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EREN GETS DESTROYED!? EREN VS REINER FINAL FIGHT! – Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1


Here we are guys the time has finally come this is the beginning of the end for one of the greatest anime ever attack on titan the final season part 2 is here with its very first episode and we kick things off immediately from where we left off no recap no nothing just jumping right back into things and what a sight to return to indeed as we.

Have hanj clutching onto the body of levi who had previously engaged against zeke who had transformed his entire squadron into titans which he had to single-handedly take out and take out zeke himself only to then be on the receiving end of zeke's gamble as he blew up a thunderspear which was within very close proximity but even despite.

Being unaware of how this all came to pass this was definitely a shining opportunity for the jageris as levi is way too dangerous to have on the battlefield i mean the possession of levi in and of itself is essentially the possession of a secondary army and so to have him in such a state is no doubt a crippling blow to those who would resist.

Them however the interesting thing about this is that previously they had actually been comrades and so they are well aware that they should not underestimate levi and because of that decided they should double tap him shoot him in the head to be sure that he is definitely dead and out of the picture hunch does attempt to convince them that.

Levi is already dead and even goes as far as to depict a picture of his death by mentioning the thundersphere but it is not enough to convince them because again you should not underestimate this man and hanj presumably detecting signs of life here within levi despite his injured state knew how detrimental his definitive death would be and so despite.

Flock's demands she remains resistant and says not a word and thankfully his attention is drawn elsewhere as a titan is suddenly drawing in air and this pulling in of steam is abnormal and you know that titan behavior is abnormal when honj a foremost expert in titan physiology and behavior denotes it as such however as opposed to the titan.

Itself the true cause of interest here happened to be zeku was in fact in perfect condition here now he had not a scratch nor blemish on him however his expression was strange i mean he stood here as if he had just seen god which actually isn't too far off the mark i suppose however with such a substantial distraction hanj was able to flee with.

Levi however despite zeke's prior sentiments towards levi and dealing with him here he is seemingly indifferent he is very slow in both his movements and his speech and that is on account of the experience he had as well within the titan he found himself elsewhere being treated by a young girl who we may.

Recognize to be the founder ymir the location of this interaction of course being the path the place in which all titans and subjects of ymir converge and are interconnected now yamir does something very miraculous here for zeke that is a bit strange as she remolds him by way of the sand that makes up this place she spends time reforming his body.

And this time for zeke feels as though it could have been years but also like a moment it's indescribable in nature but definitely had a definite impact on him in regards to his perception of time which would explain his current situation now the reforming of zeke's body here is especially fascinating and this isn't something that is so.

Unorthodox or unheard of for a titan shifter to regenerate their severed limbs or missing body parts however with ymir doing this here it adds a new level of depth to our understanding of how exactly they do manage to reform themselves it is in this instance that zeke is able to recognize and perceive the process to which it is happening.

However we may presume that it is happening at all times whenever they do in fact regenerate which of course only makes the importance of ymir as a figure as he founding titan the first all the more clear now not that the convictions of zeke are in question or anything but i must say that despite being stuck in the very same position unmoving for what.

Felt like years zeke still remains intent on his plans when he does come too it only takes him a little while to get back on track and resume the plan intending to move forward with his brother aaron now the hype for the end of this season is only made that much greater thanks to this incredible opening sequence but more on that in a.

Separate video along with the ending sequence we will be breaking that down with another video so please stay tuned for that but yeah again there is no recap we are just jumping right into things as we immediately make our way back to the interior of the walls as aaron is assuming his titan form doing so in response to the betrayal of peak.

And the sudden appearance of the jaw titan portico despite gabi's concerns and fear of the betrayal these guys are soldiers through and through they don't care at the end of the day if nothing else they are loyal to their comrades and although a lot of us are team pirates and more specifically jaegerists it's hard not to respect the convictions.

Of these characters regardless of whatever side they claim but now we finally have this invading force marley is finally making their move on the island of devils they are here and they are attacking going full throttle and attempting to save the world at least from their perspective and it is in situations like this.

Moments like these where i am just reminded of how far we have come with this series i mean beyond shifters there is not a titan in sight which definitely serves to highlight the end of the titan era that has been spoken about previously peak manages to be freed and shift thanks to portugal's intervention slicing off her arm and from which point.

We have the attack titan aaron versus the jaw titan portico once more a sort of mini rematch for last time and good lord i do not think i will ever get over the appearance of the card titan i feel like they just keep getting worse and worse this thing is horrendous to look at but yeah like aaron is able to discern this attack from marley is very.

Very desperate their backs are against the wall and they are just lashing out here which of course gives room for error on their part and considering how tactical aaron has been he will no doubt be able to find a weakness or an opportunity to capitalize on now yelling us seeing this attempts to get aaron to retreat but he has no intentions of.

Doing anything of the sort i mean he just looks at her for a while and then makes his way elsewhere that boy aaron is about the action no way is he retreating here no way is he sitting and hiding from marley in this situation no no he is here for a fight the former people in power hid behind their walls but aaron is different and he isn't here.

To fight just anyone he is here to beckon the armored titan reiner if you want to talk about a grudge match if you want to talk about revenge and beef these two have it and this is hype these two going toe-to-toe blow for blow is a sort of content we definitely want to see to close out this magnificent series i mean if you're an anime fan a clash of.

Rivals is just one of the best things that can happen now thanks to peek we have gabi reunited with magath and this man has definitely changed i mean he immediately hugs gabi and scolds her similarly to how a father would and when he hears about falcao when he hears that he ingested some of zeke's spinal fluid he is distraught meanwhile in this.

Situation these ldns should mean nothing to him but instead he is a big softy however he is no longer a commander he has since been promoted to general now in assessing the situation these marlian forces come to the conclusion that since aaron has not used it he has yet to fulfill the criteria of the founding titans power however they also presume.

That zeke will be the key to possessing that power and so they cannot allow the two to come into contact with one another they are aware of the enemy's trump card and need to play around it and deal with this threat before it comes to pass and boy are these marleen self-righteous they consider this battle here now to be a fight for the world a.

Fight for mankind as opposed to just being their beef with the aldians and to be fair considering the theatrics and carnage of aaron's prior transgressions you can't exactly blame them he here is a super villain he to them is the equivalent of a julius caesar a genghis khan and adolf hitler he needs to be stopped but what's more is that to.

Combat such a figure they seem to have brought up a figure of their own in the form of a hero a hero that we presume to be reiner as he is the one who was able to convince them to engage this fight to begin with and of course considering reiner's prior disposition and desire for glory it makes sense and is also.

Very ironic we are blurring the lines between hiro and villain a whole lot with this series it used to be a whole lot more straightforward but now there is way too much nuance to really be able to definitively say who is right who is wrong and who is a villain and who is a hero if such things even exist considering history is written by the.

Victors but regardless they are not here to postpone the problem they are here to extinguish this 2000 year old threat to conclude this dreadful chapter of titans within human history what is a very tall order pun intended now aaron goes up against reiner and he has nothing to play with he is just thrashing this man and lays him out pretty easily however.

The jaw titan does engage in the battle as well and then it becomes a handicap match two on one versus aaron and now aaron does possess the powers of the attack titan and the warhammer titan so you could say the battle isn't too one-sided however it is very difficult to deal with these two combatants despite the tools available to him so.

Much so that reiner begins to underestimate aaron that is before aaron triggers the power of the warhammer titan and is able to pierce both of them simultaneously which does immobilize them for the time being from there some paradise forces begin to move attempting to finish off these two titans with the thunderspears however things take a turn.

As pika is able to deliver a massive blow across a great distance to eren's titan form a direct shot to the head which now renders him immobile now i didn't say peak however she is more or less just the mobile aspect of this as it was in fact the now general magath who is able to deliver this blow as he is a rather renowned sniper the best in.

Fact but now given this opportunity both the jaw and armor titan would begin to move again whereas aaron was definitely vulnerable and with that on account of the use of technology the tide has shifted very tremendously again reinforcing the message that the era of the titan is coming to a close but don't get it twisted this smoke is not.

Reserved for titans alone as these boys out here we're getting lit up marley definitely has some shooters and i say that jokingly but i am entirely serious at the same time because this is a empire a country that has a history with firearms at this point understand that on top of their use of titans their titan forces they also had to battle.

Against other humans as opposed to these aldians on paradis who just had to face off against titans and adapted for that sort of thing which is why they have maneuver gear which is why for so long they use comparatively primitive blades as opposed to guns because guns aren't exactly going to do anything to titans or at least they wouldn't have.

Previously plain and simple they were not built to face off against other people against other humans but here they are making themselves enemies of the entire world all the same but getting back to aaron's situation he is still not moving however reiner has gotten back to his feet and has removed the massive pike from his own body and.

Lunges it forward into errands at which point he begins to think to himself that they should end it all that this is the end of the road for aaron this is the end of the fight and this is it thinking that everyone has suffered enough that aaron himself has suffered enough and really this man is just delusional he is really all in on that hero complex it is.

Crazy to see from there we have onyankapon the prisoners from their cells and for the most part nothing all too remarkable is said here this is mostly just stuff that we already know and have been over armin doesn't believe that aaron actually wants to go through with zeke's plan for ldn infertility as it doesn't.

Seem like an errand thing to do however the others aren't exactly so thoroughly convinced because aaron lately has not been doing things that they would expect him to do at all so yeah it's a difficult sell mikasa still wants to save aaron however she is conflicted because she is unsure of her feelings at this point whether or not they are.

Actually her genuine feelings or simply her acumen genetics defending the founding titan meanwhile there is blood flowing through the streets and aaron is still being pierced by reiner here and is just making a whole lot of noise things are looking very interesting right now and the battle has only just begun so there is definitely a whole lot.

More excitement to be had with the end of attack on titan i really hope you guys enjoyed the episode and our coverage of it between the end of attack on titan and demon slayer season 2 anime in 2022 is definitely off to a fantastic start and similarly to our coverage of demon slayer where we have been just pushing out video after video you can.

Definitely expect a similar sword when it comes to attack on titan as well so be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best attack on titan content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love.