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EREN’S FINAL FORM DESTROYS MARLEY! – Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12


Attack on titan's final episode of its seemingly unending final season second part was pretty good the beginning was most definitely a change of pace from the action-oriented battle we had received with the episode before and i can't help but feel like this episode was particularly enjoyable because of a very simple factor aaron aaron was not.

Only in this episode but was a driving force and that's on account of most of the episode's narrative being from the past the expedition of the scouts into the world beyond the walls and besides aaron of course having sasha around is great too now for the most part these islanders were not at all prepared for this far more technologically advanced.

World so suffice to say they weren't all too well prepared to avoid standing out and this sequence provided a bit of comedy that we haven't really experienced in quite some time with this story so it was pretty nice to see yet as his friends marveled at the otherwise unseen world around them aaron remained to himself spacing out for the rest of.

Them it was their first time being in such a space making it pretty much like a wonderland yet for aaron on account of his father's memories this was a world he had seen rather in-depth several years prior and at that beyond the surface level grandeur of it all aaron has of course observed such scenes from the perspective of the oppressed so it's.

Not exactly the most pleasant experience i'd imagine and when armand and mikasa approached him about their current location as opposed to possessing that same hope and wonder he had as a child for his and all their sakes aaron felt the need to remind them of where they truly were on the other side of the sea in the land of their enemies and i think.

Overall this whole first touchdown scene is so great and encapsulating the possibility of peace while also emphasizing that which keeps them distanced and on opposing sides which is only further by the distance between aaron and his friends now this levi clown scene was really something else a fear of clowns is rather common i.

Suppose but a funny thing about me i absolutely love clowns creepier otherwise so i was very happy with this and for whatever reason the studio decided to go crazy with the scene and make it several times better than the manga version now the face mikasa made after having ice cream for the first time was the most adorable thing ever i.

Mean even before the walls were breached and she was a child she didn't really smile like this that joy of hers was something she immediately sought to share with aaron but again the vibes were off and at least in retrospect mikasa could now recognize these signs of aaron's resignation from the collective jubilee now the uncomfortable.

Reality would begin to show from beneath the surface in only a matter of moments as levi apprehended a child who had pickpocketed sasha and ever so swiftly the jovial tone of ice cream and clowns shifted to one of xenophobia and racial persecution and to make matters worse such things were not limited to only verbal berating but also the desire for.

Physical violence against this again child the severity of their civilian-based persecution seems rather proportionate to that other military's treatment of eldians which like many other things in the series may serve as a social commentary of sorts in regards to violence perpetrated by the so-called justice system subsequently skewing the.

Concept of justice possessed by the populace or at least the majority into being proportionately cruel and there is the element of considering him to potentially be an alien devil at play here sure but as we come to later understand this boy is simply a refugee to which a relatively basis animosity has been placed he is a thief sure but a.

Victim of circumstance and necessity all the same circumstances previously perpetuated by the oppressor and for as disturbing as such prospects may be it shouldn't be lost on viewers that such behavior was once a commonality and only just the time of most of our grandparents even not to mention the fact that such deplorable behavior may.

Still be seen across the globe in various regions and territories yet fascinatingly enough despite having and being willing to resort to extreme violence for their own beliefs our eldeans from the walls as fellow downtrodden peoples would come to the aid of this child despite being responsible for the attention on him to.

Begin with the exploration of morality in this series is something i have always found to be so fascinating it's generally easier to approach for the masses and condemn within the confines of fiction despite an unfortunate lack of gravity where one may argue it truly matters now even after saving the child despite everyone else being at ease to.

An extent there was certainly a peculiar air of dread to be found in aaron's constant staring and rather avoid facial expressions later would find ourselves within the azumabito estate where kiyomi would provide a bit of insight in regards to the recent strides in blood testing technology and the ability to discern aldians from others yet.

Apparently during the height of the alien empire's reign the possession of such blood was a sign of great dignity and elitism but of course upon its collapse these once highly regarded figures were then globally exiled and shunned the desires of this collective were ambitious at best and woefully naive at worst they sought to find.

Safety and camaraderie in the rhetoric of others but soon realize themselves to be depicted as the world's ultimate evil not to be confused with their domesticated aldian kinfolk but jumping back a bit as this was in the process being planned aaron snuck away to visit the home of the young pickpocket what was a series of tents erected for the.

Sake of the homeless and when aaron saw this he wept and likely did so thanks to the future he foresaw for them these people in the lives he led were not all to dissimilar from that of his own impose upon them by the rest of the world a case of stolen freedom and here aaron would seek to address mikasa's feelings for him he'd ask her why she.

Cared so much about him yet tragically his question would be structured in such a way that it was one or the other because he had saved her as a child or because they were family the directness of this certainly caught mikasa off guard and in her panic she expressed that they were family what was no doubt a very important moment for aaron and.

His preceding course this be quite honest was more than likely a crossroads for him this was when he solidified his path but at the very least he would have one last good night with his friends he drank and partied with them along with these foreign strangers what was a unifying display of those trampled upon by the world they didn't share a common.

Tongue but like something straight out of one piece came together in harmony as they partied and drank together it's both beautiful in a sense yet terribly sad to see with the context of aaron shift in mind but after the failure at the seminar aaron left them leaving them with only but a letter regarding his entrustment of zeke but now from the.

Recounting of aaron himself we'd have him begin by questioning where all this began the origins of ymir would come to mind along with that of his own childhood and various other events but he would soon find that uncovering the specific origin of such strife was irrelevant we would have his discussions with yelna and later flock and dystoria.

Where he'd honestly detail his proceedings to them at least to an extent it would seem and the trust he places in historia by even expressing such a thing to her is certainly immense aaron during his time in marley with his brief interaction with zeke would question the biology of the ackermann clan and they're presumed to be.

Instinctual preservation tendencies which zeke would thoroughly dismiss therefore corroborating armin's prior deductions that aaron was in fact lying when he said all those horrible things to mikasa about her lack of free will and her feelings for him being fraudulent and when zeke questioned what he would go on to say to her aaron would.

Dismiss any notion of a happy ending by expressing that he only has four years to live at best so in a way you could say that this was him trying to get them to let him go to just move on particularly mikasa because i mean armin is on a limited time frame himself but listen man i don't know right after that we would have historia proposing the.

Possibility of her getting pregnant and i don't know man mikasa did finally family zone him and so maybe just maybe i don't know but after that we have aaron mutilating himself for the sake of selling his role as an alien veteran and goodness gracious the determination to once cause required to cut off your own leg with a knife and pierce through your.

Own eyeball with a bullet regeneration or not that is insane yeah at the end of all this aaron's true desire was for all his friends to live beyond him and live happy lives at that which is why the whole sasha thing bothered him so much despite him doing all those crazy things which then brings us to the blockade the combined naval fleet of the world which.

Possessed virtually every major cannon in the world in the face of the rumbling was perhaps the most unified force in human history seeking to repel it the belief being that if this miracle of a flea could not stop the rumbling then nobody could and now don't get me wrong they definitely quelled a few of these things but this force was absolutely no.

Match for the march of these colossal titans resistance was futile and that incineratory smoke of theirs was insane the remaining soldiers on land would begin to run and flee simply delaying the inevitable as they would then see it they would see him the attack titan aaron yanker in his most powerful form fueled by the very declaration he had.

Made as a child and so yeah this has been attack on titan season four the final season part two i don't know how you break up a final season three ways yeah cause we're getting a third part but somehow the studio figured it out and there's only so much of the manga left so i can't help but wonder what they could possibly plan on doing with.

That final season oh my mistake i misspoke i mean that final season part three i wonder what they're gonna do with the third part the third installment of this final season and you know i don't imagine i am in the minority when i say this but this is definitely my least favorite season of attack on titan this is my least.

Favorite installment at this point we can't even call it a season my least favorite installment of attack on titan my least favorite body of episodes of attack on titan which is odd because there are like two or three episodes i would say are some of the best episodes of attack on titan period but of course everything around it everything else.

Kind of dragged it down tremendously some episodes were a pleasure to watch and some were just a chore to watch and i wouldn't say that about any other season of attack on titan where i felt like it was a chore for me to watch it at all but you know it's crazy the way they're milking attack on titan right now i would not be surprised if we get a.

Final part of the final season and then we get a movie people were expecting to not get a part three but instead get a movie i wouldn't be surprised if they gave us both and i would love to know if there are still people holding their breath for an anime original ending it's possible i guess at this point if they're gonna have a whole extra season.

Based off only a few chapters of manga but can't exactly say i'm jumping for joy at the opportunity of expressing any sort of enthusiasm or expectation for this series at this point but please now it's all over let us know how you feel about it i remember there were people who were like ah get out of the way demon slayer.

The real hitter is here attack on titans here yeah no no definitely not definitely not i don't want to pit two greats against one another but come on let's settle down as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.