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The rumbling is here and with it aaron has brought hell to earth attack on titan season 4 part 2 episode 5 was a highly anticipated one we've all been singing the opening theme song for weeks now and finally the rumbling has come in the previous episode the two brothers zeke and aaron had gone on a journey through the memories of grecia their.

Father while it was zeke's intention to show aaron that he had been brainwashed by their father it would not play out that way instead zeke would see that aaron had a very different childhood than he had imagined it was zeke's assumption that the two both had dramatic childhoods but in reality aaron was raised very differently this.

Surprised zeke because he had assumed grisha was a reason for aaron's current behavior the only reason he figured aaron would betray him however aaron was actually born this way and he would express that to zeke while on their journey the biggest surprise for zeke though was that aaron was responsible for grisha killing the royal family and.

Stealing the founding titan which we would now see in far more depth than ever with the beginning of this latest episode as grecia easily body frida and super violated the whole race family from there zeke would hear the worth of grisha everything will go in aaron's way from this point on he'd say this while crying and telling zeke to stop him.

Episode 5 from you 2 000 years ago picks up with the end of the journey through grisha's memories and interestingly enough the first episode of the series was titled to you two thousand years in the future a pretty cool little callback there which just shows how much has been intended with this series from the very beginning abruptly the sequence of.

Memories would now end after grisha's pleading this was premature as zeke hadn't seen it to the end where grisha was eaten by aaron zeke lost control despite being in chains aaron would now stand over zeke in a position of power as it said in physique that this was all according to aaron's plan now knowing the attack titan's true ability zeke was.

Able to put it together that aaron could influence the future by showing specific memories that would fit his narrative with only a piece of the picture grisha and really anyone could be influenced to a certain direction and aaron took advantage of that it was something from the future that aaron showed grisha to convince him to steal the founder's.

Power despite being unable to use it like we pointed out with the previous episode breakdown grisha had no idea that he wouldn't be back to show aaron the contents of the basement when he left and had no idea that it would be the very last time he would see his family again still towering over him aaron would express his gratitude for.

Being taken to this point by zeke because if he hadn't shown him grisha's memories this wouldn't have been possible zeke's plan to save his brother ultimately backfired with a look of fear and confusion it would settle in again for zeke that it would be aaron who gets his way not him according to grisha for aaron it was four years ago that he saw.

His future through his father's memories zeke was horrified hearing all of this and was now desperate to prevent the worst from happening while everyone else was happy and content aaron knew the inevitability of what was to come and has been preparing all this time and in that it is a bit saddening to think that a character so entranced by the prospect.

Of freedom has been bound by the flow of time in this way from the moment he received this information aaron ceased to be the character we once all knew him to be zeke would now yell out to the founder his command to sterilize the subjects of ymir forever with that the founder would begin to walk away beginning the execution of this command.

Aaron was shocked zeke would then state what should be clear to everyone by now that erin doesn't know the full future and considering inheritors of the attack titan see the future by way of those who hold the power after them a peculiar inference is to be made here aaron is the final attack titan and in that sense you may also say that he stands to be.

The only one with the greatest liberties over his own future and yeah now in a horrible predicament still chained aaron would begin painfully screaming screaming as he tries to free himself from his chains in an attempt to stop yamir somehow the horrifying screams would go on as emir got closer and closer to executing zeke's command eren.

Through sheer willpower and desperation at the cost of a finger would free himself from the chains and begin running after yamir running with all his my aaron would catch up to her as zeke would say it's pointless no one can stop ymir once she begins moving and as aaron reached yamir we would get a flashback one which included a familiar duo that.

Of historia and her older sister frida here while cleaning her face frida would tell historia to be more ladylike and the reference point for such a thing is made to be the woman in the book historia is reading what is ultimately a depiction of ymir a watered-down and romanticized telling of what was truly a horrific story from there we would have.

Yamir as a young girl in her village a village that would be besieged by a marauding clan of brutes they burned everything to the ground slaughtered many and enslaved the rest there was no mercy in their actions whatsoever they cut out the tongues of their new slaves as to deny them speech slaves aren't to be heard nor are they to converse a.

Really gnarly process which yamir was also subjected to unfortunately now as a slave there is a moment in which yamir observes the king's marriage here his new wife is very pretty cherished and has the most beautiful flowers in her hair this is important for later there would be an incident where a pig escaped leaving a slave to be blamed the king.

Demanded one of the slaves confessed to the wrongdoing but was met with silence until he announced the punishment which would cause all of them to lose an eye so cruelly expressing that slaves have no need for two eyes which should clarify the utter disregard for human life expressed by these people that in this society slaves were less than.

Livestock upon hearing this fear would come over the slaves and they would all point at yamir to be the one that is guilty a depiction we had previously received with the final season trailer which has now been overhauled to be a lot more visually appealing yamir seeing the predicament she was in was hesitant but ultimately did not resist and.

Accepted the blame with this she would be freed and for them the free must fend for themselves and so yamir would be hunted for sport and during this she would fall after being shot by arrows and look at a beautiful flower now defiled by her blood it was tainted and ruined and this as opposed to all that she had experienced previously made.

Yamir cry she wanted to be admired she wants to be beautiful but here she is faced with the reality that she will never be those things and it is incredibly painful however she would soon have an opportunity to enter the base of a great tree a tree which would come to be later represented by weight of the paths from here yamir would fall.

Into a greater body of water where she would sink and begin to drown and this is when a strange creature approached and made contact with her and these depictions in particular are very heavily inspired by norse mythology as titans in general are as well this tree happens to be the world tree yangdrasil whereas this virtually parasitic.

Creature that attaches to her is nidhogg a serpentine creature which gnaws away at the world tree and interestingly enough in norse mythology it was believed that nidhogg's presence forbode the commencement of ragnarok the end of days and so in that sense the inevitability of the rumbling is made only that much more evident oh and the.

Water 2 is representative and this reference is incredibly direct as it is actually the ether the believed to be liquid origin of all life from which the first giant yamir was said to have been conceived from an incredibly poisonous substance indeed and this ties into aaron kruger's prime statement that yamir touched the source of all life as.

Well with that a flash of energy would emerge and fill the sky to the surprise of yamir's previous pursuers this was the birth of the founding titan a massive and mostly skeletal visage as he founded yamir's form being mostly composed of bone emphasizes her role as a framework for all to come later as well as a lack of identity herself.

With every visual of the character her eyes aren't so clear eyes are believed to be the windows to the soul and as a character so lacking in self-identity yamir and all those in her story lack such things just as her titan lacks proper facial features but yeah this strange giant creature would rise up and we'd later cut to yamir again being with.

The king and this is honestly pathetic yamir at this point has all the power in the world if she wanted to exterminate all life on earth she could if she wanted to rule the world she could if she even just wanted to kill her captors she could but instead she returns to enslavement seeking acceptance all while dropping to her knees before her lessers.

And this is where our modern understanding of what it means to be ladylike arises a concept so firmly rooted in obedience societal acceptability and the admiration of men yamir in her modern depictions is made out to be a reserved and dignified young woman where in reality her attire was wretched and she literally could not.

Speak on account of her severed tongue yet as a titan shifter if she so desire to ever speak or heal her tongue she could but never does she knew nothing but to serve and be loyal which is incredibly contrary to all of our prior depictions of this character even beyond the storybook of historia i mean for the elderly and restorationist she was a.

Commanding female figure of such incredible might that led the many titans but this was far from the case on account of her titan powers they built roads cultivated the wilds and bridged the mountains with this the eldian tribe became a superpower in a matter of years and ymir did all of this for the king who was now far more decorated than ever.

And her reward she would be permitted to bear his children even despite all that she had done yamir is afforded no agency or praise she is the most powerful being in existence yet is still treated as an inferior and never once resists this what should most definitely exemplify the horrific ramifications of enslavement upon the human psyche.

Something passed down through generations even now as we have people like aaron who so desperately crave freedom to this day the amir is the albion king's weapon against their marlayan enemies which shows just how long lasting the beat between these two tribes happens to be yamir would go on to have three daughters children that.

The walls maria rose and cena would be named after by the way which he lifeless emir had no reaction to and this was the same as always for the most part the growth of their civilization was immense from a small village to a nation but for as many children as she had yamir never received the attention the king afforded to his wife yamir bares and tend to.

These children all by her lonesome which is most definitely a proper depiction of the times yet even still there are no shots with them all as a family that is with the exception of yamir's very last living scene one where she sacrifices her own life for that of her abuser and as she bled out the king certainly did not thank her he simply told her to get.

Up refusing to believe that such a blow would end her life but it did all the while the king here still only refers to her as a slave despite her giving birth to his children and helping his nation so greatly this next part is very disturbing but then again the whole story of yamir and attack on titan in general is to some degree the king.

Desperate to have yamir's power passed on would command his children to eat the raw remains of yamir their mother on his deathbed he would command them to bear children to continue passing the power on furthermore commanding that once his children die they were to be fed to his grandchildren a cycle to be repeated from generation to generation what.

Ultimately gave way for the creation of titan shifters and all the while yamir even in death was a slave molding each and every titan across all history for a virtual eternity toiling away at the creation of these colossal abominations by way of only sand and a small water pail all for the sake of the despicable king's dream of eternal domination and.

Truly yamir's depiction in this space as a child is made to represent her lack of growth or change her enslavement broke her mentally and so despite her physical regeneration by way of her titan powers she could never truly heal however aaron would be the one to end the grim backstory of ymir declaring that he was going to put an end to this world saying.

This while holding ymir and asking her to lend him her strength he would continue to plead with her and would seem like the first person to truly understand her and so while he was essentially asking her to serve him he would do so in a way where she had a choice he wasn't going to try and force her like the leaders of the past it was.

A request zeke hearing all of this would now run to eren concerned for what may be happening aaron would tell her to now choose choose whether to stay in this place forever or end all of this zeke's lifelong plans were in trouble everything was falling apart before his very eyes he would then again tell yamir to fulfill his wish immediately he would.

Remind her that he is a descendant of the royal family during this aaron would ask amir if it was her who led him here he would tell her that she has been waiting 2 000 years for someone and in the end zeke would kind of help aaron he acted as a counter a reminder of how things have always been there was always a royal giving commands to her using her.

As a slave zeke was trying to do this too compared to aaron who was warmly holding her speaking to her and simply asking her to make a choice yamir was overwhelmed and tears would flood her eyes as zeke drew closer her pupils now for the very first time being made visible representing the return of her soul this is the strongest expression of.

Emotions that yamir ever displays from which point as if it were the flip of a switch suddenly it would happen a new spine-like structure would attach aaron's head back to his body which looked just like the parasite that gave you mere her titan powers to begin with a flash of energy greater than we had ever seen before would appear from the.

Sky the great walls would crumble and the rumbling would begin colossal titans now surrounded the city where walls once stood gabi would look on closer as aaron's new titan body began to take shape as it let out a ferocious roar now being skeletal in appearance just like amir's titan reiner realizing the.

Danger she was now in began to desperately attempt to cover her as everything nearby began to be destroyed studio mapa killed it with this the spine and ribcage of the new titan body would fill the sky as armin and the others would watch on when the colossal titan himself is shaking you know it's something crazy the titans from the.

Walls will begin moving now the rumbling hell on earth was here nothing but destruction would happen from this point onwards mikasa couldn't even process what we know to be aaron's new titan body in her own words it was just too big these sides exceeded the colossal titans around it made these terrifying monsters look normal armin would put it.

Together and try explaining to mikasa that they had won aaron had done it but mikasa couldn't hear armin over the incomprehensible damage occurring around them armin would explain that aaron is their ally and that he activated the rumbling immediately to destroy their enemies in marley yelana could only look on in shock and early beast titan's name.

Zeke as mikasa took in the idea that aaron was back on their side confusion would set in for armin he could see while maria collapsing like the one around them yet he knew they didn't need that many titans to destroy the allied forces in marley so many titans were not necessary suddenly to interrupt that confusion was aaron's voice using the.

Power of the founding titan aaron would directly address all subjects of ymir telepathically and this included the likes of falco and historia aaron would explain that he had undone the hardening on the walls of paradise and with that all the titans from within them had begun marching his ultimate goal would then be expressed to protect the people.

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