Composed of what is essentially a bunch of outcasts the league of villains is to say the least an interesting bunch beyond being outcast the group really only has one common trait they all wish to do as they please that ultimate freedom for them is everything in the beginning we hardly.

Knew anything about these guys and from the beginning of the series to today the group has shrunk in size however with the recent highly anticipated war arcs endless reveals we finally filled in the final pieces in this group's mysterious backstory in this video we'll be going over the origin of every league of villains.

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Various social media accounts where you can further interact with us with that said let's get into it we have a lot to cover for starters we have the leader shigaraki tomorrow born tenko shimra a character inspired by horikoshi's first one-shot series shigaraki tomorrow is the son of shimurana's child.

Who was at least in his eyes abandoned by his mother because his father was a successful businessman shigaraki was born into wealth the origin of shigaraki begins at the age of five a year older than that of most children when they developed their quirks and for.

This reason he was believed to be corkless despite this shiguraki wanted to be a hero and his father again the son of shimmer nana was very much against this because his mother was a hero and in his mind she abandoned him and prioritized strangers over her own family it was so.

Bad in fact that he was punished whenever he was caught playing hiro something he loved to do like many other kids in this world as we've seen through deku's childhood throughout his childhood his father would mistreat him and while his mother was there to comfort him shigaraki's family never really stopped his father.

They never made a full effort to help and unfortunately they would soon lose the chance one day shigaraki's sister hana would show him something hidden in their father's office something he was never supposed to see a photo of his father and shimura nana through this he would.

Learn there was a hero in his family he of course had no idea just how important shimra nana was but just the fact that there was a hero in his family was enough when asked why she showed him this photo hana shows support for shiguraki's hero dream saying they could even become a.

Brother-sister hero team in the future following that reveal and talking with his sister shigaraki was feeling great now knowing his family had a hero in it gave him hope for his own dream unfortunately though this momentary joy would be cut short beginning with a sudden shock to his body right after that with just perfect.

Timing his father was now approaching him outside angrily asking shigaraki if he had looked in his office it was about the picture of shimmer anna the look on young shigeraki's vegas was one of fear he froze unable to utter a word meanwhile the rest of his family was there.

Including hannah who was bawling her eyes out and unfortunately putting all the blame on him a couple seconds later his father would raise a hand and then with force hit him shigaraki's mother screamed in an attempt to stop him but it was too little.

Too late his father stood over him now and explained that shimra nana was a monster that abandoned her child still unable to speak from all the shock shigaraki wanted to cry out for help he wanted his family to do something instead of simply watching his father stand over him and dish out this abuse.

Later that day alone in his study shigeraki's father would read the final words his mother shimurana left for him something he probably hadn't read in a long time the letter was essentially a apology for leaving him to go fight all for one granted of course he doesn't know who all for one.

Is but that is the bad man she was referring to in her letter and she would also add that she understands if he comes to hate her soon after that the rest of the adults in the family barged into the room with his wife first saying that what he just done was too much he was quick to.

Admit he'd gone too far and asked how the kids were doing frustrated his wife would ignore this question and continue saying that the family isn't going to play by his rules if he was going to get violent and from that and how big this scene has been overall.

This was most likely the first time shiguraki was hit by his father but now upon reading that letter and calming down he could now see it his own past was affecting his family but this didn't matter now it was too late shigaraki was still outside where he'd often play this time though he was sobbing and.

Clinging to his dog for comfort however something was happening that shock he had felt earlier was his quirk manifesting before he could even look and see what had happened it was too late he'd unknowingly caused his pet dog to decay shigeraki was now in total.

Shock before he could grasp what had happened his sister hannah stepped outside to apologize for earlier nervous she said that she shouldn't have said those things to her father earlier but it was then that hana saw her brother sitting in blood next to what was their pet dog she.

Screamed and began running shigaraki was still in shock itching all over and couldn't speak he had a million thoughts rushing to his head he wanted to tell her not to go he grabbed her and she too crumbled he thought it was a villain's doing and broke down years later while reflecting.

Shigeraki realizes that maybe he knew what was happening he knew there was no villain he knew what he was doing more of his family would come outside his grandparents and mother and they too would be decayed following that his father would come outside and see the horrible sight.

The two would get into a little bit of a conflict but then with a look of pleasure shigeraki would decay his father also after these events drowning in guilt and unsure of what to do next shigeraki ran away from home or at least what remained of it after all that destruction he looked dirty as he walked around the streets and he.

Couldn't speak he was looking for someone to save him but no one would at least not until all for one came and was the one to extend a hand he's a smart man but also deceptive so his words can't be taken as fact however in explaining shigeraki situation he said that he has an impulse.

To destroy that can't be controlled after a couple incidents and some mentoring from all for one tenko had been reborn as a gift offer would give him the hands of the two men he killed and a couple other bonus hands to keep his memories close with this.

Came the birth of tomorrow shigaraki tomura meaning to mourn because he'd not been reborn as one who beckons acts of mourning into this world and as for shigaraki that is all for one's family name for years all for one would go on to nurture shikharaki making him the man we know now.

And making sure to remind shigeraki to never let go of those emotions he felt at such a young age much later in his life shigiraki would go on to create the league of villains consisting of the members we will now get into starting with the sad man himself twice jin started off with what was a pretty.

Normal life however in middle school he would tragically go on to lose both his parents crazy enough they'd been killed in a villain attack now this is of course ironic considering the life jinn would go on to live as twice because his parents had been killed back.

When he was still so young and there was no extended family members to look after him jin would need to financially support himself which forced him to quit school and prioritize employment and he actually managed to land himself a nice job that provided lodging food and clothing which was great but.

One day when he was 16 years old he'd hit into a man with his motorcycle and break their arm apparently jyn was fully abiding by these street laws and such and it really was just an honest mistake that if anything was more the fault of the man for running out into the street unfortunately though this accident would.

Go on to jin's record and that wasn't even the worst part when he went back to work he was punched on site because as it turns out the guy he'd hit with his motorcycle worked for one of his job's top clients and so with them being so upset the prospect of them cancelling all.

Their contracts with the business was put out onto the table this would be a major blow to the business and so to begin fixing the problem jyn was fired effectively putting him back onto the streets and immediately he managed to lose the comfort he gained from then on he'd have nothing and no.

One which revoked him to make friends with his doubles because they were replicas of him he felt like he could trust them and with him being homeless and feeling like he had no other options twice would then turn to crime having overwhelming number of his clones carry out several heists.

And whatnot making him one of the most wanted criminals out there this would work for a while but eventually twice would get too comfortable and because there were replicas of him his clones too would become comfortable and also want to be lazy like him and this conflict created a mess.

He would end up fighting himself and watching himself be killed over and over again all of this would lead him to not even be able to trust himself again and he had to wonder if he even was the original jinn or if he simply was a clone that survived and so for years he'd struggled.

Mentally feeling as though he was splitting and so he opted to keep a paper bag over his head at all times jyn would also avoid any sort of damage as if his life depended on it because if he were in fact a clone it did depend on it with nothing left in life.

Jin would be advised by the broker to find people he can trust people who had been in similar predicaments themselves and so jyn would go join the ranks of the league of villains he was different from them in that he's not necessarily a violent person not necessarily a villain at his core.

However at least with them he wasn't alone and he would do anything to protect them his new friends up next is someone that has brought a lot of comfort to twice the league of villains member toga himiko toga at a very young age found a deceased bird covered in blood most people upon coming across something.

Like this would feel disturbed however toga found this deceased creature cute she could not help but drink its blood and no she's not a vampire later she wanted to share the bird and her overall experience with her parents and so she presented them with the dead.

Bird and a bloody smile her parents were as you would imagine upset scared following the incident they sent toga off for quirk reformation where she would be forced to suppress her natural instincts later on in middle school she was found drinking the blood of a classmate that.

She fell in love with everyone looked at her rightfully with a look of horror and as a result she ran away since then toga has been on the run living a life of crime while her behavior isn't acceptable toga to an extent really cannot control her desire to take.

The blood of those she loves and is one of the best cases of how quirks do more harm than good in this world the next member of the league is the now deceased big sis magnay a very early passing in the series unfortunately magnay passed away pretty.

Early in the story before we were able to even get her full story however she was a transgender villain that joined the league so that she would be free to live the life she wanted she valued freedom and was only a member because the group enabled this she was very passionate about this point.

And is clear just how passionate she was when you consider the fact that she refused to be overall subordinate and attacked him instead unfortunately there isn't much else on this member's backstory but gotta show respect to big sis magna up next is someone who was basically the care.

Keeper of shigaraki coral geary the backstory of kurogiri is basically the story of azaw's childhood friend shirokumo the story begins during izawa's time at ua where he had a classmate named shirakumo shirokumo was essentially the one that gave aizawa his confidence letting him know that his quirk is.

Actually pretty amazing something he doubted up to that point unfortunately in their sophomore year shirokumo did pass away in a villain attack where azawa ultimately was left to defeat the enemy on his own in fact the two were up to that point a part of the same hero internship.

As midnight the villain attack left shirokumo dead and izawa broken azal would go on to graduate and that death would not be the end of shirokumo his body would be stolen and come into the hands of dr ujiko and all for one his body was experimented on and his.

Mind and body were changed with his quirk becoming warp gate and his sole mission became to protect and serve shigeraki probably one of the biggest shockers in the series up to this point kurogiri being a nomu now on to the not so surprising character dobby dobby otherwise known as toya.

Todoroki was the first child in the toroki family he inherited a more powerful version of endeavour's quirk which allowed him to cast hotter blue flames which was unfortunately not the quirk his father had hoped for toyo wasn't exactly as endeavour had hoped but his power had the potential.

To surpass endeavour's own and so he did train him to become the successor who would surpass him and all might but toya inherited his mother's body type and so his training was rough when his other siblings came around he bonded with natsuo the most and when shoto came around he and the other siblings were not allowed.

To interact with him toyah felt so bad as a child that he would even cry often to not sue and question why he existed because he wasn't what his father wanted shoto was years later toya would die in a fire at sekoto hill where he used to train with his father often.

With the temperature exceeding 2000 degrees it was presumed that toyo was completely incinerated as only remains of his jaw were found his death did hurt his father while endeavour isn't perfect and he did wrong he had regrets about how he treated his.

Son and has since that death mourned and hoped his son was somehow alive this would however not be the end of toya as he would later emerge as dabi hiding his identity by using black hair dye up next we have mr compress who we recently got information on mr compress otherwise known as sako.

Asuhiro is an entertainer first and a villain second a very intelligent one who is one of the more smart ones in the league he's also one of the members who clearly cares about the others as he fought after seeing magne die which ultimately cost him his arm not too much is known of his background.

But it was revealed that mr compress is the great great grandson of oji harima a notorious villain mentioned along with people like all for one and destro who stole from wealthy heroes and gave that wealth to the people something compressed clearly takes pride in and announced to the heroes during.

The war and i guess one last thing he's handsome our final member of the league is spinner iguchi shuichi who doesn't have the most interesting backstory he grew up mistreated by society due to his appearance he was called things like lizard guy.

Which is just bullying and with how the world of quirks is a lot of others surely experienced things like this this treatment led him to stay home a lot until he like the rest of society witnessed stain the hero killer he was inspired and believed he too could help make change in society.

And thus became spinner and later joined the league of villains doing so because he believed they were in line with stayne's goals as well he's pretty violent and cool but his backstory like the rest of the league really makes you feel bad for him at least a little bit his costume is inspired by stains and so are his choice.

Of weapons with that said that was the backstory of the entire league of villains compiled into one it's quite a lot but at least for me seeing them all together like this really creates a sad picture they're all honestly victims that just became the bad guy.

The league has now gotten smaller with some members dead and others captured and it's unclear where things go from here but this group has certainly led to many interesting developments in the comments share your thoughts on all things league of villains and if you haven't already be sure to.

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