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EVERYONE CRIED WATCHING THIS! Doma Upper Moon Two Revealed! – Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 11


Friends this is the end season two of demon slayer the entertainment district arc has come to a close and has done so in such an incredible way this was a perfect wrap up for me for what was my favorite arc of the story and although that may be how i feel with the manga i'm sure this anime may very well be able to change my mind with what is to.

Come further on the ways in which studio ufo table were able to elevate the content of the source material the manga have been numerous and astonishing we really enjoyed covering these episodes week to week and hopefully you guys feel the same way enough to look forward to the next arc which has already been officially announced season 3 will cover.

The swordsmith village arc no word yet on when it will be released but this is going to be season 3 not a new movie which is a tad bit surprising but i'm very happy about this because again that means we get to cover this stuff week to week with all of you and in the meanwhile we will continue to provide you guys with plenty of demon slayer.

Content to hold you over but now in regards to episode 11 of this entertainment district arc we would first open up with what we left off on with the previous episode which was quite the cliffhanger indeed however here as opposed to the manga where it did not have this at all we would have nezuko save the day we would visually.

Get to see her use her blood demon art against that of gyutaros and succeed in saving everyone's lives i always found it kind of weird that we didn't get anything of the sort in the manga we just got tandra waking up but here we get to see everything and it really does make nezuko look a whole lot stronger we already knew that she had regenerative.

Capabilities on par with the upper moon demons even succeeding those of daki's but here there's also the inclusion that her blood demon arc can counteract that of deuteros to the point of completely nullifying it and so a part of me has to wonder if not for nezuko's craving of human flesh in this instance if she were to be a productive member of this team.

Against the upper moon demons how would things have turned out i feel as though they would have definitely been able to win a whole lot easier tengen probably would not lose an eye and an arm and all that but yeah shout out to nesico she is the only reason that they are all alive and it gets even deeper than that she was able to nullify the poison that was.

Circulating through tundra's system which would have killed him if not for her that being said he still could not move on his own and so nezuko would return the favor by lifting him up and carrying him on her back from which point we will return who had reverted back into his sniveling and crying form his inherently cowardly.

Nature who had no idea how any of this stuff happened he wondered who had broken his legs like what was really going on here and so with that we pretty much have confirmation that zenitsu has two different personalities within him there's one consciousness which is a coward and such and there is another that is rather courageous and rather.

Cool and so from now on when someone tells me that zenith is their favorite character or they really like the guy i have to wonder which zini two they're talking about but in even worse shape than zinitsu was a nosuke who was clinging on to just a bit of life left his heartbeat was wavering and despite not being able to move over to his aid.

For obvious reasons zanitsu was able to perceive that enosuke's heartbeat was wavering on account of his incredible sense of hearing now like tengen and nosuke does have poison resistance but not poison immunity and so the poison was still in the system and was on the verge of killing him tandra would think to bring him into sunlight as it would.

Be able to purge his demonic ailment however daki and yutoro were not kidding it was going to be a very long time until the sun rose again until there was no time he would think to call out to shinobu with a crow but again that would take too long as things were currently going anosuke was most definitely going to die and at that point once tundra.

Recognized this he immediately went into survivor guilt mode he'd wonder why he was the one who was all right why he was the one who was alive and he would get his answer it was because of nezuko who would also heal enosuke well perhaps not so much as he'll but remove the poison from him and you know all throughout these strenuous and gut-wrenching scenes.

I find it really funny that chibi nezuko is just over here chilling like she can't even communicate hey i'm i'm able to heal him up it's it'll be okay tantra is losing his mind and she's just over here just all right well let me do this and from there things kind of just became a bit more comedic as opposed to sirius despite tengen being surrounded.

By his three wives who believed he was on the verge of death that he was going to no longer be here it would just become a funny thing because at the end of the day we knew that nezuko would be able to save tengen as well and really and truly tengen's wives are hilarious they are just so funny together i'd really like to know which of these three.

Is your favorite i have to say the summa is mine because she is just so animated so crazy so ridiculous no matter what situation she may find herself in she's a big crybaby and she is a loudmouth that is really really entertaining to see her and you know what despite only getting so many inclusions of these three it is incredible how much.

Character and charm they are able to provide to us despite their limited screen time these guys are ridiculous i would seriously pay top dollar for an uzui family slice of life series i'll take an ova i'll take a spin off manga give me more of these guys they deserve it but yeah my goatengen gets to continue living i am so happy about this.

From there tanjro with the aid of neziko would make his way over to a pool of the demon's blood collect a sample and send it off to tamayo because if you remember for the sake of reverting nezuko back to a human tundra has been collecting samples of demon blood for the sake of tamayo's research and the more saturated they may be with muzon's own blood the.

Better making the blood of upper moon demons especially useful so taking upper rank 6 down has been a major boon for them on that front next up we would have the decapitated heads of daki and guterro who we're most definitely going at it berating one another and complaining just endlessly and at first things were topical you know just.

Pointing fingers but then it got a bit more hard hitting and painful emotionally and i will say that the anime really handled this incredibly just because of how they pasted i mean after screaming at each other back and forth there was a sort of silence a pause as they both huffed and breathed in and out rapidly and at this point.

Daki knew that what she was about to say was bad she wanted to hurt her brother in this instance so much so that she began to hurt herself as she said it she was crying as she began to say these words for a long while we have known how daki feels about ugliness but such sentiments were never directed towards her brother despite him being visibly.

Unsettling but here she does so and even goes as far as to announce their blood ties saying that someone as ugly as him couldn't possibly be her brother she'd call him worthless saying that his strength was his only saving grace but now he had lost and so he was a worthless loser and just looking at his reaction this hurt this cut deep hearing.

That from his sister who he cherished so much for her to say those sorts of things it hurt yutoro and so when he's hurt he wanted to hurt her back and before he would let out these words again we would receive that pause as he took these words in and it felt so weighty it felt so real it felt so emotional he doesn't cry like her he's.

Not a crybaby in that sense but regardless despite being a tough masculine figure he very much has feelings too and you can hear the transition in his tone his just empty breaths become more agitated angry and belligerent he's just saying these things that ultimately he does not truly mean or feel to the point where tanjro.

Has to stop him tandro who despite recognizing these two to be demons has always been an empathetic character and even more so in this instance because he's able to see himself in their position and as he was saying these things to her daki would just take it and just silently cry i mean it was just painful on both sides and it's very.

Interesting that tundra leapt to the aid here or stopped you throw in this way he got off of nezuko's back and just rushed towards these two and remember tandro is in no shape to be moving his body moved him emotionally he felt such a call such a drive such a need to intercept this situation and just help these two despite everything they had done the.

Empathetic nature of this character is on full display more so than ever perhaps and i mean he has many of these sorts of instances but for me considering the pacing consider the emotional death considering the comparisons to be made between these siblings and the commodore siblings this is perhaps the most impactful one of.

Them all the voice actors behind gyutaro and daki really and truly brought new life to these characters for me the anime did change a few minor things here like in the manga while tanjro is with gutaro nezuko is next to daki which again is highlighting the comparison between these two groups and it is just so crazy that despite all that these.

Characters have done i feel so terribly saddened for them and it only becomes worse when we get their proper backstory as it turns out daki's real name is ume and she was named after the disease that killed their mother so essentially her name was syphilis these two had been in the entertainment district their entire lives and they were born in the lowest.

Caste at that now utero's early life was horrendous his mother tried to kill him many times while she was pregnant with him and then furthermore tried to kill him several times over while he was out and about he was always weak and frail but even still he still clung to life somehow he was subjected to all manner of abuse on account of being so.

Especially ugly in this place where beauty is everything from eating mice to insects being lathered in lice and dandruff and his only toy being a sickle that a customer had left behind suffice to say guterro's existence was horrendous like really and truly there was no redeeming aspect to his existence in the slightest that was until his.

Sister ume was born and considering how simple the visuals for all this were in the manga i really really appreciate what the anime was able to do with this stuff ume was yutaro's pride and joy she was everything that he wasn't she was beautiful and in being with her in his desire to protect her he came to realize that he was really good at fighting so.

Much so that he became a notorious debt collector who was very proud of his ugliness as it did aid him in this work things were finally on the up and up he felt as though their lives were going in a good direction and the anime manages to exemplify this by the fact that yutro has food with him a whole lot of food at that considering their starving nature.

And the difficulty of where they live something that was not present in the manga but what he returned to was an ume a 13 year old ume at that who had been burnt alive what was ultimately the retaliation of a samurai who ume had stabbed in the eye with her hairpin which we'll discuss a bit more in due time however deutero would notice that.

Ume was still alive there was a shred of life still within her and so there was still a bit of hope and that will bring us back to the beginning of the series with tanzro and nezuko tanjuro noticed that nezuko despite everyone else in his household being dead did still breathe she was still alive that faint glimmer of hope and so he needed help he needed.

To bring her somewhere and for tundra that was going to be difficult because they were away from town to get a doctor in time it was not a certain thing and in the case of guthro it is very similar in the sense that nobody cares about these wretches these urchins of this poor district nobody cares about them but them but there is a key looming and.

Undeniable difference between these two groups of siblings and that is upbringing gutro and ume came from the trenches they were born in the filth and the grime treated like trash duterte's mother repeatedly tried to kill him whereas tantros was very loving very tender and they had several other siblings they had a father as well and.

So whereas in the worst case scenario tandra would turn to the thought of god and pray for his sister's salvation pray for safety pray for her happiness gyutero would curse the gods curse every buddha anything to possibly exist if they were to be as cruel as to take away his beautiful sister from him the only shining glimmer in his life the only.

Thing that has ever felt been or gone right in his life if this were to ultimately be the hand that fate would deal him he just would refuse it outright and there is no way you could possibly blame him for feeling that way like he said it is just too cruel but to add insult to injury it would be the samurai here to finish the job.

Attempting to kill her brother as well taking things even further than too far and guterro would easily kill the madam who had orchestrated this who had brought this man to them only to then set his sights on the samurai and it is with this that yutoro begins his banter where he remarks about how incredibly pristine and clean his opponent is how.

Lavish and incredible of a life they must live and so to all that for this guy who has all these luxuries to react as extremely as he did at the mere loss of a simple eye guetra could not accept it and with his single sickle he was able to kill this man so easily and it was a weighty hit at that the audio just makes it so impactful not only does he.

Split this man's face in two but he does the very same with his katana and i'd also like to recognize that this is a samurai that we are dealing with this is someone who is a trained combatant a trained fighter being killed by this teenager this sickly and frail teenager at that and the fact that this man is a samurai should exemplify how old gyutero.

And ume are how long ago the time in which they were humans actually was because in the current time period of demon slayer despite there being a bunch of swordsmen by way of the demon slayers beyond the combatting of demons the way of the blade swordsmanship as a whole has diminished tremendously as firearms are the new big bad thing but even.

Despite killing these two this did not solve anything ume was still charred and nobody would help them they were desperate and out of options that was until like tandro and neziko a saving figure would appear and in their case it would be a demon the former upper rank 6 demon at that whose name i unfortunately cannot say for spoiler reasons but.

Goodness gracious to finally receive his presence is just jaw-dropping i have always questioned what his voice may be like how they may handle him in the anime adaptation even down to the color of his hair as it was unclear how exactly it would be dealt with i mean in some colored versions of the manga his hair was made to be blonde however when.

Gotouge colored the character and did some promotional work for him they had his hair be silver and it looks like with the anime his hair is going to be silver as well what a dazzling presence this is beautiful eyes at that and you know despite all that had happened guterrero did not regret becoming a demon at all and i do not blame him i.

Think that their lives as demons were way better than the hand that they were dealt as humans perhaps there was a potential for things to turn around and become better but just like with how their lives as humans ended yeah i really do not blame them for turning out the way that they did but deutero would most definitely blame himself for how.

His sister ume turned out as without him if she were to be born in a proper family she would have been a far greater person he felt as though the way he raised her ruined her he taught her to collect from others before they could collect from her and he felt that that was the wrong thing to do at least in hindsight which now brings us back to.

The subject of ume and this samurai now let's remember what sort of place the entertainment district is without us being explicit let us recall the business the work that a person in the entertainment district like ume would be up to we are talking about a 13 year old girl and this grown man samurai yutura regrets the way in which he raised ume.

Because if she had been more obedient she may have gone down a very different path the samurai gave her the very hairpin that she stabbed him with later now again we will not be explicit here but most definitely this samurai is a sicko these sorts of situations were considered normal for the time period and with this being her profession this.

Was something that ume was accustomed to however for her to have stabbed this man in the eye that says that he took it even further than that and she refused she refused his advancement she did not consent to whatever sick nonsense he was on and he retaliated in the way that he did so even more so i cannot blame these two.

Demons at all to the point where truly if i were to give any critiques to their behavior in this way i would say that ume should have taken both eyes but now in the afterlife in purgatory we would have guthro and ume nagutoro and daki guturo and ume his childhood sister here giutro refuses sister telling her to take another path to go towards the.

Light to go to heaven while he makes his way to hell and this was a truly emotional sequence i am more empathetic towards these demons than any others really and truly and ume would apologize for the cruel word she had shared just before they perished saying that she didn't mean any of it that she was just avoiding she didn't want to admit that.

They had lost because of her but again gutara with the very same sentiment would want the best for her sister and tell her to just go elsewhere but she refused she would jump on his back and refuse and her being on his back again is another comparison to tanjro and nezuko then reminding him of a promise that they had made to be together.

Forever and i this is just such an emotional conclusion man this episode is just so well done in the conveyance of emotions and sorrow as this whole series is really and truly and eventually as ume continued to cry yutra would take her with him to hell and that would be the end of these upper rank 6 demons oh man.

I i love these two i'm sad to see them go but to go in such a magnificent fashion you couldn't ask for anything greater like i have no doubt that these two performances will stick with me for a very long time if not forever meanwhile in the world of the living tonjro would wonder if the two were able to make up where nezuko was certain that.

They had and it's always nice to see a bit of communication from nezuko but elsewhere to visit tengan and his three wives it would be obenai iguro the serpent hashira who had only just shown up and was incredibly condescending he would point out that this was the first upper moon demon to be taken out in over 100 years but it was upper rank 6 the.

Lowest of them so it wasn't that impressive but hey you did something at least then adding more salt to the wound by pointing out that tengen had lost his hand and eye while fighting a mere upper six wondering how long it would take him to recover and who would take his place in the meanwhile but tengan would interrupt him by saying that he is going.

To be retiring and that he is sure the master will understand it and obani was not a fan of this at all he would outright refuse it saying that he would not allow something like this to pass as demon slayers young demon slayers at that do not last long enough these days to even become strong enough to become a hashira not to mention they already had.

A vacancy in the pillars because they had lost rengoku so injury or not they would need this guy to fight until he dies but tengen would correct him there was someone who would be able to realize his full potential the very demon slayer that obani could not stand tanjiro which the serpent pillar could not believe and from there by way of messenger crow.

Master ubyashiki would come to know of what had transpired within this battle and would be delighted he was hyped like all of us saying that this was the first time in over a hundred years this was a dramatic turn of fate the tide was shifting and they would before long be able to take the fight to kibatsuji muzon and finally rid the world of this.

Demonic scourge the time has come which would then bring us to muzon's infinity castle with akuza who in being here immediately knew that this meant that an upper moon demon had been killed and so the demon slayers are not the only ones making their moves so too are the demons and as i'm sure you may be able to imagine muzon will not be.

Pleased but boy oh boy are we because the whole gang is still here they are alive and they are happy to be that way now we are so happy to have had you guys along for the ride with us breaking down these episodes enjoying these episodes and longing for plenty plenty more so for some reason or another you have yet to subscribe to the channel with.

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