Oh my goodness guys one punch man is back with yet another incredible chapter we've got the continuation of the ultimate team up metal bat and garo the full power of god's avatar sage centipede and both garo and middle bat reach greater levels of power than ever before seen with the previous chapter several of the lower class heroes and.

Former hostages began to evacuate from the ongoing conflict all the while gaura was presently facing off against sage centipede whose instant regeneration was a real pain to deal with however centipede noticed that garl's attention was elsewhere as his young friend tareo was in the nearby helicopter a concern the monster would take advantage of but.

In the midst of this saitama who was annoyed by the watery aftermath of evil ocean waters attacks would obliterate the liquid monstrosity with a serious punch before using a previously submerged warship as a surfboard as sage sensp made its way towards the helicopter before garrow could intercept metal battled into the fray attacking.

The creature as well however the exterior of the colossal arthropod was far too hard for him to break metal bat would then recognize garrow and reignite the beef between the two however thankfully the two of them were more concerned by the threat of centipede than their grudge match against one another together they would protect.

Those in danger and although they weren't best buddies or anything would work together for the most part at least after arguing for a good while with this latest chapter titled too bad we'd open up to a cover shot of this newfound dynamic duo between garo and metal bat and saitama surfed behind them both with the words a rival ain't bad either being.

Shown to kick things off we'd have attacks from both metal bat and garo as they would pummel the hardened exterior of safe centipede together or at the very least at the same time although garu's hits did land the creature was able to regenerate pretty much instantly however when it came to the points of impact from metal bats he couldn't even.

Make a dent the fact of the matter being that metal bat is way outside of his depth here although they may be a sort of makeshift team at this point metal bat for the most part at least for right now is more of a comedic relief inclusion as opposed to being an equally contributing member so in a sense the power scaling remains intact not only.

Did garo know this but sage did too now my jew sage despite his crazy regeneration has been cautious of garo from the very beginning because he is in fact just that strong this is a very dirty fighting monster i mean even if sage is able to stave off the damage at the end of the day he is on the ropes if he cannot find a way to meaningfully.

Harm his opponent which is why he would consider using metal bat as a hostage but after seeing the balance between the two he'd come to the conclusion that garo honestly doesn't care about the guy to an extent so it would not work gara would propose that they would need to destroy the thing from top to bottom all at the same time a plan that in theory.

Would work but with just the two of them it was an unreasonable task even despite garl's strength they would need a lot more powerful allies to pull it off but at this point so many s-class heroes were out of commission for saitama it would be as simple as popping a balloon but for these guys the best that they could hope to do was rip a piece of.

Paper they just kept on printing out more analogies aside say centipede being the grimy monster it is would go after the aforementioned helicopter that garo cared about the a-class hero 1 shotter would try his best to retaliate but he couldn't exactly aim correctly considering the injury to his eye that he had suffered against nion it to the.

Point where he almost hit the two fighting against a thing yet the only one that they could properly identify would be metal bat but despite their best efforts sage would grab hold of the aircraft in time and with it in his clutches centipede would now have the upper hand as its two adversaries would no longer move against him in fear for.

The safety of the hostages one of them being tareo who would now recognize the efforts of garo but now that they were standing still sage would launch his centipede grand march attack on both of them rending the very city beneath his form but in the midst of this fallout gearspur would call out to oneshot her proposing that he served as a hero's.

Dominant eye meanwhile sage centipede would grab hold of garo who would come to sense something here gearspur would connect his perception to that of oneshoter and effectively provide clear visuals for him from which point they would help the enormous monster with several shots but ultimately didn't serve any damaging purpose but was.

Enough of a distraction for garrow to then pry himself free of the creature's clutches then going on to throw hands with it yet again going all along its abdomen and once again they would all wonder who exactly the hero facing the monster was which would inspire tareo to express that he knows him as one shatterer again struggled with his gun.

Jamming garo would tear the helicopter from the monster's hold elder would nearly get the better of a preoccupied garo but suddenly it would be metal bat with a spiral of overwhelming victory as he would not only save garrow but also cut through the flesh of the monster whose exoskeleton was previously too difficult for him to break sage was.

Shocked and in pain as garo led to the aid of the helicopter once more and this is where we get to see the true strength of metal bat the more damage and push to the brink this guy is the more powerful he becomes and this reality would even catch garo's eye as he would smile and know that the guy had not changed sage would wonder how such a thing was.

Possible despite such deep injuries as middle bat would express that a man is most powerful when he has someone to protect metal bat may not be the biggest powerhouse in the series or anything but how can you not love the guy he is amazing he's got this old school shonen charm about him that i have always admired before falling metal bat would.

Make it clear to garro that there was a massive net 500 meters away which gar would throw the aircraft to ensuring their safety by what had to be an incredibly terrifying moment of movement but now both had landed these two were pumped gar would breathe in deeply making use of bang's signature awakening breath which if you remember pushes the.

Body to its utmost limitations providing several boosts to speed agility and maneuverability meanwhile the chivalrous heart of metal bat was set ablaze he was not going to be a setback anymore that being said it wasn't as if these two were a match made in heaven or anything however they were both more than willing to send sage to hell.

The monster would make the first move as garwood questioned if metal bat had a plan to deal with the monster's regeneration which he absolutely didn't he was more or less just prepared to hit it really hard and hope for the best sage centipede would now hurdle towards them both with his 6 666 legged grand drill both combatants.

Will prepare to deal with it accordingly make their move and clash and boy oh boy was sage centipede torn apart from this there was horrible damage all throughout his body to the point we would have to wonder how such coordination between a hero and a monster was even possible meanwhile in reality there was no effort from these two to coordinate in the.

Slightest truly the only reason they ultimately formed a combination attack was that despite garo being far stronger than metal bat the core nature of their power was exceedingly similar i mean if you think about it garo has always been at his strongest when his back was up against the wall it's just like metal bat said a man is at his strongest when.

He has someone to protect and there have been many instances of garo becoming far stronger when protecting tario and i'd even go as far as to say that based on his motivations when facing a situation akin to bullying garo fights for not only himself but those who have been or are in a similar predicament between the two there was a resonance and an.

Amplification going on the destructive power of metal bat received an explosive increase allowing him to break into the monster with each and every strike and although metal bat was knocked away garo's power also increased by way of his resonating coordination allowing him to tear straight through the body of sage centipede there was now a massive.

Hole through the creature's body which much to its dismay would not regenerate and that's because garo was able to grab hold of his regeneration core something that he recognized to be of a similar sword to monster king orochi a point that perpetually releases energy with each instance of regeneration which garo would then chuck way up high and into.

The sky sage would from there curse garo as he rushed upwards to collect his organ as garo gave chase and metal bat exhausted with telgaro that he'd better win stating that they'll have to take a raincheck on their final battle for now before passing out this chapter was a whole lot of fun of course a lot of people myself included are looking.

Forward to more from saitama and garo but even still this dynamic between metal bat and garo is a really fun one and if nothing else one punch man is masterful in its ability to simultaneously facilitate these heavy and impactful moments of hype and action while maintaining its incredible humor and charm and this to me is a perfect.

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