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EVERYTHING YOU MISSED! Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Opening Breakdown


Attack on titan the fourth and final season part two has just provided us with our very last opening sequence for the series and so in this video we'll be uncovering and breaking down all the details and information you might have missed when watching this brand new opening spoilers ahead so please proceed with caution.

First off the opening songs lyrics starts with rumbling rumbling which is going to play a huge role in the upcoming arc since aaron will be triggering the rumbling thanks to his older brother zeke's royal blood aaron later betrays his brother by not wishing for sterilization like expected and just wanting a massive world war instead this.

Consequently makes the aliens of paradise island into the demons other nations believe them to actually be at the same time there is a shot of aaron getting ready tying his hair and then mikasa and armin more serious than before knowing that they have to go after him and try to stop all the slaughter beware coming for you is the.

Next line which refers to eren coming for the rest of the world for what they did to eldians on paradise island for a century after that colossal titans are shown destroying some parts of paradise inadvertently killing some of the people there because the titans come from within the walls and in order to leave they need to go through their own cities.

And cause casualties next there's dna and genetics imagery combined with zeke and aaron standing back to back on opposite sides of the eldian spectrum aaron wants to keep aldians alive and is willing to destroy the rest of the world to do it and zeke is not shying away from war but wants to make aldians die out to save them from further.

Persecution all i ever wanted to do was do right things referring to aaron's desire to save eldians but also make sure the rest of the world understands that they are not the enemies that need to be killed aaron walks alone here aware that his plan means he will have to make sacrifices that he does not want others involved with or aware of as in.

The end everyone only really finds out his true plan at the very end when he is already dead also the bird imagery here is important because they are white and pure which shows his intentions and they come back later on the line that follows i never want to be the king can be about the jaegers who worship him and think he will save them from the rest of the.

World but also because he has the power of three titans and the original titan after going into the path and meeting yamir in fact aaron possessing the power of the founding titan is not something that he asked for it is something that his father bestowed on to him like a king would pass on the crown to their son following that line is a shot of all.

The scout members including ones that pass like sasha and then the graves showing how many of them have died and will die the scene at the cemetery depicts the only one still alive at the end jean connie mikasa and armin levi wasn't a part of their group but a leader so he's not there even though he survives as.

Well then we see reiner and bertolt when they are also part of the scout in the past along with annie in the background and historia on the side when she went by krista this is followed by a scene with the marley aliens pique porco gabi falco udo and zolphia before aaron came and declared war on marley with the help of.

The survey scouts all i ever wanted to do was save your life could be about aaron wanting to make mikasa and armin live long lives knowing that with the titan power that would not be possible especially armin with the colossal titan in his body while aaron walks atop the walls that surround paradise the bird imagery returns but this time the birds.

Are dark and circling him like the imminent death to come and the line that follows is i never wanted to grab a knife i swear further illustrating his need for war in order to save them then mikasa is shown looking up with her shorter hair blood on her face and hanj upset and holding her head both of them disappointed in.

The savior that aaron was meant to be next zeke as a child plays catch with the previous beast titan tonka saver who he considered a father then it's zeke as the beast titan attacking paradis followed by him in the path in human form where he meets yamir for the very first time and she rebuilds his body what we end up getting to see.

With the first episode of season 4 part 2. the scene then switches to aaron's attack titan running with hardened hands towards the armor titan tearless fearless burning blood playing in the background as he does so this points towards the upcoming fight between aaron and reiner as titans because they know if aaron reaches zeke he will start the.

Rumbling and playing so many lives in the process we then have peak as a human looking upset then her fighting as a cart titan porco as a human with the reflection of a woman in the glass of the window next to him and him as a jaw titan and annie in her human form blowing out cold air referring to her getting out of the.

Crystallization when aaron stops all titans from using hardening and her back as a female titan because yes annie is back after that is berthold when he was a colossal titan and it being transferred to armen below him there is another shot of a colossal titan standing with flames everywhere which could either be what armin had to do to.

Help aaron when he was hiding in marley or it could refer to what is going to come when the colossal titans from the walls are unleashed but since he next seen izzy warhammer titan when she was fighting aaron the colossal titan scene is most likely just a callback to the first part of the final season there's also an ominous shot of aaron as a titan.

Holding a crystal between his clawed hands which is a less brutal way of depicting when he broke the crystallization of the warhammer titan and ate lara tiber to gain the power a massive light fills the sky and this is the path where yamir has been for centuries where all time converges and all titans are linked in.

History yamir floats upward when she died to become the original titan so long ago the sky from the path switches over the sky of the human world where the marley ships that will try to stop the colossal titans are shown launching everything they have to stop the rumbling we go back to aaron in adulthood devastated by history to a.

Scene from his innocent youth not knowing titans were part of his blood this is followed by a subtle shot of a knife in his hand when he helped save mikasa by stabbing her kidnappers aaron has always tried to protect mikasa by attacking whoever the enemy is and that's no different when it comes to other nations and the rest of the world.

This is followed by a number of scenes that show people in different cities and countries looking up at the colossal titans as they march and destroy and kill everything in their path though they're not explicitly seen the words lose it all lose it all are repeated at the same moment we go back to the past with a landscape scene of the survey.

Core at the beginning yamir and historia on the left mikasa erin armand jean connie sasha in the middle and annie berdot and reiner off to the right they're all on top of the wall with a sunset or sunrise who show hope for the future while they shot with aaron walking on the wall earlier only hinted at sorrow and despair mikasa then throws.

Her scarf over her shoulder the same one aaron had wrapped around her so many years ago and this scarf symbolizes her attachment and faith in aaron in the future considering when she gives it up with the rumbling then they're just innocent kids running and playing eren mikasa and armin before all the titan discoveries before bertolt was ordered.

To destroy the wall with his colossal titan the line i don't want anything during this moment really shows how happy they were when they knew nothing of the war and the outside world but we also see them running and standing in front of a tree similar to the one that yamir found when she was running for her life and gained the original titan power.

Also similar to how aaron's grave grows a tree after many years the naive eren is then shown growing up more and more serious and jaded by what he has found out while beware is screamed in the background a close-up of his eye shows the final form of aaron's titan combination when he merges with the original titan and gains yamir's power.

To control them all aaron screaming with the titan marks in his face is likely the scream which a beast titan can use to command all the titans which aaron is able to trigger when he touches him and also because he gains the ability from ymir while in the path the final shot is from below a colossal titan's foot when the rumbling begins and crushes.

Everything including innocent butterflies like the innocent children and animals that cannot escape it with nothing but destruction left in their path that's all for the opening let us now move on to the ending aihiguchi's a child of evil plays as a young eren jaeger stands in an endless field of white flowers as he walks in this void.

We see a drop of blood stain a flower just as the song picks up aaron's iconic red scarf flies off and transforms into a bird this is perhaps symbolic of aaron's only want freedom more importantly a may hint at the anime ending being the same as the manga what may elicit some negative feelings for a number of fans but i digress the bird.

Flies through the night sky until it evaporates under a domed structure resembling a cage but suddenly the landscape changes before aaron there is a horizon with the sun and the flowers have become multicolored he is also shown to be outside again a reference to his want to be beyond the walls there are several stoic shots of a destroyed.

Paradise island as aaron continues to walk on the flowers he is no longer a child instead it's his current appearance the ending concludes with multi-colored light enveloping aaron and he disappears leaving behind an empty beautiful meadow perhaps being representative of the world he is able to leave behind these are clearly very.

Jam-packed lyrics and visuals and so hopefully you can appreciate our breakdown of them and you can definitely look forward to plenty more in-depth attack on titan videos along with our weekly breakdowns of the new episodes and to make sure you never miss any of that be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it.

Comes to bringing some of the best attack on titan content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm celeste motaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you