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Demon slayer season 2 episode 9 is here and boy oh boy does it pack a punch from tanjiro using a new breath style combination for the very first time to zunitsu being a sort of general on the front lines here to every one of our heroes getting absolutely destroyed so this episode first opens up with shinobi tengen and his three wives visiting his.

Family grave now this is a scene this is a depiction that was not present in the manga however it is a depiction that i was definitely longing for and hoping would be the case with this anime iteration as this studio studio ufo table does go above and beyond as we say with every single episode every single video and it is to the extent that we.

Are so blessed we are so privileged that i can be presumptuous enough to expect them to provide further depth and intrigue to these characters truthfully although there is great importance in the retrieval of 10 against three wives that sort of situation kind of devolved over the course of this entire arc when it comes to the manga we don't really.

Know these characters all that well they may be a little bit helpful at certain junctions but beyond that they're not really much but here we get depth we get to know them a bit better it's not going to be substantial it's not going to be like the biggest thing ever because they don't want to just you know make up or fabricate a bunch of new content that.

Was never in the manga they don't want to make up a whole new story on top of gotoge's already incredible work but really and truly it's just little things like these that allow for characterization that allow for us to know these guys better and actually care about them without this sort of scene we wouldn't even know how much tengen cared.

About his siblings i mean we of course knew that he was unhappy with his situation and them all dying was a part of that but we didn't know that he cared about them to the extent that he would visit their grave and promise to drink with them in the afterlife there's also a self-deprecating and regretful bit there as he says that he will be going.

To hell and i am certain that that is a deep pain that this character harbors i mean the demon slayer core they are the unsung heroes of humanity master ubishiki gave tengen's life purpose because before then before he wasn't even hunting demons he was hunting other people he was killing off people and those are sins that none of the other.

Shira let alone the vast majority of the demon slayers possess at all and i'm sure that's why he compares himself to rengoku believing that he is a lesser here rengoku being a sort of chivalrous hero who did not allow anyone to die on his watch who was born into this demon slayer business for the most part tanyan was born with the expectation of.

Becoming a shinobi kyojiro was born with the expectation of becoming a demon slayer even when his father rejected him becoming a demon slayer keojiro still went ahead and did it becoming a hashira tengen on the other hand despite defying his father wavered along his path and that is something that again masturbatishiki had to convince him was.

A good thing despite being a hard thing kyojiro was made to bear the responsibility of raising his young brother and being a proper example for him tengen lost all of his siblings except for one his younger brother who he essentially failed who ended up being a replica of his father someone he could not connect with at all yet there is.

Still the responsibility of setting a proper example for those who are no longer of this world tengen's flashiness it is more than just a rejection of his silent shinobi ways it is him putting on a show for his siblings beyond the grave and i think that is incredible these characters are so rich and truly again it is just these little bits of.

Characterization that can just expand our understanding of these characters so tremendously and i love it i've also come to notice that at least with the scenes we've seen them in thus far tengen seems to be especially delicate with hinatsuru and furthermore hinatsuru seems to sort of be like the leader of the pack here what is essentially his.

Right hand in this polygamous relationship despite them all fighting for it but anyways getting back to his ongoing conflict against upper moon 6 gutaro this guy was able to regenerate even despite having the poison in his system as he was able to neutralize it which does make sense considering he is largely a poison based demon and this.

Was a single kunai mind you amongst the many that were shot and from there despite being stationary gyutero would use his blood demon art and here tengen would have to kick tanjura out of the fray yet again and so despite now being a bit more in sync tundra is still a burden in this fight he is still holding tengen back and i am sure that that is a.

Horrible feeling for tanjiro especially considering his trauma losing rengoku but at the very least he is doing a lot more than he did back then and i would like you guys to recognize that rengoku continues to come up in our discussions of this content and that is not without reason to follow up the mugen train arc we have this arc the entertainment.

District arc and what goetoge decided to do with tengen's character and this arc in general after that one is nothing short of brilliant in terms of elevating our characters and taking us to that next level while also recounting our past now when you throw gets a hold of hinatsuru it is definitely a scary thing which brings a particular memory to mind.

For tengen which was him and his three wives deciding that after this job after this mission they would be calling it quits he would be retiring from the demon slayers and truly the prerequisite for it him defeating an upper moon demon is a steep one you have to remember that an upper moon demon has not been defeated in over a hundred years that is.

A crazy crazy feat for them to expect him to be able to do but one that they were not irrational about at all as they did not expect to emerge unscathed but regardless this was the final job which is a bit melancholy as a fan because either way whether they win whether they lose this is it for tengen as a hashira but now tanjiro in his refusal of being.

A burden in this conflict and his refusal of seeing yet another person die before his eyes leads to the aid of hinatsuru not with hinokamikagura because he does not have the stamina he does not have the capability of being able to use that continuously as he's pretty much burnt out on that however he was able to use it to some extent in.

Conjunction with his water breathing this is the very first time he does this but this is all too important this sets a precedent because this is him accepting a deviant this is him rerouting into a different direction going along a different path of progression as opposed to mastering water breathing as gyutomioka has and.

That is a big deal that pretty much solidifies that tundra will never be the water hashira now mind you that doesn't mean he can never be a hashira but water is now off the table because he is not mastering it he is not treating it as his signature style now at that plenty of other characters do end up using derivative styles because that is simply.

What fits them best and nosuke is a character that uses a derivative style if you didn't know beast breathing is a derivative of wind and so when it comes to these things it is like min maxing in a video game tundra's pinnacle is now said to be some combination of sun breathing and water breathing by using sun breathing he can never reach the.

Apex of water breathing and by using water breathing he is far less likely to ever reach the pinnacle of sun breathing that we now know to be also legendary as the very first breathing style in existence now enosuke and zunitsu were having a tough time getting in close proximity with daki and she was now a lot more powerful than she ever has been.

Previously yet as enosuke flailed about and was just getting really frustrated here zenitsu turned out to be quite the commander telling him to calm down and at this time danitsu is very much asleep but at this point it kind of just feels like a front he's talking as he's asleep now i mean even more than being asleep this seems like he has a whole different.

Personality and i'll be the first to say that i love him when he's like this this is anitu at his coolest and this is the zunitsu that i absolutely adore the other one does get on my nerves from time to time but this guy oh my goodness he is just cool and it's funny the hairstyle he has going on the makeup he hasn't changed it at all since he was in.

Disguise but he makes it look really cool right now and it's the point where even nosegay had to agree now in knowing himself not to be of much use to tengen here and also wanting to alleviate the strain on inosuke and zunitsu against daki tandro decided to join them however as this is going on youtube sickles his blood demon art would still assail.

Tandro as he is going against daki and that is yet another very important tidbit yutaro is very strong he is very very strong and comparatively his sister really is not she's kind of like a tag along an upper moon six by association where in reality she's more like a lower moon one she may have killed over half a dozen asher at this point but it's.

Pretty safe to assume that those were low grade hashira at best now if you're not familiar the prerequisite of becoming a hashira is pretty straightforward you have to be kino a rank which is a top rank for demonstrators outside of the pillars at which point you can become one either the easy way or the hard way the hard.

Way being by killing a member of the 12 kizuki which despite not being how he became a hashira was actually pretty damn easy for you against rui and although i call this the hard part it's really not that hard when you consider that kyogai the drum demon who was one of the first demons that hundred defeated mind you was formerly of the 12.

Kizuki the literal bottom of the barrow lower rank 6 but still a member regardless but if not that there is again the easy way which is just killing 50 demons and this is cumulative this is over the course of your career as a slayer which really should not be that difficult if you are kino a rank to begin with anyways and so yeah i'm sure.

That back in the day when they were most desperate or whatever it was probably easy to become a hashira and they probably got clapped by daki but anyways back to the main point gutaro here is doing the most he is trying to help out his sister who may be struggling who he wants to protect and that is a weakness that is a fatal flock utero is very very.

Strong if he really wanted to if he was fighting by his lonesome is solo dolo he could be a menace to these guys but here he is distracted here he's worrying about his sister here he has to be viewing from her perspective to even the playing field that is a lot of extra work he is carrying in this fight and it is holding him back but now with three.

Adversaries daki could not keep up she was slowing down she was not able to assail them in the very same manner that she had previously and that allowed a nosek to capitalize that allowed all of them to capitalize really as this was a combination effort and it looked dazzling it looked so cool and i have to say that again studio ufo table.

Absolutely loves zenitsu he looked the coolest here among them all and the way that enosuke just hacked off doki's head was disrespectful but so deserved and at that just to be safe i'd like to point out that although enosuke was able to take off doki's head with her being at her absolute strongest this feat of his is not necessarily above that of tandros.

When he was using hinokamikagura against her the only reason inosuke is succeeding where tantro failed is because he has two swords applying equal pressure on both sides it is just like cutting a ribbon and once her head is severed and nosuke grabs it and does the dash however it does not take very long for utero to intervene and pierce a nose.

Gate through the chest with his poisonous sickle at the side of this tundra to wonder where the hell is tengen as we would then see a tangent grounded bloodied and with a severed arm things have turned from bad to worse and it doesn't stop there as anitsu would immediately rush to tonjro's aid and tell him to watch out as he was.

Distracted by this site of tengen zinnitu manages to save tandro's life here but for everyone else including himself things are not so clear but with that stabbing on the part of gutro again i have to bring up the point that he is picking up the slack for his sister he is shouldering the burden yes we see tengen on the ground here yes we see him.

With a severed hand however deutero did not slice him up to ribbons he did not stomp him out he did not make a bloody mess instead he went to aid his sister if he didn't have to do that this would be over and done with and perhaps some of you may be thinking that by tag teaming with his sister daki guterro is in a better position than he would be by.

His lonesome especially considering there are so many demon slayers in this situation but i have to disagree because tengen by his lonesome despite being able to hold his own to some extent against guterro is no match if it were just these two against one another tengen would be dead and when it comes to our younger slaves they are in an.

Even more precarious predicament against him they cannot even touch him without him being distracted by something else of more significance he could easily one shot them all which would make them a burden to have alongside tengen despite tengen again not being able to handle guterre himself so it would just be a slaughter daki is the real hindrance.

Here and to be fair it isn't as if he needs to protect her she is a demon the worst they can do to her is cut her head off and if gouter is still around and kicking she isn't going to really perish but his brotherly instinct is desired to protect his sister same as how tandro is with neziko despite her not being destroyed by these demons despite her.

Not being able to be killed by these demons there is still that drive to not see your little sister in pain this episode was damn good and really and truly i do not want the fun to stop at all the next episode is set to be the second to last for this season and man i am kind of sad about it but it's all right either way we will continue to be.

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