We're taking Patrick Stewart backin time. Get over here! Recreating a dish he hasn't tasted since he fell inlove with it whilst filming in Mexico. So my friend this is a wonderful moment forme to cook with you, but also cook your dish, the chicken enchilada mole. So tortilla-wrappedtender chicken, dipped in this thing this sauce this phenomena. I never would have had access tothis recipe without you so we're both on a journey here. Now in this pot here is a poached chicken.Boil! So pop a whole chicken in some water, celery, onions, carrots and a bit of parsley. Howlong has that been in there? I'm gonna poach that for two hours and that will pull off the bone andbe phenomenally delicious. Okay. Now the mole is all about the chili, now this isn't going to beoutrageously hot at all but it will have long.

Layers of sweetness and smokiness. Our friendClaudio the chef, he was very specific about the type of chilli and the quantity. So we have160 grams of ancho, 160 grams of the pasilla, and 250 grams of the mulato. So we're gonnatoast these up, every single type of pepper smells and will taste completely different. Andby toasting them you're kind of bringing them back to life. So if you take these chilies andjust sprinkle them into the boiling water we're going to rehydrate them. Nice. So what we're goingto do next is go in with 125 grams of peanuts, 125 grams of almonds, and the same of sesameseeds. Now what's this? this is pork fat. I used to have this on bread and butter, we calledit dripping. Dripping boy! Oh drippin', aye! Aye, we got some drippin'… no. Dripping. Dripping.There you go, you've got it. So we're going to.

Just toast this off. Is toasting a technicalterm because I used to think toasting, I think of my bread. Yeah exactly, if you think aboutthe difference in flavour between white bread, fresh, and white toast, you cannot comparethose flavours can you? No no. And you're particular about your toast. Oh very particular.So we are going to be particular about our nuts. I've just taken these peanuts out. A littlebit more of the dripping goes in. So now we're building the layers of flavour, sweetonions, 10 garlic cloves, so I'll pop these in. And then we've got four grams of black pepper,then anise. Do you remember aniseed balls when we were kids? Yes sir. The little seed in themiddle, that's your anise. Four grams of cloves and four grams of cinnamon. Then we're going to goin with 125 grams of raisins. The next ingredient.

Is plantain. The heat will soften it up so we'lljust keep that moving. Add to that your toasted nuts but remember to save a few back for later.Next, stale tortilla. Stale bread, in the recipe. Really! Yeah, just a little bit. And now tomatoes,roughly chopped. Beautiful. So at this point we're going to liquidise. So we'll go in with allof this loveliness now. Right now the colours in here is fabulous. Absolutely. I have someboiling water here, and we're gonna whiz it up. I mean look at this, I mean it is as ugly as youremember it right? Yes, yes it is. It was I do remember it being a little darker than that.Well you know why? There's chocolate to go in. That will go into the sauce, so if you cansprinkle that chocolate in. Now that's gonna blip away on a very low heat for about one to twohours for the flavours to develop. The mole is.

Blipping away, the chicken is poaching, but then Ibelieve we need a bit of a spank… not a physical spank but like but a palette spank. So we're doingsalsa, we're gonna get a whole corn on the cob and we're just gonna kind of scald it, shock it alittle bit. My! Can you hear it popping? Yeah. But we just want to char it a little bit. But isthis customary? It would be outside over fire, but sadly we are on Southend Pier it's burnt downtwice in 150 years. We don't want to do it again! We're adding the zest and juice of a lime, afinely chopped red onion, two jalapeno chilies, and a variety of ripe tomatoes. So look atthe colours look at the colours! Isn't life joyful when it has this colour? My god. I'm justgoing to run down the shaft of the charred corn and now we mix it all up. And then we're goingto do rice now a green rice was very popular.

In this restaurant. We're gonna fry it off inguess what… Oh, drippin'! Okay, so that goes in here. And it's going to kind of make it gotranslucent and then having a few other things join the party like the white onion this time, andtwo garlic clove. So I'll just put those in. And then with the herbs actually I think this is youropportunity. What I'd love you to do is cross chop parsley, coriander, and then epazote is anunusual fragrant leaf and it's kind of like a minty sort of quality. Pleasant. So handthere and just go backwards and forwards. You've got it going on there boy! Good,thank you. If I see my missus in the kitchen I'll try and always wiggle my bumlike that, there's no real reason to this, it's like a peacock putting his feathers up doyou know what I mean? So Patrick you've got to.

Wiggle your bum while you chop big boy, come on.Yeah you see, you see, who wouldn't? Come on, go for it! So look now I'm gonna go in with thewater. And then if you could gloriously put the herbs into that. Before the rice has absorbedthe water it will get a chance to circulate and it'll just make a very delicious rice. So, thesalsa's done well done, looking good, we have the tortillas ready. We have the rice chuggingaway. And if we just go back to the heartland, the mole, we can feed it now with a littlechicken stock. Oh really! Yeah it will take the texture down and it will just kind of makeit shine a little bit more, but can you see how it's absorbing? I can. I'm just goingto nick a little bit to try now… haha… Yes. On the chicken here this is had a two-hoursort of poach and you can see how that,.

See how that chicken just kind of pulls likethat, it's tender, and our job is to get every last bit of meat off this whole bird. Oh didyou see that look, it's like lava. Oh yes. Enchilada, using the tortilla. Could bewheat, this is a corn one. We're going to rub this enchilada on the outside with thatpork fat and we're gonna take that chicken and we're going to just fold it like that, let'stry and get this going. It'll take a couple of minutes. So chef told me that when they friedthis enchilada off they would simply pick it up and dunk it, pull it out and plateit. Ready for the dunk guys? Yeah! Beautiful heaven. So let's plate this up, rememberthose nuts and seeds? Oh yes..

This thing goes on the top and then a little freshherb, and then we have our salsa with the attack of the lime and that lovely smoky corn. And thenwe've got the green rice. And it looks so good now. And the way that it's absorbed that flavour,so my friend our moment has come. Jimmy! Wow, look at that. This is your moment, this is yourmemory. Here we go Patrick a little margarita. My… oh thank you, thank you. This isexceptional, actually and it's still going, it's still growing stronger, it isdelicious. It's so like what I ate then, thank you. Amazing, thank you very much sir.Patrick Stewart's chicken mole enchilada! Congratulations sir. Thank you, thank you so much.


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