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Elbaf Is The Biggest Lie in One Piece History!


The straw hats are sailing right into a massive tra as bad as things look for them at Egghead elbat promises to be 10 times worse the legendary island of the giants has been one of the most long running Legends in one piece and now over 1,000 chapters later the straw hats are finally headed to the mythical island of Warriors it's only natural.

That fans are going to be hyped up about that but we need to take a closer look at what we already know about elbat because there are some big secrets that point to the straw hats heading for major trouble we're introduced to the idea of Giants and their homeland of elath all the way back in little garden this is only the second island on the.

Grand line for these straw hats almost as close to the start of their story as you can get and the first island is whiskey Peak a pretty normal Outlaw Town not too different from log toown little garden is where things really start getting crazy for the straw hats Dory and brogie are our first look at Giant culture both members of the Giant.

Warrior Pirates and they've been fighting for 100 years all because a little girl asked as them who caught the bigger fish the pair are both about 160 years old and that's apparently the peak of life for a giant while they're good friends they take their duel extremely seriously even after the straw hats leave little garden we see Dory and broi.

Continuing to fight after the 2-year time skip they might be friends but that wasn't enough to end things their honor is more serious than that let's go back to the pirate thing though the Giant Warrior Pirates calling themselves that kind of implies that giant Pirates aren't very common we've seen a ton of pirates all over the Grand line but.

There's only one other giant who we've seen sailing with normal Pirates zanan wolf an Infamous criminal that's changed recently hudin and some other young Giants joined up with buggy for mercenary work while the genius Jester was being a legit warlord ultimately though the Giants decided to make their own crew as part of the straw hat Grand.

Fleet when they formed Harin decided to call them the new Giant Warrior Pirates it's cool to see another crew from elath but this backs up the idea that there's only been one pirate a crew from this island of famous Warriors at a time the Giant Warrior Pirates were founded before Dory and brogi with another pair of captains jahu and joru leading the.

Crew before them this joint Captain tradition is unique to the Giants though there's been no information on what started it just yet while there's only one pirate crew native to elath it's clear the island is friendly towards pirates in general not only is Shanks welcome to dock on the island but Dory and rogi are well loved in their.

Homeland oo and Kashi spent 50 years wor working for the world government to try and get their captains back with the clear inspiration elath is taking from Norse culture including bking rating history that makes a ton of sense there's some of History's oldest examples of pirates even much later during the hul cake island arc Oda.

Doubled down on this giving us the name of one of elb's rulers Prince Loki but there's one question that's always bugged me how did Dory and broi get to little Garden in the first place think about this elath is in the grand line you can't leave the grand line because of the calm belt Goldie Roger was the only guy known to have made the full.

Journey across the line circumnavigating the one piece world that means to reach little garden the giant Pirates must have run most of the straw hat journey in Reverse they've crossed the red line and sailed most of the way around the world almost reaching reverse mountain and leaving the grand line entirely Giants are a big deal they went all over.

The world and this would fit really well with real world Norse history the stories of far roaming explorers who settled Greenland are pretty amazing but what made the giant stop raiding pirate or no pirate we've only seen a handful of Giants on the straw Hat's journey across the grand line when the straw hats first met Dory and brogi they were.

AED by these mythical beings same goes for niik Robin when she first met Saul as a child Giants have gone from roaming almost the full length of the grand line to a legend people don't expect to see how many of them are left still that history of exploration could be helpful for the straw hats that likely means that they tried to sail around the final.

Part of the grand line too even if no giant ever made the Journey To Laugh tail Luffy might be able to find some information on what's needed for the last leg of their Journey El bath is also known to be in a wider area called warland known for meapa it's not exactly clear how far this part of the grand line stretches but we can work it out.

With a little deductive reasoning given the enormous meca CB surrounding eggh head as well as the surrounding areas's winter atmosphere is likely that it's also part of the same region if Luffy and his friends can just get off the island the next part of their trip should be pretty quick but that's the stuff we know let's get into something.

That's a bit more mysterious it's pretty consistent that elath is a single strongest military nation in the onepiece world these guys actually intimidate the world government forcing the Marines to release giant pirate prisoners rather than risk war with elath nobody in the present day wants to take a chance on fighting a whole nation.

Of giants but at the same time we've never seen any signs of elb's giants fighting anyone they're on good enough terms with hake Island that big mom was planning a marriage alliance with Prince Loki this was despite the entire Island hating her personally for her actions in sheep house and the death of Captain J Ru we've gone through multiple Kingdoms.

In the new world and none of them have been shown to have fought this island of insanely strong Warriors we had a whole plot about a bunch of new world kingdoms being pushed into war with each other and elath never came up the Giant Warrior Pirates were said to be legendary back in their day but the original crew disbanded 100 years ago.

Giants are extremely rare outside their home they aren't doing much has elb turned to isolation like wano well they don't have closed borders do they not care about the rest of the world do they have something else to deal with are there just not many of them left well there's already a sign of the real answer here if you're paying attention.

Elab seems to fall under red-haired Shanks his territory as one of the four Emperors we haven't seen them fly his flag but this this is where his Fleet assembled everyone there knows who he is and loves him and that's odd when you compare elbat to the rest of shank's allies almost every pirate who sails under red hair's flag is noticeably weak.

Shanks has positioned himself more as their protector a big brother figure here to keep them safe every time we've seen a nation have this sort of relationship with an emperor it represents a promise of protection do the Giants need Shanks to keep them safe is elb still as strong and fierce as the rumors say or is it secretly way less.

Militaristic than before hiding behind its scary reputation and pirate protector If Prince Loki is one of the rulers of elath some kind of big deception would make a ton of sense and it would make things insanely ironic for Uso he spent all this time looking to the Giants as a symbol of everything he lacks the strength and courage of a.

Proper Warrior imagine if the island only has a handful of people able to fight now it's easy to forget since most of the Giants we know come from elb but that's not all of them there are giant cultures that exist outside the island of Warriors Jaguar daa comes from a nation like this when niik Robin asked him about the island of Warriors he.

Called elath and his Customs barbaric it's literally the first thing Saul thinks to bring up when he meets young Nico Robin he is probably not a fan of the stereotypes and if there are other giant civilizations out there perhaps living with humans they could explain physically large blood lines like the Buccaneers and Oni still there's clearly.

Some kind of cultural connection between the Giants since Saul was very familiar with elath after Ohara that's where he fled along with the library he must have had some confidence both that he would be safe and that he would be able to find other Giants to help him and there's a good reason Saul picked that place elath isn't just outside the world.

Government's control it's the island most likely to still have pre void Century history Giants are extremely longlived we went over that with Dory and brogie while the void century was 800 years ago that still means it's much closer ER for the Giants only a few Generations away some of the older Giants can probably remember their.

Parents talking about it the people of elb still maintain a tradition of sun worship while the name NAA hasn't come up they could have remained loyal to the original Joy boy all this time after all he was one of them why else would IMU have a giant-sized straw hat sitting in a vault at Mary joa that's got to be Joy boy's hat if any of the Giants still.

Remember the significance of that headgear Luffy and his friends are in for an interesting arrival on El bath it might be friendly but if the Giants think Luffy's mocking their legendary hero violence May ensue even if the island isn't full of NAA worship it could still hold the final porog glyph that is if the rumors circulating about.

Its location are in any way accurate the widely known story is that the final Red Rock is held by a man marked by fire while it's not literally what happened to him there is a man on elath many people would assume was heavily burned Jaguar desol while while the red-haired giant scars are likely caused by frostbite instead of fire that's not.

Something people are going to be able to work out just by looking at him Saul is a historian and has been dedicated to Gathering everything from Ohara with the resources he has there is a very real possibility that he's gotten the remaining road poneglyph that would be a big change of pace for the straw hats for once they'll just get someone.

Friendly to hand them what they need but even if Saul is not the one with the poneglyph it's likely linked to albath the subject of burn cars coupled with the connection between the Giants and North myth brings up another possibility certer heral of Ragnarok the end of the world is easily the most famous bit of Norse smth predicting that a story with.

Biking themes will work in Ragnarok is a pretty easy guess still it's absolutely fitting for one piece we have reached the final Saga the shra hats are showing up to a new place some kind of massive cataclysm should be expected just look at the state they've left Egghead Island in for an arc with this much buildup they will need a threat worthy of the.

Straw hats the Blackbeard Pirates have already heard rumors of a mysterious sailor whose ship is surrounded by an unending World poool perhaps certer is lingering near elath ready to settle a grudge with the Giants but there's one other possibility in the cards if elath is connected to Ragnarok and our antagonist is a man connected to fire.

There is one more obvious candidate Fleet Admiral Akainu after everything that has happened on eggh Island Akainu is not going to let the straw hats go he's been stuck behind his desk ever since a Time skip happened but this could be the arc where he finally takes Center Stage as a villain the Egghead incident is supposed to have.

Repercussions that shake the world forever Straw Hat Luffy Justified one of the goray and kidnapped the world's greatest scientist this might be the fleet Admiral's cue to finally get on a ship and take his men to war if Luffy is on elb most of ainu subordinates are going to tell him to give up the Marines declaring war on the island of giants.

Right now seems insane they're being picked off by cross Guild they're on the defensive more than ever they shouldn't waste resources trying to take down Straw Hat Luffy but they just lost gar they desperately need a win and a kanu might be angry enough to burn the whole island to the ground and if elb's military force really is just one big.

Lie he might even pull it off Shanks is an ally of the island but he's supposed to be heading off to find the one piece he won't be there when the straw hats arrive Luffy and his friends could end up escaping St Saturn to only draw an even bigger threat right to the people who aren't ready to deal with it in the comments let us know what you're hoping.

To see from our time on elath bonus points if it includes USA as always I'm SCE Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you