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Fubuki Will Lose Here!? Saitama Proves He’s The Strongest – One Punch Man Chapter 174


After the many reveals in the last chapter regarding blast and the past 20 years this one now focuses on fabuki sweet mask and their short-term goals though sweet Mass plans involve taitama directly kubukis are more personal oh and we also get more insight as to the idol industry and how sweet Mass feels about his colleagues so without any more.

Delay let's get to it in this chapter titled Beauty we get a cover showing off our lovely fubuki with a seductive look holding sunglasses and smiling mischievously the side text tells us let the blizzard of Enchantment blow over you clearly talking about fubuki and that pose as the chapter begins a line of black cars drive somewhere.

Unspecified inside of one of the vehicles fabuki is being driven by eyelashes one of her group members as he asks her why she wants to go to this place adding even more tension he explains that it is the entirety of their group that is going with her to that location and not to mention armed this is unusual the members normally.

Only carry small weapons or user bare hands fabuki just listens calmly letting him know the person they are meeting might involve some violence for anyone who has read the webcomic there is indeed a massive fight coming up that is between people you would not expect so we won't spoil the fun jumping instead to our city where skyscrapers and peace.

Are on display one building is singled out for us the EK men building this means handsome in Japanese and sweet mask is shown lounging as a businessman explains the situation to him already we can tell this is Idle related and has nothing to do with hero work the fact that the building is called major talent agency handsome Castle is also pretty.

Straightforward also this is likely where sweet Mass was headed and why he missed Shadows his super long-winded discussion about saitama's Feats as a man explains that he believes this new Group of Seven will make them Rich he also points out that he had them take the Pro Hero exam just like sweet Mass did not only does it give them more.

Exposure but it also gives them a better image in the eyes of society at last we are introduced to this new Idol group bubbly boys they pose like heartthrobs and bad boys smiling or trying to look cool the agent continues by explaining that they train for over a year and two of them managed to pass a C-Class hero exam in other words those two will be.

The leaders as they are the ones who did the best and could emulately Mass career most easily but also the entire group will be advertised as an idol hero group despite only two getting into the class looking even sleazier up close the Asian with curly hair and a mustache expectually Mass to give them advice and tips for surviving this Cutthroat.

Entertainment industry the man makes a mistake of saying the group could take over his spot and wonders if the idol is even listening to his speech little does he know sweet mask actually has no interest whatsoever and probably stopped listening the moment the agent revealed the group's cringe-worthy name to top it all off he tells the agent please don't.

Talk to me I have no interest in phonies I keep staring at his phone screen now before we continue with this conflict between Idols don't forget to subscribe with notifications on and smash that like button for more one punch man content now interestingly sleep mask has a footage of saitama's fight against Metal Knight security robots pulled up.

Seeing it from this perspective saitama does look almost insane trying to face such a massive machine but as we know it was a piece of cake for him after some explosions and the smoke passed saitama's face appears and he is completely unharmed along with his Rank and he hero name in Japanese sleep mask can't believe his eyes and who can blame.

Him not many even speak to saitama without looking down on him meanwhile the Asian is frantic as sleep mask complete shutdown practically begging him to be a better Mentor for these newbie Idol Heroes but sweet mask is not convinced even if they share the same agency his advice as the Asian was asking for is to not talk to him it.

Turns out that this man is the director of the idol agency and sweet mask is completely unimpressed with this development these guys are meant to be a comparable situation to his but they are honestly nowhere near his level considering sweet mass is comparable to some S-Class Heroes with another look at the bubbly boys looking disappointed or.

Irritated with stars from their faces and checkered patterns in their hair sweet Mass States I'm in a very bad mood and even calls out the industry itself but ordering the man to not mass produce these kinds of faces and images one of the idols finally speaks up wondering why sweet mask is being so mean and cold to them the other behind him just looks.

Put off and ready to start an argument with their Senpai in fact they tell him if you get too cocky just because you're the favorite we'll catch up before you know it is both a clear Challenge and possibly a threat depending on how far they go to take over his position as the most popular Idol but the catfight does not end there the idol revealed as.

Chirion points out that he is confident in his skills and is on par with sweet mask if only in terms of idle qualities the agent tries to calm him down but he continues saying even their raw power is also pretty decent with that other members start chiming in to defend themselves and how they also pass the hero testing when cheerion points out.

That there is not much difference between a and C-Class rankings you know this is not going to end well but sweet Mass shows much more restraint with humans than with monsters so he allows him to keep insulting him cheerion takes that as him being worried and asks him if he would like to find out just how strong they are but he assumes that.

Sweet mask would not because he won't want to risk his pretty face finally the director realizes that this is going too far and tries to stop them the emo looking Idol states that he himself will say the same thing likely before this meeting started when the dark-haired guy quoting director's words back at him about sweet Mass being better off just.

Focusing on his music there is a tense look on sweet Matt's face and darkness fills up the panel behind him cheerion does not stop his verbal assault he further explains how the bubbly group is using the title of hero as a means to move their Idol careers forward chirion even accused the sweet mask of being wishy-washy since he can't choose.

Between being an idol and a hero as they gang up on him claiming he is a true half-ass fake sweet mask is covered in a shadow one of the men who looks eerily like our Idol hero suggests that sweet matches retire from being an idol if he loves hero work so much and he also implies that they could easily take over for him if he chose to do that at last.

Sleep mask is at his limit they are underestimating what it means to be a hero and how much work is involved using it as a stepping stone is an insult to Heroes and what they go through but they seem unbothered by that and just want him to make a decision and get other way with a black expression sweet Mass removes his glasses while asking what.

The bubbly boys would do if he was a monster and you know what that is a lot more true than they might think he continues the hypothetical asking how they would deal with one appearing right in front of them without any hesitation they say that they would be sweet Mass to a pulp because it is seven on one cracking their Knuckles and loosening.

Their ties still darkened by Shadows sweet Mass looks down chuckling at their stupidity another one of the bubbly boys says they are not afraid of fighting him and that he called fontas does not mind it at all it seems they have been wanted to confront him and his attitude and now is the perfect chance for them to do so and who knows why the director is still.

Trying to break them up at this point they haven't been listening for a while now but suddenly what seems like an earthquake of power overwhelms the bubbly boys freaking them all out all they can do is panic trying to figure out the cause of the fear and pressure being exerted on all of them at last soon Mass lets them know that that.

Feeling is their instincts warning them of danger he even says they are far too different biologically once again hinting at his more monstrous nature his veins begin protruding from his arm and his muscles tense but when he reveals the menacing look on his face with veins bulging from his skin he tells them you don't have Beauty and in the past he.

Would have been using himself as a precedent but now he says like his meaning he thinks satanic can compare to him in some ways in the ways that matter at least like overwhelming power and with that we get an epic shot of saitama seemingly glowing with his cape billowing and smoke clearing from around him and so he certainly had an effect on.

Sweet mask through their security footage not to mention General's talking him up we move on next to the hero apartment complex and inside saitama's room 104. he placed it down some chip Cubs on the table then he tried to glue back together the best he could for his guests with a cheerful smile saitama is glad for their time timing since he just.

Found these mugs in the wreckage today he is sporting a zip up sweater with a big chunk of meat on it and the word niku below it which means meat in Japanese the guess turned out to be the trio who have been trying to confront him for a while now but got interrupted by King and other mishaps finally we have their names revealed to us though.

Chain and Toad was already shown during garo's human monster Arc the sunglass beanie wearing hero is called Forte while the bigger hairier man in the middle is named butterfly DX and the frog suit wearing one well he's chain and Toad of course part of why they wanted to speak with saitama besides him not greeting them is because their ranks.

Are higher than his so they expected some semblance of respect for that regardless saitama was willing to let them in unaware of their annoyance he only makes it worse when he says who are you guys Forte takes immediate offense to that because he says you guys which is really impolite in Japanese unless you're speaking to friends or people.

Younger than you so without missing a beat he demands to know how old saitama is for taking that way when saitama tells Forte he's actually 25 the beanie hero cannot really argue since he's 24 himself but then he does a 180 and says that age isn't what matters but whoever moved in first he's desperately making a weird Senpai system through moving dates.

Which is kind of pathetic to this saitama points out correctly that the apartment complex was only made available two weeks ago however Fortin refuses to back down saying it doesn't matter he is still the senior for moving in first while he complains that satama didn't greet them or bring snacks we see that Rover and black ass are quietly.

Sitting outside hearing everything through the door with the details out of the way saitama smiling more than usual says nice to be acquainted with you explaining what happened to him in recent weeks such as losing his house and all the destruction then he reveals that King was the one who told him about this complex after he was pushed up to.

Eight class so he moved in At The Mention Of King Forte starts stuttering again though he's trying to put on a brave face chain and Toad removes his frog head that thank you saitama for the tea and I don't think I was alone in being shot at the way he looked under there I doubt anyone could have pictured a middle-aged man enjoying hiding his.

Face beneath an amphibians even someone as usually unaffected as saitama can't stop himself from staring and as soon as he is done sipping his tea chain and Toad puts his headgear back on saitama can't help but say out loud what what was that butterfly DX speaks up for the Frog man instead explaining that the man looks plain so that is his way of.

Standing out as a hero and it works somewhat well with the kids but toad says just a bit saitama who was always accused of being plain finds this idea kind of dumb but to be fair saitama's hero costume is pretty bold it's just his face that makes him seem like a boring dude but butterfly DX as confident as he stands announces who he.

Is as if it is obvious since he is so well known but if you know satama he does not follow any hero stuff especially if he hasn't met them personally he doesn't know anyone basically butterfly continues his introduction saying he moved to the hero Apartments because it was easier for traveling and as expected saitama tells.

Him nope never heard of you Forte begins to start his own introduction and how he uses earphones the butterfly is not done he cuts in surprises saitama has not heard of him when he thinks seeing him on TV and the internet wasn't enough he says that he will go change Forte just points out that butterfly is an attention not even bothered he was.

Cut off when butterfly DX returns well let's just say saitama can't accuse him of having a plain costume or ideas he's dressed in butterfly wings an antenna bikini looking underwear and high heels proud of his outfit butterfly explains how there has been a lot of footage of him flying around from roof to roof in it saitama master of putting people down.

Unintentionally at midst that for the last few years he didn't have anything to watch besides weather and disaster channels and if that wasn't enough said Tama can't help but be shocked by how hairy butterfly is warning him not to shed anywhere so yeah saitama is pretty much treating this man like a dog which is pretty cold Forte takes that moment.

To finally get his introduction out and explains that he used his music to battle with his rhythm he also tries to show off his popularity saying young people think he looks cool he also adds that he's been in a fashion magazine but tries to play it off as something that is not important to him yeah sure saitama just stares silently and he.

Drops another bomb of an insult is it working up a rhythm every time you fight really pointless the battle really works to emphasize just how much effect these insults have as they look like a small island floating in an Endless Sea of white but enough is enough Forte explodes with rage shouting you and me Baldi outside right now but we don't get.

To experience that fight because it jumps instead to the increasingly tense relationship between bubbly boys and sweet mask because they're still shivering from Fear cheerion offers his group members some tea to warm them up meanwhile sweet Mass turns his back to them coldly despite all this the director thinks he can spin this rivalry.

In a way to increase sales all around and of course he would think that so I guess we'll just have to wait to see who fabuki is going to visit with her gang as well as saitama's predictable battle with Forte if there even is one next chapter as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching have an awesome day I love you.