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Every Detail You Missed! All 14 Breathing Styles Explained! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


The breathing styles from demonstrator committed to no yaiba are not only visually stunning but are iconic within the world of manga today we're going to be taking a closer look into not only the breaths but their demon slayer marks as well sun breathing sun breathing is the first breathing style the grandfather and predecessor to all other.

Breath styles this is because yorichi tsujikuni an ancient slayer from the sengoku period would modify the reading style to match the user's own individual talent and strengths besides yuriji and the komodo family no one else could learn sun breathing which is pretty interesting not only that but the commodore clan even turned it into a.

Dance despite how many forms it has users of sun breathing can also develop a demon slayer mark on their face that resembles flames which happens to also be identical to the moon breathing mark which is another fun parallel between yurichi and his brother fun fact shinobu states that you mustn't call it fire breathing when it is flame breathing.

This is because both sun breathing and fire breathing are pronounced the same due to their kanji this breathing style has 13 forms the final is unnamed and was invented solely to defeat muzon the final form is achieved by connecting together all 12 forms which is a feat and of itself considering sun breathing has the second most forums just behind.

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The hinokami kagura dance within the commodo family as tanjo's father tanjuro explains the dance is a special way of breathing that lets you never get tired the dance itself is so efficient that tanjuro is able to perform it despite his sickly nature the hinokami kagura is performed at the start of the year as a ritual of good luck ironic due to muzan.

Eradicating sun breathers so badly that a black sword becomes an omen for death and bad luck as previously stated all other forms originated from sun breathing including moon breathing which has just one known user the demon kokushibo moon breathing moon breathing is perhaps the most complex out of any other style but to be fair kokoshibo's.

Long lifespan meant she created and perfected many different forms the style like all others is the ride from sun breathing there's a new parallel to be had between sun and moon breathing just as yurichi and kokoshibo are opposites so are their name styles kokoshibo is unable to master his brother's sun breathing so he instead invented his own.

Style moon breathing speaking of his brother the mark for moon breathing also manifests a flame-like pattern on the face because he became a demon kokoshibo could not teach the breath to anyone else i mean this man really decided to keep moon breathing the forms of moon breathing are enhanced by his long demonic sword and blood demon art this.

Deadly combination creates crescent moon shaped blades that accompany his sword strikes making it one of the most lethal breathing styles its destructiveness is even noticed by the wind and shira who remarks i couldn't survive if my senses hadn't been owned kokoshibo's katana is unique from other blades it is made from his flesh and because he is upper moon 1.

The sword itself is much more durable than a typical katana not to mention it can become far longer almost like a scythe from the second fan book we know the store's name was kyokoku kamusati which loosely translates to hollow cry of the godless the name is somewhat significant considering kokoshibo first abandoned his family and then his.

Humanity but back to moon breathing there are 16 known forms due to koko shiva's long lifespan it is very likely there are more than 16. in that same vein it is also worth mentioning moon breathing had less forms before kokoshibo became a demon that being said there is a breathing style that is easier to learn and far less complex.

Than moon breathing water breathing water breathing is the most common style because it is easy to learn leading to a water shira in every era some of the famous users include water ashira gyutomayoka former water ashira turned cultivator sakonjirokoraki and tanjore akamodo in the second fan book demons describe the style itself as gentle and.

Painful but bearable users see themselves either creating or using turns of water with this style along with other name techniques water breathing takes out the fluidity and flexibility of water in fact its third form is even known as flowering dance the form itself is a perfect representation of the style it is flowy.

And malleable also in the same vein this style was born from sun breathing yet there are breathing techniques that are derived from water breathing the style itself has a demonstrator mark that appears on the face as waves to me it looks similar to the misbreathing slayer mark 10 forms make up the water breathing style however there is an.

Eleventh form created by gutomioga the form is known as dead calm the explanation for the name is best derived from the manga a dead calm is a sea with no wind and no waves the water surface becomes like a mirror it is perhaps the most powerful form considering the user enters a state of complete serenity and is able to cut down a demon with such.

Speed that it looks as if their blade didn't even move gew also happens to be the only person capable of performing dead calm besides water breathing flame breathing is the only other style to produce a hashira for every time period flower breathing this breath is known for its delicate graceful movement and is associated with flowers as well as.

Fruit plus the forms themselves reflect this like sixth form whirling peach and fifth form peonies of futility flowers themselves are envisioned by the swordsmen who use this technique flower breathing is a derivative of water breathing and the breath of a former hashira the late flower ishira kanee kocho and her sister kana osuyuri are.

The only well-known swordsmen for this breathing style besides being a style reminiscent of ballet flower brooding offers a special advantage out of the seven forms the last one provides perfect eyesight final form equinoctical vermilion eye allows the swordsmen to go beyond their physical limitations the blood vessels within their eyes.

Completely open up which raise their vision to superhuman a flower breather can see the world as if it was in slow motion via this form unfortunately there is a drawback in the words of kana oh's other sister if you use that technique kinda o you may go blind blood vessels within the eyes are so tiny and thin it wouldn't be hard for a flower breath.

User to overexert themselves and become practically if not fully blind flower breathing itself is also mentioned in a less negative light by demon slaying by it one demon says it was soft also smelled good it's not seen as harsh or spoken of with hatred instead the style is practically gushed about by fallen demons serpent breathing the same cannot.

Be said for serpent breathing a demon even remarks i wish i got killed by flower breathing while another makes note of how much deep breath hurts it is a style that came from water breathing and there is only one known user serpa hashira obinayiguro as the name implies he breath mimics the slithering movements of a snake even open eyes.

Sword does this replication of a snake is best seen in the fifth form slithering serpent in which overnight zigzags like a snake and can behead multiple demons it is a style that relies on twisting attacks that maim their target like other breaths a swordsman of serpent breathing sees gigantic white snakes while implementing.

This style considering only obani is a practitioner is very likely that this is a breath he invented after all other hashira invented breathing techniques as well such as insect and love breathing there are only five forms all with very snake centric names it is an iconography that fits open eyes solitary nature as well plus the mark for serpent breathing.

Is a pattern not unlike a snake's body so a lot of reptile imagery for open eye and this breath besides the fifth form the second form is also a direct attack meant for decapitation the other three are multi-slash attacks interestingly enough there are several other breaths that implement a weapon different from a standard katana insect breathing insect.

Breath is the brainchild of insect ashira shinobukocho and is unconventional from other breaths instead of a standard issue sword shinobi employs the use of a modified sword with a stinger at the end it's one of the less complex styles with only four name forms shinobu invented the breath because she is physically.

Incapable of beheading a demon ergo she must stab them with different wisteria poisons that are generated in their sword sheath the movements themselves are precise and quick as upper rank 2 doma said there is a distinctive click for each new poison shinobu uses when using the form shinobu envisions butterflies not to mention the forms.

Themselves are named after bugs however the breaths are still rather deadly one demon detailed dying by it as a level of pain i have never experienced before plus one of the forms dance to the centipede hundred legged zigzag is powerful enough to break multiple spots on a wooden bridge flame breathing flame breathing was one of the five original.

Styles to be born from sun breathing there is only one other breathing technique that is derived from flame breathing love breathing notable swordsman of this breath of the rengoku family and the love ashira mitsuri khan roji later on mystery would actually modify the flame breath to suit her extraordinary body composition demons.

Described being slain by the style as cool but upper moon 3 akuza simply states i felt renewed no i felt like i saw the clear blue summer sky his testimony paints a picture of flame breathing being something relaxing calm like an afternoon sun flame breathing has exactly nine forms but only six are named out of the six we know of only one.

Is exclusive to the movie third form blazing universe like other breaths the user focuses enough to envision their sword attacks as manipulating fire not only that but for flame breathing the sword has been striked from a higher stance the final form is named after the rengoku family and is something flame ashira kyojiro rengoku refers to as an.

Esoteric art now what does esoteric mean well according to google the definition for esoteric is intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest therefore referring to the 9th form in this way implies that it is passed down within the rengoku household in fact kyoto learned flame breathing.

From past writings of a filimashira which was considered like a family guide and written historical account love breathing which as stated before is the only ones who have been derived from flame breathing as with insect and serpent breathing love breathing can only be performed with a particular weapon a whip-like sword this breath.

Utilizes flexibility agility and speed it's similar to flower or wind breathing due to a gymnastic s movements love breathing also happens to be the unique creation of its only user love ashira mitsuri kanroji plus it can only be used by mitsuri due to her unique body composition there are six forms which follow the theme of love and mystery.

Soft spot for cats for example the first form shivers of first love and six form cat-legged wins of love the forms typically use multiple sword slashes despite that demons oddly speak highly of the breath it was rather bittersweet as one demon says in the second fanbook love breathing also has a demon slayer mark which appeared on missouri as a.

Double heart pattern resembling a four-leaf clover thunder breathing being an element and originating from the first five breaths is none other than thunder breathing again it was created from sun breathing similar to flame there is only one other style derived from it sound breathing let's not get too ahead of ourselves though like his.

Name suggests thunder breathing mimics the speed and velocity of thunder the forms themselves are meant to strike quickly enough for the demon to not even notice according to zinitsu akatsuma and thunderbreathing you focus on your legs which makes sense speed is the biggest defining factor for thunder breathing this style of breathing has a shorter.

List of forms coming in at only six despite this zanitsu improves upon the first form thunderclap and flash to create three distinct variations six-fold eight-fold and god speed while on the topic of the first form it is important to note that the first form at least in thunder breathing is the basis for all other forms within the breath by.

Himself sinister creates a seventh form honoy kazuchi nokami or flaming thunder god also the user sees themselves generating lightning or electricity when using this breath there is another similarity to actual thunder though these sword slashes from a thunder breath user are powerful enough that they emit sounds similar to lightning.

Itself besides that there is a real world parallel the japanese quick draw technique jutsu is most likely the inspiration for thunder breathing and its forms especially the first form that being said there are two other styles that predated all other newer styles like love breathing stone breathing stone breathing is like its namesake.

Reminiscent of earth and rock as with water thunder and flame it is one of the original breaths it is a style best scene in the penultimate fight between stone ashira gyome himejima and kokoshibo gomei also happens to be the only notable swordsman of this style which can also be said for when breathing a user of this style utilizes.

A ranged weapon on a chain in gyome's case this weapon is a spike flail an axe however there is evidence that a previous user may have used a kusarigama which is basically a scythe attached to a chain and ball why mention this because all stone breathing forms require the user to stand as unmoving and impenetrable as rock itself instead.

Using the range of their chained weapon while on the subject of the unique weapon stone breathing uses a demon in the second fan book remarks i've never seen a weapon like that before stone breathing can be used offensively or defensively and has six name forms a good example of the defensive capabilities is the third form stone.

Skin which allows the user to deflect incoming attacks meanwhile the second form upper smash represents not only offense but the fact that stone breathers don't move as much as other swordsmen interestingly enough stone breathing can keep up with moon breathing unlike other breaths stone breathing does not seem to elicit a.

Particular vision from the user it's not like yomei is seeing rocks when he uses stone breathing however the slayer mark makes up for this the importance of the mark is illustrated just before gyome unlocks it he exclaims i wanted to save this for muzon but if i lose now i'll have gained nothing i have to use it now a stone breathers mark manifest like.

Features in a rock along the user's forearms sound breathing from thunder breathing comes the iconic sound breathing this remarkable breath is used by none other than the sound ashira tenganuzui this style is known for loud noises that are disorienting similar to several other unorthodox techniques sound breathing uses the use of.

Explosions and speed tengan developed a breath using his superhuman hearing and created a technique that complements sound breathing musical score allows tangent to convert the heat of battle into a song with a rhythm it's interesting that he uses musical score to find weak spots and openings all while deploying anti-demon bombs some of.

Which are so deafening that they replicate the sound of thunder in the same vein as insect breathing there are a few known forms exactly five yet only three are named like his breath suggests each form is a reference to sound or music the fifth form is known as string performance that being said sound breathing itself is a formidable.

Technique despite its thunderous chaotic nature in fact upper moon 5 yutaro refers to tangent movements as very detailed wind breathing finally we have reached wind breathing which is the last style to be derived from sun breathing there is only one remarkable user of this breath none other than when hashira senemica.

This breath is unique for its offensively acrobatic attacks that are typically from a high stance or like the 9th form which is literally an attack from above in fact several demons make the same comment that when breathing is powerful and considered overkill due to the rapid multiple sword strikes that being said there are a total of 9 known.

Forms perhaps the most unique thing about wind breathing is the fact that swordsmen can utilize the actual wind around them to deliver attacks this is best illustrated in the second form claws purifying wind a literal gust of wind almost penetrates kokoshibo's sword not only that but kokoshibo had to use his own breath to deflect the wind it's.

Interesting that swordsmen of the style not only utilize gusts of wind but seem to actually be capable of generating a flurry of wind a slayer marked for wind breathing at least in cenemes cases on the face and in the shade of a windmill which is very fitting like stone breathing it is a breath of proof to be an issue for an upper moon demon such as.

Kokoshibo the demon even went as far as to remark still he keeps up with my techniques and even compares to nemi's when breathing to ashira from ages ago this suggests that when breathing as a whole has not changed for quite some time speaking of time there next comes a breathing style that isn't as well known as one of the original breaths.

Misbreathing there are two breaths that originate from when breathing let's firstly focus on the more aloof style that is misbreathing users see themselves manipulating clouds of mist which works instead of breath considering its main purpose is to camouflage movement there is only one well-known practitioner and that is.

Misashira muichiro tokito the disorientation of misbreathing is only helped by muchuro's bagging clothing it's plausible the breath would be less effective with a more traditional demon slayer core uniform that being said there are six forms with a seventh that was created by moochiro seven form obscuring clouds allows yashira to hide.

His movement in an almost haze of battle disappearing as quickly as he appeared unfortunately the demons slain by mis-breathing do not have much to say on the style but have plenty of criticism regarding mushroom funny that in spite of being killed by a breath their grievances revolve around the slayer finally the breath also produces a.

Slayer mark from uichiro this manifest is a cloud-shaped pattern on its face to be quite honest the shape itself reminds me of the mark of a sun breather beast breathing beast breathing is a relative of wind breathing truthfully it checks out considering anosuke hashibita learned his breath from up in the mountains where wind can be heavy.

Enosuke also happens to be the only beast breather but that is because he invented it and those taste technique is wild unpredictable and haphazard just like the name implies there are several unique traits for beast breathing the biggest is that forms are known as fangs except the seventh form which isn't offensive it's a support move and nosuke.

Uses to detect a demon's location in total beast breathing has 10 forms or bangs i suppose finally the fans themselves typically use multiple sword swings such as 5th bang crazy cutting inosuke style is rather unorthodox yet helped him pass final selection and slay many demons really there are many different breaths within the cometonuaba.

World some require the use of specialized weapons while others are niche due to their movements with all that being said they are still one of the most captivating battle techniques within manga as always i'm selected otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.