Oh man horikoshi is really doing it all with this final war for the world this was a chapter complete with teamwork some fun cameos and an appearance from bakugou as well as shigaraki plus more bachelor character development which is always welcomed especially after what we saw with endeavor last chapter unfortunately we don't get a.

Continuation of deku as he flashes shakaraki or even the restoration of all for one regardless these cliffhangers can't wait considering the peak that is chapter 358 aptly called a small step for man and so maybe we will see the tide change in this battle this latest chapter opens up with shigeraki using multiple mutated hands and fingers on.

The battlefield this bizarre if not disgusting abnormality was of course first seen when spinner tried to check up on shigaraki after new order destroyed several of his quirks except this time shigaraki can't control his mutation and has been giving the heroes a pretty hard time with it alone the emergence of this ability only seems to.

Give further attractions to dr garaki's theory now this theory was last discussed during the war arc so i'll briefly summarize it quark singularity is the concept that with each generation quirks will grow stronger and more complex until the human body can no longer evolve with them which would result in quirks that are so powerful.

No one can control them shikaraki at this point is a poster child for this considering his own body seems to struggle with the raw power of all for one if this expands beyond the typical bounds of humanity seems to have afforded him even more ludicrous capabilities right now shikaraki is surfing on his absurd amount of hands.

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Back to the latest my hero academia chapter as he's hanging 10 shikaraki taunts the heroes asking if they're going to run instead of face him i must admit this panel reminds me of when shakaraki was in his own subconscious since the very beginning of the series horikoshi has expressed his overwhelming love for drawing hands and as many know.

Love when taken to the utmost extremes can be a pretty terrifying thing just ask toga speaking of which i still need that horikoshi horror story that is if he can handle it considering apparently the stories he writes so drastically impact his real world mood but yeah suddenly a massive mutated hands head straight for tamaki he just barely.

Manages to avoid them as nigeria looks on calling out for him i will admit that i forgot tamaki was in this fight but i certainly wonder what sun eater ate to prepare for this battle i kind of struggle to imagine what animal abilities would be useful against shigaraki but hear me out maybe it is a bit cannibalistic but if tamaki were to.

Consume some of shigeraki's fingers like yuji te sakuna from jujutsu kaisen his quirk manifest should allow him to mirror what shigaraki's got going on right now i'm not really sure if manifest would encompass the guy's quirks but at the very least his bodily disposition should be temporarily adopted if such a thing were to come to.

Pass and it would merit his inclusion in this fight to begin with kind of crazy i know but let me know what you guys think down below oh and subscribe to the channel notifications on it really does help out regardless in this fight negerei can't stay focused on others either a clump of shiguraki's fingers come flying towards her she tries to.

Fend off the tendrils with her quirk however that isn't enough she's pushed against a wall of fingers and begins to fall hopefully she sticks her landing and is okay though i reckon this battle will end in more than one hero death or at least it should but then again nobody died against all for one akamino and nobody died against shiguraki in the.

Final battle of the previous war past his mass decay of the city just as naturey falls best genius reminds the heroes to not give up and keep moving staying still will only lead to death in a fight against a man who can change his body at will similar to shigeraki best genus is staying above the hands via his quirk.

Shigaraki's horde of moving hands is meant to disorient and separate them after all they were selected to support deku in his final showdown against shigaraki all for one teamwork is all they have speaking of teamwork best genius pulls bakugo away from a rogue shaker rocky tendril this moment only goes to show that best genus is here as.

Support he's still recovering from his lung wound but genus continues to direct the other heroes stating that the hands will swallow them whole in order to stop shakiraki they must reach the main body besides serving to throw off the heroes these mutated hands act as a shield for shigaraki's body though in this panel we also see muriko running her way up a.

Tendril as bits of her tail are seemingly destroyed in this endeavor hopefully miriko can continue to show off why she is a hero without an agency as a major proponent of miriko being one of the best female characters in the series it's good to see her in this chapter even if it's just snippets best genus also remarks that while these.

Massive hands are a roadblock alicia garaki doesn't have all my strength truthfully this feels like foreshadowing we know shigeraki can't currently use quirks yet we've also seen his body evolve to suit his needs could he also gain super strength anything is possible when your body is no longer your own but something else entirely then we see ed.

Shot as he bursts out of a heap of fingers the move he is using seems to be new considering it is referenced to as shattering paper thread though i must say it reminds me of his other technique thousand sheep years sadly justice headshot destroyed a clump of shigeraki's fingers they regenerated not only is shigeraki in control of this.

Insane amount of fingers he can regenerate them almost instantaneously even eggshot is confused by this asking if they're sure this isn't a quirk in his own words you said this was just normal growth but that's impossible due to what we know about quark singularity it is plausible this is just shigaraki's next step in quark evolution the erasure.

Quark cannot dismiss heteromorphic traits after all regardless the awful unconsciousness comes out to confirm this is simply the nature of quirks he explains that as the alpha one quark settles within shigaraki's body external factors as well as he quirks within offer one have created what he calls a suitable accommodation the all for one.

Quirk has essentially twisted chickaraki's body to keep up while all for one is in control he launches into a lecture as he is prone to do he starts off by saying that with shigaraki's body and the off-road quirk he'll create a new world within this world he molded all four and shaker rocky will rule over everyone you really see how mega maniac.

All for one is considering refers to himself as a god in this new world it's interesting how we've gone from demon king to absolute god and ruler over everything and everyone although that whole demon lord thing might just be a title he is willing to adopt considering he is the villain in this story currently but will eventually become the.

Hero i guess he declares the current world to be doomed a world that will collapse on itself in his eyes it's divided with standards that no longer fit human bodies and their capabilities the gaps that exist between people only seem to grow which allow misunderstandings to flourish are for one sees these misunderstandings as what.

Causes fear and rejection to rise all while giving this immensely main villain speech we see baka go as he continues to avoid tendrils no doubt building up explosive sweat offer one concludes his speech by stating this fight is nothing more than a product of the current broken world in his new society everyone will be equal under oppression he.

Continues to ridicule the heroes by saying this new world of equality through oppression is exactly what the heroes are fighting for it is a twisted ideal of the pc heroes want not to mention it shows exactly how unhinged all for one is becoming how much he wants to revert japan back to his iron fisted rule and then some meanwhile.

Bakugo is still dodging off for one shikaraki's attacks he says that while he doesn't know who is in control he doesn't want to hear any more from them he's been fed up ever since kamino this statement once again proves how impactful kamino is the weight of it can still be seen many chapters later and even serves as inspiration bakugou also.

Has an internal monologue stating that all this movement has allowed an item on his back to be charged up this particular item was from the support course perhaps we'll see more new pieces of equipment from other heroes as well finally we see exactly what bakugou is referencing on his back is a massive collection of artillery he looks like.

Something straight out of a western comic like war machine from marvel subscribe to platomer comics by the way not only that but his costume complete with support items reminds me of his iconic design from the 2019 popularity poll it's one of my favorite designs despite how complex it is so perhaps this is a call back to that the item is.

Meant to act as an area suppressor something bakugou will no doubt use to annihilate shikharaki now what's its name strafing panzer no doubt at least what he stored as vakugo is still wearing his winter costume will cause an overarching explosion bakugo then exclaims i will clear a path seeing such an immense source of firepower it makes.

Me wonder if this was intended as a last-ditch effort we know heroes are lacking in material and resources and this support item is gigantic regardless bakugou unleashes an insane explosion towards shigaraki all with the intent of destroying his body the impact is enough for bakugou to fly into the air showing how much he has grown and how much.

Teamwork means now bakugou exclaims that the heroes will crush the main body together as a team on the other hand miroko is still running towards the main body with her signature craze grin she is proud of bakugo for finally realizing what collaboration is and how important it is honestly i'm hoping we get to see more bakugo and miracle team-ups in this.

Fight like in the spin-off team of missions bakugo has really come full circle as his inner dialogue comments on the heroes that allowed them to fight shikaraki like this to begin with he thinks of izawa and monoma stopping shigaraki's quirks kaminari powering up the ua fortress and momo providing spare parts makuto also thinks back to the.

First chapter when deku selflessly tried to save him from the sludge villain he remembers shigaraki's words said misunderstandings in turn give rise to fear and rejection at last we see him recognizing the very fear and rejection he has struggled with since it is a moment that also serves as a callback to bakugou crying in almight's arms because.

He felt inferior to deku despite these negative emotions bakugou has worked through them worked above them even as he continues his assault on shigaraki he states that he has accepted fear and rejection showing that yes bakugou has evolved past his miserable inferiority complex besides accepting these emotions bakugou has gotten over them it's.

Character development that almost rivaled endeavors hate him or love him you gotta admit bakugou is well written saying that he found people who are willing to look past his previous mistakes and only move forward no matter the cost he finishes his speech by saying that with his friends what shigaraki all for one has to say doesn't.

Matter he also calls shigaraki a saka to form fingers which feels like an adequate if not crass way to describe his current condition best genius watches this display of firepower looking amazed and concerned for his young protege the explosion leaves a cloud of smoke across the battlefield along with destroyed buildings.

Collateral damage is peanuts to eradicating the ultimate evil but unsurprisingly shigeraki is not dead bakugou moves in to test his ultimate attack how's her impact cluster bomb best genus is still watching a student completely in awe he even refers to bakugou with his wordy if not mildly dorky hero title finally he has accepted.

The hero that bakugou is even if bakugo himself is a bit rougher on the edges shigaraki is prepared to punch bakugo while giant explosion murder god dynamite is supposed to give shakaraki a face full of fireworks shakaraki's own raised fist makes me wonder if best genius all my strength comment will come back to haunt the heroes sadly we won't.

Get to know the outcome of this matchup for a little while my hero academia is going on break next week although horikoshi deserves it with all the hands he has drawn in this chapter and at that shonen jump seems to be pretty liberal with the breaks lately as compared to the years prior and although that is a great thing in regards to the health of.

Our favorite mangaka at this point i don't for a second believe that my hero academia is actually ending this year i mean we are already past the halfway point of the year after all but we'll just have to wait and see as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.