers of these Original Classic crackers that my mom used to snack on when I was a kid I remember her pulling out the sleeve and.

Sharing them with me today I'm going to be using Ritz crackers to make a couple of dessert items because we are coming into my favorite time of year which is the holidays I have such great memories of huge spreads of food and that was my favorite just seeing the possibilities all laid out in there on the table and ultimately what the holidays and food.

Means to me during that time of year it represents welcome love Comfort Gathering loved ones friends it's just a beautiful time of year and one of my other favorite Traditions is going over to my mother-in-law's with my kids and building gingerbread houses and decorating them there's something about.

That tradition that is just so comforting loving sweet and it's a treat we only do this once a year we only indulge in all these sweets this time of year and I love that tradition so much so in that vein of fun and celebration let's make two desserts using Ritz crackers now the first one I'm going to be making is one called Ritz crackers.

Candy we're gonna need two sleeves for this recipe for these also remind me of being in charge of making spinach dip during the holidays I adore spinach dip there's something that's so great about dip and I think it's a combination of textures you've got that crisp buttery cracker and then you've got that dippable dip that's often cool and it's.

Got a creamy mouth feel well oh my goodness I think if I were to come up with a topping or dip that would be representative of my upbringing on a Ritz cracker it would be it would probably be Burmese La Peto if you're not familiar with lepetto it's my favorite thing to have for breakfast and it's made of fermented green tea leaves.

And has crispy beans and pea snacks in there garlic oil and a little bit of lime juice it is so delicious alrighty back to the sascot ham which is crushing crushing crack so this is a bit of a secret ingredient so I'm going to go ahead and pulverize these really finely you could also Blitz these in a food processor and get a.

Really fine crumb I think it'll be fun little experiment to see if anyone can guess what the secret ingredient is okay so here are my crackers all crushed and ground nice and fine and in this bowl I have 10 ounces of marshmallows we're going to add two tablespoons of butter and now we're going to microwave this.

For 30 seconds 45 seconds or until all the marshmallows are melted and poofed up while we're waiting for the marshmallows to warm up we can prepare our pan and I've got some parchment paper in an 8 by 8 inch brownie pan square pan if you don't have parchment paper you can also just grease your pan liberally look at that I love how they.

Poof up so jiggly so I'm going to stir the marshmallows I put them in for about one minute okay so now I'm gonna add vanilla work that in and our crushed crackers put in about half in the beginning and work that in oh my gosh that smells.

So good that vanilla so I put an initial load and now I'm gonna put the rest take this wonderful mixture place it into our pan and with impeccably clean hands that I've oiled I'm going to just press this into the pan.

Then we're just going to let this cool so that we can cut it into nice little bite-sized pieces so while our Ritz cracker candy is cooling let's go ahead and make our second recipe in the saucepan I've got one stick of butter and to that we're going to add an equal amount of brown sugar bloop right into there.

And we're just going to let that melt if you're like me you're going to want to mess with this and stir this around but there really is no need we're just going to bring it up to a boil and then cook it for three minutes three while that's going I've got a quarter sheet baking pan here and I sprayed it with a little bit of oil you can also butter it.

And we're going to line that with some Ritz crackers oh boy okay this smells so good buttery butterscotchy but it smells so good and now we're going to pour this beautiful concoction on top of our crackers spread the caramel all over.

So behind me I have my oven heated up at 375 degrees and we're just going to pop this whole pan in there for a few minutes alrighty our caramel coated crackers are smelling Divine while it's hot we're gonna sprinkle them with some semi-sweet chocolate chips nice layer.

So a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and then back into our hot oven okay it's been one minute and that's enough just check to see when the chips are nice and spreadable that's all you need to do just so you can smear them around so at this point if you want to add some chopped nuts to this chopped peppermint.

Candies all of which would be lovely alrighty so now we need this to completely cool you can speed things up by letting it cool to room temperature and then placing it in the refrigerator we want it really cold so that we can snap the bark really nicely alrighty I'll see you in a little bit alrighty my lovelies I am back with.

My Ritz cracker candy and I cannot wait to see what this tastes like so I folded down the edges and that helped to make everything nice and flat so let's take it out and look how easily it comes out of the pan it actually slices really easily I thought it was going to be sticky but.

I'm not having any trouble and that's what it looks like um it has a very fun texture it's simultaneously fluffy and chewy it's a little bit like a Taffy almost inconsistency the marshmallow gives it a.

Really great chewy but slightly sticky texture the vanilla in there instantly says this is Dessert Plus all of that sugar and then you've got the Ritz crackers and then the add Savory buttery notes along with a little bit of butter we added in there it's so good it has a really nice balance of.

Both salty and sweet our Ritz cracker chocolate caramel bark out and give this one a taste you can cut this if you like foreign which might be nice to kind of bag up but I actually prefer just taking the bark and just breaking it into shards and you get these great pieces alrighty let's give this one A Taste.

Here we go itadaki Mouse hmm the Ritz crackers do such a great job absorbing that beautiful butter toffee they add a light Christmas along with a toffee that has more of a brittle crunch then you've got that layer of crisp semi-sweet chocolate on top which is not overly sweet just goes perfectly with.

The toffee such a classic combination of toffee and chocolate so good um this flavor combination takes me back to the holidays too when my father would come home from work around the holidays friends and co-workers would bring homemade sweets and I loved the English toffee.

This combination of toffee buttery caramel flavors with chocolate so so good and screams holidays to me delicious alrighty my lovelies this season show how you celebrate with Ritz thanks so much for watching and big thanks to Ritz for sponsoring this video I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this.

Video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye I'm so happy that I don't have to wash any pans it's a simple small things in life


  • That marshmallow thing sounds good. And so cheap and easy to make, I think I'll actually try it! Wonder if adding a touch of peanut butter instead of vanilla would change the consistency way too much.

  • Wow, you seem to have brought back a lot of wonderful memories for so many. I never heard of this but it sounds like its pretty darn good ! Easy to! I think this one is a go !

  • I want to make the Saltine cracker candy, the problem is that we don't have Saltine crackers in my country. So I assume that Ritz is a good substitute for Saltines. Is Tuc salt crackers suitable too?😊. Thanks Emmy! 🤤

  • I buy so many packages of Ritz during the holidays that I feel like maybe I should own stock in the company. 😅
    I use them in my escalloped corn, in three different candies, in two different jello salads/jello molds, in my cheese patties and we use them just as crackers for our olive and pickle trays, our cheeseboards and all of our dips.
    They truly are a delicious and versatile ingredient that also tastes great just out of the package.
    The real bonus with Ritz is that they are lacto-ova vegetarian safe. They weren’t years ago and my family always had to use a substitute for the Ritz crackers. But since nothing beats that flaky, buttery little disc of loveliness… it’s nice that we can now use them for our many vegetarian dishes ✌🏻💕😃

  • I loved hearing you reminisce about holiday traditions and the different foods that welcomed family and friends. Keeping these traditions and memories alive is at the very root of “family."

  • I want to make these for my stepsons. They have such sweet tooths that we are kind of surprised that they still have teeth😃. I love to make them food and treats that they like to eat.

  • Emmy,
    Being very conscious of dental hygiene, and even though, I too love spinach dip, I never serve it at parties. My mom wanted it on the menu for my wedding reception and I said, "Heaven's no! The pictures and everyone smiling with spinach in their teeth! I offered to compromise by changing our little remembrance gifts to our guests to little dental kits (dental floss, travel toothbrush & small toothpaste) instead, but she didn't go along with that idea. So, in the end, there were clean teeth 😁 and wide smiles for pics and no need for 🪥ing because spinach was nixed. I, of course, never go anywhere without dental floss and always check my teeth after eating. My sister teases me mercilessly about my "dental floss habit," generally with something stuck between her teeth! Do you think I tell her about it?

    Thanks as always for your wonderful videos!

  • We made the one with whole crackers using saltine crackers. We just sprinkled the sugar on top afterwards pouring the butter on. We did cook it in the oven the same as you until the sugar melted.

  • We make this every year to give to neighbors and everyone asks for the recipe. You can add sprinkles, colored sugar, crushed candy canes, etc. to make it more festive as well!