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EVERY TITAN SHIFTER EXPLAINED! History and Powers! – Attack on Titan


At long last part two of attack on titan season four has finally begun airing with this epic saga finally at its end it'd only be appropriate to cover the numerous titan shifters and their abilities not only will we get to see some of these diverse forms in action but after all the waiting the anime will finally conclude now let's begin with.

The very first titan the founding titan yamir fritz who was first to hold this power her titan took the appearance of a gigantic feminine figure with long hair and long ribs which extended from its body yamir's titan lacked skin which left a visible skull there is no exact height for her titan but one can only assume the magnitude of its size now.

This titan ability is unique from all the others as to unlock the full potential requires the titan shifter to be of royal blood despite this aaron jaeger was able to convince yamir freed to allow him to harness the raw power of this titan beyond yamir other holders of this titan power were carl frites the rey's family most notably frida and her.

Uncle yuri grisha jaeger and again his son aaron carl's titan had long straight hair and a sharp row of teeth his titan had thick legs but a more skeletal upper half with its ribs clearly visible like the beast titan carl's founding titan had thin elongated arms yuri's titan isn't ever seen but frida's is her titan form is similar to her own appearance.

With dark hair large eyes and a skeletal nose frida's founding titan also possesses a more feminine appearance but still had defined muscle along her torso like yuri grisha's founding titan is unseen this is due to the fact that immediately after gaining the founding titan's power gerisha passed it onto aaron lastly is aaron's form which is.

Perhaps the most monstrous of them all his founding titan towers over even the colossal wall titans its massive rib cage was used like a centipedes which were fast enough to keep up with the rumbling this form was rather bare bones in the most literal sense except for the fleshy head which had long hair pointy elf like ears hollow cheeks and visible.

Teeth along with an exposed muscular chin the founding titan has an absolute plethora of abilities but perhaps it's most notable as the ability for titan control even as a human the founding titan scream can command other titans however this ability is only effective with pure titans this phenomenon is first seen when aaron commands titans to.

Attack a now titan diana fritz besides this the founding titan could also create titans as seen with the 145th king of eldea carl frieds as he created colossal titans that made up the walls this tactic proved to be especially crippling when aaron the final ldn to wield the power of the founding titan used it to manifest and control past.

Holders of the nine titans however the founding titan can manipulate the anatomy and mind as well frida was able to make her half-sister historia forget each time they met this power also extends to entire groups of people considering carl freeze was able to change the very memory of the aldians who fled with him and as stated before.

The founding titan is capable of changing one's body which is seen when an aldean king from 600 years ago made eldians immune from a plague and as if all of that wasn't enough finally the founding titan can use telepathic communication and clairvoyance through the paths the founding titan is able to connect with all the subjects of yamir.

And aaron uses ability to announce his plans for the rumbling of the world now in contrast to this power with multiple known wielders the warhammer titan has only two named wielders lara tiber and later aaron yeager as the warhammer titan laura had a muscular if not masculine frame the head of her titan was covered by a cowl-shaped layer of.

Skin only its eyes mouth and jaw were exposed through the cowl truthfully the design is very reminiscent of a chainmail helmet being its namesake lara's titan carried a hammer comprised of hardened titan flesh the warhammer titan's power allows a user to create and harden structures which could also act as weapons this skill is quite.

Useful as the warhammer titan is able to create a range of weapons from a sickle to a broadsword the user is also able to remotely control the titan being connected by a long tendril of flesh because the titan shifter didn't need to be inside of the nape this allowed for the warhammer titan to emerge from various locations now after eating lara.

Aaron gained the warhammer titans powers which allowed him to harden his body and create spikes now moving on to the attack titan we have the past users being aaron krueger grisha yeager and aaron yeager to begin erin krueger's titan had sunken in eye sockets and was very muscular as well as having pronounced cheekbones meanwhile grisha's.

Form was more bulky with a wide torso like erin kruger's titan grecia's possessed sunken in eyes along with dark hair and elongated ears like the founding titan of carl fritz grishas titan shape resembled the beast titan finally aaron's form was similar to aaron krueger's his attack titan was muscular with dark hair and his eyes.

Were also sunken into their sockets his titan lacks skin on his cheeks and lips which cause its teeth to be exposed despite its name the attack titan's ability allows the holder to see into future users memories this is the opposite of an innate ability that is shared across all titan forms every new holder will inherit the previous titan.

Shifter's memory however erin krueger sees a future grisha telling aaron to protect armin and mikasa grisha also sees future memories like learning about the royal blood restriction from his son aaron unlike the attack titan the beast titan retains more of an animalistic appearance some of the various animals have been monkeys birds crocodiles.

Dinosaurs rabbits and goats the only two past users of this titan form being tom kusaber and his successor zeke yeager tom's titan form was that of a bipedal sheep it is we assume that the different animal variations retain different attributes such as zeke jaeger's ape-like titan possessing a strong throwing ability due to his royal.

Lineage zeke also had other unique skills like hardening titan creation and titan control however z could only create pure titans from aldians who had his spinal fluid in their system speaking of zeke's spinal fluid another of the nine titans is the jaw titan this titan specializes in speed and agility paired with insane jaw strength as its.

Name implies the holders of the jaw titan were marcel galliard yamir marcel's brother portugal galliard and falco grace every form had the common trait of a prominent set of teeth plus a small but agile form marcel's titan was no different though his also had dark hair with a beard and no lips yamir's titan form had a similar design but had.

Lips and lacked a beard her facial features were also striking as her titan form had a large head and nose along with small elf-like ears porco swarm was almost exactly like that of his brothers though his titan hair was blonde lastly falco's titan has not one but two sets of jaws the inner jaw is able to bite through objects like titan flesh later.

On his titan is capable of flight adapting its appearance to include wings and feathers it's very likely that this transformation is due to falco accidentally ingesting zeke's spinal fluid but with all that being said the beast titan is probably one of my favorites because of how massive an imposing zeke's titan is then on the.

Opposite side of the bipedal titans like attack and beast is my least favorite the kart titan the only named user of this titan is peak finger her titan walks on all fours hence its name it also possesses an elongated face similar to that of a dog snout besides this peak has incredible endurance in this form enough to carry out long-range missions.

However if left as a car titan for extended periods of time pique would walk on all forms in her human form citing that it felt more natural and because of its quadrupedal nature peak's titan was equipped with cargo and or artillery cannons on its back next up we have the colossal titan of which he two known holders roberto hoover and arm and.

Arlert this titan is known for being exceptionally large its very size allowed berto to look over the walls which are about 50 meters in height berthold's titan also had an exposed muscular-like appearance in addition to his stature his colossal titan had thin long arms the colossal's ability allowed the user to emit large clouds of steam.

That could burn opponents or knock them away the transformation for this titan is also unique as it has more explosive potential than other titan transformations however bertolt showed that the user can control the amount of damage done as he once transformed and only caused a gust of wind though the devastating force of this titan caused.

It to be dubbed a god of destruction armin's form is similar and lacking skin as well unlike berto's titan armin's has lips and some muscle around it though its most unique feature is its visible spine which can be seen at its neck another one of the most distinguished looking titans is the female titan the named holder for this titan was annie.

Leonhardt her titan's appearance was feminine but retained andy's appearance for the most part like other titans annie's had exposed muscle and was physically fit though the physiology of the female titan may be different considering annie herself mentioned that it was easy to take on attributes of other titans this titan could attract.

Pure titans by way of a scream but could not control them annie's form was also known for high endurance and mobility finally she could harden parts of her titan even being able to harden herself while human then lastly of the nine titans is the armored titan rhino braun wielded this form which was fitted with armored skin and the ability to harden.

Reiner's armored titan lacked armor in his cheeks and behind its elbows knees and feet this titan also sports a haircut similar to reiner's and doesn't have lips though this hardened skin is not foolproof as it was shattered by anti-titan artillery besides its protective capabilities the armor titan can be used offensively as its plated.

Flesh allows for harder impacts looking back each and every titan has a very unique design making them all very interesting to look at making their various clashes over the course of the series a whole lot more exciting and you can show your excitement for all the attack on titan content on the way by subscribing to plot armor with.

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