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Every Ichigo Form in Bleach


Ichigo kurosaki's growth has always been entertaining to watch not only is it our introduction to the world of bleach and Shinigami but his journey is a satisfying one so today we'll be looking at each of his forms in chronological order substitute Shinigami everyone starts small originally Ichigo.

Served as a temporary replacement for Rukia he achieved the powers of ashinigami by having her powers transferred to him she planned to only give him half of her spiritual energy but Ichigo absorbed all of it from there he transforms into a Shinigami complete with signature black robes and a zonpok toe named zangetsu for some background.

Zonpokuto are weapons used by Shinigami they appear as swords in their sealed State and have two unlocked versions shikai and ban Kai which we'll get into soon anyhow in ichigo's case his sealed sword is big granted it only manifests this way because of Ichigo since he couldn't properly control his spiritual energy.

Yet so his massive unfocused energy produced a weak but large weapon fun fact it looks like a mixture of Rukia and ishin zonpaktos unfortunately this beginning State isn't very powerful seeing as his zonfacto can easily be broken according to urahara it carries a zonpokto's shape but none of the necessary internal strength either way.

It does prove to be useful for Ichigo like other Shinigami he is able to defeat Hollows which is interesting considering he was fighting with a sealed zonpok toe speaking of let's dive into Ichigo achieving both ban Kai and shikai shikai and early ban Kai is first seen during his training with.

Urahara after having his zonpok toe practically destroyed Ichigo summons its true form the man in a dark mysterious cloak just happens to be the first one he meets after seeing zangetsu Ichigo called out to it this allowed him to manifest his shikai it's similar to zangetsu's sealed state but with some differences it lacks both a hilt and a.

Guard unlike sungetsu's original state in place of those is a simple handle wrapped in a white cloth it has a high degree of utility considering Ichigo can use his donfak toe like a flail while the cloth can also be used to treat wounds that being said the blade itself is huge and wide as well as black with a silver Edge due to its width alone.

Zangetsu can be used to block attacks though its most interesting feature is what happens after each girl achieves shikai but before that be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today one of ichigo's mentors yoruichi Hoying explains to him that his.

Zonfacto is always in its shikai form she also tells him about one of the most important aspects of a Shinigami skill set bonkai release It's the final form of a zonpok toe and it can typically take years to master however Ichigo was able to unlock his Bankai in only three days time all thanks to urahara's training technique now let's discuss.

What ichigo's early bonkai can do known as tensa zangetsu it drastically changes his zonpokto's shape besides that the weapon develops a proper guard and Hilt though it does lack the signature bandages of the shikai instead it has a broken chain at the end of its Hilt ichigo's ban Kai also transforms his ordinary Shinigami robes into a sleek.

Black coat with red lining the tail ends of the cloak are ripped and ragged similar to zangetsu's clothing besides those features tensa zangetsu is rather durable it's certainly an upgrade from his original form as a substitute Shinigami plus this Bankai is a stepping stone to more intricate forms while on that topic let's get into a more.

Polished form next holophied once again this state is only possible due to urahara's training encroachment is the process of a soul losing its chain of Fate for context the chain is what binds a body to its soul and destroying it will cause a soul to become a hollow urahara frames it as if you have not returned as a soul Reaper then we'll.

Have no choice Ichigo we'll have to kill you so this training technique is to literally survive or be killed though urahara's teachings isn't meant for just training it's brutal but has a defined purpose encroachment serves as a means for the process to bring out ichigo's inner Hollow truthfully one would assume this turns him into one of the visored.

But that would be wrong in reality Ichigo manifests hollow-like powers in a mask due to his Quincy mother masaki her near-death experience with a hollow left-halo spiritual energy within her that was then passed onto her son despite being born with a raw affinity for it Ichigo still had to master this hollow form it was critical otherwise.

The hollow part of zangetsu could take over his body but with that explanation out of the way let's take a look at its abilities and appearance his mask has two distinct looks with both iterations having a white skull as the bass the first version has three red stripes along its left side which can go up to having 10 Stripes but his second mask is.

Less dramatic in that aspect the two Crimson lines go diagonally down his eyes which add to his menacing look besides its appearance Ichigo could only summon the mask for 4 seconds however with enough training he's eventually able to summon it for almost three times that 11 seconds ichigo's original Hollow form also provides several benefits like.

Improving his getsuga tencho technique though this isn't the only time gitsuga tencho is augmented later on we'll discuss ichigo's final get to the attention ichigo's own abilities increase dramatically such as his speed durability and even spiritual pressure while experiencing it dordoni Alessandro del socasio exclaims that's more like it.

What's powerful spiritual pressure ichigo's reyatsu can even be compared to that of a full Hollows while on that topic Ichigo has another Hollow transformation that is not only monstrous but extremely powerful vasto Lord after a devastating Blow from ulkiora Cipher ichigo's Hollow side fully manifests while this is the only.

Time it appears it does leave a lasting impression on fans for the second time Ichigo is possessed by zongetsu but his appearance is extremely different than before in this vasto Lord form Ichigo has long hair that reaches past his shoulders in addition to this he keeps his hollow hole except it's smaller and black markings wrap around it and his.

Shoulders instead of his usual skin color ichigo's skin tone turns Pure White while on his wrists ankles and neck are patches of red fur all of this combined gives Ichigo an animalistic look which his mask adds on to as well said mask engulfs his entire head with bold markings that match the ones on his chest though the most interesting aspect.

Of its design is the ma asks giant horns they resemble a bulls but more twisted and inward like a ram unfortunately this bosto Lord transformation seems to make Ichigo almost mindless which is reflected in his animalistic appearance in this state he goes as far as completely ignoring okiora's questions while in this form Ichigo also gains.

Several different abilities like in arankar Ichigo can release a powerful cereal Blast from his horns that can destroy buildings if one horn is cut off the blasts will prematurely explode as if the Cerro ability isn't enough this form also increases ichigo's spiritual power in fact it was felt by others who were far from the bottom of the hueco.

Mundo Valley besides that he can easily summon his zanpakuto with just his open palm and his sword arm is stronger too with a single slash Ichigo was able to demolish an entire portion of the Los noches landscape his speed is another attribute that increases as well the vastalord form is quick enough that ukiora notices that wasn't a flash step.

Just now it was a sonido the arankar is right of course instead of utilizing a shunpo ichigo's full Hollow form uses sonido which is the hollow equivalent of that although Ichigo sonido is so much faster that he cuts off ulquiara's arm before the arankar can even react while on the topic of arankar abilities this form can literally dispel Lanza Del.

Relampago this is rather significant because that happens to be okiora's most powerful technique plus ichigo's able to achieve that feat without injury to himself lastly vasta Lord can regenerate ichigo's own body for example after ukiora breaks ichigo's mask a burst of energy instantly heals the hole in the shinigami's chest and he also regains.

Control of his body this hollow-esque form is no match for the next which is almost equally as destructive and risky final getsuga 10 show to finally beat the Menace that is Eisen Ichigo relies on his ultimate trump card is an ability that stems from ichigo's bonkai to reach this elevated State Ichigo had to fight the holified tenses on Getsu.

Within his inner world the fight goes on until ichiko is stabbed faizongetsu and because Ichigo accepted his zanpakuto he learned the final form of getzga tensho sadly tensa didn't want Ichigo to unlock this knowledge he wanted to protect Ichigo from it instead tensa feared for the Shinigami safety regardless he does prove to be the key that unlocks.

Back in the real world fighting against Eisen Ichigo transfer formed this state looks similar to vostelord but there are some differences Ichigo still has the long hair but it's now black his eyes turn crimson and a gray bandage is wrapped around his face and body however the most interesting aspect is the spiritual pressure his body lets off.

That takes the form of a pitch black smoke yet most of it is centered around his right arm but let's talk about the abilities Now by fusing with getsuga Ichigo gained a dramatic increase in power unfortunately it does come at a cost in ichigo's own words using this technique means I lose all my soul Reaper Powers this startling Revelation.

Is what makes so significant defeating Eisen also meant losing a key part of ichigo's self at this point he had been a Shinigami for a year but losing that privilege is a worthy trade-off to stop Eisen speaking of Eisen is immediately threatened by it since he sees it as a form that is beyond his own more powerful than he.

Could ever be Eisen is at his Peak during this fight so it's an interesting statement right after activating Ichigo unleashes the true power of this ultimate technique mugetsu the essence of forms via ichigo's sword hand he manifests entirely black spiritual pressure then he swings it it's so powerful that it creates an immense wave.

Of pressure this massive output of an attack can even affect the sky and Destroy anything in its wake it's powerful enough that Eisen has to regenerate to a previous state as previously stated Ichigo unfortunately loses his Shinigami me powers in fact they dissipate almost immediately after using this last resort of a form.

Thankfully he has another one that is more concrete and something we get to see more than once full bring for context a full bringer is born from children whose parents were attacked by Hollows this results in the mother retaining bits of the hollow's powers which are then passed down to their offspring kugo gingjo describes it.

As our power is more of a hollow than a soul Reaper fullbringers can use this to manipulate an object's characteristics or movements and they only have this ability because objects even small ones possess a soul using their full bring power they can accomplish magnificent Feats like walking on water however they are different from other Spiritual.

Beings due to their physiology their ability is connected to their physical bodies so they have to build their endurance and strength to higher levels this is why ichigo's training with kugo was so intensive originally Ichigo trained his full bring power to defeat shukuro tsukishima normally he'd simply use his Shinigami power but he can't.

Therefore Ichigo has to get creative but don't worry we'll get back into Shinigami Ichigo later despite lacking his original Power ichigo's full bring is still impressive he first began using this power to change his substitute Shinigami badge the power itself is activated through emotion more specifically The Pride he felt as a.

Shinigami the badge takes the shape as his sword guard but with black spiritual pressure seeping from it it is only reactive to each go though without his touch the guard won't appear while it isn't used for offense initially it is important for defense seeing as Ichigo uses it as a shield this rudimentary fortification is just the beginning.

Though eventually Ichigo is able to set off energy blasts with his empowered badge he compares the intense feeling of it to using getzuga tensho despite Ichigo knowing his full-bring abilities were incomplete after more training if you go further develops this new power instead of spiritual pressure only covering his Shinigami badge it envelops.

His entire body and it takes the form of his previous Shinigami robes that isn't all either a blade of spiritual pressure covers his arm and it looks amazing this serves both offensive and defensive utility which creates a nice middle ground it offers offensive capabilities and does give some insight into his power after gaining this form Ichigo.

Learns it's more similar to his previous abilities than he thought Chad realizes it first but ichigo's full bring is a clad type this is because his body is cloaked in the spiritual pressure of his full bring in Chad's own words wearing his powers his true form now why is this similar to his Shinigami Powers as previously stated his bond Kai changes.

His physical appearance specifically his robes and as mentioned the full bring does the same thing however this full bring is still not the final version through more extensive training with other execution members Ichigo is able to manifest a complete full bring the former Shinigami then uses this newfound power in a battle against tsukushima.

While it still requires his badge for Activation it is his most powerful form prior to his rebuilt zonpok toe for starters the spiritual pressure encases ichigo's entire body white armor forms with a black bodysuit underneath it's a slick modern design in comparison to his other Garb this form has a striking appearance but the most interesting.

Aspect is his badge it changes into a guard for his sword the blade itself is straight but not as thin as his zanpakto his full ring also manifests a stronger get to God tencho unfortunately it still isn't as powerful as his Shinigami powers that said ichigo's speed and power are augmented he easily overwhelmed tsukushima with them in fact.

Ichigo's full bring is so fast that he rips off tsukushima's arm before the man even notices what happened Ichigo also benefits from boosted strength and he was able to kick tsukushima hard enough to send him into a building plus his full bring is durable enough to withstand Chad's complete Gigante with minimal damage despite Chad.

Using such a powerful ability Ichigo takes the entire attack as if it's nothing unfortunately Ichigo ends up losing the full bring tokugo this does allow him to regain his Shinigami Powers but there is left over full bring in him the residual power influences both zangetsu and his Bankai while on the topic his shikai and ban Kai become.

Completely different after his first bout with yehovah rebuilt ugram hushvalt easily Cuts tensa zangetsu in half this stuns Ichigo and forces him to train in order to defeat the father of the Quincy yehovah bettering himself for the battle is an extensive process too first he is met by the royal guard who will help him.

Rebuild his Bankai he recuperates in a hot spring eats good food but the biggest obstacle is reforging his damaged power as Mayuri kurotsuchi explained a Bankai that is destroyed can never be returned to what it once was so ultimately it's a challenge to build it from the ground up which is where Royal Guard member owetsu nimaya comes in the.

Original creator of the zonpok toe more importantly he's significant in helping Ichigo to reform his Bankai this character and many other of kubo's designs are really some of my favorites his first attempt to reforge tensa zangetsu isn't done alone since Ranchi abrai joins Ichigo together they each fight the asauchi which are unnamed.

Zanpakuto the zonpok toe themselves are composed of these asahuchi which in turn imprints on the user's Soul unfortunately Ichigo is sent back to the human realm after three days of unsuccessfully fighting the asayuchi though all isn't lost ichigo's father explains his son's Origins and gives shocking information about his mother as.

It turns out Ichigo is partly Quincy due to his mom an important fact considering his Quincy side influences his Shinigami Powers she only died to Grand Fisher because she lost her Quincy powers to you Havoc armed with this new information Ichigo then returns to Soul Society instead of fighting the asahuchi Ichigo finds one suitable to his hollow.

Side it even resembles Ichigo except with a more creepy skeletal appearance Nehemiah is impressed and tells Ichigo I'll personally re-strike it for you with the help of his rather quirky bodyguards nemaya begins to reforge ichigo's ban Kai while doing this Nehemiah gives Ichigo another Revelation the reason this asajuchi so easily.

Accepted Ichigo is due to the latter's hollow side as nemaya puts it this hollow is your zonpok toe not only that but the spirits Ichigo believed to be zongetsu his in imposter the cloaked man in his inner world isn't his Shinigami Powers rather it is the the manifestation of his Quincy side he also learns that this mysterious man isn't.

Just a random Quincy being he resembles a young you Havoc from a thousand years ago right after Ichigo meets with the Quincy zangetsu in his inner World there his Quincy side explains that he didn't want Ichigo to become a Shinigami nor did he save Ichigo during his fight against ulquiora that was thanks to his hollow side now why didn't the Quincy.

Form of zangetsu reject Ichigo becoming a Shinigami the answer is rather simple he feared that eventually he'd have to kill Ichigo himself thankfully that isn't the case now in fact it's the opposite before zongetsu Fades away he tells Ichigo how proud he is of the Shinigami despite the suffering he experienced Ichigo came out stronger for.

It he even tells Ichigo I almost feel Joy in stepping away sadly the Quincy's on Getsu does fade away in his place is his true zangetsu a power he can call his own after learning both are inherent to his power Ichigo has a startling Revelation instead of possessing one zonpok toe he has two one resembles his previous songpak so while the other is.

More of a short sword both having their own sources the long sword represents his hollow side while the short blade is reminiscent of his Quincy now with the introduction of their Recreation out of the way let's get down to abilities it's very similar to his previous bonkai and shikai except Ichigo can combine the swords into one his getsuga tensho is.

Also more powerful and allows him to enter a unified Hollow State during this time ichigo's blade turns white his merged form is similar to his whole effect Haitian since his speed strength and spiritual power are once again enhanced for example he was able to stop you havoc's sword before the other could anticipate it Ichigo also devastated.

Part of a building with a single strike rebuilt zangetsu's most useful ability may be the fact that he can combine both Acero and his getsga tencho this powerful attack is enough to even wound yuhavak who was empowered by the soul King though that does take us to ichigo's final and most powerful form pure fearing how strong he's become.

Jehovok immediately tries to destroy ichigo's bonkai but it doesn't break right away instead it is simply cracked Ichigo is still able to wield it in fact he cuts yuhovok in half with a getsuga tencho unfortunately this doesn't kill him in Ichigo must get help from an unlikely source with eisen's help Ichigo surpasses the father of Quincy however.

Ichigo's rebuilt Bankai is seen as almost too strong and jovak tries to destroy it due to its reinforced build the zonpok toe doesn't fall apart but crumbles away a new blade arises in its place one that matches ichigo's shikai it's surprising that it doesn't immediately break like last time but this may be due to Ichigo finally.

Accepting his Shinigami in Quincy Powers it's a big Revelation considering you Havoc had completely destroyed zangetsu before and you hope broke it as mentioned due to being threatened by its power though that doesn't stop the Shinigami Ichigo is still able to use the new blade to defeat the Quincy King here ichigo's win is instrumental in.

Stopping You havoc and restoring the soul Society without him it's doubtful anyone else could have accomplished that the end of our video I'm sure we all can't wait to see some of these forms animated which one are you looking forward to most let us know in the comments below I'm Anthony fan and I'll catch you next time.