The hero hunter garo is incredible he proposed to be villainous character that in reality is more like an anti-hero opposing both the hero and monster associations as he fails to agree with either garo is to me a very unique sort of character within the world of one punch man as unlike the overwhelming majority of characters garo has grown.

Tremendously right before our very eyes when it comes to heroes most of them have been at their current threshold of power for the entirety of the series jenos may be considered an exception on account of his various upgrades over time however i'm not sure if it's just as gimmick or what but jenos tends to get bodied regardless whereas with garo.

Even the most humiliating of losses only propels them to even greater heights and interestingly enough despite him feeling like somewhat of a newer or later addition to the series thanks to his proper introduction with season 2 of the anime in reality garo has been here since chapter 40 of the manga what was volume 8 of the story and so yeah garo.

Has been an active part of the story for over half a decade at this point which is insane we have seen this character grow so tremendously over the course of the series and with this video we'd like to chronicle his progression and further understand the evolution of the hero hunter garo now garo's entrance into the story was.

As little more than a troublemaker having grown up watching hero shows like most other kids his age gara was admittedly a bit different in the sense that rather than rooting for the protagonist all he ever wanted was for the villains to win for a change after all from the looks of things they were the ones who worked the hardest the.

Ones fueled by their passions and desires faced by the toughest of odds who are ultimately victimized by the narrative but even more than that to him popular guys winning and unpopular guys losing was an absolute tragedy a personal sentiment forged by way of social inequity as while playing pretend with others as a child he was always.

Forced to be the monster as they'd furthermore gang up on him and bully him garl's desire to become a villain was an acceptance of the role he had been handed his entire life he never cared for the concepts of justice and evil instead what he saw was a majority preying upon the minority and that was regardless of whatever title they.

Decided to bestow upon themselves which is why despite desiring to become a monster garo never possessed an interest in joining together with other monsters it honestly disgusted him he simply wanted to reverse the roles of strong and weak and make others understand his plight a conviction that he felt empowered him as he defied the.

Restrictions of the story he sought to change and to emphasize his point with his very first appearance garo single-handedly took on an entire swarm made up of heroes and underworld brutes alike to do this up until six months prior garo had trained as a part of bang's dojo over the years he eventually rose to the master's top disciple.

However while bang was away garo suddenly came to the conclusion that he'd learned all there was for him to learn and subsequently fought against his peers who were again the majority furthermore sneaking a glimpse of a scroll containing bangs forbidden technique the exploding heart release fist at this point garo was already a.

Considerable threat that lacked a big enough name to back him up i mean even after decimating three top 10 a-class heroes by himself the hero association didn't pay him much mind however on account of his villainous escapades s-class number 16 tank top master along with a horde of his comrades stepped in to defeat him what was really the first.

Time we had seen garo challenged at the time he was cautious to face s-class heroes but even still he was delighted by the prospect but man to kick things off gaara was getting absolutely thrashed so much so that during the confrontation tank top began to somewhat pity him yet even still couldn't shake the feeling that he needed to destroy.

The man at that very moment however thanks to the intervention of movement rider gaura was shown a bit of mercy and given the opportunity to walk away however he refused to do so as this situation encapsulated all the things he so deeply despised a popular hero surrounded by his adoring fans as they ganged up on those who were weaker than.

Them they needed to be taught a lesson and so he would re-engage yet this time around despite suffering the hefty fist of tank top this time he managed to trade a blow of his own and this was on account of him inadvertently using the water stream rock smashing fist at first he refused to do so on account of it reminding him a bang but he later.

Decided not to be too picky and this made all the difference as he downright slaughtered this entire collection of heroes however despite his vow to kill them all he did no such thing as they were all left alive which we will get back to but what this fight especially served to exemplify was the most dangerous aspect of this character.

Growth the development of garo's strength is absolutely terrifying as his adaptability is far too great to remain in combat with this man for extended periods of time is for most a death sentence but after defeating tank top and even clobbering a director of the hero association the infamy of the hero hunter grew tremendously he later.

Engaged with the s-class heroes metal bat and watchdog man individually with neither confrontation resulting in his own victory metal bat at the time was already injured to begin with and despite failing to land a single hit looked to have gotten the better of garo just before their clash was interrupted watchdog however had garo tucking his.

Tail and fleeing for safety as without even trying watchdog unleashed a flurry of attacks that left garo in rough shape yet despite being treated like this garo learned some new tricks the first definitive evolution of the character came about during his fight with jenos prior to this while still recovering from saitama's nonchalant kick to the.

Side garo would be surrounded by many heroes of varying ranks below s all of which were especially equipped to deal with him and for a while there they had him on the ropes even managing to poison him yet even still the strength of garo's will and convictions are not to be understated as again he managed to adapt and take them all down yet once.

More he spared all their lives simply rendering them unconscious and he also fought to protect tareo a d city kid who'd he somewhat befriended a fellow victim of bullying he would look out for and could relate to which simultaneously alerted him to the fact that bullets and perhaps projectiles in general were simply ineffective against him at this.

Point now try as he might despite his desire to become a monster garo still possessed both mercy and humanity in fact this prior fight against metal bat was only interrupted on account of the hero's little sister whom he could have easily bypassed had he the desire to do so but getting back to his fight against genos this was hardly fair garo was.

Already depleted and in horrible shape yet even still despite his vision blurring and his strength waning he did not back down and what's truly remarkable is that he even emulated watchdog man's fighting style after having only experienced it once but now being soaked in his own blood garo effectively dyed his hair red just.

Before nearly being destroyed by genos however on account of bang's intervention despite being struck he was saved his former master's use of the technique far exceeded his own as he was easily repelled and thwarted yet what truly infuriated garo about this situation was that it wasn't only bang he was up against but also his elder.

Brother bomb as all the while jedos was still on standby here these incredibly powerful figures of justice were seemingly ganging up on a single opponent who was already so severely injured to die like this was something that garo so openly refused with every fiber of his being as he would rage even more so the stamina and endurance of.

Garo are simply unbelievable and from here on out the hero hunter was to be considered a threat level dragon entity now on account of that after mentioned mercy of his gar would begin to question his own resolve to fully commit to being a monster in fact when he'd heard of bank survival against elder centipede he admittedly.

Felt relief now at this stage of garl's evolution narratively something would be made rather clear to us garo is to some degree similar to saitama now i certainly say this in the most base way possible as saitama is virtually the stand-in for infinity but according to dr genus no matter how much an organism strives there are limitations to one's.

Growth as an overabundance of strength may give way for complications that those who cast aside their original selves in the pursuit of such strength may rage out of control and become what we recognize to be monsters as an explosion of unsatisfied desires brings about transformation for this very reason god designated each.

Creature to grow within certain parameters which allowed for both survival and the preservation of reason that's to control said growth we have what are known as limiters saitama being an otherwise ordinary entity that by way of sheer effort managed to completely remove his god-given limiter all of which was conveyed to us as the audience.

In tandem with garu's fight against monsters royal ripper and bug god a fight he actually lost on account of them taking tareo hostage and preying upon his humanity which only furthered his evolution as now his clothes had fused with his wounds and could no longer be removed by him and despite claiming to not care if the kid lived or.

Died the first thing he did was save the boy and one shot royal ripper afterwards using these little bandages of ripper to cover his wounds which would further cling to his form and supplement his evolution as opposed to replenishing his blood by eating out a restaurant like he had before now far more lacking in his humanity garo began to devour the.

Remains of his enemies as to him flesh was flesh from there he fought even more monsters as he again proved his adaptability and ability to retain said information as by recalling his prior encounters he was able to deal with similar adversaries with ease now in facing overgrown pochi garo expected to die but yet again remembering his.

Origins he managed to rise again his efforts from there weren't enough to take on pochi even still solidifying him to be lower threat level dragon at the time but he lived all the same psychos even considered him to be of even greater potential than monster king orochi yet the telekinetic restraints of psychos puppet gyorogyoro would fail to.

Hold him only seconds after being subjected to their influence on the cannabis obscene adaptability as he'd managed to channel the strengths of metal bat which made it so that battle excitement may be converted into indomitability physically garo was more monster than human at this point as even being impaled by monster king orochi.

Wasn't enough to put him down and this is where the durability of garo was made clear to be on a whole new level as he took a direct high temperature breath attack from the behemoth without issue followed by a direct fist none of which kept him down now unfortunately he was crushed in the end but considering he lived on this only furthered his growth.

When garo was later woken up despite his already rough shape he immediately one shot prisoner prisoner being the weakest as class sure but for such a tired individual this was impressive not to mention that at this point in time garu was straight up raging as he lacked human perception and was instead just a beast of a man attacking all who drew.

Near what ultimately resulted in him facing off against darkshine a fight where despite a series of impressive blows garo would lack the power to harm the brute and was smacked all around before eventually being pushed back to consciousness this was similar to his previous fight with tank top and the sensei tank was a far larger opponent of.

Considerable strength whom garl struggled against prior to actually making use of his martial arts training as when he did use the water stream rock smashing fist against darkshine things shifted immediately he was actually able to catch darkshine off guard it was enough to damage really but was still a step in the right direction from here.

Dark shine would not let up and would crush the entirety of garo's ribcage claiming garu's technique to be inferior to bangs however as per usual gara would rise yet again seemingly having had his chest reinforced by these bindings of his in the stead of bones dark shine would soon come to notice that garo was getting faster and faster at an.

Especially alarming rate it was like being assailed by an entire army of master martial artists garo additionally managed to place fear in the heart of darkshine along with the question of his humanity as the bindings of garo would be shredded and begin swirling differently as garo had successfully surpassed his limiter like saitama from.

Here dark shine crumbled yet as garo beat into the big man the pitiful expression on his opponent's face caused him to stop as it felt like bullying which he didn't really desire to do but dark shine would later go on to describe garo to be the incarnation of absolute evil garo was now in the process of even further evolution as his supreme.

Ambitions would be made known to us that rather than bias justice what the world truly needed was absolute unbiased evil that as a threat level god monster he'd be what humanity fears the most that people would therefore be equalized in their fear and on account of being grateful to simply be alive would be truly united removing bullying.

Discrimination and war from the world as we would then have what we for now at least know to be garrow's final transformation upon emergent in this oh so glorious form garo's first opponent would be his former master's elder brother bomb who gara was quickly able to pressure bomb would in this time deduce that garo in this state had.

Successfully compounded and refined various techniques into his own style of fighting garo furthermore went on to perfectly replicate and mirror bomb's attack defeating him as up next would be his former master bang bang was giving the fight all that he had yagarro was still able to match him bang even noticed that garo was able to.

Mimic his awakening breath which draws on the limits of a person's body and did so at only a glance which i'd like to note is especially terrifying in the hands of individual devoid of such limitations but in pushing himself even further bang was able to get the better of garo for a brief moment just before again garo would adapt before long the.

Discrepancy to be found with each clash would stabilize garo was then able to use awakening breath followed by bangs forbidden technique the exploding heart release fist what allowed his heart to pulse in coordination with each and every one of his blows as who further augment them the rip between the two and their capabilities was quickly shrinking.

Until it was made all too clear that the student had surpassed the master on account of garo making use of the whirlwind water stream the ultimate combination move of bang and bomb by his lonesome which was certainly a feat of staggering magnitude considering the two had previously struggled to do so together at all from here beyond a.

Direct hit the mere shock waves left in the wake of garo's cysts were enough to disintegrate rock and so by merely grazing the great master bang garo had won the fight therefore solidifying him to be the greatest martial artist in the world and with this it seems as though another change may be just over the horizon for garo momentarily as on.

Account of his clash of bang his hardened exterior had begun to crumble revealing something beyond a sort of metamorphosis perhaps but yeah that just about does it for garo's evolution i seriously hope you guys enjoy the journey and look forward to even more because there is a whole lot more one punch man greatness to look forward to.

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