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Everything You Missed! All Romantic Relationships in Demon Slayer Explained!


Demon slayer relationships explained shipping whether you love to speculate about potential romances or you can't stand the thought you're bound to run across at some time in any anime fandom and demon slayer with its plethora of canon romantic relationships is absolutely no exception but as we're going to get into today there's actually.

Nothing random about it and if you got your shipper goggles on the evidence was right under our noses long before we knew who was going to end up with who so let's get into it in a world where life or death threats are a dime a dozen how did our favorite demon slayers find time for romance zanitsu and nezuko on the point of finding time for romance one.

Thing i'll say about that right off the bat is there is definitely one member of the demon slayer core who never has a problem finding time to think about matters of the heart and that is of course zanitsu agatsuma he is smitten with nezuko from their first meeting even going so far as to give tanjiro an earful as he believes that he has been.

Hauling a cute girlfriend all around the countryside without informing his companions one thing he doesn't seem to be afraid of at first is proclaiming his undying love for nezuko-chan and that never really changes but what might have left fans scratching their heads is how on earth nezuko came to feel the same way after all when they.

Had their fateful first meeting she was still a demon and she doesn't seem to think much of the boy she refers to as weird dandelion so what changed well a lot but it all happened very gradually mexico first starts to warm up to her would-be paramour when she and her brother tanjiro are recovering from the beating they took at mount natagumo as.

He takes to sitting with mexico and telling her what tandro has been up to all day though still a demon she seems responsive to these stories giving us our first implication that she likes anitsu's company too but while zenith's attempts at declaring his love for nezuko are many we're not really sure if she's aware of them that sure would be a.

Barrier on her returning his feelings but luckily for loverboy we later see that she might just have held on to her memories of the many times and needs to try to woo her while she was a demon in fact when she becomes a human again she remembers the time that zanitsu had given her flowers something she would have had no reason to hold on to if her.

Earlier impressions of zanitsu hadn't been positive we later get a hint that the relationship might have progressed when we learned that after gu showers nezuko and gifts as they thank you for mending his beloved hawaii zinizu begins to feel rather threatened and considers him a romantic rival that kind of seems like a boyfriend thing to me so i think.

It's likely that they've become closer at that point and then mexico has begun to reciprocate his feelings a little bit more and though we don't see a whole lot of their actual courtship we do know that they married and had children whose distant descendants toko and yoshitaru appear in the manga's final chapter this is perhaps the least surprising.

Relationship to come out of demon slayer since well zanitsu hasn't exactly been quiet about his feelings for nezuko like ever even if it took a while to get off the ground but before we get into that be sure to subscribe to the channel and notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today tanjiro and kano nezuko was.

Not the only commodore sibling whose romance was a long time coming one of the series other endgame relationships was that of protagonist tanjiro kamado and his fellow demon slayer kana osuyuri and it could not have been more difficult in his development than the previous couple when kana and tanjiro meet early in the series they don't.

Start off on a good foot as kano has been ordered to kill nezuko on mount natagumo but by the time they reunite at the butterfly mansion after the battle tandro has seemingly forgotten all about kano's early aggression and allows her to aid in his rehabilitation but there's a little problem when it comes to socializing kanna oh is a little bit.

Hampered by her indecisiveness due to her traumatic past she can't make decisions on her own so she flips a coin to choose what to do something tantro becomes curious about at the butterfly mansion this obstacle actually allows them to have one of their first major relationship developments when tanjo encourages her to follow her heart.

Instead of using a coin toss kanao is understandably a little shocked by this turn of events and by tandro's boundless enthusiasm but it's one that has a significant effect on the course of her life and after she's seen blushing at tantra's words we get the sense that she might actually like that a bonus chapter about kano's past takes that blush a.

Little bit further showing a memory of something kanae kocho had told her about how developing feelings for someone can help kaneoh come into her own the flashback ends with a shot of tundra to imply that he might be the person kanae thought would change kaneoh's mind finally we get further confirmation of her warm rapport with tanjuro when she.

Is relieved to see him on the mend after his tussle with an upper rank in the entertainment district so although we definitely get the sense early on that tanjiro and kanao might have feelings for one another we get our strongest sense of this development at the very end of the series during their battle with muzon both are more than words for.

Wear but tandro still risks his life to carry ninja kano to safety and kana oh returns that favor when tanjo is turned into a demon shedding tears of distress when he attacks his sister and putting herself in harm's way to give him the antidote that will make him a human again they share a tearful expression of relief after he becomes a human a.

Demonstration of their care for one another and the rapport they have been building all this time that ending is the clearest indicator we get of what kanao and tanjiro mean to each other for one kano's actions parallel the way the tantro altered the course of her life just by encouraging her not to limit her decision-making to the results of a coin.

Toss it may not have been life or death but for kana oh that moment was pivotal totally changing the way she looks at the world and she too got the chance to help tandro at an important moment they may not have a ton of screen time together but narrative choices are intentional and anybody could have delivered that antidote granted kano had.

The antidote because of her connection to shinobu and gave it to tantra because she was in the best condition at the time but there were several more people who cared deeply for tandro and could have made a heroic last stand to turn tundra back but the fact that the story was structured as to make hannah owe the person to deliver the antidote is not.

Accidental and the parallel that decision creates while not explicitly romantic definitely makes our eventual relationship seem less random we don't know much about their future together but we do know that they married and had children whose descendants kanata and tsumihiko kamado we see in the epilogue though they're slow burn romance is as.

In your face as initsu's love confessions we get plenty of hints along the way so it's not too surprising when we learn that the descendants live onto the present day the nosuke and aoi okay full disclosure this is a relationship that i thought was a little bit bonkers when i first read the manga i mean find me two people who seem less likely to.

Fall for each other then a stern hall monitor type and a boy who wears a boar's head and would probably fight hashira for fun that said i'll do my best to try and explain how it came about as sometimes opposites most definitely attract much like hano and tanjiro and nosuke and aoi meet at the butterfly mansion after the mount.

Natsugumo fight leaves enosuke in need of some r r the no nonsense aoi oversees nosuke's recovery training which aggravates her overly competitive charge doesn't really seem like much of a basis for a love story but it apparently does endear him to aoi because when he returns to her athlete entertainment district mission she is deeply upset to.

See him in such sorry shape however she's none too happy to realize that her tears have been in vain when she finds him on the ceiling seconds after expressing her worry a reactionary characteristic of their annoying and annoyed relationship dynamic suffice to say that her future husband is a difficult patient but oddly enough it's.

Actually a nosekit who has given no indication of his feeling anything towards aoi until after the battle muzon while he's recovering aoi catches enosuke trying to steal food and chastises him telling him not to steal because he can have however much food he wants as long as he eats from a tray made specifically for him and while they.

Do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach this is certainly a gesture that raises aoi in his estimation establishing them on slightly more even ground than before even so i will admit that this is probably one of the more perplexing ships that come out of demon slayer they have a great grandson aoba hashibira but not enough.

Screen time together for me to understand why they ended up together while a battle shonen can't really devote much time to romantic development i didn't feel like too much of inosuke and oe's development was off screen for it to really make sense kanjiro and kanao show that a relationship does not have to have a ton of spotlight to make.

Sense at the end of the day if the narrative is structured right but this is not one of those instances i don't think it totally came out of nowhere but i just wanted a little more than i got from them but all that aside there is one romance in demon slayer where not enough is not a complaint i think anyone would ever make and that's where we're.

Headed next tengen and his three wives tangent uzui as befitting a character who practically seems designed to be simpler has one of few relationships that are in full swing before the time skip at the end with not one but three wives zuma makio and hinatsuru it's explained in a taisho rumors extra that every man in tangent shinobi clan is.

Given three compatible wives chosen by the clan when he turns 15 which is how the flashy sashira came into such a flashy living arrangement later when he left his family behind he took his wives with him and they remained by his side throughout the series he later retires with them after losing an arm in the entertainment district battle and has at.

Least one child and a descendant named tenma uzui an olympic gymnast who has seven siblings they're already married by the time we meet them so there's not much relationship development to talk about since we don't see any of it but we do know that tengen cares deeply about his wives telling them that their lives are of a higher priority than the.

Mission when they embark on their entertainment district assignment some like rengoku and zunitsu might think that he has too many wives but it seems to be working out pretty well for the uzui harem unlike the next couple who don't have it easy obanai and matsuri and now to transition from one of demon slayer's happiest endings to by far its.

Most tragic we all love a pair of star cross lovers and in this series that role belongs to snake ashira open aiguro and love ashira mitsuri kanroji popularly referred to as obamitsu by fans they are so beloved that they are even given a cameo in a chapter of a totally unrelated shojo manga called fly me to the moon this makes no sense to me.

But hey they deserve it but how exactly did they get to be such a well-loved ship to answer that question we have to start with the fact that neither of these two came from a place that made romance particularly easy for them mitsuri whose muscle mass is eight times denser than the average person and is an appetite to match was rejected by her.

Fiance several years before the start of the series because he found her to be too strange after that she was unsure whether or not she would ever be seen as lovable because of her strength appetite and strange hair color she then resolves to find a man stronger than herself to marry and joins the demon slayer core in the hopes of doing so and obadiah had it.

Worse his family kept a snake-like demon that they planned to feed him to when he came of age and he feels as if he cannot confess his feelings because of the evil bloodline he descends from nevertheless for iguro it is love at first sight he is smitten with maturity from the get-go even giving her the striped socks that she wears so she'd feel less.

Self-conscious about her uniform though we don't see a lot of either one of them before the final battle they are frequently mentioned in the supplementary material with many insights on the relationship in the fanbooks and volume extras and when stoner shiragyomehimejima is asked what he thinks of each of the shira he points.

Out how much the two of them seem to like each other so clearly they weren't subtle about their feelings for each other we learned that they enjoy eating together and exchange frequent letters definitely both things that would strengthen their bond however none of that is shown in the main manga since there isn't a ton of time to devote to.

The relationship of two supporting characters no matter how much shippers might have wished for more moments the real heavy lifting for this ship is done in the final battle against muzon after mitsuri is fatally injured obanai can focus on either attacking or defending and instead stops fighting to get her to safety this speaks volumes about his.

Concern for her in the midst of a battle this pivotal unable to rejoin the fight missouri begs open-eye to come back alive which he does only long enough for the two to say a proper goodbye and a proper goodbye is exactly what they get after the battle when it becomes clear that neither of them are going to survive their injuries we see obanai.

Holding a bloody mitsuri as they reflect on the past and make a few final confessions overnight recalls our first meeting but mitsuri got lost at the uweishiki mansion and he helped her find her way saying that meeting a normal girl like her at that point in his life saved him he expresses his admiration and his gratitude for the time they.

Spend together she in turn confesses her love her open eye and asks if you would marry her in the next life a proposal he accepts having said all of this they die in each other's arms though overnight and mystery aren't main characters and thus get less screen time together there can be little doubt as to the nature of the relationship after an ending like.

That and sure enough we see that they have kept their promise in the time skip ending their reincarnations are married with five children and running a snake restaurant and honestly i can't imagine matsuri and obanai wanting any other ending akaza and koyuki another relationship we can't discount was that of akaza the upper rank 3 demon and his.

Fiancee koyuki back when he was still a human their tragic story cemented akka's status as a fan favorite for many but since he's already got a whole video to himself you can learn more about his doomed romance by clicking the card or the link in the description what might have been in addition to those ones there are more than a few demon slayer.

Relationships that never got past the subtle hints phase though never officially romantic these relationships were hinted at similarly to the ships that did become canon so they weren't mentioned here tamayo and yushiro we all know this thing of unrequited love and yushiro lady tamio's demon assistant knows it better than most she took him.

In as a child when he was ill and though we don't know how his infatuation with tamayo arose it is easy enough to imagine where that might have come from however tamayo isn't really in the market for a new partner after killing her husband and children shortly after muzon turned her into a demon something she has lived to regret and that.

Definitely kept her from considering her traveling companion as a potential romantic prospect he never seems to get over this though taking up painting in the modern era so we can continue to immortalize tamayo through art tough luck yushiro gyu and shinobu okay this one's nowhere near canon but since these shipping inclined side of the fandom.

Seems to love them together i'm going to get into some of the reasons why that might be the case now before you brandish your pitchforks i do have reasons for saying this for one gyu and shinobu get quite a bit of screen time together in both the main series and the supplementary material in the first light novel shinobu is one of the only.

Ashira willing to defend you when the other pillars want to outcast him in spite of his aloof behavior then in a goo centric one shot they collaborate on a mission even though shinobu isn't on duty and eat dinner together something the socially luff gyu probably would not do with just anyone and gyome back at it again with the ship pins notes in the.

Fan book that they enjoy spending time together they have positive things to say about each other in their own evaluations too even if you appears ambivalent towards shinobu and her enjoyment of teasing him he is visibly shocked to learn that she has died a show of emotion that is rare for the stoic water ashira it's easy not to read.

That as romantic and many don't but it seems pretty reflective of some of the ways other ships were teased so i'm not going to discount the possibility that it was meant that way but the other reason i bring this up is because it draws an interesting parallel with another non-canon ship that of tsunami shinazugawa and shinobu's older sister.

Kanae though kanae is long dead by the beginning of the series and we don't see much of her flashbacks indicate that the two had a good relationship kana a seems less fazed by his lack of attack than the other pillars while sanemi expresses admiration for kanae's gentleness and blushes at the mention of her and yomei champion of non-canon ships everywhere.

Knows that tsunami seems to like kane not much basis for a romance true but it does bring up an interesting point when compared to you and shinobu's relationship yu and tsunemi are both not particularly well liked by their colleagues both survive the final battle with muzon and both may or may not have had a thing for one of the tragically.

Deceased kocho sisters while i highly doubt that was intentional i think it's kind of cool that something like that connected to surviving ashira it makes me more inclined to think that in a world where kanae and shinobu didn't meet such tragic ends there might have been room for something to have happened but since again everything about those.

Relationships is so ambiguous we'll never really know and i don't know anyone who would call demon slayer a love story but even so it can be pretty fun to break down romantic story lines and manage to squeeze their way in past all the high stakes action after all there's no more classic shown in trope than the time skip happily ever after.

But what do you think about these relationships we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below as always i'm selective otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you.