One punch man continues to get crazier and crazier and when i tell you this chapter is unbelievable i seriously mean it we firstly opened up to a shot of garu's new form approaching the shore as the luminescence of the moon breaks through the clouds above and on to him this depiction is furthermore accompanied by the text a herald from.

The abyss comes together with despair getting into the contents of the chapter itself we begin with an explanation of bang's signature technique the water stream rock smashing fist particularly the fact that it applies knowledge of the flow of energy behind things such as tidal surgeries and raging currents and replicates them within a person's body.

Which is then channeled into one's fist and it's with this that we received a proper explanation behind garo's incredible ability to instantly absorb and copy the techniques of others as it is actually an extension of this very flow but now things have changed tremendously as garo currently possesses knowledge of the flow of all energy.

Along with the behavior of all forces in the universe this is absolutely unreal for a number of reasons as essentially garo is now an omni force in theory at this point garo can mimic any power and or ability in the universe perfectly which is major for later on but to begin his demonstration of power garo would kick things off with one of the most.

Insane moves we have ever seen in the series the likes of which seemingly exceeded lethality of certain moves from saitama this was all life eradication fist nuclear fission as the fist of gar would now be on par with a weapon of mass destruction and would be sent hurtling towards the face of saitama doing so at such absurd speeds that.

Saitama didn't even have a chance to react and was instead left dumbfounded and good lord what a fallout this attack yielded the many heroes who had gone to safety who were at this point quite a ways away would feel the impact of it as well and need to brace themselves meanwhile the crew of the naval cruiser would be left to wonder what was going.

On this time as suddenly the ship provided an especially alarming alert quote decontamination system activated for all sections of the vessel as it turns out the name of garo's latest attack was not just for show this onslaught was literally a nuclear attack now let's try and get a grasp of just how insane this really is at the various.

Of minimums a nuclear bomb is the equivalent of approximately 10 tons of tnt that is 20 000 pounds of tnt now a single ton of tnt apparently releases about 4.2 times 10 to the 12 power joules of energy and this is 10 times more than that and speaking of more this mangarro did it several times over numbering 5 that we see and would you.

Believe me if i told you that this is weak compared to what comes later in the chapter yeah i know ridiculous almost as ridiculous as the fact that thanks to all of you we are now past the 500 000 subscriber milestone seriously thank you all so much we can't even begin to fully express our gratitude but best believe we will do our very best to do so very.

Soon so look out for it however we would also receive another onlooker in the form of psychos who we haven't seen in a while but she would actually provide a pretty interesting tidbit of insight as apparently these attacks from gara are the same sort that homeless emperor was capable of albeit several times more sizable and powerful what she as someone.

Also previously contacted by god was able to recognize to be divine power and like proper nuclear blast these attacks would conclude with some insanely big mushroom clouds and speaking of insane more than just a color page morato would provide us with an animated gif in this chapter this is something i'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more digital.

Manga series do in the past but of course when you intend to publish your work in physical volumes as well things such as this albeit cool may furthermore serve to complicate things but man morata is seriously a different breed this wasn't necessary in the slightest but boy oh boy does it make me appreciate him so much more and long for.

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Watermark will remain but you know what if you share your videos with the hashtag madewithfilmora you may very well be able to enjoy even more benefits by being selected as a filmora certified creative but anyways back to the main topic at hand many of the heroes were in disbelief and could not bat them what could possibly be fighting within such.

Colossal attacks jenos of course being able to make out the silhouette of his master seemingly wondering what sort of battle he might be engaged in meanwhile on the interior of one such mushroom cloud saitama would cry out and dismay on account of his hero costume being ruined baro and his now distorted voice would wonder if saitama's really worried.

About his outfit at a time like this now expressing that he is seen through the man's moves completely and this sort of talk bug saitama a bit asgaro was already back to his ways of talking like some kind of bad guy before getting stomped out with ease all over again but to this garwood state that he feels like he can do anything at this point and.

This is for good reason as would be explained in martial arts are secret techniques known as chake which borrow the power of nature by imitating the movements of living things which are what garu refers to as modes and this latest mode of his would be the most ridiculous one yet mode saitama as we would then have the face of saitama.

Appear over the featureless one of garo much of the horror of saitama himself and from there garo would use saitama's move consecutive normal punches seitan would encounter this with the exact same move these two would clash against one another in complete unison which would completely disperse his once looming mushroom cloud this would then conclude.

With saitama and garo trading fish to the face and setting one another hurtling into the depths of the ocean however it wouldn't take long for them both to jettison outwards garo at this point was laughing heavily here he'd question if this was the first time someone had met saitama in such an exchange of lows additionally assuming.

The hero to be at a loss for words and getting a bit ahead of himself garwood expressed that they may be evenly matched for the moment but the techniques he copies get home to perfection at blistering speeds that soon saitama wouldn't even be able to match the copy and after garo said this saitama would be a bit disappointed as.

After all he'd made such a big deal about telling tareo that he would not hurt garo garu be silent at first but we begin to laugh all over again as despite now standing as saitama's equal the hero is still concerned about tareo now garo as powerful as he may be doesn't seem to understand that saitama has been holding back tremendously throughout the.

Entirety of this fight he doesn't want her garo at all he really just wants to make him reroute his behavior and if at any point saitama actually felt threatened or anything of the sword he'd actually be really happy we know that he actually longs for a proper challenge the fact that he is still largely unphased just goes to show that garo is.

Not truly pushing him in the slightest but that wouldn't stop garo from going further than he ever has before as he would make use of a move that initially looks to be somewhat reminiscent of last dimensional rifts here he would remember his vow to show tario just how powerless heroes are which convinced saitama that the guy was concerned for the kid as.

Well this was all life eradication fist saitama seeing it being charged up would quickly drop onto the surface of the water and bounce up like from a trampoline because despite not knowing what gara was doing he knew it'd be pretty bad if this next attack of his so much as grace is the ground bagaro would call saitama a fool for believing he'd.

Be able to dodge by jumping as he would then let off his gamma-ray burst attack and i remember when i said things got even more powerful well here we are as it turns out a gamma ray burst is an explosion that occurs at the end of a massive star's life what is known to be the largest and most powerful explosive phenomenon in the known universe and.

This very attack of such incomprehensible might will be delivered onto saitama directly now i can try and express just how powerful this cataclysmic occurrence happens to be but seriously the math behind it is just so astounding that it would require an entire video of its own but what i will say is that unlike the nuclear attacks.

From before there is just no way in hell that this attack is accurate to its name i mean forget gracing the earth if a gamma ray burst was even several thousand light years away it would be the end of nearly all life on earth and most definitely the end of all human life on earth regardless it is a stupidly powerful attack the onlookers.

Would comment on the fact that it made things even brighter than daytime bomb would wonder if this could possibly be someone's special move which one of the tank top guys would dismiss as impossible however metal bat would actually awaken on the cast of this brightness still very much injured and seemingly alerted to.

Something meanwhile sweet mask would pull up on my guy flashy flash questioning why the s-class hero had a monster with him and flashy flash with his hair wet like a cover model would calmly respond that he found an exotic animal that was useful for lighting up the darkness as monaco would awkwardly introduce herself and i must say that i.

Love the idea of these two characters sticking together i am a big fan but to interrupt this exchange would be the descent of garrow here he would stand before them all as no one would dare utter a single word gaara was just way too imposing it was at that very moment that all the heroes knew without a shadow of a doubt the source of the.

Massive explosion of energy they had seen previously was this very monster a monster which bang would recognize to be his former protege the riff-raff would be on the verge of wedding themselves here as tangtaw master the first s-class victim of garrow be in disbelief of this new monstrous form of his again this pressure of his was far too imposing.

Zombie man instinctually knew that this was really really bad nuan flashy flash again as one of the fastest characters in the series immediately knew that running away would be pointless gaura was just standing there menacingly and in doing so the majority of heroes would simply drop down and lose their minds and it was with this that garu would.

Question if he had finally become it the symbol of fear that brings all heroes to despair his dream absolute evil from which point he'd simply look up to the sky and say thank you as from the look of these stars in his face it appeared as zogara was crying tears of joy but to interrupt this bang would crawl towards his.

Student turned monster and verbally question if it was in fact him asgaro would totally take note of the fact that the old man was still alive bang would that question what happened to garo as before when they fought he felt a bodily response that garo had come back to his senses not only that but he had overheard garo say thank you which will.

Make him wonder if a monster had done this to him garo would be silent at first but would then respond by saying not really he always had a senses here we would be provided even more context behind garo's interaction with god here god pretending to be bang would extend his hand and rather than grabbing hold of it garo would slap it out of the way.

He didn't believe this ploy for one second as there was no way bang would ever act like such a softy but this smile would quickly shift as gara would suddenly reel from the changes to his body the mysterious figure would then let it be known that even if garo didn't fully take his hand he did just barely touch it which is just absurd you mean.

To tell me that what we have been seeing thus far hasn't even been the proper restore of god's gifts this is just a touch of it unreal garo as he recoiled would have his suspicions confirmed as this was in fact a monster he was dealing with now wondering what had been done to him god would then explain that he will make garo his avatar and with.

That power he already knows what has to be done and interestingly enough god has ears here a simple inclusion that definitely reminds me of our main character's appearance but as he said this he disappeared in an instant garo apparently almost lost consciousness from the crazy flow of power that searched throughout the entirety of his.

Body garo now speaking to bang once more would remind his former master of the fact that he had once taught him to feel the flow of energy and become one with that flow what in essence was the power of the water stream but at this point gar has pretty much become one with the flow and has successfully begun controlling it and so for this prior.

Teaching he was grateful gaura avoided becoming one of god's puppets and thanks to this from this point onwards what he decides to do will be of his own free will bang now even more concerned would ask garo what he was going to do garo standing there in silence would again recall the words of tarrio as the kid called him the coolest greatest hero of.

Them all mentally garrow would apologize to little tareo and accept this to be goodbye deciding that now it was time to conduct evil there is no turning back and man are these heroes terrified however the fact that garo is proceeding to do this is hilarious to me does he really think that saitama won't get back up from that latest move i mean it is.

Just crazy he clearly hasn't learned his lesson well enough so it is time for remedial classes but yeah as always i'm elizabeth otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you