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EVERYTHING You NEED to Know About My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes Mission


My hero academia world hero missions is the third movie in the my hero academia series and is set for release later this summer now since our first video discussing this movie more visuals and information has been released and so we thought to put together this video for you guys going.

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Discussions a couple days ago we wrapped up a huge giveaway on instagram and twitter where we bought two of you guys all 28 volumes of my hero academia and also gave away at least a dozen manga volumes to other supporters it was a lot of fun seeing you guys excited and we look forward to giving back to.

You guys more in the future with that said let's get into all the information we know about my hero academia world heroes mission first we have the location of the movie movie 3 is literally called world heroes mission and so it won't be in japan or some one-off location like the island in the.

First movie my hero academia two heroes now in the trailer for the movie we see that there was a time limit of two hours to save the world and so obviously daiku bakugou and shoto the main trio won't be going around the world bringing peace however the full cast of.

Characters will most likely be deployed in various parts of the world attempting to put an end to the crisis i'm not the one to talk about geography but at the very least i can say from the promo art that egypt or some location based on egypt will be a country of relevance now in the latest promo image we do.

See at least three distinct countries so i'm guessing the main cast will be broken up among these three with other background heroes from japan and potentially other countries handling elsewhere the positioning of the characters on the poster could be strategic but we don't know for sure yet for.

Example fat gum tamaki su and najire may go to the egypt-like location and the characters in the middle will be working in the area on top of the promo image up next we have the plot our main focus in this movie is a group called the human eyes.

A group that very strongly believes in the quark singularity doomsday theory the notion that one day quirks will bring about the end of humanity as we know it as with their ever surrounding complexity from generation to generation eventually a time will come where no one is able to control them any longer.

The first signs of this issue being discovered during the fourth generation of quirks the generation that deku's mother belongs to so being believers of this theory the human eyes group believes that quirks are a disease and so they made their mission to.

Cleanse the world of anyone who has one in movie 3 the humanized group has planted bombs across the world of course the heroes of the world will not allow this to happen without intervention and so the race against time will begin two hours to prevent a global rampage and let's not forget that somehow deku.

Is wanted for mass murder now as for why and how deku specifically was framed we'll have to watch the movie to figure that out or maybe get some more hints before it comes and come up with an excellent theory slash prediction now let's discuss the timing of this movie's events and.

Whether or not it's canon the events of movie 3 will take place after the endeavor agency arc the arc which will most likely end season 5. now for those of you that are anime only fans i'll avoid going over the details of that arc since it's not really necessary for this discussion the scheduling is almost perfect though.

The movie will be releasing most likely a couple weeks before the end of season 5 so in a way it could be seen as an extension of season 5. because it fits in the timeline and won't disrupt any aspect of the story world heroes mission can be called canon it's even been stated that they make the.

Movies with this sort of intention now let's go over some small details before ending off with details of a new character that'll be in the movie and our villain everyone has of course seen the new costumes for daiku bakugou and shoutout however it doesn't seem like they'll be present in the whole movie based on the fact that the.

Promo image showcasing the villain does not include the new costumes it seems the costumes will make an appearance later in the movie possibly for a covert type of operation that this group will specifically be assigned to it doesn't seem like anyone else has new costumes so for these three two it may simply be part of a mission assigned to.

Them the costumes are primarily black with a secondary color that comes from their usual outfit which also glows for deku this is green for bakugou this is orange and for shoto this is white there have been mixed reactions to these costumes on social media but let's see what youtube thinks.

In the comments along with your thoughts and everything else let us know who has the best costume out of the three world heroes mission will be animated by studio bones the studio which has been behind all five seasons of the mayhew academia anime with horikoshi filling the role of supervisor on the project.

As for the director that will be kenji nagasaki a familiar face who has played a role in all five seasons and now all three movies now the final bit of random information we have before getting into the new character is the dubbed version of the movie is already being worked on.

In late april we had received confirmation that the script for the movie had been completed but now we've also learned that the dubbing has officially been started now as for when the dubbed version will be released we don't know but because it's already being worked on i think we can bet on.

Sooner rather than later now let's get into the new characters that we already have some information on but first roddy soul he's described as a boy who lives in a mobile home in osean the region deku bahugo and shoto will be going to in order to put food on the table for his younger siblings he gave up his own.

Dream and started working as a carrier but a certain incident forced him to join sides with deku and the others he's very wary of heroes because of the conditions he grew up in and lastly he looks like a frivolous person but he keeps his true nature a secret from everyone we should mention.

That there is speculation that he has some sort of mechanical quirk but this is not confirmed and pretty much just based on his design roddy's design is pretty cool though and i'm looking forward to seeing his hidden nature lastly we have the villain who appears at the bottom of the most recent promo art.

Released as of this recording excuse me if the pronunciation is wrong but our villain's name is fleck turn a character with a very robotic design we honestly do not know anything about besides his name the design appears different from the cult leader present in the movie trailer so maybe this is the puppet master.

Behind the cold or someone completely unrelated one bit of information that has come up though is that flecked originates from latin and can mean reflect or to bend this of course could be taken in any direction of course but most likely this is related to his quirk in some way.

With tekku being wanted for mass murder in the movie maybe this villain's ability had a part in that for example maybe he can ban reality or change perception in some way i'm not sure anyway i won't speculate too much since there's not much to go on right now and again we don't like to write fan fiction over here.

We try to connect as many dots as possible and there's just not many dots to connect but it's worth mentioning nonetheless what do you guys think of this villain will he be better than nine i'm interested but at the same time a little concerned about his role in the movie but time will tell how he's.

Connected to the main conflict or if he's not at all connected and i supposed to just add a bonus on all of this something very exciting about this movie is that it might be the first movie we see something besides one frog's core power we might see black whip now that it's been revealed.

In the anime just before the movie it could be the perfect setup to introduce that into the movie series as well it's not a spoiler anymore because you guys know he'll unlock other quirks so i'll just say it we won't be seeing any of the other quirks unfortunately that we already know about in the manga.

But maybe by movie 4 we'll see something else exciting nonetheless i'm excited to see how the movie uses black whip and of course the visuals that'll come along with that but yeah with that we've covered everything you need to know about movie 3 my hero academia world heroes mission the japan release date is august 6th.

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