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Every Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen EXPLAINED!


Jiujitsu kaizen's power system is ridiculous and in this video we're going to be going over Every curse technique we've ever seen in this series so get ready to become a jiujitsu master let's start with a classic straw doll technique is noar's ability and it's not usually focus on the straw doll stuff she mostly uses it to propel nails at.

Her Target striking them with her Hammer once an opponent is pierced By One noara expans The Curse energy within the nail making it explode she can also link an opponent with her straw doll for another long range strike resonance allows no bar to transfer damage from the doll to her Target she needs a portion of her opponent to use this but it leads to a.

Devastating strike whether up close or long distance you shouldn't counter out since that hammer hurts too next we've got nanami's ratio technique he divides a target with 10 lines and creates a weak spot at the ratio of 7 to3 this allows him to have a weak spot to strike nanami can Target any individual body part he can also strike the environment.

With collapse an extension of ratio that can can create some spectacular damage after that we've got disaster Flames Joo just shoots fire pretty simple okay there's more to it than that he can control the heat in the area around him burning everyone within range he can fire flames directly from his palms or head intensifying heat for some insane.

Power see that purple flame if the anime is being scientifically accurate that means his Flames reach temperatures of 71,000 de f for context an active volcano usually gets to about 2 ,1 190° F joo's fire is more than 30 times hotter than lava you can even trap the battlefield forming volcanoes in the ground and firing his attacks from them.

It's a strong and versatile technique maho's Idol Transfiguration doesn't have as many options for how you use it but it's much scarier if it hits One Touch from the disaster curse is enough to transform the target Soul it might be one of the most powerful curse techniques we've ever seen since very few abilities can truly protect the soul.

Now in general curs energy can help if a sorcerer is strong enough they can Parry mahito but most would have to fight him at a range if you get too close a cunning fighter could take down just about anyone with this technique but not all jiujitsu sorcery is that flashy construction is another rather limited technique my zanan can't do much more.

With it Beyond making a bullet it's got some legitimate versatility but the sheer amount of power it needs limits what the user can do with it but yoru who is also able to use construction took the technique to new heights she created insect armor with it along with a spere that produces infinite pressure comedian allows a user to manifest.

Whatever they think is funny into reality they can survive anything with cartoon physics it's got a massive weak spot though relies entirely on the user's self-confidence this is one of the few curse techniques you could beat just by talking explosive flesh is more direct the user just rips off a body part throws it at an opponent and they.

Blow up you you need to be pretty good with reverse curse technique to heal yourself after throwing a body part but that's the only limitation tool manipulation might sound like a boring ability but in practice it's pretty cool this is Momo's curse technique and it's what lets her fly on her broom she has full control of it even when she's not.

Sitting on it and can launch wind attacks while flying through the air the ability to fly is pretty rare in jujuu kaisen and this makes Momo one of the most mobile Sorcerers who can fight her opponents from the air but you can get even more creative with copy imagine having access to a whole roster of other people's curse techniques UT does have a.

5minute timer on his access to this ability but it is still pretty insane as far as we can tell he never loses access to techniques he's already absorbed he can get ready for almost any fight given time to copy the right technique Boogie wogie isn't as versatile but any fighting sorcerer can get a lot of mileage out of it one hand clap and the.

Two of you swap places the sorcerer doesn't even have to swap with a willing Target when you try to hit the Boogie sorcerer they can just swap with another person on your side making you hit your friend even if it's not an attack it's an extremely useful combat technique curse Spirit manipulation is an amazingly versatile ability it gives the.

User full command over even the most powerful cursed Spirits a user can break curses down with maximum Uzumaki and turn their minions into a great big blast of energy Uzumaki also lets the user get some of the benefits of copy stealing a spirit's curse technique and using it if the user has a time to locate powerful curses their strength.

Will go up dramatically puppet manipulation is similar although it needs a lot more preparation it's another Minion Master ability letting the user control a cursed corpse from a distance and Infuse it with their own cursed energy this lets a juujuu sorcerer pretty much be a mad scientist and even build a giant robot to fight.

Their enemies unlike summoning or binding Powers the sorcerer can make their own minions and customize their abilities but using them takes these Sorcerers cursed energy technique nullification is simple and devastating it can be used to nullify any curse technique cursed item or anything else where cursed energy was involved at any.

Point Jacob's Ladder the most powerful move of this technique almost killed sakuna forcefully ripping him out of his host body utahime solo for bidia is the opposite of nullification it boosts a sorcerer's curse energy giving them a bigger power reserve and letting them put more into their techniques she can use it on herself but targeting another.

Powerful sorcerer with it can be crazy too the stronger they are to start with the stronger solo for beraria makes them tenen has immortality it leads to a long life by default but it also led to Tan's Ascension to curse Spirit status there's some crazy potential with this technique while tenen focuses more on barriers someone who likes fighting more could do.

Some incredible things with it auspicious be summon is what would happen if Cur Spirit manipulation was more focused on powering up the user it summons spirit beasts into the user's body allowing them to use their power the user is is limited to four defined Spirits kaii Reiki Kirin and Ryu inverse is a bit of a crazy one it messes with.

The force dynamics of attacks stronger hits get weaker and weak techniques get stronger but there are some weak spots if you combine a weak and strong attack you can get hit by it complex attacks aren't really vulnerable to it and there's an upper limit to how much power it can invert but that's a tough upper limit a 40 story fall wasn't enough to.

Take down aaka if someone stays on the offensive not giving their opponent a chance to come up with a decent plan inverse would be extremely tough to counter next there's takako oro's fan service I mean Sky manipulation she manipulates the sky around her turning it into a solid or semi-solid object she can use it to levitate or distort space.

To avoid attacks but her most devastating trick is thin ice breaker takako creates a thin layer of Sky then shatters it with her strike this basically creates a short-range strap null explosion sending Shar of sharp Sky slamming into her opponent it's a weird technique but still pretty cool by contrast Seance seems normal but is.

Completely insane when you think about its implications the user can contact the dead communicating with them freely but what's really crazy is a channeling ability by grabbing the target soul and corpse the Seance technique user can transform into the target they perfectly disguise themselves as the corpse and gain their physical abilities this is a.

Nasty ability for Assassins source for us to use and should give the Seance user access to the target's curse technique plus they can use it on their friends Blackbird manipulation isn't too impressive on the surface it just lets the user control crows not special crows or Monster killer assassin crows just normal Birds but its user mayay gives us.

A pretty good demonstration of how a useless technique can still be effective she uses her birds as the perfect spies being able to monitor her opponents over a massive radius when it's time to fight she Imus energy into them turning them into explosive projectiles Miracles is an oddly sentimental technique the user saves up Lucky moments every time.

Something surprising happens like seeing all the same numbers on a clock or getting through rush hour traffic with no red lights it wipes your memory of what happened and gives you a little Mark then when you're fighting and your life's in danger that Miracle is consumed and the world itself distorts reality to ensure you survive whatever.

Just happened while it is a purely defensive ability the sheer power power of this technique is insane sure you've only got a limited number of uses but while those charges stack up you're unstoppable although harut Sho wasn't anyone important his curse technique could rival some of the strongest we've ever seen ur's ice formation is fairly.

Simple pretty much the same as Yo's power just going for ice instead of fire blazing courage is a power that's a little ambiguous oi zanan dies too quickly to show off his full abilities level still he's able to create fire that's solid enough to become a blade that shouldn't be physically possible it's likely that this would have been a.

Badass technique pity that it was wasted on oie but there are a bunch of zanan clan members with a similar situation we can sum up their curse techniques as not enough to take down Maki still this is Every curse technique so let's go over them Ron Zan's paralyzing eyes allows him to completely freeze an opponent Maki was able to fight through it but.

Even with her superhuman strength that took effort janichi Zan's missile fists are a pretty simple combat move throw energy fists at people and they blow up chj Ro Zan's Earth bending let him manipulate Earth by touching the ground and posing Kirara hoshi's love Ru zodiac connection makes it seem more complicated than it really is think of.

The numbers 1 through five Kirara tags people items or location with one of those numbers this warps space to force anything tagged to move through the others in order if Kirara tags you with number one and is standing by a door marked five you can't attack her directly firstly you'd have to go through tags 2 through four this isn't.

An easy ability to fight with but the support potential is immense in some ways it's close to Gojo's Infinity stopping an attack from reaching you directly reggi star's contractual Recreation gives us another very broad ability he uses receipts to give himself whatever was written on them he mostly uses this for summoning items that.

Attack his opponents but he can even heal mid combat there's also no upper limit for what he can summon as seen when he brings a whole house down on meamy just like with takaba comedian a cursed technique with tight rules like this doesn't have a firm upper power limit cursed energy discharge is just a beam weapon it's pretty much an old.

School Shonen attack take the time to charge it up and it gets more powerful it's simple and effective but relies on the user's cursed energy a weaker sorcerer probably wouldn't get much mileage out of it g War staff is more of a sideways take youd think that a curse technique that gives you a weapon would help you deal damage but no instead it.

Plays off Charles Bernard's love of manga if he draws blood with a pen he gets to break the fourth wall and see the next panel granted the user can only see stuff that they would naturally be able to see a [__] opponent could get stealthy and surprise Bernard the war staff also needs to land a hit first and if Bernard wants to see further into the.

Future he needs to hit multiple times but as far as we can tell Bernard's future Visions are perfectly accurate you can't outright change the future he sees it takes him time to set up his power but once he does because he can see every attack coming helicopter hair and airplane hair tried to form a team during the culling game hitting their.

Foes from the sky they both had the same basic deal turning their hair into a method of Transport airplane hair was faster and was strong enough to knock someone through buildings still its user was defeated by a small rock yes it was a curs energy infused small rock but still that's embarrassing and it's key to this technique that the non-hair part.

Of the sorcerer's body is weak helicopter thought their hair did a bit better but Yuji was able to take down that sorcerer with his fists hair techniques in general aren't good scorpion hair is so weak that I'm not even sure it does damage now let's amp things up a bit star rage almost destroyed the world like we said earlier.

Cursed energy is not a hard limit so long as you stay within the rules in this case star rage allowed Yuki sukumo to create a black hole something that would risk sucking in the entire planet she can increase her mass and she's a able to keep doing it to the most logical extreme possible there isn't an upper limit but even something that.

Powerful has a clear counter K ja could beat it easily with anti-gravity system Kori iori's curse technique that was strong enough to nullify the black hole's effects on his body every technique has a weakness a counter there's no Perfect Defense or offense theaba twins both have cursed techniques linked to the stuff they carry mimo can.

Force people to hang themselves using her plush toy and an noose not mono can use her phone to edit reality she just has to take a photo of something edit it and the world will match principal gaku ganji rocks out blasting people with Sonic attacks shizuru has black claws for melee fighting and sakuna well sakuna is interesting his techniques.

Focused on slashing motions cleave dismantle and even his new curtain of slashing techniques but during his shabuya incident fight with Joo all of a sudden sakuna gained access to fire fire that could overwhelm Joo go the guy who burns hotter than a volcano does sakuna have flame as part of his curse technique or does he have the ability to.

Copy his opponent's curse technique doing whatever they can do but better whatever the case those are all the unique curse techniques but we still got the inherited ones to cover the most famous of these is the Limitless the Gojo Clan's pass down technique the Limitless is a full command over matter all of satoru Gojo's techniques come.

From it creating a distance between himself and his opponent and manipulating energy for massive explosions everything comes from Limitless and it takes a lot of power to do that Gojo six eyes are vital to how he can use it but that is not a curs technique they're just a tool that he uses to manipulate his energy output as.

Powerful as Gojo is he only got that way due to this combination there aren't firm rules on what he can do with the Limitless but it takes him a great deal of cursed energy to throw out these powerful attacks without the six eyes he would be way less of a threat next is the one power we we've seen overcome the Limitless the zanan Clan's 10 Shadows.

Technique it gives the user some ability to control and manipulate shadows but the most potent ability comes from summoning shikigami bound spirits that serve the sorcerer if they're able to defeat them the most powerful shikigami mahaga is almost unbeatable able to adapt to whatever force is used against it interestingly though the zanan have.

Two different inherited techniques projection sorcery is based on the principles of Animation anything the user touches gets 24 frames per second to move in if the sorcerer touches an enemy and they disobey that they get trapped in an animation frame for 1 second if the sorcerer uses projection on themselves they get more control of.

How they move they can use those 24 frames to reach speeds as high as Mach 3 if the user is able to physically stand it that is that leaves the last of the big three jiutu Clan's hidden techniques the noritoshi blood manipulation they can do a bunch of stuff with blood directly controlling it to use it as a projectile injecting poison into their.

Opponents or puppeteering their movements we've even seen an advanced user create new creatures with it Dorito Shamo used blood manipulation to create the death painting wounds and two of them got a variant of it rot technique it's a bit more limited letting ISO and kisu control their own corrosive blood forming weapons out of it with cursed.

Speech the user can just say a word and control or hurt people it hurts the vocal cords and needs a lot of management but there's a ton of potential there there they just have to figure out the right word for their situation but did you notice the theme for the inherited techniques if you write off projection sorcery these are.

All extremely broad abilities we saw more out of Gojo than anyone else but all these techniques are extremely versatile there are a bunch of options of how you use them more than most of the personal techniques we went over earlier this was the thing that set up the three great families of jiujitsu powerful and versatile abilities that.

Their main heirs would get a lot of use out of but now that that's all done we've got cursed techniques that any sorcerer can learn to get black flash is technically not a curse technique it's just a way to use your cursed energy something any sorcerer can do it's just a matter of timing but it needs training to get it down and basically functions.

As a special move so we'll count it when you apply your energy within 0.0000001 seconds of a hit it flashes black and the destructive power of your hit jumps by 2.5 times its base power notably black flash can combine with other curse techniques nobara and Nomi have both managed to blend their innate.

Powers with the energy boost in theory black flash could multiply the power of any other curse technique in practice though only a few seem to be able to combine like this you can even combine it with another learn technique B sword drawing is part of the new Shadow style allowing sword using Sorcerers to land extremely fast blows but most learned.

Techniques are the anti-d domain type Hollow wicker basket is a pretty good example removing the domain's barrier without that a domain's perfect hit attack is usually nullified but that's kind of outdated most modern Sorcerers use Simple domain a part of new Shadow style to accomplish the same effect making a small domain bubble inside an.

Existing domain to keep the user safe simple domain has one advantage over Wick or basket forming a new domain allows a user to escape domains that don't focus on a single attack Fighters like huruma or hakari who use their domains to power themselves up would have a surprisingly hard time against a simple domain that's big enough there.

Are other options though fallowing Bloss of motion is more of a Counterattack allowing you to hit the domain's user when they try to hit you domain amplification use a thin layer of your domain to nullify any curse technique that targets you but it's got a big handicap because it shuts down your innate technique if you're skilled you.

Can shift back and forth between amplification and your Technique like a shield and a sword but in theory that does limit it as a defense but yeah guys that is Every curse technique explained and the comments let us know which one of them is your favorite as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.