These are my creamy mashed potatoes with crispy potato skins this recipe uses the entire potato the Skins included start by peeling the potatoes ideally in wide strips you're going to make your life easier when it comes to thinly slicing the skin the thinner the better they're going to be very Crispy Crunchy similar to like potato sticks or like crispy.

Fried shallots or onions start the large Skillet on medium heat add a half cup of olive oil and a half cup of butter frying in butter can be a little bit tricky since the milk solids tend to Brown so we're cutting it with some oil prevent that from happening as fast you can see that they've significantly shrunk in volume they're beginning to.

Get really nice and golden I'm going to transfer them onto the paper towel line plate hit them with a little bit of salt so that they're like crispy and salty I'm adding all the mashed potatoes to the Bowl then I'm going to just flatten it out a little bit so we have a nice surface to add the crispy potato skins


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