Kicking off with how to handle pastry lightly flour the surface pastry on top rolling pin now the secret now is don't overwork the pastry firm push turn the pastry round and this helps to even the pastry turn and roll now as it starts to crack don't worry just by pushing it back together.

It sort of Unites the pastry immediately apply pressure turn the pastry now the average thickness is down to a one pound coin back on to the rolling pin and look beautiful for the neatest Edge on Tarts and quiches my tip is to let the pastry hang over the side of the tin when you bake.

It trim around the edge once the pastry is cooked it will give you a cleaner Edge and prevent it from shrinking quick tip for even Rising is to place cakes and Tarts in the center of the oven so the air can circulate all the way around them to test your cake to make sure it's done insert a knife skewer or even a piece of.

Spaghetti in the center if this mixture stuck to it it's not done yet if it comes out clean your Cake's ready if you don't have any baking beans to hand for blind bacon you can use any rice grain or poles you won't be able to cook with them afterwards but do keep them to reuse.

Them next time when you're folding egg whites or whipped cream into cake mixtures you want to retain as much air in the mixture as you can my tip use a metal spoon as the sharp thin Edge will keep more of the air in my first recipe uses lovely buttery shortcrust pastry to make a dish that's.

As delicious as it is simple leek and pancetta quiche shortcrust pastry is one of the Staples of the kitchen it is so versatile but the good news is it's one of the easiest pastries to make trust me when you crack it it can make a real difference to cookies take a sieve.

What do you think of short crust pastry it's sort of semi flaky but it's Rich buttery start by sipping 200 grams of plain flour into a mixing bowl large pinch salt 200 grams of unsalted butter bring the butter up to room temperature if you let the butter become too soft.

And the flour so it doesn't absorb it in with your fingers rub together first now the secret is grab big handfuls and squeeze the butter into the flour so look what's happened literally in 30 seconds I've got that nice crumbly texture now a couple of tablespoons of water nothing worse when the pastry is so wet.

You can't bring it together it needs to shape like a nice rich cookie dough it's just a touch too dry so one more tablespoon of water there you go let's cut now that's what I want a nice sort of firm ball pastry onto the board.

I'm going to use these one of the strongest parts of the body pull towards you and push back down use those wrists it's really need it together so just that nice sort of smooth texture now wrap it in Clinton sit there in the fridge for 20 minutes really important that you let the.

Shortcuts pastry relax now to make the quiche you can use just an ordinary flan dish but I love making them in many frying pans which gives them an extra rustic charm brush with oil to stop the pastry from sticking once the pastry is at room temperature roll it out to a nice even.

Thickness place it in the center of your little pan turn it in don't use your fingers because what we don't want is any holes in this just get a little bit of dough because that sort of acts like a little sort of mallet slams it out nicely I'm building a sort of extra lip because that way I can get the filling that is.

Absolute maximum levels when I cut them blind first to Blind bake simply means to pre-cook your pastry before adding the filling this ensures you'll have a fantastic crisp pastry add a sheet of foil or baking paper and weigh it down.

You can use rice pulses or ceramic baking Stones just make sure you keep them for the next time in the oven 200 degrees for 10 minutes now for the filling I'll do a classic quiche bacon and leeks this is a amazing cured pancetta it was an Italian cured meat made from belly pork seasoned with things like.

Juniper nutmeg fennel a great substitute is unsmoked bacon as the vancetta gets lovely and crispy finely sliced leeks and add whoa leeks and bacon nice really important to cook those leeks down exactly what it wants those leaks are almost sort of caramelized slightly.

Crispy the flavor's amazing I just drain them off so any excess fat gets drained a tablespoon's of cream it gives it a nice richness I want two-thirds garnish I.E bacon and leeks in my quiche and one third of the Savory custard salt Touch of pepper.

Grates and Greer cheese that makes a really nice sort of creamy less of an eggy quiche take my amazing crispy pancetta and leeks in give that a good mix needs one more little thing some freshness flat leaf parsley incredible really important just to taste.

Um the mixture with the quiche fitting ready next finish off the pastry remove the Fallen weight and return to the oven to get it lovely and golden all over now when we fill them give that a really.

Good mix up beautiful great over some more cheese which will Bubble Up and melt beautifully and then into the oven make your keys for 15 to 20 minutes incredible it's got that nice sort of cheese and toast smell from the top it's sort of.

Baked secret of any good quiche is in the short crust because that's the hero we spectacular when they're done well and it doesn't come any simpler or more stylish than my next dish wonderful baked cheesecake for me food always has to be impressive but when it comes to dessert often you see Sponge sugar or.

Wild decorations remember simple is always the most impressive this cheesecake is so straightforward yet so delicious well cream cheese leave it out of the fridge for five or ten minutes go nice and soft trust me your arms will be thanking you sugar in this cheesecake is a New York.

Cheesecake because it's baked so there's no base start creaming the cheese and the sugar spending the amount of time I do in the states if there's one thing they know how to do out there is the most amazing impressive cheesecake Rich delicious but so simple work the bowl lift the ball to your advantage.

Really whisk whisk whisk whisk lovely creamy now get your eggs add the extra mixture bit by bit doing it this way it's more efficient hey you're incorporating a lot of Air B the mixture doesn't separate.

Blaster of your egg of course you can use electric mixer but if I go to the gym we can just make a cheesecake a day cheesecake a day keep the Bingo Wings away now a couple tablespoons of flour give it a whisk stop something going Lumpy.

Now I want to scent that cheesecake I've got the freshness zest the lemon in there I want to sort of tart it up even more fold in some fresh raspberries sort of just mix them through be careful to crush them then grease a cake tin with butter this will ensure your cheesecake slides out beautifully.

Get your mix let that fall in now take your cake tin and just tap it mixture hits the bottom of the cake tin The Raspberries rise and you've got raspberries at the top the middle and the bottom it also stops all these little pockets of air trapping.

Underneath the mixture and the cake tin there's no holes in the cheesecake now into the oven 180 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes hmm slightly soufflaid up pull off.

That's the color I wanted on top and look at it it's one of the simplest yet the most stylish cheesecakes anywhere beautiful


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