Foreign hello and welcome to this episode of bake it up a notch bite size I'm Aaron G McDowell and I am so excited for today's episode because we are going to be making biscuits and gravy in fact I am wearing my heart skirt specifically for this occasion because I really love our.

Very special guest today and I'm so excited to introduce them so come on out thank you so much for coming everyone this is my husband Derek and I'm so excited because we have a bit of a history with biscuits and gravy so we're gonna dive into it today if you want though don't know that I can take you seriously.

With that bandana you might need to go put your normal headwear on before we start don't get me wrong I like it but there's only room for one bandana in this kitchen Derek and I went to the same culinary school at different times but we went to the same school and Derek is a great.

Cook but when we met what was one of the first things you said to me I'm not a baker he said I can't bake and I was like I can fix that so the first thing that I taught Derek to bake was biscuits so it's especially special for me that we're gonna make biscuits and gravy together today and so much so that I think you should make the biscuits and.

I'll make the gravy okay so we need our cold butter from the fridge and then I think we can get going all right all right grab it foreign we're gonna make a really simple gravy but this is the one I usually make for us which is sort of a sausage gravy with a little bit of green chili in it and.

That's just you know something I usually have cans of green chili in our pantry so it's like a nice easy thing for us to do we've made biscuits before on bake it up a notch with my dad Q clip what do you think I think I need to take more than one bite.

But I actually want to do one thing today that we didn't really do in that episode which is talk about how I get the lightest flakiest biscuits of all time which we'll get to that later but why don't you talk everybody through making the biscuits while I get some of the gravy ingredients ready to go sure all right so this is a fairly simple.

Biscuit recipe we're just going to start with a little bit of flour here All Purpose all-purpose we're going to add our baking soda powder powder baking powder a little bit of salt we're going to give that a quick stir to mix the dry ingredients the nice thing about biscuits is they don't have a lot.

Of ingredients so it actually really is something that you can make very lazy on a weekend morning without having it to be a hole to do and we're gonna go on to our cold butter which we're gonna make sure it gets tossed and coated in the flour we're just going to start working the butter in shingling it by getting it fully.

Coated in flour and then pinching between the thumbs yeah it's funny because we're very close on set here and Derek is Left-Handed and I'm right-handed so this is like a disaster waiting to happen but I'm also here for it just be careful because now I got a knife I'm gonna cut up some onions for our.

Gravy just gonna dice them so the method that you're using is the cut in or rub in method it's important that the butter is really nice and cold we're using unsalted butter but if you were ever making this and you wanted to use salted butter that would be fine you just want to use less salt in the dough and the cool thing about this is you can.

Actually make the biscuit dough the night before also and we do that sometimes where we make the biscuit dough leave it in the fridge overnight and then it's ready in the morning nice and cold to be rolled into biscuits Butters pretty well what size out here are we looking for well I believe your recipe calls for pea size but when I do.

This I like to keep them about Walnut size very thin well hold on you Riff on biscuits now I love it um do you still have my pie crust recipe memorized I do one and a quarter cups all-purpose flour a little bit of salt and a stick of butter be still my heart I'm gonna make a little bit of well in.

The middle of the dry ingredients here okay I think that the cool thing about biscuits is I think a lot of people think that they're pretty scary to make but I think you found when I taught you that it was a lot easier than you thought yeah I think one thing that happens is that people they want really.

Tall flaky biscuits and they just roll them too thin you know like there is baking powder in here but that's only going to do so much spraying and so much of the job all right I think we're about there and this is a slightly smaller batch for you know generously serving two people I mean we're gonna have more than just to.

Serve two here but if you want the full batch size you can definitely check out my biscuit recipe here on Food52 or check out my new book say Mary baby okay that's looking awesome talk about the hydration and what it should look like sure so I think this is actually about where it should be it should come.

Together fairly easily not too tacky um but it shouldn't look smooth either it should be a little bit craggy I'm gonna wrap this and chill it chill how long do we need to chill it probably 30 minutes to an hour at least okay we of course have a swap that we already got ready so why don't you chill this one wrap it up chill it and we'll grab that swap.

I melted two tablespoons of butter in my pan here and I'm going to add a pound of sausage and that's sausage that I'm adding so technical term on our wedding day Derek and I woke up early and we made biscuits and gravy we just eloped so um it was we had wanted to have.

Breakfast with Brimley do you have any gravy Secrets like what's what's the key to you for a good gravy I don't actually it's okay Josh edit that out I mean traditionally the secret to a good gravy is the fonder the brown bits of meat protein on the bottom of the pan that she would deglaze up and then.

Distribute throughout the sauce for additional flavor I don't have any tips or anything it's just I'm gonna drop words like fond yeah but more importantly I think I'm using this like a microphone but it's raw meat so don't get too close tell the people how we met.

At a roller rink I used to play Roller Derby I'm I'm um not very competitive so I was definitely more of like the team player I I never was very good but I loved skating and Derek you had been a referee for a team in Wisconsin so you were you were transferring I was the membership director so I met him right off the bat.

And I was so excited to meet a fellow midwesterner that I said you're from Wisconsin we're practically neighbors I'm from Kansas those states do not touch and then after several years of friendship I believe I actually just blurted out I think I'm in love with you.

So that's pretty much what happened and lucky for me he said oh thank God I love you too yeah well this is going to take a while to Brown so let's talk about what we still have to do with the biscuits yeah so I like to sometimes treat biscuits like other cut in or rub in doughs things like pie dough for example or.

Rough up pastry things like that if we want layers like thinking of like you know refrigerator biscuits that you get in the grocery store and how they can literally peel apart with their beautiful layers if we want something like that we can Aid it by physically manipulating it and adding folds and I actually list this as an optional step.

In my recipe in the book but it's definitely something that when people eat one of my biscuits for the first time they're like how did you do that and I just do a really simple set of Folding It in quarters just like I do with my rough buff pastry that we've made here and bake it up a notch before I just like to keep it simple and you.

Can do one set of folds it's going to add a little flake or even two sets which maybe today let's do two and that's actually why I like to um she didn't do Walnut sized pieces because it gets the butter flat and pre-sheeted before you decide to learn and see that is actually true when I make rough puff pastry I leave the.

Butter in larger pieces because I know I'm going to add those folds but when you're just making biscuits and you're not going to add any folds you can kind of mix it more to the size of peas because that's going to be more evenly dispersed and it's also going to reduce the risk of the butter melting out of your biscuits which is important and.

Nobody likes that that's a disaster when that happens okay fold it in half and then in quarters and then we'll wrap that and chill all right I think I can add my onions I like a high ratio of onions luckily so do you there's a few reasons why we make.

A great couple one is that Derek also likes the very cold pie temperatures that I keep our house most of the time and the other is that he likes onion and garlic as much as I do so we never have to worry about having oniony breath because we just both do all the time okay while this Cooks I'm going to mince up some garlic we made one more biscuit.

Dough that already has some holes I think you could roll it out and we could go ahead and cut it so let's cut them as squares and when you're roll sometimes I don't even roll out my biscuit dough I just Pat it out because I really think that people don't they make it too thin oh.

This is smelling very good we're gonna make four out of this can just four yeah all right so you can see this is like an inch thick and that's what I like um is that what do you think it's about an inch yeah yeah and I think an inch is kind of it seems too.

Thick but again the baking powder can only do so much of that work for us oh totally shofaki so egg washing them to get them nice and golden brown my onions are almost done so I'm going to add my garlic we've got fun Derek oh yeah.

Good looking fun if it took you a long time to roll out and cut out your best or if it was a particularly hot day you might want to refrigerate them again before you bake them probably a good idea but today you went very fast so I think we can probably go straight into the oven so our biscuits are going to Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit uh for 25.

To 30 minutes until they are nice and deeply golden brown and we want to make sure that they're baked all the way through especially when we're making big honking biscuits like this okay so we've got some good Browning going on here I'm going to go ahead and deglaze this with um actually I put these in first I believe.

I'm adding my green chilies these are just canned green chilies I often look for hatch chilies in the store when you can find them add those and then I'm also just going to deglaze it with some broth you could also do this with wine or beer or you know really anything I just do broth to add a little extra meatiness to it plus we.

Usually have some Derek is actually a fabulous broth maker it's one of my other favorite things about him we're going to cook this down until almost all the liquid is gone we're really just using it to deglaze and also to kind of start to bind some of these flavors exactly concentrate these flavors together.

Would you actually mind mincing up some parsley and chives I sometimes like to add just a little something green to our gravy you certainly could leave it out but I just I love chives again we want all of the allium both Derek and I um but I also like that little bit of freshness that parsley brings into it and this is very heavy obviously with.

The very heavy biscuits the very heavy gravy foreign it's getting steamy in here look at my man-cut herbs so you can see this is how I kind of know it's done like all that broth is pretty much just part of the sausage.

Mixture now nice and concentrated so now another reason you fell in love with me I'm gonna add more butter that's sound so we're adding more butter because now we're going to kind of make a roux and again you could do this separately and then introduce the meat back into it but this is like my laziest gravy so I'm.

Just doing it right in here are you questioning this not at all because you've eaten this on a lot of Sundays weather I know better okay once this is melted once all that butter is melted I'll sprinkle the flour on and cook this stirring constantly it starts to thicken up immediately but we.

Need to cook out some of that flour flavor let the starch Gillette nice that's right I love when you say gelatinize what other things can you tell people can I or should I yeah exactly that's a good point brimble brimble bear.

I miss him yeah me too a neighbor had a litter of puppies and I went over and I picked out Brimley every time I would go out of town um or anything if I needed to work late or whatever you would watch him stay with me he uh tried to stop me from dating other people that you had my back yeah that's true them.

Tell them uh I was dating somebody else at the at the time and we were just staying with me um while Aaron was out of town I think visiting family but every time the my partner at the time would come over for a hug or a kiss or anything like that Brimley would lose it and he would start.

Biting her ankles and try to chase her around the room so it was not meant to be and Brimley is not an aggressive dog in many ways and I was actually having a similar problem I remember when I would kiss somebody he would bark yeah and it was just annoying you know it ruined the moment I would like go in for the smooch so the first time that we kissed.

Absolute silence and we looked over and he was just like on the couch like all right I got it it was like The Parent Trap yeah Brimley is definitely a big part of our of our love story looks like we're about halfway on this gravy just trying to bring it to a simmer.

Okay I think our gravy is done nice and thick ready to go so I think bring in the biscuits I wish that worked that way all the time awesome so flaky so golden love that they're little squares I'm gonna put my herbs in here and then I want you to taste this and let me know if I need to adjust the seasoning.

That looks good okay taste it with me and tell me it's pretty good nothing else maybe a pinch I thought you were gonna say Anita the way I usually do this can you cut one of these in half I would actually normally serve one and a half biscuits per person but I think we can just cut into one today and share it and see look.

You did that did that I'm eating it but you did it okay wait no I changed my mind let's get one half of another biscuit in here this is how I would normally do it and if you want to go really crazy I would also put a fried egg on top of this or a poached egg.

Okay So This Is Love so there's okay I'm done wow that looks so good okay hold on just a little bit okay are you ready to eat I am do we need to switch places since you're Lefty I think we'll be okay I like your choice of spoons here oh yeah I had to otherwise your mom would.

Be very upset with me my mom thinks anything Saucy should be eaten with a spoon and gets really upset when they only provide pork and she's not wrong yeah she isn't Cheers Cheers you like these biscuits so much he put a ring on it this is true the biscuit is like that well the.

Tanginess because it has buttermilk and all the layers it's so tender and it's also like a buttery crispy sponge yeah for all that gravy juices gravy juices you're being so delicate and only eating one bite and I want the people to know that you like eating I do so eat it thank you for making biscuits and gravy.

With me thanks for having me let's keep doing that for a few more you know years I was trying to say like let's for the rest of our lives but then I thought that sounded like ominous a little bit Yeah so how long is the rest of my life a marriage is only as good as the gravy.

Yeah Josh will have to find an ending somewhere in this I'm just gonna keep eating we Fade to Black thank you so much for joining me for this very special episode of bake it up a notch bite size featuring my husband Derek and a recipe from my new book.

Savory baking I'm so excited for you to try this recipe for yourself if it inspires you to make biscuits please let us know in the comments and use hashtag bake it up a notch so I can see what you're baking at home as always the delicious recipes for this episode are linked in the video description below so head down there for all this goodness.

And don't forget to click like And subscribe if you love biscuits and gravy and to be made aware of all of our new episodes as they become available our next episode is bringing us some more Savory pies for the month of November and I can't wait until then as always happy baking how.

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