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Every Gorosei Devil Fruit Transformation in One Piece EXPLAINED!


The Goro are yo-kai finally we know what they turned into when they tried to kill Sabo now that he's showing up on Egghead Island we got a good look at the monstrous form of one of the five elders and it is identical to a real world Japanese monster a yo-kai knowing that we're able to do some deduction work we saw all five goray transform in.

Silhouette if we can narrow them down to yo-kai we should be able to work out what creatures the other five Elder stars turn into St Saturn's new form is very specific it combines two animals and lines up almost perfectly with Japanese myth but at the same time if you dig into the facts around this looking into the Legends a bit deeper.

Saturn does something that brings up a massive problem that seems to contradict the whole yo-kai thing so are they or aren't they what else could they be don't worry plot armor has you covered let's start with the guy we know St J Garcia Saturn Japanese mythology aside this man looks like the bad guy from Monsters Inc his new appear appearance.

And power set perfectly line up with the II Oni or Yuki these horrific spider-like Yokai have a bunch of regional myths and variations but the combination of spider legs and Ox horns is extremely Telltale what's more Saturn literally makes people's heads explode while in one piece terms this could be an extreme manifestation of conqueror's.

Hockey overwhelming his opponent completely it's also something that historically has been attributed to the iion according to a myth from the Waka y a prefecture if you make eye contact with the creature you can't look away and it will end up devouring your soul usually That was supposed to be kind of subtle but I guess Oda felt like going.

More dramatic with it simple right there's only one obviously weird thing so far why inion Saturn's role in the world government is supposed to be Warrior God of Science and defense that doesn't exactly line up with this yo-kai at all usion were monsters that lurked in the wilderness and were more known for cursing people with illnesses and.

Corrupting water so how do we make sense of this well as part of a festival in wajima there is a saying that children become smart if ioni bites their heads there's also a tale from the Mi River poool where a young boy was saved by an iion who is then forced to leave this world as an exchange these stories give us a weak link to science and defense.

But Saturn doesn't look like the type of guy who's good with children I mean just look at Bonnie it doesn't feel like enough it would make more sense for Saturn to be a hu a yo-kai linked to thunder and electrical power or even a shinkiro a giant clam that grants visions of an impossible Fantastical City that's even an ocean yo-kai one.

That would be perfect for the water covered one piece world but no he is a usion why it's very unusual for Oda to give a character abilities that don't line up with their role or how they act the doctor gets the operation fruit the Puppet Master gets the string fruit the metall loving Punk gets magnetism Powers the guy with the funny nose gets to be a.

Funnyl looking giraffe why with one of the main antagonists of the story would you give him powers that don't have anything to do with his appearance or role it's very strange but the design lines up so perfectly that it can't argue with it Saturn is an iion the harder question is why well there's one other odd thing about how Saturn's power.

Manifests during this initial reveal it gives us a way of explaining all this but we'll get back to later it's less about him specifically and more so ties into the whole goray yo-kai concept for now let's take a closer look at the remaining goray and see if we can work out yo-kai forms for them we haven't seen these four Elders do much in.

Monstrous form just yet thankfully though we do have two silhouette images from when they confronted Sabo all we have to do is compare the shadowy goray to where they were when they met Cobra we can at least tell which Shadow is which Elder St Marcus Mars is the easiest to identify of the remaining four Elders he's on Cobra's immediate.

Right and has the most dramatic transformation taking on a dragon or serpent looking form a long body wings and a beaked mouth the last part looks like his well-groomed facial hair transforms with him the crow's beak now that we're thinking about yo-kai immediately suggests that Mars might be a tenu these crow like yo-kai are.

Extremely famous mountain living monks if you've seen even just a little bit of anime you're probably familiar with them on at least some level we've even seen them reference directly in one piece already Odin's father Sukiyaki wears a long-nosed mask that was designed after Renu this could very well be an extension of Mars's Legend connecting to.

Wano as a matter of fact let me show you guys a great example of Oda trolling us with his foreshadowing in chapter 793 we saw the goray react to Luffy defeating doflamingo in dress Rosa what from their perspective would be the power of a god God versus a God that's Fallen the cover page of that one features a tenu laughing while pointing at Usopp a false.

God oh and what's the name of the chapter where Usopp gains that title Stars you can't keep getting away with this regardless it's clear that tangu are a no mythological creature in the one piece world now there's two sides to tangu myths older stories paint them more as tricksters manipulators who drive people mad later on people started.

Saying tenu were good guys protective spirits of the mountains pretty fitting for someone that's deceived the entire world is treated like a gracious figure and now resides high above them all while we can't be totally sure what his abilities in this form might be just yet expect him to either have some powerful illusion abilities or some kind of.

Defenses he can use to protect his fellow goray but that doesn't totally line up with the dragon or snake-like body tenu are usually portrayed as closer to human proportions Mars's this form is the most obviously inhuman of the gor tenu are one of the most famous yo-kai of all time it would be odd for Oda to make them look so radically.

Different without a good reason thankfully there are some options to explain it in the Joi a combined version of a bunch of older monastic lore and stories the author breaks tangu down into different types the book distinguishes between dangu Great and Powerful examples of their kind as opposed to the more common kenu the text.

Doesn't really get into what physically makes them different since kenu are the most common normally seen form a dragon with a crow face would work as a way for Oda to show a more epic version of a tangu and if there are different types of tangu that could imply different devil fruit models of it which again could serve as a connection to wano.

Alternatively Oda could be taking us back to the Chinese Tango these creatures have a variety of descriptions but are said to resemble a shooting star make a noise like thunder and bring War wherever ever they show up while that doesn't fit the warrior god of the environment it could certainly fit a guy named after Mars the Roman God of War.

But perhaps his whole idea is off the furati be lines up much better with mars' appearance if you ignore the beak it matches a lot of dragon designs pretty well maybe the beak is just a twisting of his facial hair Renu isn't actually a thing in Japanese myth but it's a cool design if Oda can give us NAA a series original God a crow dragon.

Shouldn't be too out of the question St Topman War Curry is on the far right of the group shot Mr monopoly's awakened form sees his luxurious mustache turned into what looked like enormous tusks Odus said in an interview that the Gores were designed with their transformations in mind Topman and Mars are the most immediate proof of that while a wide.

Variety of Yokai and Oni Sports some kind of tus the size and curve of top man's suggest that he is a Baku these creatures are supposed to devour nightmares and are another very well-known yo-kai in Japan we even have a good idea of how this myth got started pop man's design is the more mythological version described in books.

Like the S kaibutsu blending other animal forms into this Mixed Up Appearance but pretty much all of them agree on the Baku looking kind of like a tiny elephant with a similar head trunk and tusks this suggest I Baku Legend comes from people having seen a Malayan top here the top year is even directly called Baku in Japanese it looks that.

Similar to The Myth personally I wouldn't want to sleep anywhere near one of these things but compared to the rest I guess they're pretty tame unlike most of these creatures Baku are mostly supposed to be helpful devouring nightmares made them a kind yo-kai one people could ask for help children are supposed to be able to call out tobaku.

To devour their nightmares leaving them free to enjoy a good night's sleep is top man secretly a good guy the one nice member of the goray I mean look at him he's easily the least intimidating of the bunch probably not the power to eat dreams takes on a terrifying new context in the world of One Piece where characters are driven by their hopes and.

Aspirations even within existing myth there are Tales of Baku drinking too deeply and devouring exactly that sort of spark this could make Baku Topman the greatest threat of all five Gores the one most invested in making sure the people of the world can never achieve their dreams that's what keeps him fed he might be the one goray who can.

Directly counter gear five Baku dream eating could train Luffy's in enthusiasm that way he runs out of time more quickly and top man ends up fighting an old man and we know that sort of thing would be effective thanks to perona's ghost we've still got two more Elders to get through though St Ethan Baron vus Juro is the most human looking member of.

This group post transformation he's ahead and to the left of Cobra the third member of the goray going from left to right and while there's clearly something off with his new form it's not clear at a glance how he's transformed sure there are some yo-kai who look pretty close to to a regular human for example some are even extremely powerful.

Legendary individuals like otake Maru but it's a bit unlikely that that's what our boy Ethan turned into the one example we have for sure Saturn is a simple Yuki far less powerful and impressive all we've seen from the goray so far suggests that they're roughly equal in power level the more individual yo-kai are closer to gods and.

Significantly stronger if we accept that the goray are imbalanced we could play around a bit more say top man could be shend doji Mars could be suku but for now let's stick with the idea that they're all common yo-kai more widespread than the one-off Legends where would that leave nuro well he's at least able to stand on two feet but.

Something's clearly up with him putting these things together what if he's anorei a warrior gecko normally they're supposed to be the same size as regular geckos but that kind of concept is fun enough that Oda would absolutely consider changing it maybe changing his size would be a part of his power set and you know what that would be yet.

Another Monsters Inc villain nuro has been seen carrying a very impressive looking sword a form that would actually let him use it makes sense a final fight against Zoro might end up looking like a Geico commercial but new Juro may not be fighting alone myths of the amori talked about there being a lot of them each one being a reincarnated Warrior Zoro might.

Have to confront an entire Army of tiny Swordsmen finally we have the more unassuming St Shepherd jupeter he's on Saturn's left and there's something odd about his transformation he's not actually visible in the first group shot for some reason he vanishes for a second while the gors they transform it's easy to get a bit confused since we're.

Expecting five elders and there are five pairs of eyes glaring at Sabo but if you think about it it's pretty clear the gigantic thing at the back is IMU they're using their hands to pull themselves down from the empty throne and we see a a six figure behind the group later that makes Peter this gigantic headed creature with an.

Enormous mouth he could literally become a giant disembodied head and otake Maru or a suru OSI would fit but that doesn't quite match up with the art while the head is in Focus there's clearly some kind of body underneath it he could be a variant of the Kochi sake Ona or slit mouth woman he's even got a prominent scar on his chest in human form but.

Instead I'm thinking he's a hanzaki a gigantic salamander yo-kai think of Hanzo summoning ibus from Naruto that's why he's not there in the first group shot he fell to the ground and it took him a second to get back on his feet the hanzaki are supposed to be able to grow to gigantic size so the massive head we see here could just be at the top of a.

Huge long body reaching behind him expect JW Peter's fighting style to focus around trying to consume his foes hanzaki were famous for swallowing enemies ho he could give mouthful mode Luffy a run for his money but now we need to change course we've gone over the five elders and their possible yo-kai forms it sure looks like they're.

Yo-kai but it's time to point out the flaw with this whole idea do you remember that magic circle the one that St Saturn used to teleport to Egghead yeah that's not a thing in Japanese mysticism and I don't mean oh it doesn't look right the whole concept of a summoning Circle has nothing to do with yo-kai people summoning Spirits does.

Happen but but not any random yo-kai and not like this on mioji trained Mystics are supposed to be able to summon shikigami these are minor Gods ghosts and assistants there's no easy direct translation the most skilled Mystics can summon Shiki oji a stronger and more dangerous variant but the power level isn't the point these Spirits Are Made.

Alive by the ritual they're more like robots created by the Summoner and given firm instructions on what to do the Shiki kanji that both these summoned creatures have literally translates as formula that's very different from yo-kai free willed creatures that are already part of the world on mioji might be able to Ward against them with ofuda.

Those little paper charms you may have seen in other anime but that's very different from summoning them there isn't really a precedent for yo-kai working like this it also wasn't something the gor needed before this back when they confronted Sabo in the holy land they just transformed freely into their other forms so is all this.

Wrong are they not using yoai devil fruits maybe Oda just took Yokai myth as a Baseline and is going in another Direction well we can jump to Western mysticism and start looking at that with those massive horns Saturn certainly looks the part of a judo Christian demon summoning circles are much more rooted in Western occultism as a way to call on.

Demons we could go in on this there's five Fallen Angels who were with Satan at the beginning of Paradise Lost for a start there are 72 demons noted in the AR goosa it would be easy to find someone that fits each Elder and hey there's reason to think that one piece might legitimately be moving in this Direction film red gave us top musica a.

Very literal Demon King not just a guy who ate a devil fruit now that the lunarians have been introduced we even have a race of angel-like beings from ancient history the goray can be something other than regular humans but hold on we've seen St Saturn's form he's absolutely a guki spider plus Ox horns kills people who looks at him maybe he.

Ate a devil fruit maybe he's a supernatural creature he should be a yo-kai either way most of the other gors designs are at least close to some known yo-kai they should be yo-kai but they have this whole summoning routine that has nothing to do with Yokai see what I mean about this being confusing maybe Oda just felt a summoning Circle would.

Be a cool thing to give the goray mixing the two mythologies a bit it wouldn't be the first time Japanese media has worked in some Western occultism that's basically Shinigami tensei's entire brand that's usually done by mixing up Western demons with Oni though it's rare to see Yokai treated like they're this malevolent they're Spirits sure but.

They're spirits of this world the whole idea of a summoning circle is bringing in a creature from some other place like well hell using one on a yo-kai is kind of weird still there's another option here while it's not used for summoning the five-pointed star is an actual symbol used in Japanese mysticism in fact it was the personal man the.

Signature of ab no Japan's most legendary real life magician even Sam's past of serving the Imperial Court in his day we shouldn't be too surprised to see it being used by Servants of IMU the Unseen emperor of the world the context however is very different from the pentagrams used in Western occultism here the five-pointed star is used to.

Show an idea rooted in Chinese thought whooing the system of ele mental Essence interaction each point on the star represents one element with the line showing how each element flows into two others it's like a cycle with the energy passing through all five points in time this gives us something to work with the five Elders corresponding to the five.

Elements of wooing would fit they're what make the world government work each overseeing one aspect of its operations linking them to the woing cycle ties each of the gor's monster forms to one element metal wood Earth water and fire that would explain whether yo-kai bodies don't have anything to do with their jobs the.

Yo-kai ties to the element and that ties to their role instead of summoning Jay Garcia the circle might be there to empower him providing some kind of link to Mary joa and his fellow elders but no that doesn't quite fit with what we saw the Marines treated this as a summoning Circle broadcasting that Saturn is now only able to make landfall on egad Sanji.

Sees him emerge from the circle Direct ly well let's leave that idea for now that's not the only option here and the second option gives us a crazy insight into what could be the gor's history remember the pentagram was the man of ab no there's a lot of Mythology around the guy the ab family ended up basically running the Bureau of omo a whole.

Government Department of Professional Mystics SE had a band of shikigami that were supposed to have been his personal bodyguards these were the 12 12 Heavenly commanders these Spirits have some serious power to them they're often conflated with buddhism's 12 Divine generals where it said that they were the personal Bodyguards of yakushi.

Buddha basji yagaru medicine Master and King of lapis lazuli light a bunch of spirits who can be summoned and act as personal attendance of a Godlike figure hey fun fact did you know that for a while there was a group of scientists who claimed there were 12 planets in our solar system they were pushing for a slightly broader definition of a planet.

That would bring the count up that high with Oda already talking about the weight of the Soul idea we're already looking at some kind of weird alternate science stuff in one piece a different version of the planetary system would fit right in it doesn't line up with the Ohara planetarium which has a sun Two Moons and six planets but these Scholars.

Hadn't finished their research perhaps they were only just starting to get close to the truth five Elder planets and seven who aren't around anymore yeah think back to when we've seen the five elders pretty much anytime we've met them the room hasn't been built for just five people they don't even get to share a desk they can all sit around they've.

Had to pull out a bunch of furniture to lounge around on and are always a chair short it's pretty odd for the guys who are supposed to basically run the world even if they ultimately answered to IMU why don't they have some kind of personal office where they can all get a spot at the table there's a lot of empty space around them too it's not obvious.

We usually get close-up shots of the five but this place is kind of massive almost like it was built with the idea that way more people were supposed to be here you could argue that this is a world Noble opulus thing but that doesn't exactly fit we've seen other parts of Mary joa during the Ry and this isn't normal plus the five Elders don't.

Bother with other world Noble trappings like those Fishbowl suits they're not that kind of arrogant and look at the Chamber of the empty thron specifically there's nothing in this room for the goray they have the world government's five-point symbol sure that might be referring to them but there's nothing else we know the gor take meetings in.

This chamber and they all just sort of stand around awkwardly near the door even if IMU secretly in charge so they have to leave the empty Throne clear wouldn't you expect the fake rulers to at least get a spot to sit down well what if there were originally over twice as many of them that would explain why all the rooms in Mary joa were designed.

For a much larger group all those massive fancy conference Chambers were built for a council of 12 but now the ones that are left don't want to be reminded of what they've lost so they took the desk out got a few comfy chairs and a coffee table like there're your mom bringing a few friends over that's it you could easily fit 12 smaller.

Thrones beneath the empty Throne there's even a layer for that right above the 20 weapons we've never seen anyone stand in that bit of the chamber all the business stuff takes place pretty much in front of the door was that where the gor were originally supposed to sit right beneath IMU their direct agents so who are the 12 the shikigami version of the list.

Gives us TOA suzaku rugo coochin seru kijin tenko Dion genu Tao Bako and tenku unfortunately the debate about how closely SE Spirits could be linked to Buddhism makes it hard to gather information on them this is a bit of a deep cut there's not a lot of scholarship on this subject in English and most of it just assumes the Heavenly.

Commanders and divine generals are the same guys several of them though are tied to Chinese constellations sharing a name with them this actually could explain some of the weirder goray monster form designs take Marcus Mars for example the TOA is connected to the teni constellation a flying serpent but with a name that seemingly includes the.

Tang of tangu thus you get a flying serpent with a crow's beat if you want to represent the 12 as unique spiritual monsters using Design Elements and bits of other the yo-kai would wait a minute 12 planets or Stars 12 Spirits Luffy plans to ultimately have 12 Straw Hat Pirates himself and 11 crewm mates that number just felt right to Luffy who had.

Already eaten the gug gumu by that point or as we now know the NAA fruit were the original 12 Spirits another pirate crew the star Pirates did they know NAA hm interesting but not enough proof just yet theory for another time perhaps ultimately an alternative and perhaps far similar take would be that the summoning circle thing isn't a devil.

Fruit ability as we've seen across multiple examples the goray Do Not age one piece is chalk full of different races the gor say do not consider themselves human and at this point I doubt that's simply their inflated ego talking this could be an exclusive race ability or technique even if the 12 commanders are separate from the five.

Elders they may instead connect to the whole nights if you guys have any ideas of your own drop them in the comments so we can all speculate together as always I'm celes Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you