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Everyone Missed The Secret Devil That Saved Asta’s Life – Black Clover Chapter 351


There's a secret devil in the land of the sun we open Black Clover chapter 351 on a mighty Roar the five-headed dragon is more than ready for a fight the oversized Beast is massive even one head is many times bigger than Asta but sheer size isn't enough to win a fight if you have agility on your side the Black Bull is flying through the air circling over.

The dragon's quilling form and getting below its head that gives osta a clear shot at the dragon's more fleshy looking Underside and his result to take it zoom in close to the massive Abomination one mighty's a 10 is enough to sever the dragon's head the great creature didn't even have a second to cry out it's just an instant clear decapitation astik is.

Moving going against another of the five heads the second head looks surprised at this magic Knight randomly crashing into it but afta isn't stopping he flies straight up right at the second dragon's head slices it right down the middle with a seconds a 10. that should be two-thirds of the creature's heads down down but before celebrating hasta looks.

Back this final battle isn't going to be so easy the first head ASA took out is already staking through the air above the town trying to Chow Down on Asta below him the second head is already starting to hit itself back together with asa's anti-magic being pushed out of the wound these things regenerative properties were coming from the paladins.

What's more impressive is that demon slasher isn't disrupting itself healing it unravels most things Austin's use it against but the dragon somehow made of tougher stuff Asta Wheels away from the head that's trying to bite him he started to get a little on edge he can cut through these things High pretty easily with anti-magic but that doesn't.

Disrupt it he's not sure what he can accomplish here a problem that can be solved with Brute Force what's he supposed to do about this a problem like this is usually where Austin would rely on his friends but if there's no one else in this fight right now well he's got some time to think it through Elsewhere on the battlefield Heath grice.

Is having his share of problems the last Paladin standing is going all out with his ice spells enveloping the whole area in front of him with interlocking glacial spikes there's no one visible on the field he's just trying to blast everything around him and hope for the best he's no longer got access to Lily's facial magic for that cool combo spell.

That took out the rest of the reusen without that he can't Target his magic as accurately but he's still giving it his all but these flimsy spiders aren't enough on the other side of the icy barrier there's a faint chuckle as a figure walks forward he's in Shadow at first but soon enough yosuga self-proclaimed strongest member.

Of their using seven steps right through the barrier he doesn't even need to swing his sword to power his way past grice's Spell yosuga grinsek rice calling him out is that all he's got a bit of cold water if so their using's got no reason to worry he literally just walked through his opponent's attack spells like they were nothing as far as.

He's concerned all he has is flash his ice magic may look fan it's even cool but it won't be close to enough for him to take on the land of the sun's strongest Warrior Bryce looks surprisingly worried both of his companions have already fallen it's hard to feel like some invulnerable champion of Holy Light when two of your friends.

Have already been defeated but he's not backing down and says as much to the oncoming Samurai the odds may be against him but he's set on fighting for the sake of lucius's righteous future world will this Master's plan resting on his shoulders there's no way Grice can Just Surrender yosuga tries turning those words on his tongue righteous World.

Rice keeps throwing spikes at him trying to do anything he can to slow his opponent down but the samurai doesn't seem bothered at all he just keeps talking he's not angry at the Paladin even after all those attacks it's only natural that Greyson believed that his leaders got a good cause and that he's worth fighting for who goes into a fight.

Not thinking he's in the right and musogatake doesn't know anything about Lucius but he doesn't have to he's here to cut Grice down because of the man he serves rudo ryuya his Shogun and yosuga isn't going to doubt that man ever again with that declaration made we begin a flashback when muso katake explaining his past and his connection to ryuya he.

Was a nobleman and from a prominent family he was heir to the island of koshu and one of the strongest Warriors in the land of the sun there was only one person whom he had actual respect for ryuya heir to the neighboring island of goshu the two even have matching themed animals associated with their families mucho gatake's Clan being tied.

To the tiger while the ryudo household is linked to dragons ancient symbolism shared between Japan and China Pharisees two creatures extremely frequently associating each with different mindsets the tiger is aggressive and erect while the dragon is patient and wise and hey wait that Dragon kinda looks like mominosuke from one.

This is 104 but yeah the two Noble heirs were another pair of Rivals crossing swords a c which was more fit to become Shogun apparently they use this bar routinely in their youth this is a pattern Tabata keeps coming back to in Black Clover we've got another Asta and yuno situation here to Rivals both aspiring to something greater and.

Pushing each other onward but things turned a bit darker for yosuga and ryuya when the tiger Lord turned 17. a plague started spreading out of nowhere it was violent driving victims to claw and tightening throats or almost vomit their guts out this strange contagion hit both koshu and goshu specifically and it was brutal those with weak magic Were Dying.

By the Dozen turning hospitals into makeshift morgs the rulers of the time were getting desperate with the death hole mounting both Islands could be entirely devastated koshu and goshu would be left with none other inhabitants alive the only possible cure anyone could think of was something called he missed solarb a folklore.

Killing item that was believed to have gone extinct they had no idea how to track down something like that but this is where yosuga and ryuya came in they were both taken to an ancient stone wall with a carving of an eye upon it however a great Gorge had been cut into the Rock phase dissecting the stone eye down the middle the Nobles of koshu and goshu.

Explained the situation to the young Lords within this land lies to special power the 10 gensu these two Noble Warriors are the only ones who could possibly obtain this special power however that's the problem anyone who claims his eye does so by losing all of their own magic that idea terrifies yosuga we see a beat of sweat break down.

His cheek as he starts worrying about it he knows that an All-Seeing Eye is an impressive power but without magic he's not sure what good sight can do what's the point of that power without the ability to fight to back it up as strong as he was the one thing yosugo was afraid of was losing his strength the only way he could see to affect the.

World was through his magic and his sword he was willing to let the weak die rather than give up his power he didn't even know if this herb existed what if the eye couldn't find it but his rival didn't hesitate ryuya immediately agreed to give up all his magic he only pauses to ask yosuga if he's okay with this the warrior agrees but inwardly he's.

Completely bewildered by this ryuya will surrender all his magic why does he even still want to become the Shogun well perhaps he does in the days after that yuya managed to find the living Soul herb and save the people everyone was cheering for him as a worthy hero yosugo is angry with ryuya they couldn't be Rivals anymore after all however lacking.

Power didn't really hold ruya back in the days after that he kept traveling to help people we see him offering a comfort to a parent and child who had lost their house before he starts preaching and preaching to a group of people or just bowing down before him looking like they're worshiping him okay so let's go over what we just learned in.

A desperate situation ryuya and his friend went to a magical wall with something on the other side whatever was there demanded that they sacrificed all their incredible magical energy to it in order to achieve this mysterious great Clairvoyance a contract if you will ruya did so and ever since then he's been picking up devoted followers and solving.

Many of their problems he got a bunch of powerful warriors to follow him all of them holding strong personal Devotion to their beloved leader did the plague ever stop magic and Black Clover is for most people linked to their life force taking too much can potentially kill people it's what led to asa's Mother living alone in.

The wilderness while it's possible to survive without it most people simply die if they get drained too far yosuga even notes that most of the civilians who were killed by his illness were those with weak magic and the only way to find this mysterious herb which was supposed to be extinct was to feed all of a powerful Mages magic to whatever.

Was behind this eye wall remember ichika's story about the five-headed dragon when it was slain its Blood Stained the Ocean Block connecting it to hell what if that stain ran deeper than the oceans what if it seeped into goshu itself the eye on the wall sure looks similar to the exaggerated icy dragon now Bears eyes it did not have in that.

Original design perhaps the myth is wrong and something else corrupted the creature something that is still lurking within goshu even lurking behind ryu's eye patch the thing behind the wall could have caused the illness draining Magic from both Islands going off the map it seems to be targeting them specifically rather than spreading to.

Other parts of the land of the sun with one Island much more badly affected than the other we never hear any reports of cases outside these two islands it's simply relented once it had what it wanted a willing host with a ton of magic it can keep consuming and a chance at becoming Shogun while yosuga acts like Ryu was a better hero than him.

Since he'd been willing to give up his magic to help people all his Good Deeds help repel him to the Shogun position ichika confirmed as much during her fangirl rant about how cool ryuya is this campaign made him overwhelmingly popular a beloved savior of the people what these people have really accepted anyone else taking the throne and yeah.

When the time came an unseen official weighing the choice between the two tries to offer the position of Shogun to yosuga but when he's given the chance at rulership of the nation that final ultimate validation the warrior laughs it off he outright tells ryuya he should be the Shogun and yosuga will happily serve him as his seventh ryuzen even his.

Most powerful violent rival will devote his life to this man his natural think of Ryu the zero magic Shogun as some kind of older counterpart to Asta that goes double now that we've seen he used to have his own rival you might be intended as an example for our spiky-haired lad living proof that Asta really can become the wizard King he.

Dreamed about even without magic but if ryuya is possessed by his tengensu if there is some ominous force behind it there might be more to him than that and his Reign could be far more Sinister these heavy stipulations in exchange for Unique power really give devil Vibes and if not a devil they're still the Earth Spirit that's yet to reveal itself in.

The series yosuga however doesn't have any suspicions of Foul Play on ryuya's part he's confident in his Lord and that Faith carries him forward back in the present Grace is starting to panic his opponent is still standing even after all the ice attacks he's been able to throw at him and we soon see why as yosuka keeps charging forward his iron.

Soldier's spell looks entirely impervious to grice's ice shards the samurai doesn't even need his sword he's just punching right through the glacial barrier soon enough he's close to Heath Grace the Paladin tries to fly away but yosuga leaps upward sword raised high as he spins around putting more Force into the motion before Graz can escape.

Through using lands a mighty's a 10 right down his midsection he's grinning like a demon and with his metallic spiky hair yosuga is looking as inhuman as Bryce the balven's eyes waiver as he finally feels the damage of the attack yosuka's grin Fades into his normal self-assured smirk as he paladins eye starts to fade away tough luck pal but.

I'm the strongest there is out on the battlefield the remaining members that we're using are struggling to keep their footing ichika is nowhere to be found but we still have Dyson komari jozo and ginojo borifuyu the monk curses calling out that they have to keep fighting somehow and at that moment a cry goes out people a familiar hand scrums across.

Some strings then man yashiki fujio providing musical backing asuto Shogun Lord and friend calls out to his faithful Warriors even if no one else knows I've watched over y'all this whole time your fights your thoughts your efforts there ain't no way y'all will be defeated here so let's all take down the five-headed dragon that's enough to.

Rally they're using in an instant the loyal Defenders of the land of the Sun have gone from a beaten down dispirited band to four bold soldiers willing to kill or die for their beloved Master is that fujio's magic helping heal them back up to fighting shape or the Devotion to yuya inspiring them to push past the pain either way yosuga is ready.

To lead them into the fight noting with a grin but this is the time to make a man out of Asta what's he planning to do exactly as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you