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END OF THE WORLD! Deku Can’t Save Everyone – My Hero Academia


All right guys so the latest developments who come from the my hero academia story have been absolutely astounding we certainly have made a number of predictions on this channel and really when they eventually come to fruition they simply beckon further intrigue you see we could go on.

And on with speculation but the last thing we want to present you all is a concept riddled with contrivances ultimately the goal is to present you with the most comprehensive and plausible yet interesting theories as possible not just write our own fan fiction.

But in the event that such a theory may be confirmed by the series proper in some capacity well that's when we can serve to take things a bit further and that is precisely what i have in mind with this one following the events of the war arc and particularly deku's confrontation with.

Shigaraki in possession of all for one a conversation was to be had between deku and the past wielders of one for all now the big takeaway from this conversation thus far being that deku may very well be the very last wielder of one for all now the reasoning behind this.

Is to me rather peculiar and i say this because of how well it ties into several in canon quirk related hypotheses expressed to us over the course of the series there have at this point been several generations of quirk wielders and with their hereditary spread over the years the majority.

Would soon become the minority superpowers are now the new normal with only about 20 of the population being born quirkless an ever diminishing statistic the danger one for all's passage poses to potential successors is that of excessive power the likes of.

Which could not possibly be contained within a human body it's just way too much and although the previous users of the power have only just recently been able to surmise as much i don't doubt that the likes of the ever brilliant super villain all for one and the nefarious dr q.

Daigaraki have been privy to this knowledge for quite some time now which brings us to the deductive speculation of the doctor which was shunned by the public yet embraced entirely by all for one the quirk singularity doomsday theory the notion that.

One day quarks will bring about the end of humanity as we know it as with their ever surmounted complexity from generation to generation eventually a time will come where no one is able to control them any longer the first signs of this issue being discovered during the fourth.

Generation of quirks the generation deku's mother belongs to now shinomuri-san despite being the fourth wielder of one for all did not belong to the fourth generation however seeing as one for all is absurdly powerful and well beyond the bounds of virtually all.

Other quirks with the exception of its progenitor it's understandable why it was able to provide signs of this well in advance but unfortunately although they possessed such evidence for so long it would be close to half a century before they could put the full picture together.

As described by the doctor quirks have become increasingly complicated yet the human body has yet to truly change and adapt it simply cannot keep up this is precisely the reason sugar rocky was to be subjected to unending hellish agony for four entire months to.

Effectively upgrade his hardware however having emerged with these changes being incomplete there have been points that literally display his body breaking down and breaking apart a phenomenon we may now attribute to one for all as well in the case of the fourth wielder seeing.

As in his final years visible breakage could be seen on his form but now looking beyond these two egregious cases what does this mean for the general populace well way back when one of our oldest videos on the channel was one where we deduced what exactly.

Quirks are evolution or disease a video that despite its age still to me entirely holds up and is a pretty good watch that i'd certainly recommend but with that video we coined quirks to in fact be a disease and with these new.

Revelations as opposed to simply being unable to control said quirks the future looks to be even more bleak in one case you have the potential of outright going brain dead as displayed by the excessive providence of quirks thanks to all for one.

In another you have the previously discussed possibility of the body breaking down splitting apart and or leading to a premature end and lastly the most interesting for us story wise villainy beyond social constructs and the like villainy will most certainly rise over.

Time one major cause for villainy as has been emphasized by all for one being quirk instability beyond physical limitations there are of course also the mental and or emotional circumstances that when combined.

Could give way to villainous volatility an uncontrolled quirk in this world being virtually indistinguishable from villainy but because of public perception this sort of issue could fail to be recognized as such because although the people have at this point become radically disillusioned by.

The mecca that is heroics they still have yet to question their credence towards quirks themselves and if there's one thing we should know by now it's that downplaying and or being political towards a sickness does not make the problem go away quirks are a slow killer.

And if nothing is done will for certain be the end of the human species and this my friends is a sort of righteous purpose all for one subscribes to as to validate his own misdoings the fact of the matter being that all for one has the power to outright rectify this plague.

Whereas one for all does not although with this being the case i do feel the need to express that such rectification in regards to heteromorphic quark wielders may not be as fruitful i mean quarks have been around for so long the outwardly changes they have extended to certain individuals.

Have further permeated their genetic pools leading to mutated appearances at birth so the notion of removing something like that is a bit tricky it's pretty much like the limitation of eraserhead's quirk we do have an example of all for one removing the quark-based appearance of a man.

But in this case this was a manifestation seen later in life as opposed to an innate one and so even if quirks were to be completely removed across the board the sort of quote-unquote damage that they have done to human physicality in several cases would yet remain think of it like a scar.

All in all this stuff is crazy and it's clear to me that the further we progress with the story the more pressing the singularity will become although originally presented to be a distant problem for further generations in the end it comes down to those of the present to do something about it.

From now it's kind of crazy to think about it but if you remember the sort of premise behind bakugo's momentary inheritance of one for all during the second film was at one point the proposed ending of the series we're well beyond that sort of thing now but to know that this is a scenario.

Horikoshi had in mind along with the danger the singularity poses to quirk wielders i have no doubt that origoshi is willing to go all out with this stuff and hopefully you're willing to explore all that and more to come by subscribing to plot armor with notifications on.

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