All right guys so this latest chapter of my hero academia continued to further the madness of the story right now and initially served to provide us with plenty more to look forward to in the near future with the previous chapter we had the plea of chesaki to lady nagan to bring him to the boss so that he.

Could properly apologize meanwhile in the present lady nagano was firing off her rifle arm in the direction of jasaki as to capitalize on a distracted deku however by way of black whip and the fajin quirk deku was able to move faster than a speeding bullet and save jasaki.

An incredibly miraculous feat that required abstinence from many of his other quirks but transitioning from this rescue he would go back onto the offense and face lady nagan with a 100 manchester smash this long-range blow being enough to disarm lady nagan.

In more ways than one and with that being said the ever heroic deku would not leave it at just that as he would then extend an arm too late negan an attempt to coerce her back to the side of heroics and now properly recognizing deku to really and truly be a hero lady nagan's heart was moved.

However this would simultaneously cause the intentions of all for one to move as well as leiden against failure would be punished as she would spontaneously explode and just as she began to swiftly plummet downwards hawks would be the one to catch her and transition us into our next chapter.

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Previously stated we pick up right where the last one left off as the top three heroes have now arrived best genius endeavor and hawks and this was of course all thanks to a call from all might with that being said the reason they took so long is because one hawks is not at full capacity he is not.

Able to beat as fast as we know him to be because he does not have all of his feathers just yet and of course with it currently reigning endeavour is not at his full capacity he is not at the apex of his power because the elements are perpetually extinguishing his flames.

And getting back to that first point hawks does not have all of his feathers he is not ready to fly especially not fly and save someone and so he needed help really badly he's more of a hummingbird right now as opposed to a proper hawk he would call to endeavor but instead deku would be the one to save him by way.

Of black whip and after such an arduous bout holding these two up was very strenuous for deku he was having a tough time doing so but would still convey the information depressing information to the top three heroes and in that same breath he was able to convey the current situation.

And his own deductions in regards to the fact that all for one had provided leningon a quirk and he probably left a failsafe a sort of trap built in and listen in no way does this invalidate our stance our previous stance in regards to the fact that all for one is embedded in each and.

Every one of the quirks that he bestows onto others keep in mind that this is an impromptu summation on the part of deku as a character in this story he is by no means as informed as we are as viewers we are in many cases able to observe the proceedings of any and all sides of this equation.

And so we are by no means as limited as he stands to be in our deductive reasoning but yeah with deku doing all this hawks was straight up dumbfounded lest we forget hawks for warned deku about lady nagan he expected lady nagan to be such a pressing threat such a lethal adversary that deku's only course.

Of action only acceptable course of action was to run away however in this case it is clear that deku did not run away and instead ran headfirst into the danger and was able to take her down not only that but he was able to compel her in.

Such a way that she would consider being a hero again turning away from billy and even after being so visibly broken he did not leave the saving of these two to endeavor who could definitely have done it himself he latched on to them by way of black whip despite the pain that it further induced onto himself.

And so in the face of all this information of course hawks is dumbfounded who wouldn't be but right now holding on to a charred and broken lady nagan this was not the time nor place for such admiration he would begin to yell out to lady nagan that he is hawks her successor and with.

Her eyes remaining close he would plead with her to stay alive to keep hope alive by informing them giving them anything she possibly can any information at all in regards to all for one and as her eyes finally began to open she would look.

Up at hawks and question the fact that he was her successor by successor he of course meant as an agent of the public safety commission but even still looking at him she could clearly see the heroism in his eyes and she furthermore couldn't help but question.

How such a thing was possible how in the face of all this calamity they were able to preserve this heroic spirit this heroic spirit that she once possessed when she was so young and now clutching onto this fleeting purity of hers she would then begin to speak that in.

The next two months the target deku is to be brought to a mansion in haibori forest now they would eventually make it to the ground and it wasn't the best landing baku seemed to prioritize the safety of these two making sure that they land as best as possible.

As he himself sort of collided with the ground to an extent but it's not as if he splattered on the floor as he was able to offset the fall damage by way of one for all but from here lady nagano would say something that would really get the hype train going as all for one has called upon.

Other people beyond just her he has amassed a following here and here we have a number of interesting silhouettes that i do want to get into but i would like to express that not all of these characters here following all for one have to be inmates of tartarus we would.

Honestly be remiss to limit his influence in this way he is a symbol of evil and as far as he's concerned this is a story of how he becomes the greatest demon lord of all the baddest of the bad submit to him and are ever loyal giganto machia was.

Just the tip of the iceberg and with that being said that is a big iceberg it is very possible that these many figures have been laying in weight for their master's return tartarus was once home to the baddest of the bad but since when do the baddest of the bad get caught.

Now in regards to the actual silhouettes themselves you have to remember that this is my hero academia many of us silhouettes have been the bane of this community's existence for a very long time in all likelihood these are characters that we are not yet privy to similarly to the case of lady nagan but.

I digress now in regards to this figure over here with what looked to be like dreads i've seen some people coin this to be like the doggy man from movie 2 and i sure hope not it's all speculation right now but i sure hope not beyond this the figure to their left vaguely reminds me of the visage.

We saw within deku's one for all dream prior to the joint training battles wherein he was able to observe the early days of all for one's dominion this was a figure that forced the founder of one for all yoichi shigaraki down to the ground before he was detained this was really the only member of all for one's entourage presented to.

Us during this entire sequence so some degree of significance stemming from that doesn't sound all too far-fetched to me lastly we have what would in this case be yet another hero turned villain as this figure sort of gives me crimson riot vibes if you don't remember crimson riot is a.

Childhood hero of kiroshima a said to be fearless hero that possessed a rather rudimentary hardening quirk now the fascination i have with this prospect is that crimson riot was someone who heralded the power of a strong will and a powerful spirit.

Both of which being impactful elements of this whole one for all versus all for one battle but again no point in reading too far into all of this until we have more to work off of but i'm sure we are all very curious so there you go but beyond this lady nagan would question how her successor could possibly be able.

To make such a face how could they possibly manage to still look like a true hero and hawks's response to this would be that there was someone who supported him which i find to be an interesting convention seeing as hawks didn't have anyone he didn't have his mother he didn't have his father.

All he really had was the concept of endeavor in the form of his endeavor doll and furthermore this pretty boy like he spit in game would then say that he's an optimist and that's why he was able to persevere but i don't know man i kind of feel like the public safety commission more so.

Learned its lesson to an extent as opposed to recruiting someone like lady nagan who at the time seemed to be a relatively normal teenage girl they picked up hawks who was one very very young and two in poverty and had nobody it's certainly not the fact that they removed the killing.

Aspect of his work because we saw what happened twice it's the fact that being able to influence someone so impressionable made it so that they wouldn't have to convince him to kill someone because he himself is already thinking that that is the best course of action however endeavor was about the business.

Not the sentimentality as he would manage to pick up chisaki and confirm with deku that he was the only other threat in the vicinity and at this point shiasaki was just flailing around pissed that things didn't work out in his favor that she would not be able to bring him to the boss seeing as they have now been.

Apprehended and he would furthermore express the necessity of an apology on his part to the boss and with this deku would begin to speak with him but jasaki did not want to hear it he wanted no part of this in regards to deku but deku would question if shiasaki at all remembers.

What he did to arie and with this chausaki would be reminded of eri and think about the fact that her quirk would actually be able to resolve these issues now from deku's perspective it was unfortunate that jasaki although wanting to apologize to someone did not feel the same compulsion in.

Regards to erie but even still that promise that he made with lady nagan beku decided to take it upon himself to keep it which is an interesting concept that we have spoken at length about in previous videos now all might would finally make it a scene.

And it seems like hercules is still okay he went right back in his car and came on over but it doesn't seem like anyone paid him any mind i feel like this inclusion here was more so to doubly express to us that all might is still alive he is still alive and well from here however endeavor would take lady.

Nagan and shiasaki to a hospital and tell the others to inform the police now hawks would urge deku to do the same go to the hospital but it doesn't seem like he was listening at all as a rage was welling up inside of him as all he could think about was all for one.

But fast forwarding beyond this a bit we would have the departure of hawks considering his lacking fighting abilities at the moment as he likes of best genius mount lady kamui woods headshot endeavour and deku will converge on the manner previously mentioned by lady nagan.

And what's fascinating is that this manner seems to be very same one that was present during the beginning of my villain academia in which the then impoverished league of villains relentlessly slaughtered the prior occupants known as the creature ejection clan a cult made up of those who refuse the.

Very existence of those with heteromorphic works and or quirk features and in pursuing this location endeavour would warn deku to hold on a minute and not be so reckless and when endeavour of all people has to tell you not to be reckless and to take your time.

You know that you are off the deep and deku is over here walling out but as far as he was concerned time was of the essence as shigaraki and all for one were both unable to take one for all just yet and with that he would be the first to enter to an empty room but just then.

Suddenly the voice of all for one would be heard as he would question if deku enjoyed his experience with lady nagan that if he's here right now and this video has begun that means that deku managed to make a breakthrough as all for one would convey this pre-recorded message.

By way of a projector with him visibly applauding deku he would express that he just loves predicting the proceedings of others that someone like him couldn't possibly leave and abandon someone like her however stating that he didn't force lady gaga to do anything she did all of.

This of her own accord and as deku clenched his fist in anger and frustration he would continue that the people that fall are then considered villains that oh yes this super-powered society that takes such pride in quirks and individualism at the end of the day is an incredibly.

Controlled society one wherein if you do not fit you are therefore expelled that regardless of the wording used to describe a government body such as democracy or dictatorship at the end of the day it is all the same as human nature will always prevail that this path that.

Deku treads is a difficult one with no end in sight one that will further break him the more he resists that in prison his interest in all might dissipated but in its place there was deku why well to quote all might it's because he's next as boom the entirety of the manner.

Would suddenly explode and that was the chapter oh my goodness all for one this man is just top tier he is in a level all his own and honestly at this point i'm beginning to think that this man enjoys explosions more than bakugou and listen this is a perfect example.

If you are a writer make your villain make your main antagonist a troll that is what all for one is he is a terrible terrible troll look at that big smile that is a troll face that this man has and remember guys that this is just the beginning he is only just getting started in his.

Play time with this new character in his first address to deku by way of his spirit within shigaraki he immediately insulted bakugo a classic way to induce rage in deku that i'm sure he was able to glean from the publicly broadcasted sports festival wherein deku faced shinso and within the world of one for all he targeted deku's.

Self-worth which he has struggled with all his life and now he's given deku a taste of futility and clearly shifted the character tremendously which we spoke of at length with the previous video all for one knows just how to push deku's buttons and it is glorious this man is easily.

One of the best villains in modern shonen and the fact that we are getting more and more from him with the story lately makes me very very happy but with all that being said leave us your thoughts on everything down in the comments below and while you're at it go ahead and subscribe to plot armor notifications on.

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