This my friends is the ultimate sandwich it'sa stuffed loaf with grilled chicken and layer upon layer of delicious ingredients,and it's got a dipping sauce come on! Let's do this. So it's super simple we've got agriddle pan on I've just put that on full whack, I've got two chicken breasts here. Butterfly themgoing to one side of the chicken breast and just carefully cutting halfway through. By cuttingin half you're making it bigger, it can take on seasoning and flavor much better, and absolutelyit's going to speed up the cooking by twice. And you can just score down there as well if youwant, and I'm not gonna season it at this point okay I'm gonna season it later. Straight intothe griddle pan. Let's wash my hands properly, let's get some other jobs done. Slice yourcourgettes about half a centimetre thick,.

Then with the peppers push that little kind ofstalk in and then tear open, that will allow you to take the seeds and the stalk and we can losethat. These lovely halves just tap the seeds out and rip them into quarters, super simple. In notime at all you can see the chicken is cooking in a really beautiful way, just turn it over, lookat those lovely golden bar marks. Now next up we want to get a nice gem lettuce like this and sliceit up as fine as you can, and then next avocado we love it, we love avocados. Now what we want is alittle welcoming party to the chicken and the veg once we've grilled them. So what we're gonna dois just add some olive oil to this tray, season it with some salt and pepper, the juice of halfa lemon. So that's a nice simple little marinade dressing, let's just get that chicken and put itinto that dressing and bathe it and of course it's.

Going to rest, and when it rests the naturallovely juices will come out wonderful. Now, more grilling to do. So in this griddle panwe're now going to go in with the courgettes. And let's just char them on both sides. And thensee all these juices in the tray, look at that, this is such good flavour. So into there, justsimply move them around in all those lovely juices it's going to taste delicious. Slice up my avocadoand then last but not least let's get the peppers in. So as that's marinating and this is blisteringand charring I want to show you the little trick with this round loaf. Now get yourself a nice cobround loaf it could be multi-seed, whole grain, sourdough, just take the top off and just pullaway the soft fluffy inside. With this center part you will never ever waste that, that will make thebest croutons it will thicken a beautiful soup..

So look once you've hollowed that out we can startlayering up the flavours. So we'll go in just like that and pack it and push it down. So we got thepeppers here and in they go, again making a nice defined layer. Then it's time for the chicken justtear it up with your hands and make a really good layer. Avocado, and last but not least the gemlettuce. You think it won't go in just get it in there, stuff it in. Don't go wasting anything,juices go in, it's going to be so blooming scrumptious it's all flavour. So what we want todo is apply some pressure, so we'll wrap it up tight. Put it in the fridge and put something ontop of it to apply pressure, that's just going to make the layers compress the flavours mix. Leaveit for a couple of hours ideally and it will be amazing. Time to make a delicious dipping sauce,so a brilliant little healthier swap is to use.

Yoghurt, 4 tablespoons, and then we're going toflavour it up with parmesan and you want about 10 grams and the flavour is phenomenal. Just a littlebit of parsley, finely chop it, get that in there like that. And then we've got half a lemon leftthat we haven't used, just grate that lovely yellow part of the skin and it's going to maximizeflavour and then of course squeeze every last bit of juice out of that. So give it a nice little mixup, delicious, now time for the loaf. Here it is, take it out of that wrapping. Nicely squashednicely marinated this is gonna be brilliant. And then when you cut inside it, well… you canhave a look for yourself. Look at that, absolutely gorgeous. A sandwich like you've never seenbefore, there's something a little bit different. So of course when it comes to noshing on a littlebit, take some of that lovely dipping sauce,.

Beautiful. One little tiny strokeof this parmesan cheese again, let's get it. Right the moment of truth, it'snot going to be pretty guys but who cares. Full mouth, one minute. I love it 'cos it's a proper,proper comforting sandwich.


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