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EVERY EREN TITAN FORM EXPLAINED! Colossal, Founding, Warhammer, Attack FULL POWER! – Attack on Titan


With this video we'll be discussing each of aaron jaeger's titan form showcased throughout the attack on titan series now the very first and arguably most important titan form that aaron gains access to is the attack one it initially manifests with aaron's desire to save mikasa from death and it is last shown when aaron and zeke attempt to join.

Forces to end the suffering of subjects of ymir in the final arc the attack titan is passed down to aaron by his father grisha at the age of 10 after he is injected with titan's spinal fluid and turned into a pure titan temporarily he then consumes his own father and receives the power before aaron the attack titan was passed down to his.

Father grecia by the owl aaron krueger who wanted to rebel against marley's treatment of the eldians surprisingly it is revealed that through the attack titan's power it was not gracious decision to pass it on but actually aaron's future self in terms of appearance although aaron's attack titan takes on a partially human look it has a.

Larger mouth jaw and teeth elongated ears and a hairstyle more reminiscent of aaron in his older years it is also far leaner than greisha's version of the very same titan as for abilities when using the attack titan aaron gains not only speed that makes him faster than pure titans but enhance strength and stamina that makes this form ideal for.

Longer battles although at first eren's attack titan can not crystallize the way the female titan can but with the injection of a special serum he gains the ability as well because it isn't ingrained in the attack titan's form aaron also needs to train to use it correctly and repeatedly the first time he uses it aaron is able to save his.

Friends from being killed in the cavern by creating a crystallized scaffolding after some more training aaron is able to create entirely crystallized titan shells which are used to block holes in the walls and he can even pick specific body parts to harden during his fights later on similarly to the other nine titans the attack one can regenerate.

Skin muscle bone and entire body parts if needed this can also be done when not in titanform as demonstrated when aaron is captured by reiner and bertolt as a bonus with the attack titan stamina aaron is able to create multiple titan bodies in quick succession with three being the most he has used before finally running out of stamina a hidden.

Ability that aaron has from this form is also to see into future memories of other inheritors an example of this is when aaron kissed historia's hand during their medal ceremony and made a terrified face upon seeing what had happened with his father killing the royals and the future to come a future he was very much a part of although.

Titans and subjects of ymir are condemned to follow orders by either the founding titans or the original titan the attack titan is the only one that was created to rebel and free the aldians from the hubris of king freit mikasa put it best when she described aaron's titan as being the embodiment of humanity's rage when she first saw it.

With the attack titans power comes some downsides however for one like all the other nine titans after 13 years of using the power the user is destined to die another issue with this form is though it is built to fight and endure long battles it is not as agile as the female titan nor the jaw titan due to its thicker build as shown through.

Confrontations with them it is also less durable than the armored titan in some aspects and much smaller than the colossal titan as its name implies next we have the founding titan although aaron isn't initially aware of it his body also carries the founding titan it is shown in a flashback that aaron's father ate the royal frida who had the.

Power originally when he was in the attack titan state and this form is also referred to as the coordinate by the aldians from marley when it comes to abilities normally the founding titan has the ability to command other titans communicate with other aldians when in titan form or not share or manipulate memories of the subjects of ymir and.

Even manipulate alien bodies and this manipulation extends to even changing the very anatomy of said people and this is why zeke wanted to use the power to sterilize all eldians this founding power can also create more titans and trigger the changing of eldians into pure titans with a command like the beast titan scream but not everything is.

Positive for the founding titan on the negative side the power to control albions does not extend to the ackermann bloodline this means a founding titan cannot change their memories to its power nor can it control their actions also the ackermann bloodline cannot be changed into pure titans even with the.

Commands or the scream regardless of having consumed titan's spinal fluid however not many of the acumen bloodline are left with only mikasa and levi alive by the end of the series like the other titans the founding one is not immune to the 13 year curse and must pass on the power before they die or it will be given to a random subject of ymir when.

They are born besides that when eldians from yamir's royal bloodline held the founding titan's power they were forced to follow rules and live in a specific manner thanks to the 145th ld and king carl freit there was a vow force upon the founding titans of royal blood that made them renounce war in any shape which additionally changed their.

Personalities and although they could control and manipulate subjects of emir and even future events they could only do so if they ensured the future kept the status quo for aaron this was not an issue but in his case he could not trigger the power without having a member of the royal family to physically touch near him even one in pure titan.

Form like diana fritz and when it's triggered aaron can only see subconscious memories not past memories or previous founding titans because he carries no royal blood moving on now we have the warhammer titan this was the third titan form that aaron acquired and this time it was of his own volition in marley aaron comes across his titan form.

Through his confrontation with the tiber noble family laura tyber is a holder at the time and when she loses against aaron he swallows her and her spinal fluid to take the warhammer titan as for what this thing can do although aaron isn't shown using this power very much his fight with lara reveals some details of the ability the warhammer titan can.

Create weapons out of hardened titan flesh and this flesh is much harder than other titans the weapons can be spikes hammers sickles or even more flexible weapons as well the warhammer allows the titan bodies to change form in some ways to accommodate the weapon creation as well as regenerate like all other titan forms though the female titan has.

Crystallization the warhammer titans version is far superior and can protect the titan user with it lara demonstrates that this titan can be used remotely while the human form is safely hidden elsewhere attached by a cord what is essentially an umbilical cord for the warhammer titan as this titan does not require direct contact with the ld user.

The body can appear elsewhere at any time and it forms from the feet upwards rather than from the nape of the neck but since his titan form is still subjected to the same issues as all the rest the user is cursed to die after 13 years of carrying the power as well also despite the crystallization of the warhammer being extremely strong it.

Still stands no chance against the jaw titan which can easily break through it and this isn't to mention that even with the safety of using the warhammer titan from a distance there is still a risk of being disconnected that's to say if another titan or person were to cut the cord between the user and titan then the titan can no longer be controlled and.

Serves no purpose likely with no way to be remade or attached which lastly brings us to aaron's final form the founding and original titans powers combined near the very end of the series aaron rushes from the gunfight between the marlians and the aldians of paradise to reach his elder brother zeke and his founding titan power but just as he is.

About to reach zeke aaron is shot in the neck his head flying off and landing in zeke's palm like a baseball after a very long travel through time it is revealed that the original titan's power comes from a skeletal form that attaches itself to a host much like a parasitic being originally it had attached itself on an abused and half dead ymir who.

Wished to escape death altogether a couple millennia later a long thin spine attaches itself to aaron's decapitated head and allows him to take on a new and stronger form overcoming death in his last moments his body is unrecognizable beyond his head and hair which are reminiscent of the attack titan form as for his body it is now large with spike.

Spines with gaps in between that resemble a spinal cord without flesh to cover the protruding bones the body itself is massive monstrously so dwarfing even the many colossal titans of the walls later when aaron's titan body is separated from the original titan the form takes on more of a colossal titan appearance with long.

Limbs and a towering height but his head remains the same as when he transformed into the attack titan and there was another smaller head aaron's actual head which was cut from his body and within the giant titan's mouth with this original titan power aaron is not only able to command titans as the founding titan could but he can also summon the.

Titans lying dormant within paradise's walls to embark on the rumbling to flatten the rest of the world this final form can also create titan bodies from within his own skeletal flesh such as a beast titan on top of that aaron's use of the original titan allows him to revive past users of the nine titans to join in on the war against non-paradise.

Island residents after this upgrade to the founding titan's powers aaron also prevents subjects of ymir from using titan powers against him as he can control any and all subjects at will this includes stopping titans from creating hardening and breaking hardening that was done by annie it overrides all others with royal titan.

Blood who can normally use the founding titan's power as well and this is shown when the pure titans z created attack not only the marlene soldiers but the eldens of paradise island indiscriminately additionally with the revival of the past heightened inheritors aaron can also use the scream which none of the titan powers he has.

Within his body can use normally and to top it all off the three titans with an errand and the added original titan power makes even the explosive powers that comes from the colossal titan's transformation inferior aaron is just that strong by the end of the series in this original titan existence aaron is able to give.

Orders telepathically to all who share yamir's bloodline but remains in a subconscious sleep for most of the rumbling within that massive vertebrate form aaron can also draw aliens into the paths as he pleases similarly to yamir herself aaron can speak through thoughts while his body remains in a kind of sleep mode however unlike with the other.

Forms aaron was using this final form does not allow him to lead the titan body in fact aaron would likely die immediately if he tried to disconnect from it and create a new vessel as he had with the attack titan due to having his head cut off another downside to aaron using the original titan and the founding one is that people with royal.

Blood closer to yamir in that way can then shake the control titans out of their comatose-controlled state and give them orders bypassing aaron's own god-like access to the subjects of ymir and at that with a little bit of help zeke successfully stopped the rumbling by doing so until he loses his head thanks to the vengeful levi finally for.

As much control as aaron has over the future and lives of his fellow aldians even their memories so they see him as a villain until the bitter end once he passes so too do any of his titan powers and that means that all the erasure and memory manipulation aaron had done during his time as a giant spine titan disappears and the truth of his actions.

Are revealed leaving his friends with only grief allowing aaron to return to his savior status once more to a certain extent like aaron once said in the case of ymir despite all his power he is not a god he is just a person but certainly wants to be remembered for ages to come and hopefully you remember to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on.

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