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FINALLY A POWER UP!? The NEW Sasuke – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


With the latest chapter of boruto chapter 54 it's safe to say we're in for a lot of change soon and i mean change for everyone really but the character i'm most interested in discussing today is sasuke no disrespect to the sasuke fans the ride-or-die once but let's be.

Honest sasuke has been down bad in boruto in the original story this man was a god and so was naruto but in this sequel only naruto has really maintained anything close to level of power we're familiar with already and hey you could say it's boruto it's about the next.

Generation but again naruto hasn't fallen off so this kind of thinking is inherently flawed we've all joked about it forever now but again this man has had endless chakra woes and while he has still held his ground all things considered the lack of an arm is just not a good.

Look and honestly things have only gotten worse for sasuke because he's now also down an eye and not just an eye the rinnegan gifted to him by the sage of six paths they're doing sasuke dirty honestly but luckily there are options for him to again become the sasuke we knew before for those unaware sasuke and naruto both.

Lost an arm during their final battle at the end of the original naruto story naruto had an arm constructed by the fifth tokage tsunade using hashirama cells and this procedure was available to sasuke as well however he chose to pass on it deciding that he'll go on with one arm to atone for all he's done wrong.

And by things he's done wrong i mean like going rogue plotting to destroy the leaf village fighting naruto in the first place trapping the tail beast and so on the man has done a lot of wrong and yeah the wrongs his sins cannot be undone unless we consider using.

Jutsu however atonement is definitely possible and by now after working for konoha for so long risking his life to maintain peace and all that good stuff i think he's certainly done enough to atone for his sins now it's gonna come down to sasuke believing he's done enough and i believe.

There will be someone that tries to convince him of that now that naruto is down for the count possibly even dead he might recognize that to continue protecting the leaf he needs to be at full strength and so opt to recover his second arm the crazy thing is yes.

He could have recovered with hashirama's cells but there are other options but for starters let's look at the possibilities that come with hashirama cells the biggest thing the most important thing the craziest thing is the possibility of sasuke gaining access to wood style ninjutsu.

Naruto did not gain access to that style at least as far as we know but obito did and moderate did and captain yamato did as well it's possible this would immediately be a huge buff to sasuke because wood style jutsu is easily one of the strongest out there if not the strongest.

The rinnegan is currently destroyed or at least presumed to be considering it was stabbed out and was bleeding however there's been a little to no reaction to that however if the runagon was intact sasuke could either heal his natural arms with it or summon those robotic style arms that nagato was using.

When fighting naruto during the war and honestly that robotic arm thing is crazy what a drastic change that would be for sasuke but honestly it would make for some pretty interesting combat so i'm not against it and again quite honestly i'm surprised we haven't seen him pull this off yet in combat even if just temporarily to.

Deflect an attack and while it's just a jutsu i suppose this would kind of go along with the scientific ninja tool theme of this current world most likely though sasuke will take the hashirama cells and it'll serve as a follow-up to him saying he wants to atone for his sins i do expect a twist of some sort though.

Not that the world is full of scientific ninja tools i imagine with the help of a model sasuke's new arm will be similar to kawaki's embedded with ninja tools even if it doesn't happen i can't imagine it not being presented as an option and then there's the topic of the rinnagon.

With it destroyed sasuke has options for starters he could replace it with another sharingan or the option i'd like to discuss in this video he could get a scientific ninja tool replacement the runagon is pretty cool so obviously this would be somewhat of a letdown because i think.

We basically all love the rinnegan unless they go all out of course with this he could receive something similar to what a model and karma gave delta no matter the direction they take it's clear there's a lot of change coming for this character and i for one am excited to see what happens right now he.

Kind of looks you know handicapped no arm no eye they're tearing this man to pieces and i imagine it should only go up from here if naruto is really down for the count sasuke will need to step up big he's due for some sort of boost this is about the next generation but i don't believe the old generation needs.

To take a big l to make that the case so what do you guys think what is the future of sasuke uchiha will we see him return to a more powerful state if so how if not why not be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to.

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