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Attack on Titan's story just changed Direction in a very drastic way from this point on in the words of his father Grisha everything will go Aaron's way with Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 4 memories of the future it is revealed of the current situation as we know it has all been masterminded by Aaron Yeager not only that but the.

Position of power Zeke had been speaking from like a rug was pulled from underneath him it'll be Aaron's plan that wins out and it is up to Zeke to try and stop him in the previous episode the two brothers met at the Nexus coordinate known as the paths where Zeke revealed himself to be in fact the one with the founders Powers not Aaron at.

Least in regards to utilizing them however with Zeke refusing to aband this little brother of his he believes to be brainwashed by their father just as he was in his youth for the sake of saving him Zeke would take Aaron on a Journey Through Time beginning with Aaron's infancy as his father held him here Grisha looked happy which seemed to.

Perturb Zeke the marlane people have for hundreds of years regarding ldns to be of devilish Origins and disposition and although Zeke's ideology doesn't exactly align with theirs the connotation of negativity is virtually the same and with that Grisha is a devil among Devils to him and knowing of all his sins and the many lies he'd previously forsaken.

Including those of his own family Zeke of course scorned the father he perceived to be a masquerading villain of no conscience but Zeke had already made his mind up about his father long ago at this point his objective was to show Aaron how their father brainwashed and planted the seeds of nationalism in him wholeheartedly believing their.

Father must have caused Aaron to be the way he is now rendering him incapable of accepting his sterilization plan but it's by way of these past events and it becomes clearer than ever that Zeke is really bitter about his father's earlier actions that destroyed their family these earliest memories aren't all too telling however Zeke does take any and.

Every opportunity to point out the fault of his father now it's important to recognize that with the core coordinate being a place where time defies its natural chorus although we only see so many scenes these two are in fact spending several years with one another as they scrub through all these events on an even day-to-day basis as Zeke is.

Ever insistent on proving his point to Aaron and extending his salvation to him eventually we have their father using his medical occupation to get close to those in power doing so for the sake of hunting down the king and stealing the power of the founding Titan and if you recall Grisha over time does in fact become a rather reputable doctor as he.

Actually manages to save the community from a plague with the stagnation and rejection of technological advancement within the walls Risha as an outsider possess medical knowledge and expertise others in his field lacked so it wasn't just that he was a chatty doctor he was A Cut Above the Rest and of course people in positions of power tend to.

Want the best help possible now with this Behavior Zeke would bring up the fact that if their father had ever slipped up or gotten caught he and everyone else of significance in his life would have been dragged through hell right along with him the very blow that struck his previous family and ruined them up to this point Aaron was.

Very neutral but here he sides with Zeke and Echoes the sentiment that their father would toss aside family for his goals Aaron then with a serious expression would tell Zeke that he was wrong shouldn't have been born and that their father's brainwashing was no longer controlling him Aaron was just telling Zeke what he wanted to hear but.

Zeke wasn't about to rush things they had plenty of time to further solidify such a stance after all David from there just continued through Aaron's life with their father and it was pretty cool to see hannes again here he was a bit younger with his hair being a bit longer a nice little reminder of simpler times back when there was a relative peace.

Within the walls on top of that we would see Kenny through these flashbacks as well but from there to the surprise that both Aaron and Zeke it is revealed that Grisha found the king of the walls Hideout long ago several years prior to the point that they were both expecting the look on grisha's face is he confirmed the location and the demand.

Her as he left said it all there seemed to be hesitation and anxiousness as he second guessed himself when Grisha returned home that day he held onto his toddler Aaron ever so closely as he was overwhelmed by emotions with tears in his eyes and to this Zeke was stunned this was a stark contrast to the cold and demanding father he remembered all.

The while Aaron looked at his brother Zeke as he took the scene in eventually Zeke would come to the rationalization that Grisha simply loved his second son enough to delay his restorationist goals as with such a conclusion he was able to somewhat Shield himself still considering his father to be a monster albeit one that perhaps did possess some.

Semblance of sentimentality had Grisha gone through with it then and there Aaron's life would have been greatly affected Zeke now figured that Grisha must have learned something from his past fatherly failings this didn't excuse in order to date his prior Falls but naturally it only made sense for a man to correct such compromising.

Behavior and truly with all of this it would seem that their Journey Through Time has been more for zigzag then errands one last confirmation of his chartered course and all the years he had spent juxtaposed to his father's perceived to be heinous ideology while Zeke believed all this to be for Aaron it was he who was having his thoughts.

Affected by seeing these things it was he who was truly learning so then you have to wonder if it was Zeke's own curiosity why he continued showing all this to Aaron that's not to say that his plan of saving Aaron changed but subconsciously he was curious to see it all for himself as well especially considering how many surprises there.

Were to be found during this point Aaron would notice his father resting with a picture of Zeke and his first wife at his side quickly after as he laid resting both would hear Grisha muttering an apology to Zeke this shocked the two of them but it quickly got weirder as he would look in the direction of Zeke and ask if it was really him Grisha would.

Then assume he was being a bit crazy here because Zeke couldn't possibly be an old bearded man this timeline Zeke was after all still very young Zeke would begin to try and process the strange phenomena not that just occurred but Aaron would not give him any time to as he was ready to move on to the next scene now this is really telling Aaron.

Has at this point shifted to a seat of dominance it would seem that it is now his choice to continue no longer is he bound to the whim of Zeke's decree of advancement this was actually a very big scene it won showed that they could interact with the past at least partially and two again it seemed the focus was on Zeke in a lot of scenes.

Here Aaron is hardly visible he is more so in the shadows while Zeke is in the little light available by the time they had observed the first nine years of Aaron's life Zeke had now seen enough to recognize it in fact Risha loved Aaron and allowed him to grow freely up until then zika Zumba Grisha had put Aaron through a similar sort of tortures.

Brainwashing to his own but now there was a newfound confusion if Aaron was never brainwashed why did he betray Zeke Grisha had told Aaron nothing and simply made him inherit a Titan yet Aaron here is following grisha's ideals upon being questioned Aaron would simply say that he is who he has always been from the moment he was born as you would then.

Move on to the point in time in which Aaron protects Mikasa and murders several men he'd say to Zeke that the two were not the same rather than letting someone steal his freedom Aaron would steal theirs first and how appropriate is it that the flashback would use a bird the perfect symbol of freedom to transition here Grisha didn't.

Make Aaron like this in fact the disbelief of Aaron's actions in this instance was written not only on the face of Grisha but Zeke as well all this would be explained when Aaron as a child Justified killing a man to protect Mikasa our adult era would continue explaining to Zeke that he won't find Aaron to be a convenient little brother.

To share emotional scars with Aaron makes it clear here that he sees Zeke as a man who cannot accept himself until he denies his father's wish to restore eldia basically saying that Zeke is letting his trauma and animosity towards his father lead him as opposed to any sort of respective reasoning in the eyes of Aaron Zeke is just a man haunted by.

His dead father he is not free he is Shackled however Zeke would Express that he was fine with this because it was what happened during his childhood that opened his eyes to what is Right saving the world from the threat of eldia what is essentially the conveyance that despite being a wretched father it is due to grisha's actions that this future.

Zeke yearns for will come to fruition which Zeke himself would consider to be ironic but oh my goodness he has no idea what the true irony here is but besides this I think it is important to consider the words shared here between a young Aaron and Grisha when Grisha questions if Aaron understands what he has done Aaron equates the people that he has.

Killed to being nothing more than dangerous animals that just so happened to look like people and this is a dangerous sentiment to possess especially for a child for Aaron those who oppose him more specifically those can tend to be bound and caged are animals and and he holds no regard for such worthless lies as Grisha would then.

Point out Aaron's willingness to so easily throw away his own life now before the two depart from this point in time Aaron simply observes his exchange with Mikasa when he had given her the Red Scarf he's not very expressive but his attention is certainly worth noting later Zeke would remind Aaron that he will not abandon him straight up saying.

Here that he could fulfill his plan at any time a reminder to Aaron and us as the audience and in this scene we see Grisha attending to Children which is important when we consider what he will do to the children of the race family next the two brothers would observe the the notion of grisha's final words in his journal Humanity has not perished.

And as he touched the photo of his first family and closed the book we could see some regret and confliction in the end though the book was locked away and now with the key in hand Grisha unbeknownst to Zeke locks eyes with Aaron pausing for a moment before we proceed to the following scene with that we are now at the point of the very first episode of.

Attack on Titan one that we may now see from a different perspective it was a normal day except Aaron's father was leaving for work present Aaron will watch on observantly while Zeke looked confused at the household on this day Mikasa had just revealed Aaron's intentions to join the survey corps a known to be life-risking aspiration that.

Had claimed the lives of so many a revelation that even Zeke seemed to be taken aback by their father however would not deter his son from such desires instead he asked why Aaron wanted to go outside the walls it was as if he knew what Aaron specifically was interested in Grisha was right though Aaron wanted to know what the outside.

World was like he didn't want to live inside ignorant for all of his life then adding that otherwise those who had lost her lives out there their deaths would have all been for nothing now this part would affect Grisha as even an adolescent Aaron would make it clear to him that he still had a duty to fulfill the conversation was over though he knew.

Words couldn't hold back curiosity now holding the keys to the journal that held the truth he told Aaron that when he returned he would show him the basement Secrets at this point genuinely believing that he would be able to do so that this wouldn't be the very last time he would ever see his complete family but interestingly he was not looking at.

The younger Aaron when he said this he was face to face now with the older urn from the future in the actual first episode we don't see grisha's face here at all all we have is an emphasis shot on the key so whether isayama somehow had this plan from the very beginning or he simply Revisited the first chapter of the story when constructing this one it.

Is a great touch all the same grisha's eyes were widened here and Aaron too had a look of seriousness again up to this point it was Zeke in Focus but here Aaron has stepped forward during the memory Grisha would now return to The Hideout of the walls King under the guise of a business trip upon arrival Grisha would introduce himself while.

Aaron and Zeke from the future would watch on behind him from there Grisha would plead to have the Titans attacking the walls killed explaining that his wife and children were in danger now Frida has never been a bad person in fact it is quite the contrary but as a royal and possession of the founding Titan's power her personal convictions.

Were of little relevance as despite appearing to be unsettled by such information she conceded to the king's will which then took control risha's request would be denied and it would then be considered Judgment Day for the subjects of yamir it would be explained that the power of the Titans mustn't fall into the people's hands if the.

Power of the founder were to fall into weekends the world would again become hell and this is pretty ironic because it is like John said earlier about Aaron bringing them all to Hell In the words of the king they must accept their sins and welcome their ruin and Zeke here would let it be known that he was on the very same page Zeke was honestly pretty.

Calm at this point and would also remind Aaron that he mentioned seeing this memory through his father already and was disgusted by it then asking if that was a lie too believing that if Aaron was actually disgusted by this act then he would truly be on his side it was the Act of Killing his family after all that made Aaron's own intentions possible now.

Aaron was in fact disgusted by this moment but not for the reasons that Zeke believed him to be and as Zeke asked his question he would be stunned Aaron had a scary expression as a watched on here with Grisha now begging these in different tyrants to save his family from the Titans attacking the walls furthermore expressing that in the eyes.

Of the people within the walls they are innocent because he memories other ancestors sins were white by the founder basically they have been punished without even knowing what they did wrong but this again would fall on deaf ears as they would believe that the people should remain ignorant and be the only ones to die this scene is wild because.

You get to see Grisha losing it while Aaron in the background is furious just watching this expression here is damn near demonic this is up there with some of the strongest expressions in the whole series for sure I mean you can feel the boiling rage here even Grisha sensed a malicious force from behind him next one on the topic of the founders.

Powers graciously quickly let it be known that he is aware that he won't be able to use his powers even if he stole it Frida and Zeke's Jaws would drop as Grisha explained that each Titan has its own unique trait including the attack Titan within him as it so happens he attacked Titan throughout time has not bowed to anyone because in grisha's own.

Words it's to fight the king's self-righteousness as Aaron walked past his side Grisha would explain that they were led by their memories to this point the big reveal would now come the attack Titan glimpse into the memories of its future inheritors in other words it knows the future this shot was perfect we would see Zeke in the far back Risha.

In the middle and Aaron ahead representing the future the founder and zek were both understandably confused here Zeke would immediately ask Aaron the meaning of all of this Grisha knew the founder was unaware of this and also unable to use his powers due to being bound by The Vows who renounce war with a look of insanity Grisha would explain.

That this is where he is the founder and NZ Royal bloodline he'd pull out a blade and declare that his future is already decided they would all start running as Grisha pulled out a scalpel ready to charge at them however he would see the kids here and hesitate dropping his instrument like we pointed out with an earlier scene Grisha is a doctor he.

Helps children and he saves lives to commit such an atrocity would be to defy all that he stood for Grisha would now drop on his hands and knees as Aaron would Loom over him in dissatisfaction meanwhile the royal family children and all would Beck and Frida to kill Grisha and mind you Frida's eyes are not those of the founders in this instance they.

Are her own as she struggles in taking the man's life but as she did Aaron would interact he'd question his father and tell him to stand up he then dropped down himself grabbing hold of his father's shoulder and questioning him if he forgot what he was here to do with a blank expression on his face much to grisha's horror he'd remind Grisha of.

His sister who by dogs at this point Zeke was shocked on so many levels firstly on account of this whole future stuff then the fact that Aaron was interacting with the past and lastly he was the one pushing the very agenda Zeke found so horrifying Aaron at this point was he devil on the devil of Devil's shoulder he would then.

Command his father to get revenge here to keep moving forward even if he dies even after death that he is eternally bound to this path Aaron is a bad man understand that if the attack Titan can see into the future and such all those who came before whether they know it or not they serve their purpose in achieving this future Aaron's future at.

The notion of the future being observed is something we caught a glimpse of with Aaron Krueger as he mentioned Armin and Mikasa when they had yet to even be born Aaron would push and push and push until his father gave in with Madness overtaking him and he would shift from which point we received a rendition of a defining moment from season 3 where.

Aaron kisses historia's hand this was when Aaron's involvement in all of this began after the slaughter Aaron was expressionless as Zeke just looked over at him in utter disbelief and horror once the deed was done Grisha would stumble out of his Titan body and give us such a magnificent series of movements his Madness being on full.

Display here all while calling out to Aaron questioning if this was what he wanted if he was happy now even specify the allowed Rod race to survive here which is goes to show how much Aaron has orchestrated now a broken shell of a man Grisha would question why Aaron wouldn't show him the full picture as apparently Aaron would not show him the face of.

Their family after the destruction of the walls Grisha then knew his other son Zeke to be there as well as Aaron was nowhere to be seen he is still present but he is just not in the shot Grisha would make it clear to Zeke that nothing would go his way from now on that Aaron will get what he wants because he saw Aaron's memories of the future he's seen.

The rumbling and it is far worse than he could have ever imagined and from there he would genuinely see Zeke amazed to see the growth of his first son who he hadn't seen since he was a child and the means to which he is able to see Zeke here is by way of Aaron's memories of being with Zeke it's a pretty trippy experience but I will say that if Aaron.

Had a choice of what to show his father showing him Zeke in this instance could perhaps be considered one final kindness to them both or perhaps less kindly and more likely a means of shattering Zeke's foolish ideology and lifelong resolve as Grisha so severely regretted his cruelty as he admitted his wrongs and apologized to his son Zeke here had no words as.

Grisha without hesitation would grab hold of and hug his son telling him that he loves him as he sobbed regretting not spending more time with him Zeke again was too stunned to speak eventually however he 2 would begin to cry calling out to his father but grisha's final words to Zeke here would be please stop Aaron as like the star of a horror film.

Aaron stood behind them both we would then suddenly get a shot of Aaron's reaction after Kissing historia's Hand furthermore solidifying the significance of that moment as Zeke was suddenly Cast Away and the connection between him and Aaron was severed now on the ground he would simply look to Aaron who was still bound as Aaron looked down on his older.

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