Okay I'm gonna do some lovely drinks for Christmas. First of all, shot glasses. Take your weapon of choice y'know vodka, goodgin, I'm gonna use some tequila. Freeze your glasses. Get some pomegranates. Fill these little babies up. And even though I'm missing all of them, forgiveme, 'cos it's artistic. Get your tequila put a shot in there, half-fillit you don't have to go mental. But honestly, you know I'm not saying do 10of them… yeah!.

Capsules, sweetness, boom boom burst burstburst. But also it's nice to have one of these tokick the night off, happy days. Right now instead of doing mulled wine I'mdoing mulled cider, absolutely delicious. Go and get some decent scrumpy, we're gonnabring it up to a simmer and serve it. Y'know that's about two litres of cider there,six cloves will dramatically change how that story is gonna be now. Star anise, y'know they all go in here. Quarter of a nutmeg for a couple of litres. Now, vanilla and cinnamon.

Stick of cinnamon goes in, keep tasting itright? And if you think it's getting to cinnamonamy… cinnamy… if you think it's getting too cinnamony,then you take it out. So you gotta control that. Stick goes in. Put your knife tip in at the end, right inthe middle of that vanilla. It's all going in. So orange juice goes in. Special effects.

Aw that's lovely isn't it? So clementine goes in. A little bit of sugar kind of convinces itthat it's mulled cider. It's like a potion look at that. Look at that. Beautiful. Investing in that one vanilla pod right, justseems to be like a little poke of specialness. Really really nice look at that, what a nicechange.


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