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Evil Sasuke & The New 10 Tails Akatsuki! – Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4


The cover page of boruto Tu blue Vortex chapter 4 features kaaki with the accompanying text the accumulated Vortex of hatred after returning to his base code looked at the tenent tailes which was bound by a number of black receiver rods he considered what boruto said to him about the Beast that it was somehow different now after being transformed by.

Code the Rogue Shinobi urged him to get rid of the beasts while they were still under his control otherwise what would face them all would be the worst possible future code continued to look at the restrained monster he coughed as far as he could tell the juie was the same as it had always been a creature whose only Instinct was consumption it.

Was hardly a threat to him in its current state mind you code was still reeling from the unending effects of boruto's Rasengan huo at the same time a toad also observed the scene from the Cara member's pocket he was simultaneously with boruto he told the young Uzumaki to move quickly since they don't have any time left to waste to.

This boruto asked the amphibian to quiet down for a moment as he focused and raised the hand he admitted that he isn't nearly as skillful as his grandfather matato kaaki just continued to observe boruto he wondered who his Renegade brother was talking to then boruto opened his eye he found his Mark and with that boruto activated the.

Fourth Hokage signature technique the flying rajin he instantly appeared behind code with his hand on his sword code was caught off guard and shot he looked in awe towards his pursuer who had just manipulated space and time to reach him the disbelief was written all over his face he wondered how this was possible but was ignored as boruto.

Tended to more important matters by peering into the base but there was nothing there the black receiver rods now pierced Into Darkness concerned boruto questioned where the tent Tails was the toad couldn't believe it he left from boruto's shoulder to get a closer look this didn't make sense he was sure that the monster was just there only a.

Moment ago boruto looked in another Direction without speaking what he saw was a tree like the ones that appeared in the leaf Village during code's Invasion the toad deduced that code couldn't have possibly moved the juie he didn't make any suspicious moves and such a task would be far from Easy code looked towards the toad with a hint of.

Recognition just then a figure appeared on top of the base catching boruto's attention he looked at it without making any sudden movements it peered back at him looking like a bald pug with renegon eyes seeing this boruto realized that they were already too late code looked at the being with wide eyes he was confused was this bug however bug was.

Still lodged within the tree it seemed like he had lost Consciousness boruto wondered if code was talking about the guy stuck in the tree Co turned his attention to his opponent boruto corrected him this wasn't bug what they were dealing with was something different this thing is a Shinju CO's confusion only grew as he questioned.

What in the world boruto was talking about Shinju bug shifted his attention towards boruto and suddenly left in his Direction it grabbed boruto and the two two of them continued to hurdle back towards the surrounding wall boruto's back crashed into it as the rock formation splintered and broke Naruto's Sun tried his best to hold back the.

Attacker the Shinju questioned if the boy had come by his Lonesome to be consumed it even went as far as to call him boruto otuki boruto glared at the entity swiftly repelled it and formed a hand seal electricity surged outward from his body and assailed the monster this managed to repel it for a moment but not long enough as in the next it.

Had transformed one of its arms into gaping ma the flesh made Jaws hurdled towards the seated Shinobi they clamped down viciously yet found no purchase boruto had activated the flying rajin yet again and transported himself next to code he stared at the being that returned his gaze it mentioned how sneaky that Jutsu happens to be code was.

In constant pain and confusion at this point he demanded that Boro begin explaining things already then he collapsed onto his side boruto just looked at the pathetic state of the man he once feared as a boy he he placed his hand on cod's chest and the pain subsided he told Cod to stand up since he had deactivated the uzo boruto also.

Added that coach prepare for the enemy's attack there was no way he'd be able to explain things right now so he just told the claw user to shut up and provide support code began to gather himself he took a good look at the being in front of them despite what boruto just said about explanations code wanted to know what happened to the tent Tails he.

Wondered if it had anything to do with bug being eaten by the tree boruto emphasized the fact that it wasn't just bug that had been affected everyone that had been turned into a tree would share a similar fate Cod tried to wrap his head around everything but another figure loomed high above and caught them both off guard as it offered its own.

Explanation it's chakra the momentary allies turned to the new presence when its back turned it continued to speak about the lives that reside on the planet that have been taken in by the trees all their chakra had been absorbed and their lives resulted in the creation of the Shinju the making of a chakra fruit was their original Instinct then.

Then it spoke to code specifically being awakened by code has shifted their existence resulting in the possession of egos while they both looked at the one in the air yet another Shinju approached them a feminine voice pied code despite his best efforts it seemed to be the boy's Destiny to serve as a clown being used by others it was laughable code had.

No response boruto's told told him that they needed to prioritize escape and rest strategize but before he could boruto noticed perhaps the most concerning presence of all he stared at the hooded figure the order it gave off was on another level boruto couldn't take his eyes off of them from there we head back to the hidden Leaf Village.

Shikamaru had just been informed by kawaki that Boro managed to suddenly disappear the strategist couldn't believe that Boro had already mastered SpaceTime Ninjutsu in such a short period of time kaaki wasn't sure about the details but noted that his adopted brother left after code made his Escape it seemed like he was tracking the guy.

Shikamaru questioned if this meant that boro's Target had been code all along but kaaki questioned if their two enemies might be connected before boruto left he seemed to be speaking to someone he wondered if it might have been someone from the detection team Shikamaru confirmed that all the detection team's reports were currently.

Under investigation if someone happened to be supporting Boro they would know quickly sarda made her entrance and scolded the two for foolishly overlooking the simple explanation code attacked the village and boruto forced him to retreat based on the conversations they had it was pretty obvious not to mention they could easily.

Confirm the truth Tru with a kaaki told sarda not to misunderstand the situation boruto is an otuki and therefore it is not matter what his intentions are he is an enemy that they need to kill yet another sentiment that sarda found fault with since kaaki himself is an Uki too kaaki figured that this went without saying but decided to step to sarda.

Anyways in his mind kawaki is an otsuki that kills uzuki he believes that his power only exists to do so once that's all said settled he'll have no problem disappearing but sarda doesn't get to choose he then asked her if he was understood but sarda did not back down for a second as a Shinobi that aims to become Hokage she refuses to let kaaki.

Do whatever he wants Shikamaru then told the two of them to settle down before he gets angry as he Kern Hokage they just looked at him getting back on topic Shikamaru wanted to know what was going on with all the trees sarda wasn't sure but at the very least she was able to confirm that the people that have been turned into trees were still alive.

Therefore there might be a way for them to be saved judging from the way he spoke she presumed that boruto might know something more about them kawaki remains silent Shikamaru put two and two together and theorized that this was why boruto decided to Target code sarda made it clear that regardless of boruto's intentions there was no doubt that he is.

Code's enemy for the time being since code is a threat to the hidden Le Village she believes that their best course of action is to provide support to Boro and defeat their Mutual enemy but none of them have any idea about the Beyond akosi level threat that now threatens the future of their world code was still processing their words just.

Like how boruto was still staring at one of the Shinju in particular disregarding the Toad's advice Boro began reaching for his sword in preparation for an attack yet again the toad emphasized the fact that they have failed right now the ninja absolutely needed to flee The Stranger turned to him emerging from a claw mark on the side of the base was a.

Familiar face of a man who had turned his own arm into a blade Cod just barely managed to notice as Shinju Sasuke went for a decapitation attack boruto and code managed to duck out of the way boruto and Shinju Sasuke locked eyes then the evil juie power Dua prepared a Chidori in turn boruto formed a Rasengan the two Powers collided and canceled.

Each other out the other Shinju just observed without making moves of their own they didn't move an inch and remain C casual the combatants continued to stare each other down as the powers totally dispersed however Shinju bug wasn't nearly as patient and moved in for yet another ma attack boruto swung his sword which he monstrous jaw clamped.

Down on the situation was getting worse by the moment suddenly boruto was hoisted up and bound by a rock formation things were looking bad and the toad was very worried the jester looking Shinju looked at him and slowly began to approach boruto called out to code asking for his help since he was in danger too code considered it for a.

Moment then he mentioned how if he does nothing they'll just end up eating boruto he wasn't expecting things to develop like this but didn't mind too much if it meant being rid of his enemy and with that he began slipping away through one of his claw marks boruto yelled cod's name in frustration the toad continued to beg boruto to run away.

Because if boruto dies everything would have been a waste Naruto's son looked up at the hovering Shinju who returned his gaze boruto reluctantly raised a hand seal and activated the flying rajin to escape Shinju Sasuke just looked at the rock formation without uttering a single word the suspended Shinju considered boruto otuki to be lucky their ego had.

Only just awakened their curiosity and desire for knowledge was still beyond their instincts that told them to eat him he could run anywhere in this world but that would not save him from his Destiny sometime later boruto remained seated with his back against the tree he looked down at the headband he had inherited from his master a man.

Approached him while asking if the kid wanted to instantly destroy their Planet he insisted that the ninja never push himself like that again boruto apologized he rushed things and the one talking to him was Master jiah's clone ction Koji he wasn't exactly trying to comfort boruto but he believed his comrade should have known that this.

Would be a likely outcome but their response would not change regardless of the circumstances they were going to fight boruto looked up a bit while remaining silent eventually he apologized the person he was speaking to would need to wait just a little while longer as embedded in this tree was Sasuke oh my goodness boruto is on.

Another level right now with an incredible 10 out of 10 run we are dealing with a beonin Chui level consistently growing akatski with renegon that of Sasuke with both his arms not to mention the fact that the otuki are still very much a thing the high is real so please leave us all your thoughts on all this madness in the.

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